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I laid on my bed, watching the rain pour down my window, and wondered if Andy, my big brother, would answer his phone if I called. He was a busy guy, but it still annoyed me when he didn’t pick up his phone.

Andy is twenty-three and five years older than I am. Despite us being a bit far apart in age, he has always been my best friend. He recently became the latest heartthrob actor and was always super busy, making him unable to answer my calls.

I snatched up my cell phone from my nightstand and gave him a call. After a few rings, I expected it to go to voicemail. This time, however, he actually answered!

“Hello?” My heart skipped a beat and I could feel myself grinning like an idiot.

“Hi, Andy!” I squeaked.

“Hey, Natalie, what’s up?” His voice was always so smooth and reflected his laidback demeanor.

“I just wanted to talk. It’s been too long.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just finished shooting this film that’s been emotionally exhausting. They’re trying to rush everything to get it done in time for awards season.”

“Awards season? Like the Oscars?”

“Well, that’s what we’re aiming for. You never really know until it’s done. I’ve just been trying to get away from this teen heartthrob image that I seem to have.”

“Aw, but you’re just so dreamy!”

Andy snorted. “Oh, shut up. Being dreamy is a bigger pain in the ass than you’d think.”

“Hey, this is what you wanted!”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Andy said. He and I were quiet for a moment. “Well, I think we should call it a night. I have to get up early for some stupid press thing.”

“Okay,” I sighed. We were quiet again. I didn’t want him to go. I just wanted to be with him so badly. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep my tears from coming. I hoped he wouldn’t hear me sniffling, but he heard me anyway.

“Hey, come on now, Natalie. Don’t cry.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” I whimpered. “I just miss you so much sometimes.”

“I miss you too. Tell you what: I’m free this Saturday if you want to grab breakfast.”

“Okay,” I squeaked. “I love you, Andy.”

“I love you too. Good night!” And then he hung up.

I put my phone back on the night stand and I wrapped myself around my body pillow – the one I always pretended was Andy. I don’t know what it is about my big brother. I have this crush on him and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I’m so in love with him, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Ever since I was little, Andy has always been my hero. I have two older sisters, Katie (twenty-five) and Jessica (twenty), who would torment me when I was young.

Katie always hated me because she blamed me for our father leaving us. Okay, let me backpedal here. Before I was born, our mother had an affair with a rich man named David, who’s now our stepfather. Dad left because of her affair, but I was born soon after this ordeal. It was a mystery as to who my real father was, but after a paternity test, it showed that David wasn’t my real dad. My real dad, however, was long gone.

Regardless, Katie, who was nine at the time, blamed me for the whole thing. She’s believed that her entire life, despite how ridiculous that idea is.

So, back to Andy being my hero and all. When I was around four years old, Katie and Jessica had taken my favorite doll and kept it from me, threatening to destroy it. I was just a helpless little girl, so all I could do was cry and beg. That’s when Andy came to the rescue. He came in, tackled Katie, and wrestled the doll away from her. He then gave me my doll back and I followed him around for the rest of the day like a lost puppy. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

As time went on, Katie ran away from home to live with Dad and Jessica then became friends with me. Our little feud only happened when we were little, so it was easy for me to forgive her. It was nice to have another girl friend, but my best friend would always be Andy.

As to my relationship with my parents, it’s very stiff and formal. I guess Mom was just burned out on raising another kid and David wasn’t interested in kids at all. I’m not too sad about it. I was raised by a nanny, then Andy, and I turned out just fine.


I couldn’t sleep at all, as my thoughts constantly wandered to my baby sister. When I was at her at her high school graduation a couple weeks ago, I saw that she had grown into such a beautiful girl. Her long, dark brown hair cascading down her shoulders, and slightly curled in a way that took regular girls hours to achieve, her girlish (yet still womanly) figure, her soft face with adorable chubby little cheeks (she was self-conscious about those, even though she had a super skinny body). She was, quite possibly, the most beautiful girl I knew. And that’s why I couldn’t talk to her as much as I’d like. I’ve always been scared of what I would do to her.

Ever since she started developing, I found her more and more attractive. It was so wrong of me for several reasons:

1) She’s my sister.

2) She idolized me like crazy.

3) Her low self-esteem cebeci escort made her an easy target.

