The Generation Game

Female Ejaculation

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.


Tabi stood with her hands on her hips, chewing her bottom lip and frowning at the heap of clothes on her bed. Her overnight bag was packed but she was still dithering over nightwear. At home she slept in the nude but she couldn’t very well do that at a sleepover.

“Tabitha!” her mother shouted up the stairs. “For the third time, get a move on! I’m starting work at nine so if you miss that bus you’re going to have to walk to college.”

“Alright, alright! Keep your hair on! I’m coming!” Tabi stuffed a bra top and shorts into the top of the bag, zipped it up and clattered noisily down the stairs. She kissed her mother on the cheek, stuck her iPod buds in her ears and slammed the front door behind her.

. . .

Last period on Fridays was History. The class would sit their “A” levels in a couple of months and Mrs Peart was fighting a losing battle, frantically trying to cram facts into their heads. Most of the class had long since lost interest and were gazing out of the window or doodling intricate designs in their notepads.

Tabi sat between the Swann twins and Jack laid his hand on her thigh under the table, making her pussy tingle. She’d fancied Jack for months and at a house party for Ben Abrahams’ eighteenth birthday last month, newly single and horny, she had made her move. They’d spent a couple of hours talking before she leaned forward and kissed him. When the kisses became increasingly urgent they’d taken it upstairs to Ben’s parents’ bedroom and he’d had a good grope of her boobs. When she began to unbutton his trousers, however, he’d stopped her and haltingly confessed his virginity. He didn’t want to lose it there, he’d said. He wanted it to be special (Tabi mentally rolled her eyes), somewhere they could take their time without the fear of interruption, somewhere private. Since then, Tabi had been shamelessly kissing up to Beth when she wasn’t kissing Beth’s twin brother, and Beth had finally invited her to stay the night at their house. They planned to wait until Beth and Mr and Mrs Swann were asleep, after which Tabi would sneak into Jack’s room and jump his bones. His inexperience was a bit of a bore – but it was a necessary hurdle that would have to be cleared before she could begin to train him in how to please her.

Jack hadn’t quite been able to believe his luck when Tabi picked him. As far as he was concerned she was the hottest girl in the year. If they’d lived in America he was pretty sure she’d have been head cheerleader and prom queen. She had long, slim, tanned legs; a tight, firm arse; taut, flat tummy; and high, perky breasts. Her long, naturally blonde hair was thick and wavy. Her nose was small, peppered with tiny freckles, her cheekbones high, and her eyes were hypnotic: wide and dark, dark blue with starry black lashes. She had unusually large pupils and when she was aroused – as she was now, with his fingers inching up between her legs to her knickers – they dilated until her irises looked black. And tonight, he was going to fuck her.

Beth and Jack’s mother (“Call me Claire, Tabi”), an older version of Beth with the same curly strawberry blonde hair and trim figure, collected all three of them from college in her car. Jack slung Tabi’s bag in the boot and sat in the front passenger seat while the girls chattered in the back. His parents had no idea that he and Tabi were together and he wanted to keep it that way so no-one would have any reason to anticipate bed-swapping in the dead of night.

By eleven o’clock that evening, Jack was in his room, watching porn on his laptop and telling himself it was research; Beth and Tabi had binged on corny horror movies and ice cream, painted their finger- and toe-nails, and were now sitting cross-legged on the lounge carpet in their nightclothes, eating Domino’s pizza from the box; Claire was loading the dishwasher in the kitchen. With a rattle of keys, the front door opened and the twins’ dad came in.

Tabi had sariyer escort thought smugly that she and Jack, who was six feet tall, olive-skinned and as dark as she was fair, made a handsome couple. But now she’d seen his father she realised that Jack was an inferior copy of the original masterpiece. Graham topped his son by a good two inches. He had a square jaw with a cleft chin and a pronounced five o’clock shadow, and his thick hair was just beginning to grey. When Beth ran to him and he picked her up and swung her round, Tabi saw that the muscles in his arms were hard and sculpted, covered with black hairs. When he looked at her for an introduction his eyes were as black as her own and she found herself acutely aware of her bra-less nipples tightening beneath the stretchy white crop-top she wore.

“This is Tabi, Daddy,” said Beth. “She’s staying over tonight, remember?”

“Of course,” replied her father. “Nice to meet you, Tabi.” But his brief smile didn’t reach his eyes and he barely looked at her before going out to the kitchen to kiss his wife. Tabi, unused to being ignored by men, felt snubbed but reminded herself sternly that Jack was upstairs waiting for her and she had no business ogling his father.

“Shall we go up to bed?” she suggested.

