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I never really thought of myself as beautiful, sexy or even attractive…

More as intriguing and eccentric… For most men, and women come to think of it, fucking with me was just an experiment. Some sort of dirty little fetish they had to get rid of for one reason or other. I could hardly care, I had the ability to turn the tables on many of them quite quickly. Stating very clearly that I was not the one being toyed with but that they where the ones that should feel honored.

I’m sort of how shall I put it…

A closet exhibitionist? That’s probably an accurate description for someone who enjoys the thought of others looking at her, getting excited, but won’t openly commit to that.

All my life I was put down for what I am, fat. Approximately 300 lbs. Of pure lust, love and lusciousness.

Time after time the words of my friends, mother, sisters and perfect strangers danced through my head. “You will never get laid with your size”, god have I proven all of them wrong…

And once again I was sitting across the table from a man that was undressing me with his very eyes.

I remember Angela chirping “Oh but he’s PERFECT for you” in her somewhat high pitched voice. Apparently she bumped into a friend of a friend of his and matchmaker as she is Angie once again decided to set me up with some guy. She knows very well how I am. At this point I’m not looking for commitment, I’m 23 for gods sake just looking for fun. Good clean sex without any strings attached. And as much as that annoyed her (25, married to a asshole and a bun in the oven) I was out there and didn’t feel like compromising because the world found it unethical of “people like me” to indulge.

So I told her, fine with me, you go ahead and set up a date, just make it clear to this guy that I don’t want any needy puppies in my life. And I swear to god, if he brings me flowers I’m gone.

So I got set up with Darren. When I first walked into the little diner I didn’t even see him. Off course, I was looking for some clean cut IT whiz looking nerd with a pencil pouch, a hairdo that would make Jason Alexander look like a gorilla and compared to who Bill Gates would be the epiphany of sexiness. This is the usual can of worms Angie pulls open for me…

I walked towards the counter as I saw a guy in the corner of the diner. His choice of clothing was intriguing. He supported a tight pair of black leather pants that looked as if it was sewn onto his body, nicely showing where all the parts where. Somewhat dirty army boots underneath them and topped off with a solid black t shirt.

Soon as he noticed me a smirk dawned on his face. His dark eyes kept moving up and down my body, which I thought was quite a task since there’s a lot of body there. He stood and walked over to meet me. Early twenties I guessed, slightly taller then me and with a sturdy figure, dark hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. His face had a quality I couldn’t really put my finger on. Both mysterious and eerily normal at the same time. Showing a mild 5 o clock shadow.

“Louise?” his deep voice thundered towards. With a smile and a nod I walked to the table he was sitting at. He kept looking at me with a stare that resembled that of a child that sees snow for the first time in its life. That look in which you can see that people are deciding if they like what they see or if they find it appalling.

When he almost dropped his jaw I decided to get rid of any awkwardness right away and looked him straight in the eyes;

“Darren, is there a giant octopus on my head or did Angie conveniently enough forgot to mention that I resemble a whale?”

I saw the comment register in his brain and instead of the usual stutter I get he threw it right back at me;

“She actually chose the word Elephant and that isn’t an octopus it’s a squid”.

Flabbergasted at this comeback I could do nothing but laugh and look at him in amazement.

“This could become interesting” I snickered as I gathered myself.

All through the evening we talked about tidbits, the usual boring things that come up during those first meetings. Apparently he had been single for 3 years now and his friend kept sending him out on blind dates with divorced housewives, desperate 40ers and chicks who, as he put it, “where probably on leave from the mental institution”. I told him about all the men Angela had put me up with and somewhere in between we decided illegal bahis that it was an evil scheme in which our so called friends wanted to laugh at our misfortune.

He drummed in a local band that I had actually seen perform a couple of times and I must say, I liked them a lot. At the remark that groupies shouldn’t be an issue he just smirked and waved it away stating that he wasn’t much for 15 year old girls that had no meat on them.

In the meanwhile I could see him staring at me. I must mention that I wasn’t really wearing anything particularly sexy, but I’m a cleavage fan… One thing my mom did teach me, show a good set of tits and the world opens up for you. So for this night I had chosen a casual set in black velvet. Long skirt, fishnets, black heels and a keyhole top in which my small C cup looked amazingly much like a small D.

It achieved what it had to since I saw his eyes dwell down time and time again. Oh my the power of femininity, it has no boundaries.

I love to toy with the borders of sexuality. I love to keep people (including myself) sharp and on the edge. But most of all, I love the feeling of being desired. Every time I’d lock eyes with Darren that’s what I saw, a tension building up between our bodies whilst our voices where discussing the tsunami in Asia and how fucked up this government is. While my mouth was participating in this casual talk my mind was wondering if he as a drummer could keep a steady rhythm whilst fucking me long and hard. And even though he talked very animated about the two cats he had, in his eyes I could read all the dirty little things he wanted to do with me. The evening rolled on and though our voices where being polite, social and reserved, our eyes almost raped each other.

