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I am a single, 48-year old, self-employed gardener. It is work which I have done for many years; I’ve always liked outside working in the fresh air and it keeps me trim. Although I live in a small town of 8,000 people, my job takes me all over the county. I have many regular customers and am always picking up new ones, many of whom I manage to snag as they stop to chat while I’m working away in another customer’s front garden. Most customers stay very loyal to me and I often get well looked after by ladies of all ages grateful for my help; their husbands and partners always out working. Tea in a nice garden on a late summer afternoon with female company is a most enjoyable part of my job.

I was married once, she was a city girl who left me for a man with a more glamorous job 15 years ago. I was devastated at the time, as I wanted a family. Since then I have had a few relationships, nothing ever serious, so I have gotten used to living on my own. I own some property which I let out, giving me some income when gardens go quiet in the winter, and also helps to fund my main hobby which is my two classic racing motorcycles. I live above an old tyre and exhaust centre, which is now my workshop. I put all of my funds into converting the house and garage, and getting it right. All my equipment and my two racing motorcycles are kept there securely, I call it my “man cave.”

Whilst working on a garden in an upmarket area of the next town over last month, a most pleasant lady walking a small dog stopped to chat. She was in her early fifties, good looking with a friendly smile, dressed neatly, with blue eyes, brown hair and a curvaceous figure, She introduced herself as Julia and asked if I could come round and have a look at her garden. Her husband worked abroad and the regular gardener had been in hospital for an operation and would be recovering for 3 months. She looked familiar to me, although I couldn’t figure out why.

I drove ’round to her place that evening and what a beautiful secluded property it was. Pulling into the gravel driveway, she saw me out of the window and came out to greet me with a friendly smile. Showing me around the garden, she pointed out many names of plants and shrubs demonstrating her knowledge of horticulture; she wanted me to come once a week for some grass cutting and general tidy-up. I agreed and said I would be ’round Wednesday mid-morning, unless there was heavy rain, in which case I would call to reschedule.

Wednesday came and I arrived 10:30 am, having already worked another much physically harder garden about 3 miles away. It was a warm July morning and my polo shirt was damp from perspiration. I rang the doorbell and Julia answered wearing a towel, having just come out of the shower. She looked good without make up and her hair brushed back, I also noticed neatly painted toenails and tanned legs.

“Sorry to bother you, I just like to announce my arrival so you realise there is someone on your property.”

“That’s okay, I appreciate it. Thank you.” she replied smiling, and shut the door.

I set about my work and after 90 minutes cutting grass, trimming the edges and light pruning of bushes overhanging the pathways, I was done. I loaded my equipment back into my Land Rover and rang the doorbell. She answered this time wearing a silky gown that stopped above her knees, and invited me in for tea. I took off my boots and followed her into the nicely decorated hallway, I could not help noticing her lovely shaped body being hugged by the silky gown tied at the waist, I could see bahis firmaları the outline of her panties and I would say she was a size 18, just a perfectly curved figure. The muscular curve of her calves and an ankle bracelet made my mind wander!

We went right through the kitchen onto decking in the secluded back garden where she had been lying on a wooden sun lounger taking in some July sunshine. “Would you like me to pour you some iced lemon tea?”

There was a large jug already sitting on a matching wooden table, freshly prepared, some fruit, and some fresh cream. “Ah, you like strawberries,” I remarked.

“Oh yes, Scotland always has the tastiest.” she replied.

I sat down next to her lounger, she lay back and put her oversize sunglasses back on, looking almost like a pin-up lady from the 1960’s. I could she was wearing a bikini under her gown, cerise colour. Wow. We chatted away whilst we enjoyed some fruit and she commented on my fitness. I was a bit embarrassed as I was also quite sweaty at this point.

“Would you like some lunch…?” She asked, picking up a strawberry and dipping it into the small bowl of cream. I was about to make an excuse as I had two more gardens scheduled that day, when she continued her sentence, “Or would you like me for lunch?”

“Pardon?” I said, somewhat blushing.

