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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She recalled the party when she was 18, which set her on the road to ruin and how she had become entangled with a biker gang where she lived as their slut. She remembered how after escaping that life she lived with Mary until finally the jealously that Mary developed drove her out. Turning the pages again she remembered how she met Tony and fell madly and deeply in love and was so happy the day they married. A tear rolled down her cheek as she came across an entry entitled “Divorce final today” but her face broke into a dirty grin as she turned over a few more pages and came to an entry “Going to America”………

…. Julie settled back into the business class seat and kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes. Picking up her bag, she opened it and took out a crumpled and tear stained piece of paper. Carefully unfolding it she began to read ….” Dear Julie, I have never asked you to choose between our marriage and your work as I know how much both mean to you. I don’t think it’s fair to put you in a position of having to choose so I have decided to make the choice for you. I love you now and always will but I cannot stand the thought of the knock on the door telling me you are gone. Maybe this is the coward’s way out, maybe not, but I hope and pray you won’t judge me to harshly. Have a wonderful and safe life dearest Julie. All my love. Tony”.

A voice at her elbow broke Julie’s far away thoughts, as the steward politely asked her if she wanted a drink. Watching the steward’s departing back she admired his neat bum but sighed to herself, thinking he was probably gay. Looking out of the window at the clouds Julie reflected on the last five years during which she had been faithful to her husband straying with neither a man nor a woman, although had been tempted a few times. Julie had decided at 30 she needed to make up for lost time, hence the trip to America and as they were always saying how things were ‘big’ over there she hoped it ran to their men as well.

The fasten seat belt bell woke Julie from a deep sleep and she looked round guiltily as if her fellow passengers could read her mind about the vivid sexual dream she had just awoken from. Julie was still half asleep and smiling to herself as she remembered bits of the dream when the taxi pulled up outside of the hotel. After checking in Julie took the express lift to the suite she had treated herself to with the promise that her bags would be sent straight up. Tired from the long journey Julie padded across the large room shedding her clothes as she went to the bathroom. She looked at her body critically in the full-length mirror, turning at all angles to see what 30 meant to her. The refection that stared back was of a fit young woman whose body showed little signs of aging or sagging. Standing under the shower she felt the tiredness ebb from her under the flow of the steaming water and as bits of the dream came back she couldn’t resist touching herself.

As her rubbing became more frantic she felt the familiar tension building and thrusting two fingers deep into herself, she screamed out loud as the orgasm burst through her. Whistling happily Julie walked back into the main room naked as the day she was born rubbing her hair with a towel. A discreet cough caused Julie to remove the towel slowly from her eyes and she saw a large black porter standing there with her bags by his sides. He mentioned that he had heard her scream from the bathroom and wondered if there pendik escort was anything else her could help her with as the hotel liked to make sure their guests were totally satisfied. His final comment was accompanied by a long look up and down Julie’s body before looking down and staring at his own crotch.

Julie smiled and then her mouth dropped open as she saw the size to which his trousers began to bulge. Expressing out loud her curiosity about whether it was true that black men were as big as they say they are, her eyes nearly popped out of her head as the man undid his trousers and his cock sprang into view. Julie steeped forward and took the thickening monster in her both hands and as it twitched in response and continued to grow and harden as she started to stroke it. Julie stammered out a question enquiring how big it was, and couldn’t help a low groan escaping her lips when she heard the reply telling her it was nearly 12″. Julie sank to her knees in the middle of the room and forced her mouth round the huge monster, only taking part of it in.

With her other hand she started to finger herself making her pussy even wetter but more ready to take on this challenge. Pulling the man by his cock Julie walked backwards until she fell onto the bed, and spreading her legs wide she fixed the man with a stare and invited him to fuck her senseless. The black guy needed no second invitation and placing the head on her already wet pussy lips began to sink into Julie’s willing flesh. “Oh god…….oh god” were the only things Julie could utter as his huge cock slipped deeper and deeper into her. At half way in Julie felt so full it was almost like the time she took Mary’s fist into her pussy. Wrapping her legs around his back she urged him on, imploring him to fuck her and a torrent of other swear words escaped her lips as he ploughed onwards.

