The Kiss


You are both naked on the bed, and you know the only thing she wants more than to suck one of your nipples between her lips, to taste your honey, is to feel your tongue on her clitoris. You gently massage her feet as you watch her manipulate her pussy, running her fingers between her moist lips, pulling them slightly apart then teasing her button with the tip of her finger.

Her hand then covers her pussy, her palm over her mound and she slowly dips a finger into her wet hole, you watch as it disappears into heaven. You know you want to taste her, both of your scents fill the air, mixing together, its driving you mad, you want her so badly.

You begin kissing the top of her foot then moving up her shin your lips lightly kissing her dark skin. Up to her knee… you raise her leg exposing the back of her thigh. Adjusting yourself on the bed you lick the soft skin just behind her knee. With her leg raised so; her pussy is right there before you.

You want to touch her, taste her… kissing down now along the inside of her leg you’re moving closer and closer to that sweet wet pussy. A sparkle flashes as light catches a drop of her honey as it slips from her slit; your making her so very wet, she knows rokettube porno you want to lick her pussy, and she wants it even more.

You let her leg drop softly to the side. She is now spread wide in front of you, her pussy exposed fully and begging for attention. She’s still stroking her pussy and her other hand is busy on her breasts, pulling lightly at her own nipples. She is smiling softly, she knows how good you are, and she knows your going to bring her to orgasm.

Your palms resting on the softness of her inner thighs you suck her finger into your mouth. The finger that just seconds before emerged from her wet hole. The taste is intoxicating, you suck harder on her finger, and your tongue swirls around it as if it were a cock; you suck it deeper into your mouth.

Reluctantly you let it slip from your lips and she immediately returns it to her clit. Her wetness is dripping from her hot pussy, you bend your head down closer to her puffy lips, extend your tongue and there, just with the tip of your tongue, you touch the drop of honey that is escaping her sex.

The taste, oh, the feel of her soft skin just below her pussy causes a flush to come over rus porno your body, you feel the heat rise up inside you. You realize that you yourself are very very wet. You reach down to your pussy, feeling the thin hair, then your finger slips between your lips with an ease that surprises you.

Your pussy is so very wet its almost running down your leg, your fingers are drenched in your own juices. Bringing your fingers up to touch your breasts, you lightly pinch a nipple; it slips from between your wet fingers. You now want her to lick your juices from your breast, to suck your nipple between those sweet lips of hers.

But first you’re going to taste her fully. You want to feel her orgasm against your tongue. She’s breathing deeper now, your tongue gently touches the point just below her pussy, mmmmm, and her aroma is surrounding you as you drag your tongue slowly up her slit, parting her inner lips slightly as you glide toward her clit.

Enveloping her wonderful clit with your lips you flick the tip slightly with the end of your tongue. Your free hand is softly petting her pussy lips, teasing her hole., You want to feel her pussy around your tongue, it slips down to her hole, russian porno then pushes in slightly. Mmmmm, you’re fucking her now with your tongue, your nose right there at her clit. Your own fingers are now rubbing back and forth over your own, the heat is building…

You direct your attentions back to her clit sucking it between your lips, letting it slip out then sucking it back in. She’s squeezing her breasts together, breathing much faster now, you know she’s close; you keep sucking and sucking on her sweet clit, your fingers working frantically on yours. You’re so close to your own orgasm your face is pushing into her pussy even as you suck on her clit.

Your breathing is labored, you’re going to come, she senses you are about to orgasm and that triggers her own. Reaching down, she grabs your hair and pulls you into her sex. She convulses as wave after wave of beautiful orgasm rocks her body. This is the catalyst for your own sweet release, a few more strokes and your body shudders, the intensity slams you to the bed, your face still buried in her sweet wet pussy…she involuntarily shudders with the aftershocks when your tongue drifts once again over her sensitive little button.

Kissing your way up her belly, you kiss each nipple before lying down on top of her. Your pussies together, you feel each other’s heat, your breasts pressed together, your lips touch. She tastes herself on your lips; she sucks your tongue into her mouth, mmmmm… so very sweet… this kiss.

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