“You are an attractive man with your silver hair, your polite manners, your dedication for your work and customers; I fancied you the first time I saw you, when you held the door open for me at the newsagents on Priory Road at Christmas time. I see you tending to local gardens in the passing, only 2 weeks ago you let me into the traffic from a side street.”

“Ah, you must be my stalker,” I joked and she laughed, her high cheek bones and lovely smile on display.

“I am woman who is frustrated sexually, tired of using a dildo and you fit the bill. I noticed you eyeing up my legs and feet when I answered the door earlier—do you like what you see?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Here, taste a piece of my fruit, life’s too short”, she slowly fed the cream coated strawberry into my mouth.

“Very nice” I said as I picked up another, dipped it into the cream and placed it down on her stomach, which was visible through a gap in the gown.

“Oh, so you would like to devour the strawberries from me?”

“Of course, a woman as desirable as you and strawberries to match…” I carefully opened the front of her gown revealing the cerise bikini covering her trim fifty-something body. I leaned forward and slowly moved the strawberry around and ate it.

She sighed, “I like that so much.” She picked another, dipped it in the cream and placed it between her ample breasts. I leant forward and nibbled again and delivered some velvet kisses around her cleavage. Her breathing quickened and she pulled the bikini top to the side revealing a delicious-looking hard nipple.

Another strawberry and more cream had her revealing the other breast, her hand behind my head as I painted those hard nubs with more cream. I continued to tease her with the small perfect fruits; her right leg was now raised and I kissed a smooth left thigh, continuing down to her knee, then calf, then ankle, I was soon at the arch of her foot, I gave it a little massage then kissed it, then down to her toes. I took the big one right into my mouth, “Oooh…” she shuddered. “That’s so good, nobody ever did that to me before.” I played with them all, taking all 5 inside one at a time. I looked up for eye contact, but her eyes were closed, kaçak iddaa her head falling back and her left hand playing with a rock-hard nipple.

I reached for another berry, dipped it in the cream and placed it just above the top of her bikini bottoms. I leaned forward to play with it, her hips now slowly, gently moving, I kissed her pubic mound through the cerise material, her breath getting heavy. I worked my way down, kissing the garment, which was now damp with her love juices. I pushed my tongue into the dampness and she shuddered. I took another strawberry, dipped in into the cream and pulling the delicate costume aside, slid it into her warm, wet pussy. I then pulled the cerise coloured material tight against her crotch, looked up at her eyes, “You are so hot, you sure know how to eat strawberries.”

I went to retrieve the berry, now coated with her cream, took it in my mouth, moved up to her lips, kissing her and passing the fruit to her mouth. “Wow that was hot, you certainly know how to turn a woman on. What have we here?” Her hands now stroking my erection through my shorts,

“There are two ways to a woman’s heart, cooking and great oral sex, not sure in what order though,” I joked.

“You are so cute. My husband probably thinks cunninglingus is the name of a shrub,” she replied.

She placed her hands on my arms and ran them around to my chest, and rubbing me through my sweat soaked top, she tweaked one of my nipples. I returned to concentrate on her nipples, kissing them slowly, rolling those hard buds in my tongue. I fed her another strawberry, put some more cream on her nipples then rubbed more fresh fruit in it for me to eat. She giggled and sighed, clearly very aroused.

I went back down to her cerise bottoms, pulled them aside and devoured her clitoris, sucking on it hard, teasing it, taking it all in my mouth like a ripe piece of fruit, her hand increasing the pressure against the back of my head. My tongue continued to run a figure of eight over her hard bud; she tasted so sweet.

She bucked and writhed, pulling my hair as I tongue fucked her opening, Her thighs become tight against my head and she groaned as she shuddered with orgasm. I lapped up her gorgeous sweet juices; my face was soaked. I felt her body relax, “God that was so good, I needed that for the last 15 years.”

I stood up and she said, “Let’s go take a shower. Life’s too short and we clearly need each other!” She took my hand and led me through to the oversized, expensively furnished bedroom and en-suite. Quickly stripping off, we were soon under the shower together, “Let me clean you, Mr. Gardener,” as she took a sponge and soap and set about cleansing me. It felt so good, so right, so naughty; we felt so naturally at ease with each other.