He continued to fuck her like an animal on heat lifting her legs high and holding them apart by the ankles. Julie held her fingertips at the edge of her pussy feeling him sliding in and out, loving the slick feeling as it withdrew covered in her juices. Then the man folded Julie almost double pressing her legs back against her chest, squashing her breasts and fucking her with a savage ferocity. Julie bit hard onto his shoulder as the first orgasm ran through her but instead of cumming the man stopped and flipped Julie onto her hands and knees. The breath was forced out of Julie with a woosh as he drove back into her gaping pussy. Grabbing her hips he pounded his hard cock into her, each time he pulled back the sounds of Julie’s juices made a squelchy sound as his cock withdrew.

Julie’s head was buried in the pillow but she pushed backwards wantonly trying to take more and more as he began his final strokes. Pumping hard into her, the man began to grunt as his cum spurted deep into Julie soaking and stretched pussy and his orgasm seemed to go on for ever filling her deep with what felt like pints of cum. After screaming out in another mind blowing orgasm she collapsed face down on the bed and his cock popped out with a plop leaving a trail of cum across her buttocks. “The name’s Leroy Ma’am” said the man and an exhausted but very satisfied Julie waved vaguely at him from her face down position as he quietly closed the door and left.

After a deep sleep Julie awoke still lying face down on the bed with a sticky pool between her legs caused by the cum, which had leaked from her battered and still swollen pussy. After another shower Julie and a quick bite to eat from room service, and decided to check out the action in the hotels casino. Julie dressed to kill tuzla escort with a long evening dress that plunged to her waist at the back and nearly as far at the front. She has discarded a bra but was glad she had decided to wear knickers as she could still feel her pussy leaking dribbles of the cum that had been so deeply embedded in her a few hours before.

Julie walked across the casino floor and stood at the bar knowing that quite a few eyes were feasting on her body and loving the feeling of the knowledge that most of the men, and quite a few women, would have loved to feast on her body. Julie sat, waving away the guys who tried to join her, as she was quite happy just watching the people in the room. She was thinking of trying her luck at one of the gaming tables when a bottle of champagne appeared at her table with a note which read ‘Welcome to America, please join us, table 31’.

Julie was intrigued by the fact that ‘us’ was underlined two or three times so decided to go and see. She heard the table before she saw it as it was more of a giant booth packed with about 10 people all laughing and joking and obviously quite drunk. A blonde tanned man, sitting in the middle of the table, with his arms round two women, gave vague introductions, and it soon became obvious that he was someone important to the hotel by the way the waiters deferred to him every time he spoke. As Julie sat and tried to follow the fast flowing chatter, having a little difficulty with some of the accents, she felt a hand working its way up her leg. Looking round her eyes met the smiling face of a young woman with masses of bleached blonde hair and caked on make-up. It wasn’t so much the hair that held Julie speechless but the massive pair of breasts that were barely contained by the dress held up by a thin strap.

The girl just smiled as her hand worked higher and higher and just as her fingertips started to stroke Julie’s pussy through the thin material of her panties, she leaned forward and whispered “Room 1041” in her ear. With that she kissed Julie lightly on the cheek, waved to the table and got up and left. Julie waited a while and noticed that the man who had invited her to the table originally also left, so after a few minutes she smiled at the others and made her way to the lift.

Standing outside the door of room 1041 she was about to knock when she noticed the door was slightly ajar. Pushing it open she entered the room to be greeted by the sounds of heated lovemaking and saw the blonde on all fours on the bed being vigorously fucked by the blonde tanned guy. Seeing Julie standing there he waved and said without breaking his rhythm “Hi there, I’m Bob, this is Bubbles, why don’t you take your clothes off and join in the fun”. At first Julie was a little stunned, she had heard of American hospitality but surely this was taking it to far, then with a shrug slipped the dress off her shoulders and slide her brief knickers off. Lying on the bed she wriggled her way towards Bubbles and positioning herself so Bubbles head was between her legs, she was soon laying back enjoyed having her pussy licked and sucked.

