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I was standing underneath the steaming hot water with my hands on the shower wall, letting the cleansing water cascade over me, rinsing me off. It had been only a few minutes since I had just sucked my dad’s huge cock.

I did not get the reaction that I had wanted, or thought that I would get.

I was still standing in front of him, topless, to my waist in the pool water, him, a shocked look on his face.

“Daddy,” I said, “I am just kidding; no one knew that this would happen!”

He had been totally into it, and as soon as he had gotten off, the horror of it seemed to hit him. Daddy flew up from the pool, grabbing at his swim trunks that were lying in a heap just a few feet away. He turned towards me, still naked, his rapidly deflating penis still thick and veiny.

“Gretchen, go get in the shower, NOW!” He screamed. “This was so wrong!” He turned and literally flew towards the house, the patio door nearly shattering when he threw it open.

I was crushed. Sobbing, I ran into the house and upstairs into my bathroom, cranking open the shower. I was letting the shower wipe all of his spunk off of me, but I could not forget that cock! My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that all that I could hear was pulse roaring in my ears. The hot water and steam of the pulsing shower washed away my tears, but could not cool off my hot pussy. I rubbed my swollen lips, thinking of that huge member sliding into my sugar walls. My thumb flicked over my puffed clit, causing me to gasp out loud. I bit my lower lip, stifling my moan. Slowly, I inserted my middle finger into my engorged cunt lips; one knuckle at a time, my body shuddered with a quick orgasm before my finger was all of the way inside myself. I continued this for several minutes, alternating between fast, deep thrusts and slow gentle insertions, coming all over my fingers time and time again. My final orgasm was a crescendo, I felt the blood rush from my head and my knees buckled, I stood erect in the stall, barely, panting like a marathoner who had just finished her race.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” A shout came from the halfway open door, I screamed, my heart jumping into my throat.

“You must have been having a helluva time, sis, you sounded like you were getting plowed by the male gymnastics team!” My sister, Yoko, stood at the open door. Yoko, she was named after my mom’s best friend and was three years older than me. She and I were polar opposites and I was really envious of her. My sister gave not one shit about what other people thought and marched to the beat of her own drummer. Yoko had inherited my dad’s height gene; she stood 5’10” barefooted, but looked exactly like my mother, who was Thai. She had on her typical attire, white wife-beater knotted just under her natural 36C breasts, which were obviously braless and spilling out of the top and sides of the way-too-small tank top. Her flat belly was exposed nearly to her pubic mound in her hip hugger jeans, showing off the “lil’ Devil” tattoo on her hip, and her ever present flip flops adorned her pretty feet. Yoko’s dark brown hair was short and spiked up with red highlights, and her belly piercing sparkled in the light of the bathroom. She took a quick step forward and sat up on the counter top and tossed me a towel.

“Uh, just releasing some stress,” I stammered, my face still hot from my monster orgasm.

“I had been knocking at the door forever,” she said. “Daddy is sick or something. He looks like shit and he said that dinner is off tonight.”

I had just stepped from the shower and was wrapping the towel around my wet hair when Yoko said this. A lump rose in my throat and I choked back another sob. ‘What have I done’, I thought, ‘Have I ruined everything?’ I broke down, tears falling down my face.

“Oh, baby,” My sister had an astonished bahis firmaları look on her face, “What’s wrong?”

I rushed to her, still dripping wet, and launched myself into her arms. The racking sobs seemed to last forever. After what seemed like an eternity, when my wails were just hitches in my throat, she grabbed me by the shoulders and gently, lovingly pushed me backwards and looked at me in the eyes.

“Well, I hope that you have a shirt for me to change into, you have me soaked!” She giggled, winked and took my hand and led me down the hall to my bedroom, still naked.

“Tell sissy everything.” She cooed.

My sister and I were best friends, we held each other when boys didn’t work out and we cried over them, we got into trouble together, I really missed her when she moved out, even though it was a ten minute drive to her apartment and I spent over half of my spare time with her.

“I don’t know if I can tell you.” I said, still sniffing.

