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Chapter 4. “Burdened”

Isabella McCarron stretched her arms high, let loose a deep, drawn-out yawn, and blinked her weary eyes. Hmm, where am I? The bed spent the night in was bouncing and creaking in a lewd, rhythmic fashion beneath her.

“Good morning, baby,” Payton said in a gentle, rapturous tone, shrugging her shoulders, her face scrunched up in a remorseful yet adorable manner. “And . . . sorry? We didn’t mean to wake you again.”

Bella rubbed at an irritating crick in the back of her neck and, upon recognition, gazed into the face of her dear friend. Payton’s features were ablaze with happiness and arousal as she rode Charlie Winters’s cock cowgirl-style, her toned, luscious thighs straddling his pelvis, her buxom, voluptuous breasts flopping about.

“I don’t want you to be sorry. Don’t ever be sorry.” Bella had to clear the morning gravel from her throat before she spoke again. “Waking up like this is so incredibly sexy. It never gets old.”

The 25-year-old reached out, twined her fingers around Payton’s hand, and squeezed. She focused on their paying customer and smiled. “What’s up, Charlie? Couldn’t stop yourself from enjoying Payton again, huh? Well, can’t blame you there.”

Charlie’s body, though running on fumes, had a profound reaction to Bella’s touch and sweet disposition. He felt the sensations down to his soul. “I gotta fuck you one more time, Bella. At least once more.”

An automobile executive from Detroit, Charlie lost his virginity to Bella yesterday afternoon in a party that set him back $1,800. He left the house fully satisfied, but returned last evening while Lindsay was nearing the end of her own GFE spectacular with Sammy. Still wound up and excited (and certainly not expected back so soon), Charlie requested to see Bella the instant he arrived and had an idea in mind.

“You were incredible earlier, sweetheart. You gave me the time of my life and made me happier than I’ve ever been before. Who knows what the future holds? Who knows if I’ll ever be able to make it out here again? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. It’s not for any of us, right?” Charlie was becoming a bit emotional — a fate that befell most older virgins who visited the brothel — so Bella gripped his hand to offer some moral support.

“I drove halfway back to Vegas but thought about you the entire time. You made every fantasy I’ve ever had become a reality and I needed to see you again. So, I came back. Every fantasy, that is . . . except one.”

“Oh? What’s that, baby?”

“I’d like to book an overnight party — a threesome — with you and Payton. Is she available?”

As luck would have it, Payton was available and they’d partied through the night as a triad.

“Oh, my God; that feels so good. Oh, God.” Payton’s body flopped around like a Olympic gymnast atop Charlie’s dick as he thrusted his hips upward to create more mutual stimulation. “Keep going! Keep going! Oh, baby. Don’t stop. I’m gonna come.”

After three hours of one-on-one bliss yesterday afternoon, Charlie had been the centerpiece of a Bella and Payton sandwich since 10:00 pm last evening with fragmented patches of sleep mixed in here and there. It was 8:19 am and he had 41 minutes remaining in this threesome overnight party that set him back an additional $15,000 (plus another $750 in credit card processing fees.)

Long, specialty parties like this didn’t come cheap.

“That’s just the way Payton likes being fucked, too!” Bella trailed her tongue along his neck and collarbone, and down to his pectoral region. “I looooove watching your big dick slide in and out of her like this.”

Man, oh, man. Charlie had been spoiled rotten by these two and, best of all, it wasn’t over yet.

Bella’s eyes flashed with molten desire as she glanced back up at her girlfriend. “What do you say, Paytatochip? Do I get another piece of Charlie, too?”

Seeming to be lost in her own personal ecstasy (though it was an elaborate act on her part to make their client happy), Payton placed both hands across Charlie’s chest and used it as a balancing point. She bounced atop his cock faster. “Give me a minute, baby.” Payton’s eyes, a sparkling, radiant blue, soon closed and she lifted her chin skyward. “Just one min . . .”

She let out a high-pitched screech and faked her 12th orgasm since their party began over ten hours ago. That seemed like forever and Payton couldn’t wait for this ordeal to finally end. I’m sick and tired of this man bulldozing my insides — Bella can take over for a while. Still, she was convincing in her actions and had Charlie fooled.

Bella rose to her knees in the aftermath, hugged Payton, and kissed the side of her head, her face, her ears, anywhere she could. These ladies had great chemistry and loved having threesomes with their customers. It was so much better than a typical one-on-one. The financial payoff was greater, and they shared physical responsibilities instead of being the sole atalar escort focus.

