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LOCATION: Athens, Greece

ALIAS: Kendra St. James, former UCLA student/L.A. Times journalist.

MISSION: To rescue a shipping heir and his girlfriend from kidnappers seeking ransom.

I had arrived in Athens on an early morning flight from LAX. Once I was there, I took in on the scenery. As usual, I have my weapons, wardrobe, and gadgets with me. For my weapons, I had a stun gun with 10,000 watts and a .38 caliber with bullets. My gadgets are silver and turquoise video camera earrings with matching necklace that has a digital recorder in the pendant, a lipstick that doubles as a laser pointer, and a book with a built-in camera.

For my wardrobe, I have five outfits: a white halter and long skirt set with turquoise and silver- adorned sandals and matching big belt, a khaki-colored cargo shirt with light blue camisole and brown shoes, a turquoise and chocolate tankini, a black Grecian-style gown with a 22-carat white diamond necklace with matching dangling earrings and black Manholo Blahniks, and a black leather catsuit and black boots. All with a light brown wig with dark brown highlights.

I went undercover as a journalist for the L.A. Times named Kendra St. James and wore my khaki outfit. I was to have an interview with Harold Knapodakis, the multimillionaire shipping tycoon for the business section. According to Forbes magazine, he was number 50 on their top millionaires list and his shipping company has made $40 million over their 25 years of business. According to his profile, he and his wife Tina have been married for thirty years. They have six grown children: Fiona (the oldest), Kenneth, twins Dina and Deandrea, Rodger, and Calvin (the youngest). For my interview, I wore my khaki cargo shirt and pants with my blue camisole underneath and my brown shoes. I brought with me a legal notepad and pencil to take notes.

I arrived at the Knapodakis home. Their butler had opened the door for me. Harold was in the living room. He shook my hand as we sat down. I asked him the typical interview questions. After the interview, I began asking him about his family. He told me his oldest Fiona is a successful real estate agent, Kenneth is a rising soccer star who is training for the Olympic soccer team hoping to go pro, twin daughters Dina and Deandrea are fashion designers and models who own and operate a boutique in Athens, Rodger’s a chef/owner of his own restaurant, and Calvin is an aspiring actor/model.

But when I asked him about Calvin’s kidnapping, he broke down in tears.

“My son Calvin. He has been missing since last week.I’ve gotten this CD since the week after the kidnapping. He was last seen with his girlfriend Esmerelda getting lunch. Since I heard of this, I would cry to sleep, praying that he’s found and returned safely. ” He said.

Then, fındıkzade escort he gave me a CD to listen to. We concluded the interview on the huge side balcony of the house. While there, I got a picturesque view of Athens. After the interview, I shook his hand. He thanked me as I left the house.

I put on my white halter and long skirt, turquoise and silver sandals, and matching big belt, got on my Moped and went over to my hotel suite at the Grande Bretagne at Syntagma Square. As soon as I got there, I put the CD on. It was a message spoken in Greek. I had contacted SECTION A through my cell phone. I let them listen to the original message and sent them the sound byte. After I had contacted them, I went out to Kolonaki Square on Mount Likavitos to do a little shopping. While I was there, I even checked out Dina and DeAndrea’s boutique. As I shopped, my cell phone was on vibrate. I stepped out to answer a call from headquarters. They told me that they had translated the message from Greek to English. It came from the kidnappers. They demanded 35 million dollars ($25,603,436.90 USD) or else they will kill Calvin and Esmeralda. They even got info on Esmeralda. She’s 23 and a rising Greek pop star who performs at the Greek nightclub Zoom. Her family owns a Greek restaurant downtown. They sent me a photo of Esmerelda. She looked like a dark-haired, brown-eyed, olive-toned Jessica Simpson with an hourglass figure of Pamela Anderson and a bottom of Jennifer Lopez. In my opinion, she looked stunning. Even her family got panic-stricken when they heard that she too was kidnapped.

After shopping, I went back to my hotel room. My phone went off again and this time SECTION A headquarters called me with new leads to the kidnappings. It turns out the kidnappers are two men who have known Harold for a long time. The three of them had worked together in their shipyard. Now they want revenge.

Then, Harold called to tell me that he received another ransom tape from the kidnappers. In addition to the money, they want it by midnight tonight at the old shipyard. I informed SECTION A headquarters and got myself ready. I loaded my .38 caliber, got my stun gun, got into stealth mode, brought my gadgets, and headed out.

Later that day I went to Harold’s. We went over what to do for the ransom and rescue Calvin and Esmerelda. We got out a very big case and put in heavy objects disguised as money. I drove over to the old shipyard. I took pictures with my book camera. My video camera earrings and my digital recorder necklace pendant were already on. I could over hear the two kidnappers talking about what they were going to do with the ransom money.

“I have the money.” I shouted to them.

They looked at me. One of them asked, florya escort “Is there anyone with you?”