The meer idea that I even have that particular Reason
terrifies me even more.

However, I love Natalie. She’s been my best friend since forever and she was the only one in my family who supported my acting dreams. When I achieved said dreams, she was the one who rubbed it in everyone’s faces, so I didn’t have to. Natalie truly was my number one fan, no matter how many tweens insisted that they held that title.

I figured that the only way I was going to go to sleep, would be to just rub one out. I took off my boxers and started stroking. I would think about all the actresses I would want to bang, all the pop stars, and then Natalie. Natalie, with her beautiful hair and soft, white skin (only slightly tanned), bouncing as she rode my cock. I imagined her freshly developed B-cups moving up and down with her, and that’s when I lost it. My cum showered over my stomach and chest like a hose.

After laying in bliss for a few moments, I instantly regreted my masturbation choice. Natalie was so innocent and so sweet. She didn’t deserve to be thought of in such a way by the only man she’s ever trusted. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.


Saturday morning had arrived and I jumped out of bed before my alarm clock (as if I even needed it that day). I spent the previous evening trying to decide what to wear, so I wouldn’t need to worry about that. After an hour of making myself all pretty for Andy, I was ready.

Leaving my bedroom, I had realized that I didn’t tell my mom about my plans for that day. It didn’t really matter to her, but I just wanted to let her know just in case hell froze over and she actually worried about me.

My footsteps echoed louder than usual, as I descended the staircase into the foyer. The house seemed strangely empty.

The kitchen was immaculately clean and the countertops were bare, except for a sheet of paper on the kitchen island. I picked up the paper, which was written in my mom’s handwriting:


As you know, David and I have been wanting to spend the rest of our lives on the ocean, exploring the world. We’ve decided to buy a yacht and live our dream! I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but we just couldn’t wait any longer. We’ve deposited your inheritance of $15 million into your bank account so you won’t have to worry about money. Feel free to keep the house, as we won’t need it. I love you, honey, and we’ll see you in a couple years or so!

Love, Mom”

I stared at the letter when I was finished, not believing what I was reading. I mean, sure, they’ve told me countless times about their little dream, but I thought they’d let me know before they left. Was $15 million supposed to make up for the fact that they left the way that they did?

I should have been angry or sad, but instead, I just felt nothing. The money they left insured that I wouldn’t starve and it’s not like their absence would be hugely noticeable.

The front door squeaked open and I heard Andy walk through the front door.

“Hello?” He called out into my empty house.

“I’m in the kitchen!”

Before I knew it, Andy was standing behind me. I set the letter down, wrapped my arms around him, and squeezed him tightly.

“How are you? Where’s Mom and David?” Andy asked.

“I’m good. Mom and David… They left,” was all I could say.

Andy saw the letter, picked it up, and read it in silence. After a few moments, he tossed it back on the island.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! They just left without telling you?!” Andy said, his voice raised.

“You know they’re not great with communication,” I reasoned. Andy looked at me and cupped my cheek with the palm of his hand.

“Are you okay?” He whispered. My heart fluttered, as I looked up into his beautiful, concerned eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay,” I whispered back. “Let’s just go eat. I’m starving.”


I was happy to see my baby sister again, even if we were just hanging out for the day. Breakfast was delicious and the two of us got caught up.

However, Natalie was pretty distant the entire morning. It’s understandable, as her guardians just abandoned her, but she said she was okay. It probably didn’t help that those two tween girls interrupted our breakfast so they could take a picture with me.

When we got back from breakfast, Natalie went straight to the kitchen, crumpled up the letter, and chucked it in the garbage disposal. I watched her from the doorframe.

“Is that what you’ve had on your mind all morning?” I asked.

“What?” Natalie spun around, as if I came out of nowhere.

“You’ve been awfully distant today.”

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just… you know.”

I walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead. I looked down into her eyes.

“Do you need me to stay with you today?”

“Well, I don’t NEED you to stay, but I’d love it if you did,” she said, cebeci escort bayan giving me her first real smile all morning. “I’m just hanging out with Sean at some party tonight, but the rest of my day is free.”

“Sean?” This was the first I was hearing about any Sean.

“Sorry, my boyfriend. Well, I don’t know about boyfriend, but we’re dating,” she said, then looking up at me, searching my face for approval.