As the evening came to a close, Darren asked me if I wanted a lift home. He tried to ask as casual as possible, but the bulge in his pants gave away all false pretense. Off course I said yes, and followed him to his car. To my amusement he drove a utterly small Japanese brand in which my left thigh would not even fit. As he sat down in the passenger seat and started the car I looked at him and told him very casually: “So much for making out in the car, what a dinky toy”. He glanced at me shyly and asked “So there was to be made out?”. I turned a bit towards him and put my hand on the bulge between his legs and rubbed his hard cock “Don’t tell me you don’t want to”. The feeling of his erect penis pressing against the leather excited me even more and I felt my nipples harden.

The car made a swerve and he took my hand away “If you want to make it to your apartment in one piece, please don’t do that again” he said hoarsely. For the remainder of the drive we where silent, glances where passed and I noticed him putting great effort in paying attention to the actual traffic. I guided him safely through the maze of the area I live in and as we pulled up in the parking lot outside my apartment building I asked him if he wanted to come up.

“You should have noticed I already am…” was all he whispered to me when he locked the car and walked towards me. I took his hand and walked towards the entrance hall, somewhat eagerly tugging him along behind me.

I smiled at Marvin, the buildings doorman, and wished him a good night as we hurriedly scooted into the elevator. When the doors of the elevator slid closed I turned towards Darren and looked at those gorgeous dark eyes filled with hunger. As I pressed my entire body against his I heard him sigh deeply and saw him close his eyes. For a moment he seemed perfectly happy with just standing there, my soft pillowy body pressed against him. I felt the bulge in his pant tighten even more against my thigh.

I brought my hands to his face and pulled him down a little, he opened his eyes and cupped his hand around my neck.

As our mouths met I felt an animal hunger well up inside me and our tongues instantly fought for control over each other.

When the bell for my floor chimed I didn’t want to let go. His tongue explored every nook of my mouth and I answered his kiss fiercely pressing myself against him, slightly rubbing over his erection. I can be such a tease…

I let go of him when I heard the chime go for the second time and as I opened my purse to find my keys I felt his hands on my hips. I looked up and he pushed me against the wall with an animal strength which turned me on even illegal bahis siteleri more. I dropped my keys and prepared for impact as he shoved me up against the wall hard and started kissing me again.

I felt his hands all over my body, feeling, caressing, grabbing, stroking and I answered with my own hands, pulling him closer to me and digging my fingers in his back.

He came up for air and looked at me with glazed eyes.

“I think we might want to take this into your apartment, hell I know I do”. I nodded in agreement and bent over to pick up my keys. Just when I had them in my hand I felt his hands on my ass, holding both cheeks as he softly pinched them. Call me crazy but that’s my weak spot. I love it when men touch my ass like that.

I stood up straight and hurried over to my apartment door. Darren behind me, still touching me all over.

Soon as the apartment door slam shut behind us I felt myself at ease. This was my territory and I know to use it well. I turned on the lights to a low setting and saw Balthazar’s green eyes reflect the light towards me. He stretched once and curdled back into a ball on the sofa. I love my overweight Russian blue cat.

I slipped out of my jacket and threw it on the small table in my hallway, I really should get a coat rack or something installed. I saw the same thought rush through his mind as he was standing there with his long leather coat… I took it out of his hands and relished the touch of the soft lambs skin.

Putting his trench coat over a chair I felt his hand race up and down my body again, this time he got underneath my top and I let him. I started to tug his shirt up, wondering what I’d find underneath. Not to my surprise but all the well to my pleasing he had two gorgeous tattooed sleeves that went down his chest in a solid black tribal design. I don’t know why but I’ve always been turned on by tattoos. I ran my fingers over the design and took in the stylized form of it.

He tugged at the hem of my top and I helped him slip it off. A sigh escaped him when he saw my breasts. Even though they’re small for my size I have always loved their form and the way they stand on me. By the content smile on Darren’s face I could see he agreed. I took his hands in mine and placed them on my breasts, he softly squeezed them in just the right place and I moaned softly. He started to massage my breasts in the most tender way anyone had ever done and I cherished the feeling.

All nice and dandy but I really wanted to know how good a sense of rhythm this drummer had. So I took a small sprint to my bedroom. I turned on the lights in a dimmed shade and threw my shoes off. Darren followed me and started tugging at my skirt. I helped him loosen it and it fell to the ground. He gasped silently when he saw my black lace panties and the garter belt that kept up my thigh high fishnets.

I looked at him playfully, daring him to comment on my choice of underwear but he didn’t. Instead he tugged at the belt that kept his pants in place and unbuckled it. With a tug from the knees the black leather pants fell to the ground as his erection finally got released from that suffocating place.