“Bullshit, we are sisters, fess up!” She said. She had stripped off her sopped t-shirt and was trying to wriggle out of her tight jeans, which seemed to be a struggle for her as they appeared to be painted on. The effort of doing so caused her naked breasts to jiggle and sway back and forth. Her long, semi-erect nipples were surrounded by quarter sized raspberry colored areola, and capped off with 10 gauge circular barbell nipple rings. Her nipples reminded me of pencil erasers, the big, fat kind that little kids used in kindergarten. Her back was to me now and she had succeeded in ridding herself of her jeans. Yoko had a nice tattoo on her lower back that started right at the crack of her ass and was about the size of a man’s fist. It was some sort of design that in Thai writing said ‘Trouble’. She had no panties on, of course, those pants could not be worn with panties, and her smooth round ass nearly popped up, free from the constrictions of her tight tight jeans. She reached into my drawer and pulled out a baby doll T and stretched it out over her head and pulled it down. The shirt accentuated her breasts and seemed to be a second skin on her as the material cupped her tits and pushed them together. They looked huge in my tiny top. Yoko then selected a pair of work out shorts from my dresser and stepped a leg into them. She had a fat pussy, my sister did. It was completely shaved, save for a “landing strip” that she kept very short, and as a boyfriend I once had explained to me, she had big ‘meat curtains’ her labia hung down nearly an inch. As she lifted her shapely leg to put it into the shorts, I could see a twinkle between her legs…she had her clitoris hood pierced, also. Yoko wriggled into the shorts then rolled the waistband down, only stopping barely above the point where her pussy hair started. She was goddamn sexy.

“Talk, Missy!” Yoko demanded as she took my towel from me and had me sit between her legs and started to dry my hair and brush out my long, light brown locks.

I held the towel to my breasts as I told her.

“What the fuck did you just say?!?” Yoko nearly shouted at me. I shushed her up, fearful that Dad would hear us. She was now standing in front of me, hairbrush dangling from her hand.

I told her everything, in great detail, and she just stood there, transfixed, nearly mesmerized by my every word and gesture, her eyes wide as dinner plates. I spoke nonstop for nearly ten minutes, and when I finished, she was down on her knees, hand on either one of my thighs.

“Wow.” She exhaled mightily. “What now?”

“I am scared that everything will change now.” I relayed. “The look in his eyes was one of pure, I don’t know, terror?”

“Never forget, sis,” Yoko told me, “A hard dick has no conscience. You need to talk to him.”

“What can I say-‘Sorry you blew your choad kaçak iddaa all over my tits, Daddy, I still want to be your little girl, though!’?” We both laughed.

“No. I do have an idea,” Yoko told me. “You need to get dressed. Your little ‘adventure’ has me wet as a bathtub and seeing you naked makes me want to spank your little ass.”

I rolled my eyes and began to put some clothes on as she followed close to me and whispered in my ear.

Later, I snuck to the door of my Dad’s study, peeking through the crack of the slightly ajar door at him. He was sitting on the couch, staring at the wall. I rapped lightly at the door; he jumped like he had been shocked.

“Daddy, may I come in?” I asked him, my lips trembling.

“Uh, sure, pumpkin.” He replied. Daddy looked at me with red-rimmed eyes. “Come on in. We do need to talk.” I stood in front of him, looking down at my bare feet, with a pair of running shorts and a gray tube top on, wringing my hands together, nervous as Hell.

We both tried to speak at the same time, and both of us laughed out loud, breaking the overpowering tension in the room. I knelt down in front of him, placing my hands on his muscular thighs. When I did this, he tensed briefly, and then relaxed. My eyes met his.

“Look,” He started, “That was not…” I cut him short.

“I don’t regret what happened at all. I am an adult, and an adult thing happened!” I said. My hand slid up his thigh.

“AND you are my daughter!”

But he did not stop my hand. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as my hand lightly touched the fabric of his shorts. My nipples began to ache as the fire in my pussy raged down below. The bulge in his pants belied the fact that he was aghast at my actions. I reached into the leg of his shorts and touched his member. Hard as steel. Slowly, my hand worked up and down on his stiff rod. I pulled down on his shorts until that huge cock of his was released. It was beautiful. I moved my head in and flicked at his mushroom shaped head with my tongue.

“Oh no,” Dad grunted, “It is my turn!”

He pushed me onto my back and in one deft movement; he pulled down my tube top, revealing my breasts. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue back and forth. Shockwaves raced up and down my spine.

“Oh shit, yes!” I moaned, gripping his hard, muscular back.

Daddy was kneading my breasts with his massive hands and paying special attention to my long, erect nipples. I reached down and stroked his cock with my hand as he did so. I could not even get my hand around his thick shaft.