Thoroughly soaped up, she then took the spray attachment and washed me down, “Nice job,” I remarked.

“Now its my turn,” she smiled. I sponged her beautiful body with soap: her breasts, her thighs, her calves, her crotch, her back. Occasionally, my erection prodded her by accident and we laughed together. Then I rinsed her down.

“Just like cleaning the car, all done,” she said, as she stopped the water flow.

“Let me dry you off,” she took a fresh towel and patted me down. I tied it around me, then I did the same with her, and she took a brush off the shelf, brushed her hair and then mine.

Back into the bedroom we went, she pushed me backwards onto the bed firmly, opened my towel and went straight down to take my hard cock in her warm soft mouth. Wow kaçak bahis what a hot lady! She was on fire! Maintaining eye contact she gave me the best oral I have ever had, teasing the shaft, licking my balls thoroughly, sucking first on the tip of my hardness, then slowly pulling away letting me see the mix of saliva and pre cum string from my tip to her lips.

Her lips played with the ridge of my circumcised 6-½ inches, then she shoved her tongue into the small slit at the tip. What a sensation! Then she slammed almost all of it down her throat; then slowly up and down she went as I gently stroked her hair. Holding my shaft whilst working on it with her mouth and lips, licking my balls again and back to the shaft. Her kisses licked across my stomach, up to my chest, teasing my nipples and back down to my tip and shaft. It was the most incredible head I had ever felt, she was a true master.

She then pulled away, which was just as well as I was close to coming, but wanted to make sure I got inside that hot pussy before I blew. She moved up to straddle me, her soft weight now on top of me, leaning forward to kiss me deep and passionately. “We don’t need protection, sweetheart,” she whispered in my ear.

She kissed my neck, working her way around to my mouth; we kissed, her soft wet lips, the taste of my pre cum, our tongues teasing each other. It was so hot, so erotic. “You gave me the best oral I have ever had, so I thought I would do the same,” she remarked as she picked up her cerise bikini bottoms from the bed and rubbed them over my face, her juices and scent from the damp garment intoxicating me with pleasure. It felt so naughty, so right. The woman was a total seductress.

She now teased my hardness by gliding her silk purse along my length and back slowly, her juices combining with mine, so smooth and warm. Maintaining eye contact, her fingers carefully playing with my nipples, she stopped her body, slightly raised her body from my torso, reached a forefinger down to her pussy and slowly played with her clitoris and outer lips. She then took the same finger and drew it across my lips, shoving it inside my mouth. Then she took hold of my hardness and guided me in; I pulled her hips down, making sure she had the whole lot deep inside.

She leant forward, bringing those gorgeous breasts to my face, I kissed them all over, my tongue teasing each nipple in turn, her necklace dangling against my face. She kissed me passionately and I could taste my own pre cum, such an erotic feeling.

She sat back upright and began to slowly fuck me. I raised my hips to bring myself deeper into her, “God that feels so good” she said softly. I was lifting my hips to meet hers as our rhythm got going; I thought she was going to pass out. Her right hand was pushing down on my chest; her whole body was blushing as she rode me. Her speed gradually increased, her orgasm came fast and hard, her hand now grabbing at my chest hair, her pussy gripping my hardness. I was so turned on by watching her bounce on me and feeling that pussy milk my cock that I released my seed into her at the same time, with a huge groan. I felt my balls get soaked from our lovemaking. She now relaxed, gently moved off my softening member and lay beside me, her face and chest lightly covered in perspiration. I put an arm around her and cuddled her in to my chest. We lay there in silence, the window open, the sun beaming in, and enjoyed the birds whistling in the garden.

After a few minutes she piped up, “Do you do this with all of your female customers?” Laughing, she gave me a kiss. “It sure was fun, I think we should have regular appointments, you could change the sign on your Land Rover to ‘The Gardening Gigolo.”

“Shall I pencil you in for next Wednesday”?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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