Bella had a hand on Payton’s ass and continued to serenade her with kisses and ear nibbles.

“Oh, dear God. That felt good. So, so good.” Payton was all smiles as her body crested downward from the height of an imaginary orgasm. Instead of focusing on Charlie, she met Bella’s mouth with her own for a deep, amorous kiss that included plenty of tongue action. Payton had no issues making out with Bella or having sex with her.

Charlie lay there watching, his heart hammering in his chest, and feeling as if he was on top of the world.

“You want your turn, sweetheart?”

Blushing and biting her lip, Bella nodded at Payton. “I want to fuck him again.”

Payton dismounted Charlie and his cock, still fully erect, wobbled and pointed up toward the ceiling. It wasn’t satisfied — or done — yet.

Charlie knew all along he was going to save his final load for Bella since she popped his cherry. It’s got to be Bella. Indeed, she was going to be an integral part of his life story forever. Charlie would never, ever forget her.

Unlike most working girls, that knowledge held some weight with Bella. While she wouldn’t allow herself to develop a true, long-term attachment for a client, she still cared about them long after they left the ranch and conversed with several through e-mail on a routine basis (to an extent, at least.) A lot of the women in the industry, despite appearances, could care less for even their most loyal customers.

Payton rolled off to the side, changed out the condom again, and applied a generous helping of lubricant. She snagged Bella’s wrist and helped her climb atop Charlie. It’s your turn; I need a fucking break from this loser. With her opposite hand, Payton grasped Charlie’s shaft and guided it toward Bella’s tight little pussy.

“Oh, wow. You’re already wet.” Payton acted astonished as she popped the thick, flared head between Bella’s tender folds. Again, this was a routine they’d practiced and perfected together over the years countless times. “How is that possible?”

“After what you and Charlie did to me overnight? The two of you rocked my world like it hasn’t been rocked in a long, long time!” Bella giggled at her words, obviously an exaggeration, as she slid down onto Charlie’s cock with a hearty, pleasurable moan. She impaled herself completely, totally, gloriously . . . and to Charlie, it felt divine.

“Can this bed be any more defiled than it’s already been in the past ten hours?” Payton was laughing as well. “I mean, this bed of mine is iconic. It’s seen so much action since last night, it isn’t funny.”

Bella leaned over and flicked her tongue across Payton’s lips. “Don’t worry; it’s got some more miles left on it, baby.”

“If we have time, once you’re finished having your fun with Charlie, I’m gonna play with your little pussy and make you cry out in orgasm. In fact, I might fuck you with my strap-on dildo, too. The pink one . . . your favorite. Sound good, sweetie?”

Bella nodded again, her eyes glazed over.

“I want Charlie to watch me fuck you.”

“Oh, man!”

“Thank you for everything, sweetie.” Payton was gracious as she bent over and offered a full-fledged kiss to Charlie’s lips. “Good Lord, lover. You know how to make a girl feel special. I need to run off and use the restroom, but I promise to be back in a few minutes.”

Payton kissed Bella again as well, then stood up and gathered her coils of honey-blonde hair atop her head before allowing them to topple back down across her shoulders. The move seemed innocent on her part, but Payton realized exactly what she was doing. To Charlie, she knew it was ridiculously sexy and would excite him even more.

“You two kids have fun, okay?”

Without a stitch of clothing on, Payton sashayed out of the bedroom and toward the washroom that she shared with Kenzie down the hallway.

That round, awesome ass, though, as she walked away. Charlie was spellbound. Girl looks like a bikini model.

With Bella as his sole focus (for the time being, at least), Charlie reached out, palmed her glorious breasts, and kneaded their nipples with his thumbs. They’d always been hypersensitive to the touch. The two temporary lovers made eye contact and smiled.

Bella crinkled her nose, bent all the way over, and kissed him madly, deeply, possessively. “Oh, this has been awesome, Charlie.” Especially the money. “Thank you so much for coming back last evening and booking an all-night threesome with Payton and me. I’m so happy. We both are. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and this is a positive memory which lasts until the end of time for you.” I honestly do.

His hips bucked and churned, wanting more of Bella’s pussy — all of it — as she was perched so lovely and snug atop him. “God, Bella. This has been the best 24 hours of my life. Without question. ataşehir escort I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it, but I’d love to come back later this year and see you again. Probably in September.”