He pulled off my shorts and shucked off his and that left me with my calves resting on his shoulders, my open, waiting cunt waiting for him to feast. He seemed to know what I wanted as he bent down, ass up in the air and swirled his tongue around my hard clit.


His expert tongue darted around my bald pussy, licking, sucking, and nibbling. I came time and again.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!” I gasped.

I didn’t know if I could handle all of him, but I was determined to give it a try. His cock was poised at the entrance to my honey hole, he seemed to pause as if he knew that if he went further, everything would change. His cockhead parted my lips…

I felt my breath being taken from me as his massive 10 inch fuckstick slid into me inch by inch. I heard my dad hiss as he felt my tight, hot pussy grip his cock. My eyes were closed and when I opened them, I could see my vagina opened wide to accept his meat. I looked to the side and I could see my sister, Yoko, looking in at us through the open door, hand inside her shorts, frigging herself.

“Gretchen!” My dad moaned, “You are so tight!”

He began to slide in and out of me. I could not breathe as his kaçak bahis cock was by far the biggest thing that I had ever had. His rhythm picked up.

“Ngh, ahhh, uhhhhh!” That was all that I could manage to get out as my Daddy pounded me with his love-gun. “Cum in me!”

As if on cue, my loving father shot his load deep into me, I could feel the hot liquid filling me up.

“Oh shit,” He literally shouted out.

We both lay there, gasping. I looked down at my quivering pussy lips and saw his cock, semi-flaccid now, streaked with a mixture of my juices and his semen.

“Well, well,” An all too familiar voice came from the door, “Can this be a family affair?”

My dad looked like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar as my sister, now completely naked knelt down beside us. She smiled at me, then our dad as she reached toward my pussy and pulled his penis out of me.

“Damn, Daddy,” Yoko exclaimed, “Your fucking cock is huge!”

Yoko leaned down and began to lick his rod like a lollipop, cleaning our mixed juices off of his manhood and adding some of her own. She neglected not an inch of his penis, and soon, he was hard as a rock again.

My hand made its way to my pussy and started to play with my clit as I watched my big sister give my dad a better blowjob than I had ever seen on any porno movie. Her head gently bobbed up and down on his cock. Both of her hands were on his shaft, one on top of the other, masturbating him gently as her expert mouth worked over his swollen glans. My dad was tugging on her nipple rings and rolling her long nipples between his fingers.

“Oh, God,” He moaned, “I am gonna cum!”

Yoko stopped her sucking and grabbed him by the base of the cock, hard from what I could see as her knuckles were turning white, at the same time, she began to tug on his hairless nut sack.

“Oh no you don’t!” She said, “You owe us now!”

She pushed him onto his back and mounted him. Her feet were on the floor and she squatted over him, slowly lowering herself onto his massive cock. When she was all the way down and his cock was fully inside of her, she motioned to me.

“Sit on his face!”

I did as commanded, and my father ate my pussy again as my sister and I faced each other, both of us in the throes of ecstasy, holding hands. My dad was fucking my sister with his huge cock and fucking my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I soon was overcome with a racking orgasm and lay onto my dad’s stomach, quivering.

Yoko had positioned herself so that she was kneeling on his shaft, letting him slide in and out of her. She rose up and pointed his dick straight at me. It was swollen and purple, covered in her cum and slick with her pussy juice. I took his cock into my mouth and tasted her. We alternated doing this for some time, me sucking him off between the times that she fucked his cock.

“Fuck her like a dog, Daddy!” Yoko ordered.

I got onto my hands and knees as my dad took me from behind. I could feel his balls slapping against me as he pounded his muscle into me like a piston. Yoko was on her back between my legs, licking his balls and tossing his salad as he worked his magic on my aching pussy.

“I…am…gonna…” Daddy moaned.

My sister quickly yanked his cock out of my gaping hole and pulled me towards her, she was furiously jacking him off while we both sucked his root, waiting for our just desserts.

“JEEEEZZZUZZZ!!” He bellowed as he let loose with a stream of milky semen that nailed my sister in the cheek. Two more long streams of cum followed that one as both my sister and I received facials from my Daddy. I’ll never forget what his cock felt like as his come shot out of him.

“Oh lord, ladies,” Daddy said as he collapsed.

The three of us lay there for some time, panting, the smell of sex filled the air.

“Hey, Daddy,” Yoko asked, “Are we still on for dinner?”

“I think that we had better call it in,” I piped up, “This guy is going to be pretty busy for a long time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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