Bubbles broke off from her ministrations for a second to turn to Bob and say “Gee honey she’s still full, you would like this”. Julie felt Bubble’s head move away but was quickly replaced by Bob who began to lick and suck in earnest. As the heat began to build in Julie’s body she wondered vaguely where Bubbles had gone but before she could think about it an orgasm burst within her. This caused her inner muscles to contract sending her juices mixed with Leroy’s cum into Bob’s willing mouth. She felt Bob breath ataşehir escort sharply and lifting her head from the bed she looked up to see Bubbles standing behind him.

At first Julie wasn’t sure what was happening but when she looked into the mirror she saw that Bubbles had donned a strap-on dildo and was in the processes of feeding it into Bob’s ass. Julie moved out from Bob who rested his head on the bed and made little mewing sounds as Bubbles fed the dildo deeper and deeper. Julie moved round behind Bubbles and pressed her body close to her back, looking over Bubbles shoulder as the dildo sank deeper and deeper. Bubbles arched her head back and kissed Julie deeply on the lips asking her if she would like a go. Julie nodded and Bubbles withdrew and helped Julie secure the straps before diving under Bob to fasten her mouth around his stiff cock. Julie placed the tip on Bob’s asshole and gently pushed forward with her hips. Bob moaned as the dildo slipped into his willing ass and Julie began to start fucking him with a steady rhythm. As she pumped into him Bubbles worked harder on his cock and soon a string of swear words were flowing out of his mouth as he shot his cum into Bubbles mouth.

Julie was a little surprised to hear clapping from the doorway and turned her head, still embedded in Bob, to see the rest of the table had arrived in the room. As she watched, clothes began to fly everywhere as the group stripped and started to fondle and grope each other. Julie unclipped the harness and left the dildo still embedded in Bob as a tall dark haired woman grabbed her. The woman wasted no time in pushing Julie to her knees and then pulling Julie’s head deep into her pussy. Julie set her tongue to work and soon she was probing deeper into the woman, tasting her juices.

They sank to the floor, with Julie kneeling between her legs and Julie gasped as she felt a cock working its way into her pussy and the man behind started to pump into her. Whilst the cock was not as big as the monster she had earlier it was still nice to feel it sliding in and out, and each stroke sent her head towards the woman causing her to moan and grip Julie’s hair tightly. As the woman began to buck and groan Julie felt the man behind her grunt and began to jerk into her body. The cum, shooting into her from behind, along with the juices pouring out of the woman into her mouth triggered another orgasm in Julie.

She had hardly the time to catch her breath when she felt a soft and delicate tongue underneath probing her pussy. Still on all fours Julie bent her head and looked under her body to see Bubbles eagerly licking her pussy that was still oozing hot cum. Julie tensed her muscles inside and the spasms caused dribbles to come out which splattered Bubbles chin. Julie lifted her head to find a hard cock waving in front of her face, and taking it eagerly into her mouth she began to suck deeply on the cock. The man placed his hands on Julie’s head and started to fuck her mouth so she kept the pressure up as his cock slid in and out.

Julie felt him tense and was looking forward to the lightly salty but lovely taste of cum when she felt him withdraw from her mouth. Julie was about to voice her disappointment as the man worked his cock by hand for the last few strokes when a jet of cum shot out hitting Julie in the face. The man continued to jerk his cock and his streams of cum splattered Julie’s eyes and cheeks with only a little going into her mouth. The woman who Julie had just given an orgasm to, bent and began to lick Julie’s face but instead of swallowing the cum she rolled it round her tongue and then stuck it into Julie’s mouth so they could share the taste.

The action went on for hours, until just as dawn was breaking, Julie staggered to her feet after untangling herself from the mass of bodies strewn around and over the bed. As she slipped on her dress she heard a voice from the bed, and looking round saw Bob who winked at her as he said “Welcome to America Baby, have a nice day”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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