Bella peppered the stubble of his cheek and chin with kisses. “Oh, I’d love to party with you again in the future, baby. Please, please do come back. Just send me an e-mail first on the website and let me know what date and time, okay? I’ll be here. Or you can call and let either Jeremy or Allan know.” She kissed him flush on the mouth. “I’ll be here whenever you want as long as you make an appointment first.”

Charlie grasped her waist with both hands as she transitioned into an upright position. “C’mon, honey. Ride me reverse-cowgirl like you did yesterday afternoon. That’s still the best orgasm I’ve experienced of them all.” With time an issue, Charlie needed to get off in the worst way possible. “I know you said it’s your favorite position. It’s so sexy to watch you bounce atop me.”

No, that’s your favorite position, bubba. Bella only claimed it was hers because Charlie enjoyed it so much. Her preference was missionary, though she didn’t care for intercourse at all anymore (not even in her private life with Jeremy.) I enjoy oral and cuddling the most.

Regardless, his cock still embedded within her, Bella swiveled around on command as he put both his legs together in a straight, rigid line, the same way she’d instructed him during reverse-cowgirl yesterday. Charlie found Bella’s firm, drum-tight backside and gave it a sharp, stinging smack, which caused her to yelp. She leaned all the way over and latched onto his knees.

Charlie grunted and closed his eyes as Bella’s body began to bounce atop his cock. Yet those eyes soon popped open as he again zeroed in on the image of her ass stretched so tight before him. He slapped it three times in a row — which incited Bella further — as she rubbed her nipples against his thighs. But Charlie dared not move or twitch his hips. Yesterday, Bella informed him that she preferred he remain still and let her do all the work while in this position. She claimed that it provided her the utmost pleasure.

Truth is, it’s a little more bearable this way.

Many working girls rode on top whenever they could because it allowed them to control the speed and the depth of the thrusting. Of course, there were those clients who wouldn’t allow them such control and wanted to keep it for themselves. These men used their cock as if it were a weapon, thrusting as hard as they could for as long as they could, and believed it provided more pleasure for the lady when all it usually did was cause pain and discomfort.

These guys watch excessive amounts of porn and fail to realize most women don’t like it rough.

After seven long years of working here, was it any surprise Bella didn’t enjoy intercourse anymore?

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” Charlie struggled to get the words out and for a good reason. He felt drained and didn’t know where all this energy was coming from. It had to be adrenaline and Charlie figured he’d suffer a massive crash and burn once he returned to his hotel room later. I’ll probably pass out like I’m drunk. “I love my tight, little Bella. Damn, girl. Your pussy feels so good. So good.”

Charlie positioned the back of his head up against the wooden headboard and allowed himself a clear, unobstructed view as his shaft invaded her. Lavish golden hair shimmered down the length of Bella’s back in messy, tangled waves as she moaned and squealed.

“I love seeing that ass, baby. Oh, fuck yeah. C’mon, bounce on me. Bounce on me harder. Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. I like that. God, that ass looks so fucking good. I wanna have it for breakfast!”

“Oh, Charlie! Charlie! Oh, my God . . . being with you like this is so sexy. I could ride your dick all day long!”

“What the fuck?” Angry, Payton stomped her bare foot on the floor in the nearby washroom as she glared at the latest text message on her cell phone.

Charlie has spent a lot of money. Offer him 30 minutes for free and I’ll make sure you (and even Bella) are reimbursed accordingly. I want Charlie to leave here with the best sendoff possible. Always want to put good customers first. Be done by 9:30.

“Goddammit, Jeremy!” Payton was piping mad, and in her mind, had every right to be. There were no microphones in the washroom, so Jeremy didn’t hear her little outburst. He wouldn’t be happy if he did. “I’d like to get some sleep! I’m so tired. I can barely fucking stand up!”

Of the $15,000 discounted rate Bella and Payton negotiated with Charlie last evening (for 11 hours), Payton would receive a cut of $3,750 after splitting it with Bella and the house. That’s so not fair. Two-girl parties like this were at a premium, and Payton generally charged $900 an hour for herself (netting $450) for them. That didn’t include what the other avcılar escort lady charged as her fee for a threesome. Usually, if it was Bella and Payton, they’d charge $1,600 or $1,700 an hour as a duo, and to make it easier, split the proceeds. Payton wouldn’t do a split with anyone else.