“Oh, that’s cool. I need to get packed, anyway. I have to leave for New York in the morning. Reshoots are a bitch.”

“Oh, okay.” Natalie gave me a fake little smile, obviously disappointed that I wouldn’t be around all weekend.

We spent the rest of the day playing video games together and chatting about her boyfriend/not-boyfriend Sean. Pretty soon, however, she needed to get dressed for that party, so I hugged her goodbye and went back to my place.

As I packed my suitcase for my week-long trip, my thoughts traveled to Natalie. She looked as beautiful as she always did and I hoped that Sean treated her right. Natalie was too fragile and too innocent for some asshole who would just fuck her and dump her.

Then I started wondering: was my little Natalie even a virgin anymore? Was she really as innocent as she seemed to be? Or was she entirely different when I wasn’t around? I couldn’t stand the thought of her having sex with someone.

I wanted her for myself.

I slapped myself like an idiot, trying to get that thought out of my mind, but it was no use. For better or worse, the crush I had on my little sister was there to stay.

My cell phone vibrated around midnight, when I got a call from Natalie. I should have ignored the call and gone to bed, as planned, but I couldn’t ignore Natalie.


“Andy? Can you come over?” Natalie’s voice was small and squeaky. Something happened that night.

“Of course, I’ll be right over.” I hung up and put on some slip-ons. I didn’t really bother changing. My old t-shirt and basketball shorts would be fine. Figuring I’d just sleep over at her place, I grabbed my suitcase and drove over.

Natalie’s house was dark when I arrived. It was colder and emptier with Mom and David gone.

“Natalie?” I called out into the dark manor.

“Up here!” Natalie called, her small voice barely loud enough for me to hear.

I went upstairs and found her in the master bedroom, which Natalie had now moved into. She crawled out of bed and ran to me, wearing just a small nighty. Natalie hugged me and held her head against my chest.

“What happened, Natalie?” I asked. Natalie turned her tear-streaked face and looked up at me.

“Sean, he- he was fucking Amber. I s- s- saw them-” She squeaked out, before her voice trailed off.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie.” I ran my fingers through her soft hair.

“Can you please sleep with me tonight? I don’t want to be alone.”

“Of course, Natalie.”

“I’m sorry. I know you need to leave in the morning and everything-” I put a finger to her lips.

“It’s fine. My flight isn’t until 11:30. Let’s go to bed.”

Natalie led me to the luxurious bed that my mother and her husband used to own. The sheets had been changed, however, so it felt less weird to sleep in it.

As Natalie climbed into bed, her little nighty scrunched up a bit, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Unfortunately, I only got a brief flash of her little pussy before she pulled the sheet over herself. I hoped and prayed I wouldn’t get an erection.

The bed was a California King, which was spacious enough for four people, but Natalie wrapped her little body around me.

“Why do guys only care about sex?” Natalie asked. The question threw me off guard

“I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

“Sean had been pressuring me for months to… do things with him, but I always told him I wasn’t ready. I was going to give myself to him tonight-“

“What?” I couldn’t help but interrupt. I instantly regretted it.

“I’m- I’m sorry, Andy. I just wanted him t- to-” Natalie stammered and her eyes welled up with a fresh batch of tears.

“I’m sorry, I just… Go ahead and keep talking. I’ll shut up.”

“I didn’t want him to find someone else, so I was going to give myself to him. But I was too late and he was already with Amber.”

“I’m sorry, Natalie. Maybe it’s a good that it happened. You should save yourself for someone special. Someone who won’t betray you like that.”

“Okay, I will,” Natalie said. “I love you, Andy.”

Natalie leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips. She rested her little head on my chest and fell asleep within minutes.


I woke up before Andy the next morning and looked up at his handsome, peaceful face. He was so sweet to me the night before and I knew in that moment that if I could give myself to him, I’d do so in a heartbeat.

I sighed and rested my head on his chest. I looked down and noticed a huge tent in the sheets. I had heard about morning wood, but I always thought it was escort cebeci a myth or a joke. Overwhelmed with curiosity, I pulled back the sheets, then his shorts. I gasped as his big, meaty cock popped out.

Until that moment, I had never seen an erect penis before. Staring down at Andy’s cock made me realize that I never wanted anything as badly as I did right then and there.