I pulled him close by the hem of his boxers as I sat down on the edge of my bed. When he was close enough I pulled his boxers down and saw his hard cock spring up in front of me. He wasn’t particularly large but my, this one was thick. And here’s the thing with me and cocks… Put one at face level and I won’t be able to ignore it… I grabbed him by the hips and pulled him even closer, engulfing his throbbing cock with my mouth. I felt his body tense. He thrust his hips even closer and I was able to take him in all the way. I started to work on his cock as if It was the best candy cane I ever had, bobbing back and forth with my head while my tongue worked on his shaft and tip in a fiery chaos. I tasted the precum as he grabbed my head and closed his eyes. I used my one hand to squeeze the base of his cock and the other to gently massage his balls. His panting obviously told me that I was going about this the right way. When I glared up I caught him looking at me with question in his eyes, I nodded slightly and he started thrusting his solid cock into my mouth a bit harder. I sucked as if it was the most important thing in my life and at that moment it was, I felt his balls harden slightly and the muscles in his groin tensed as his orgasm canlı bahis siteleri was building, I started to suck the tip of his cock whilst working on the shaft with my hand. His panting changed into groaning and with a solid roar he slammed his cock fully in my mouth, cumming hard, shooting his ambrosia down my throat. I licked my lips and savored the sweet salty taste of his seed.

He let himself slide next to me on the bed and pulled me up the bed a bit. His lips found mine again and our tongues where entangled in a fight for dominance. His kisses got hotter and I decided to sit this one out. Lets see what the little drummer boy could do for me. He kissed my neck, licked it and nibbled softly. Trailing down to my breasts, massaging them, almost kneading them and biting my nipples just hard enough. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure as he went down even further. Kissing my belly and further down. Gently he separated my legs and tugged at my panties. I snapped my garters loose and helped him release me from the last pieces of fabric covering my divine body. He massaged my thighs and parted my legs even more. I could feel coldness of the air as it cooled down the hot juices he got running in me. He got his face closer and inhaled deep. “You smell so good” he groaned just before he lowered his head and licked my swollen lips. I propped two pillows under my back so I could look at him in action. As much as I like to give oral, I love getting it even more. His tongue parted my lips and he licked up and down my wet pussy, flicking at my clit from time to time, which sent shivers all through my body. He kept licking me until he had licked all the juice away. It was sort of a stalemate since the more he licked the more juice I felt coming out of me. Not that he cared, he continued licking my bright pink swollen lips.

He teased me by softly pinching my wet lips with his fingers and gently slid one finger into my eager pussy. He moved his mouth up a bit and his tongue nipped at my swollen glistering clit. I felt him suck on my hood and sliding another finger in my pussy, pressing upward gently, right on that spot that drove me crazy with lust every time someone managed to hit it. He must have noticed the muscles in my body spasm cause he sucked down on me even fiercer and started to finger me hard with awesome long strokes.

As he kept licking me I felt my orgasm swell up inside. I love the plateau moment, that one moment just before you cum in which everything is obsolete. That one moment in which you flow over and slowly roll into ecstasy. A serene moment of bliss which ends in a chaotic explosion which I often wish could last forever.

That moment wasn’t far off as I pulled Darren up a bit higher and leaned in to kiss him, tasting myself as our tongues strangled each other. “I want you in me when I cum” I whispered hoarsely to him and saw a fire flare up in his eyes. He pushed me up a bit, got on his knees and opened my legs wider. I opened up my lips for him and as the head of his thick hard cock pushed against my wet pussy I let out a loud moan.

Encouraged by my vocals he pushed further and my tight pussy swallowed him with greed. With his strong hands he grabbed my calves and folded my legs up, ankles resting on his shoulders. He grabbed my thighs as leverage and slowly pulled me closer onto his cock. When he was fully inside he looked me in the eyes and started thrusting in a solid pace. He took long and slow strokes in which he entirely pulled out to go back in again. Every time I felt his cock fill me I moaned softly and thrust my hips upwards to get him even deeper. Unable and unwilling to reason with anything I started rubbing my clit as he moved his pace up. Every stroke came a bit faster and harder up till the point I felt as if he was going right through me.

He kept slamming into me with a power that made my bed shake and my body tremble. His breathing was mixed with grunts and moans, which turned me on even more and as he kept driving his splendid cock deep into me. I couldn’t hold back much longer and dug my hands in the mattress, thrusting my body towards him, bracing for what I knew was coming. And I came hard, hard and long as I felt the muscles in my pussy tighten and release time after time again. I saw his sweaty body with tensed muscles through my hazed vision as he braced for his own impact. I was still sensitive and small spasms kept running through me when he dug his fingers in my thighs and rammed himself against me. He looked at me and as I saw his eyes glaze over. I could feel his seed fill me with a sharp intensity as he pushed himself as far as he could, groaning low and deep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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