Happy Ending got its 50 percent share, too, of course.

In similar situations like this in the past with other working girls, this was where Bella would run into trouble. They’d become jealous and claim that of the $15,000, $3,750 would go to them while Bella and Jeremy, since they were married, would pocket $11,250. On the surface it seemed unfair, but what those ladies failed to take into consideration was that a sizable chunk of that $11,250 gave them a comfortable roof over their head, three healthy meals and snacks per day, unlimited supplies and drinks, other paid expenses, and it helped provide employees such as Allan, the bartenders, chefs, and maintenance their weekly paychecks as well. Not to mention all the other fees Jeremy and Bella had to pay as business owners.

Their annual business license fee for the brothel, as an example, was $7,000 by itself.

Despite appearances, Payton understood Jeremy and Bella weren’t shortchanging her. They’d never low-ball her. She knew how the process worked. Still, for 11 hours (and now an extra 30 minutes), Payton believed she deserved more.

I know you’re exhausted and irritable, so I’m going to give you a $4,500 cut of the fee — a $750 bonus. You deserve it.

“Oh, wow.” Payton dropped her phone into the empty sink and exhaled a deep, relieved breath after reading the latest text message. “And why exactly were you bitching about Jeremy, hmm?” She again glanced at her reflection, shook her head, and sighed. “He always takes care of us.” Still, Payton let out a little whine. “All I wanna do is go to bed . . .”

She texted back.

I’ll offer him an extra 30 minutes for free.

“Hey. You and Bella doing okay?” Fresh out of bed, Kenzie stepped into the washroom and offered Payton a warm hug. “Overnight parties are rough, especially when there’s another girl involved.”

“I’m good, but tired and want to go to bed.” Payton grunted as Kenzie kissed her on the forehead and stepped back. “I mean, Charlie’s the sweetest guy. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.” Payton exhaled a deep breath. “But Charlie has no idea what he’s doing in the bedroom. I know Bella feels the same way. This isn’t fun.”

“He was a 36-year-old virgin until yesterday, so of course he has no idea what he’s doing. Cut him some slack, will you?”

“Oh, I know he’s inexperienced. I do,” Payton frowned. “But it’s made for a repetitive, monotonous night. A lot of babysitting and repeating the same things. Bella and I having to show and help him, for example, with just where to stick it in. And he keeps asking us if it’s still in.” Payton rolled her eyes. “He doesn’t even know.”

Kenzie let out a sympathetic mew. “How much longer do you have to go?”

“About an hour.” She let out a pathetic whine. “Save me, Cierra!”

“I always try to look for the good in my clients and focus on it,” Kenzie said, not liking it that Payton said her real name. She bit her lip and stewed silently. In this house, this world, I’m Kenzie. “Even if it’s a cute little dimple on their chin, I find something positive and stick to it. Never dwell on the negative. Avoiding that makes the time go by so much faster.”

Back in the bedroom, Charlie was unable to resist as he sat up and pulled Bella’s torso to his. His hands once again mashed her breasts. He felt lightheaded as she speared herself on his cock, over and over, her hands covering his at her chest and squeezing. Charlie burrowed his nose on Bella’s neck and reveled in her feminine scent, then gathered some skin between his teeth and bit down.

Bella shrieked with surprise and delight.

“It’s time you suck me off.” Charlie’s words were forceful and domineering as, wanting to change things up, he placed both hands on Bella’s ass and pushed her away. Off she went easily. After all, Payton rode him for 15 minutes a short while ago. Charlie wanted something different.

“You’re sucking my cock. Get on your knees . . . now.” Charlie was full of bravado, but those feelings would fade by the time he made it back home to Michigan in a few days. They always did for the older virgin who felt he was on top of the world after finally having his cherry popped.

Bella needed no further coaxing as, after applying a fresh condom, her small, manicured hand was gripping the base of his erection. Her lips closed around it. Those eyes stayed locked with his as she shifted from the bed down to her knees on the floor with relative ease. Charlie stood and held onto the side of her head, ready for entrance.

“Show me what you can do with that purdy little mouth of yours.”

He tightened his dual grip and made her swallow him to his balls.

Bella whimpered. Charlie’s knees trembled and he had to stabilize himself to keep from stumbling. Bella’s hair had fallen around her face, but Charlie used his right hand to sweep the wayward blonde strands back over her left shoulder so he could watch his shaft plunge into and immerse itself in what he’d paid for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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