The thought made me squirm. I could feel my cheeks burning, my heart racing, and my pussy getting wet. Without another thought, I lowered my head down to his crotch and lifted the sheet over my head.

As I moved and squirmed under the sheets to get into a comfortable position above his cock, I could feel my nighty pulling up, exposing everything under my belly button. It was exhilarating to feel so vulnerable and open to Andy. With one smooth motion, I slipped completely out of my nighty and tossed it on my pillow. Then, I slid my naked body back to my brother’s throbbing cock.

Slowly wrapping my quivering hand around him, I found his cock surprisingly hot and fleshy, while still rock hard. I slowly licked my way from the bottom of his shaft to the top with the tip of my tongue, tracing my way along the veins.

Andy squirmed in his sleep and I knew I was doing well. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and swalled the head of his cock. It was too big for my mouth and I tried fitting in as much as I could, only getting an inch or so past the head.

As I bobbed my head up and down on his thick cock, I wondered what it would be like to make love to him. With his size, though, there would be no way that he could fit inside me. The thought of it terrified me and turned me on so much more. I knew my pussy would soon just drench the sheets, but I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me.

Maybe if I gave him my virginity, he wouldn’t leave for New York. Andy could stay here and I would never be alone.


I was dreaming about getting my dick sucked by some mystery dream girl, when I woke up. I always hated waking up in the middle of a sex dream.

However, instead of the sensations I felt in that dream going away, they were still happening. I looked down to see the silk sheet bobbing up and down, as my mystery dream girl was still sucking my cock. I turned my head to see Natalie’s discarded nighty laying on the pillow next to me. The sudden realization hit me.

I pulled back the sheet, revealing my sweet baby sister, completely naked and slobbering all over my cock.

“Natalie, oh fuck…” I breathed. She gave me a beautiful, soft moan.

She was an amateur, but it felt incredible, regardless. I had never seen someone put so much effort into a good morning blowjob. It was as if Natalie’s life depended on getting me off.

However, as amazing as it felt, my conscience creeped in. I started lifting her head off of my cock. Natalie looked up at me, confused.

“We can’t.” I whispered.

Natalie ignored me and started sucking me off again. I pulled her off with more force. This time, however, she climbed on top of me, grabbed my face, and started making out with me.

“Natalie, stop!” I tried saying, before she cut me off with her tongue invading my mouth.

“Please!” She whimpered.

With Natalie’s face pressed against mine, I could feel her wet cheeks. She was crying.

I pulled her off of me and held her at arm’s length.

“Andy, please, I need you!” She wiped her tears and straddled my crotch, about to lower herself onto my cock. I flipped her over and pinned her down. I just couldn’t take my little sister’s virginity.

“What the fuck are you doing, Natalie?!” I growled.

“Please, Andy! I love you!” Natalie sobbed. I calmed myself down and laid next to her, still holding her trembling body in a tight grip to make sure she didn’t try anything.

“Why are you doing this? What’s gotten into you?” I searched her little face for answers.

“I just-” was all she could articulate.

“You just what?”


“Come on, Natalie, just tell me.”

“I just want you to love me!”

“I do love you! Why would you think otherwise?”

“I don’t want you to leave! I don’t want to be alone!” Natalie sobbed even harder.

I felt like a piece of shit. Without me, Natalie would be completely alone. She never knew Dad, her older sister despised her for no reason, her other sister left for college across the country, her parents left with no notice, and her boyfriend had dumped her for someone else.

“Natalie, I’m going to be gone for a week at the most,” I said. “I would never abandon you.”

Natalie looked up at me with her glistening eyes. “Promise?”

“I promise.”

Natalie took deep breaths and managed to calm herself down. She buried her face in my chest.

“I’m sorry, Andy, I shouldn’t have done that,” Natalie said. “You probably think I’m crazy.”

“You’re not crazy. You’ve had all these people leave you and now I’m about to do the same. But unlike those people, I’m coming back. You have to believe me.” Natalie looked up at me.

“I know, Andy. I believe you.”

After laying there for a few more minutes, I got dressed and ready for my flight. Natalie only dressed herself in the t-shirt I was wearing the night before.

When I was ready, I kissed Natalie good-bye and headed off to LAX.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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