I said, “I came by myself. So where are the boy and girl?”

The other guy showed me to them. Calvin and Esmerelda were tied up on a big hook. Both were bound and gagged.

“What’s your reason for kidnapping them?” I asked.

“We needed the money so we can open up a business and take care of our families. Harold ratted us out to the police about our drug and diamond smuggling. Since then we’ve been struggling and went out of business. After 25 years, we’re still mad with him about it. So we had no choice but to kidnap them!” He said.

The two kidnappers were looking into the bag only to find that there was no money. Boy were they pissed!

One of them shouted as he got out his gun, “There’s no money in here. You double-crossed us!”

I took out my 10,000-watt stun gun and stunned him at his neck until he felt weak. Then, I high- kicked him in the face. His sidekick was running up to me, so I got out my 38. cailber and shot him three times (twice in the shoulders, once in the chest). I got the controller and got Calvin and Esmerelda from the big hook and untied them. I called SECTION A headquarters, Harold, and Athens police.

Harold was glad to see his son alive and unharmed. He even recognized the kidnappers who were he had worked with over 25 years ago. The two kidnappers were identified as Frederick Dronakis and Seth Antopolis. They were the men Harold told the police on about their drug and diamond smuggling long time ago. Harold even had called Esmerelda’s family. They were happy and relieved that she’s also alive and unharmed.

Not only were the police and Harold were there, so were the press. Both kidnappers went to the hospital and few of the cops went into the ambulances with them to read them their rights as they were carried off to the hospital.

Harold thanked me for Calvin and Esmerelda’s safe return. The boss at SECTION A had congratulated me for a job well done.

The next day, I had received a gift basket from Harold as another way of saying thanks. I decided to put on turquoise and brown tankini, relax, and take a dip in the pool that afternoon. While I was sitting and relaxing poolside, I was approached by Calvin and Esmerelda. They wanted to thank me for rescuing them last night.Calvin was a young, fit, ripped Adonis in board shorts with his short dark brown hair and eyes while Esmerelda was a brunette Aphrodite in her white two-piece string bikini.

Calvin looked at me with those blue eyes that sparkled like the Mediterranean Sea as he invited me to his place in Mykonos. I had accepted his invitation to his place. After showering and changing into fresh göztepe escort clothes, Calvin, Esmerelda, and I all went over to Calvin’s luxurious mansion in Mykonos. I was given a tour of his place. There was fine furniture and art everywhere. But when we went upstairs to his bedroom, I was instantly impressed. His big bed had 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, his furniture was made with a mahogany finish, and it also had a big balcony with a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea and the white, sandy beaches.

Calvin then looked up at me and softly kissed my lips. His left hand rested on my lower back while his other hand softly touched my back. Esmerelda was behind me fondling my breasts with her hands. Slowly, he began removing every inch of my clothing while she was feeling every inch of my body with her hands. Calvin’s lips slid down to my neck. I felt both of their hands all over me. Once I was naked, Calvin then sat me down on the edge of his bed. Both he and Esmerelda were sucking both of my breasts while sitting both sides of me. My hands were touching both of their bodies. I spread my legs, giving them a view of my bare, pink clit and pussy. Calvin moved down to my clit and started licking it. Esmerelda toof of her top, exposing her shapely breasts. I started sucking one of her breasts. I could hear her moans while Calvin was licking and sucking my clit and pussy. My lips moved up to hers as Calvin was still down there. As Esmerelda and I were kissing, I moaned in her mouth.

After that, I watched as Calvin got up and took off his clothes. For a Greek Adonis like him, he was ripped in all the right places. He then got on top of me and again kissed my lips. His hands and lips were all over my body. Esmerelda stood and watched, pleasuring herself. She was fingering her pussy and caressing her entire body. Next thing you know, I felt all seven inches of him slowly entering my pussy. Our bodies were entangled in lust as he was going in and out of me. Esmerelda was reaching into self-orgasm as me and Calvin climaxed. After he came, I got on top of him and started riding him. I motioned Esmerelda to come over while touching his body. As I was riding on top of Calvin, Esmerelda sat on his face, giving his mouth access to her pussy. Esmerelda and I moaned in unison while he was under us on both ends. We played with each other breasts and kissed. Then, it was Esmerelda’s turned to be pleased. I positioned myself on top of her. We had rubbed our bodies against each other. As I was orally and manually sexing her body, Calvin was entering my pussy from behind, going in and out. I moaned and groaned as I went down on her. All three of us then had a collective orgasm and laid on top of each other.

After the arousing afternoon threesome, I left and got myself ready to go Calvin’s welcome home party at the Knapodakis mansion. I wore my black Grecian style gown, 22 carat diamond necklace with earrings, and black Manholo Blaniks heels. I even got to meet Calvin’s brothers and sisters. We all partied through the night. After that, I was on my way to another mission.

Until next mission, Denise.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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