Half an hour later, the lights went off downstairs and Tabi heard footsteps on the stairs.

Half an hour after that, Beth was sound asleep. Tabi read on her Kindle in the dark for a further half hour, just to be safe, before sticking her head out of the door to make sure no light was coming from under Graham and Claire’s bedroom door and creeping across the landing to Jack’s bedroom.

. . .

Graham had been profoundly shaken when he returned home that evening to find Tabi sprawling on his lounge carpet.

Unbeknownst to his wife, Claire, who thought he had gone for drinks straight from work with his civil engineer colleagues, he had in fact taken the afternoon off and spent the hours that followed in his 31 year old secretary, Rachel’s two bedroom Fulham flat. Rachel was a very fit and inventive girl and he thought she had drained his balls dry, but when he set eyes on the leggy blonde teenager with the erect nipples, his cock immediately stood to attention, as ready for action as it had been when Rachel’s lips were around it three hours ago.

The impulse to grab her, tear off her shorts and bend her over the coffee table was so powerful he had to flee from the room before he raped his daughter’s friend in front of her eyes.

When his wife had gone to bed, Graham poured himself a stiff drink, turned out the lounge lights and decided a wank was the only solution to his predicament. He retrieved his memory stick from his jacket pocket and inserted it into the USB port on Jack’s XBox One, switched on the TV and – like his son in the room overhead – settled down to watch some porn.

. . .

Tabi lay naked and wide awake on her back, staring at the glow stars on Jack’s bedroom ceiling, unsatisfied and frustrated, as he slept deeply beside her. She kicked him, experimentally. He didn’t stir.

She was monumentally pissed off.

When she had slipped into Jack’s room, he was instantly all over her, stripping her, kissing her and mauling her tits. When he himself undressed she had been slightly alarmed at how thick his cock was. Her pussy was tight and although she was looking forward to riding him she didn’t think she was wet enough for it to enter her smoothly. He had not offered to go down her and, actually, she wasn’t sure he would know how. Motivated by a certain amount of self-interest (the wetter his dick, the less likely it was to smart as it penetrated her) she had acted the perfect girlfriend, kneeling beside him on the bed and leaning over to suck and stroke his cock until it began to leak pre-cum into her mouth. Then, without ceremony, Jack had positioned her on all fours and poked at her perineum painfully a few times before managing to locate her cunt and jam eskort his penis inside. She cried out and he clamped his hand over her mouth. He thrust into her half a dozen times and then came before falling back panting onto his pillows. Tabi felt hollow. She hadn’t expected perfection, but she had expected a lot more than this. She waited for a time after this non-event for him to kiss her or thank her, but it didn’t happen. Then she said peevishly, “I didn’t cum.”

Jack opened one eye. “Oh,” he said. “Sorry. I’m sure once we’ve done it a few more times it will be better.”

Special, eh? she thought. Take our time, eh? Aloud, she asked, “Will you go down on me?”

He stared at her in disgust. “You’re full of my spunk!”

“I’ll shower,” she offered.

“Somebody might hear. Let me recover for a bit and I’ll fuck you again.”

She was struck dumb. By the time she regained the power of speech, he was asleep.

Tabi groped around for her top and shorts and pulled them on. She could still taste Jack’s bitter pre-cum and felt the need to rid herself of it.

She padded down the stairs in search of a glass of water.

The layout of the Swanns’ house was such that the ground floor was arranged in a kind of circuit around the staircase. The kitchen was about the same distance from the stairs whether you turned left or right. Tabi saw that the lounge door on her right was closed and she didn’t want to risk waking the household with a badly-timed creak. She turned left, passing the downstairs loo and study before entering the dining room, from which an open door on her right led into the kitchen.

There was a security light outside the kitchen window. Tabi located a glass and filled it from the water dispenser on the fridge door. She was about to trudge back upstairs to Beth’s room when she thought she heard a noise from the lounge. She tiptoed across the dining room and saw the flickering light from the TV. Standing to the left of the archway between the two rooms, she peered through.

At first, Tabi couldn’t work out what she was looking at. She craned her head to the side and her eyes became completely round. On the TV screen was a girl on her hands and knees. She was sandwiched between two men, one on his back below her and one on his knees behind her, and was being rammed by two cocks simultaneously! One was in her pussy and the other was in her arse!

Tabi was no innocent. She knew all about anal sex – in fact the boyfriend she’d had before Jack had taken her up the arse four times and she’d rather liked it – but she had had no idea that double penetration was physically possible. She watched in fascinated awe for some minutes as the girl in the movie cried, in an American accent, “Oh yeah, baby, fuck my ass, yeah fuck my hot pussy,” and so forth before she worked out that the soft grunts she could hear were not coming from the TV and it occurred to her that someone other than herself must also be watching the show.

Cautiously, she moved into the archway and looked to the left. By the light of the TV she could see Mr Swann on the couch. He was completely naked, his clothes in a crumpled heap on the floor. Her hungry eyes travelled down his broad, hairy chest, over his flat stomach to his crotch. His hand was moving rapidly and in his fist was his erect penis. She just managed to stifle a gasp. His cock was as fat as a Coke can. Just as he was two inches taller than his son, she thought his dick must be two inches wider. The rush of moisture she suddenly felt between her thighs left her in no doubt, though, that she could take it.

Very gently, she put her glass of water down on the dining table and began to retrace her steps through the house. Instead of mounting the stairs, however, she very carefully eased the lounge door open, closed it behind her and made her way across the room to stand behind the couch.

Quietly, she said, “I could help you out with that.”

Graham started violently and grabbed his beyoglu escort discarded shirt, clutching it to his lap. “Tabi, I’m sorry,” he spluttered. “I thought everyone was asleep.”

“Aww, don’t cover it up,” Tabi said, moving round the couch.

The girl in the movie was reaching a crescendo: “I’m gonna cum,” she was howling. “Oh God, fuck that ass!”

Tabi knelt between Graham’s legs, wresting his shirt from his hand. She grasped his thick cock in one small hand, jacking it as she lowered her face and sucked his balls, rolling them around in her mouth, caressing and separating them with her tongue.

“Christ!” hissed Graham, knowing he should stop her right now. “That is incredible.”

She ran her wet tongue along the length of his dick and circled his helmet before looking up at him, cocking her head. “Do I taste pussy?”

“Quite possibly,” he replied. “I was inside my secretary a couple of hours ago.”

Tabi giggled. “I just fucked your son.”

Graham told himself firmly that this was very, very wrong and absolutely, definitely, positively could not continue. He put his hands on either side of Tabi’s bobbing head and forced it down until his entire length was inside her hot, sucking mouth. She continued to stimulate his length with her lips and tongue until his girth took its toll and her stretched jaw began to ache dully. She released his dick with an audible pop and wet his inner thighs with little kitten-licks. He groaned and his pelvis bucked. She stood up, pushed her shorts down her lean, tanned thighs and stepped out of them. Then she pulled her top over her head. She stood for a moment, naked and unashamed, as his eyes roved over her perfect young body, before climbing astride him, his cock pressed vertically against her tight tummy.

He said, “You’re my daughter’s best friend.”

“And your son’s girlfriend,” she agreed, helpfully.

“This is so wrong.”

She rose and impaled herself on his swollen dick, slowly sliding down its length until it was fully inside her tight young cunt. “Very, very wrong,” she agreed. “Extremely naughty. A filthy dirty, disgustingly perverted thing to do.”

She rode him expertly, years of horse-riding helping her effortlessly rise and fall in his lap. Neither of them noticed that the porn movie had ended.

“God, you’re wet.”

“I’m so hot for you,” she said. “And full of your son’s cum.”

He kissed her hard, exploring her mouth with his tongue and crushing her breasts to his chest. She moaned contentedly into his mouth, still rocking her hips rhythmically, her sopping passage gripping his thick penis tighter than anything he had ever experienced before. She reached behind her and braced herself on his lower thighs, leaning back. Her breasts jutted from her chest and he caught first her left and then her right nipple between his teeth, flicking his tongue over the peaks, tugging and nibbling.

Very slowly she knelt up and millimetre by millimetre his dick slid from her pussy, the walls clinging to it, reluctant to let go. She slid from the couch, turned her back to him and guided him back inside her. Graham reached around her waist to cup her tits in his hands. He began to piston his dick inside her clutching hole as she gasped and writhed in his lap. At last she gave an incoherent, animal yelp and cried, “I’m cumming!” and he simultaneously released his load into her. She continued to rock, milking every last drop of semen from his pulsating cock until, finally, he released her tits and slid his hands to her waist, holding her still. She didn’t move, savouring the throbbing of her pussy, the feeling of his prick inside her, still filling her even though it was rapidly softening.

“Mmmmmm,” she said. “That was really nasty.” She twisted from her supple waist and kissed him, pushing her tongue between his teeth.

She squeezed her inner muscles, trying to keep as much of his semen inside her as possible as his now-flaccid cock slipped out of her. She stretched like a cat, yawning, before standing up and bending forward, giving him a clear view of her leaking pussy, to pick up her clothes.

Still naked she crossed the room to the door. “Next Friday,” she said. “Same time, same place,” and she was gone.

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