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My name is Lauren, I am a 34-year old art teacher with a true passion for the modern arts. Although I can — to some degree — appreciate all 19th and 20th century artists, I am an especially big fan of the impressionism and post-impressionism movements. Monet, Renoir, Rousseau, Gauguin, van Gogh…

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I have a golden access pass to the Center of Modern and Contemporary Arts, one of the biggest art museums in the country. I try to visit at least twice a week and can spend anywhere from ten minutes to several hours at a time, depending on how busy my schedule is. Sauntering through the vast museum and looking at all that wonderful art, calms, humbles and inspires me, all at the same time.

My current boyfriend Dwayne thinks art is just for the elite and cannot be interesting because it has no practical use. I therefore usually visit the museum — which is ten minutes away from the university where I teach and fifteen minutes away from my apartment — alone.

As a loyal visitor for more than a decade, I’ve seen the museum go through quite some changes; one of the most noticeable one being the security. Where there used to be more than ten security guards roaming the museum, there is now only one left.

My story begins as Gaston, the 62-year old security guard introduced me to his replacement, the 23-year old Eddy. It was a Tuesday evening, around 5.30pm. I had popped in for a quick visit after work and had strolled through a few of my favorite galleries, when I came across Gaston and Eddy.

“Here she is,” Gaston said, “Our most loyal and frequent visitor.”

“Hi Gaston,” I smiled.

“Hi sweetie, this here is Eddy, he’ll be taking over from me starting next week,” he said.

“Eddy, this is Lauren, one of the few visitors who still likes art because it’s art, and not because it’s sophisticated or fashionable… I usually let her stay as long as she wants, normal opening hours don’t apply to her!”

“Nice to meet you Eddy,” I smiled.

“Wow, you’re more beautiful than all of the stuff in here put together,” Eddy blurted out. Gaston slapped him on the back of the head, indicating he had overstepped a professional boundary.

“Why, thank you Eddy, that’s so nice of you to say,” I whispered, staring at the floor, embarrassed.

“I am sorry Lauren, he doesn’t know his place yet,” Gaston said apologetic.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s always nice to get a compliment,” I replied.

“So, are you having a retirement party?” I asked Gaston, quickly changing the subject.

“No,” Gaston smiled, “Retirement parties are for old people. Thursday is my last day. Saturday, my wife and I are leaving on a cruise for two months!”

“Wow, that’s something to look forward to,” I replied, as I caught Eddy staring at my legs.

“Yeah, no boredom and self-pity for me,” Gaston smiled.

I noticed Eddy thoroughly looking me up and down, studying every curve and contour of my body. ‘Men will be men’, I thought as I continued chatting with Gaston for a few minutes. All the while, Eddy kept undressing me with his eyes, although he pretended to be interested in our conversation. After I gave Gaston a big hug and a peck on the cheek, and thanked him for all the extra time he’d given me in the museum, we parted ways. As I looked back, I noticed Eddy gawking at my ass as he and Gaston moved away. Amused by his blatant and obvious interest, I smiled for a moment, but quickly turned my attention back to the artworks I was there to admire. I left about twenty minutes later, without seeing either of them again.

The following week, on Tuesday, I came in around 5.20pm. I was dressed in a red, short dress, stockings, high heels and a black, leather coat. Being a natural blonde, with a big rack, I was used to some male attention, and especially in this outfit, in which I looked pretty damn fine — even if I do say so myself. After wandering through the main hall, I moved into one of the other halls, where I ran into Eddy, who hadn’t noticed me, until we nearly bumped into one another.

“Oops sorry,” I smiled, “Hi Eddy.”

“Holy shit,” Eddy said as he gawked at me. He didn’t know what to say for several seconds, which I thought was cute and kind of flattering. Although I was only 34, it had been a while since anyone had looked at me that way.

A little embarrassed, I smiled and asked, trying to avoid an awkward silence, “So, how are you adjusting?”

“Oh fine, yeah… I am good,” he said, his eyes still wandering over my chest and my hips.

And here it was, the awkward silence I had tried to avoid. After about four or five seconds, I said, “So, I’d better let you get back to work.”

“Yeah, I have to… you know,” he said, pretending he had somewhere pressing to be.

We each headed off in a different direction, and aside from a smile on my face for about twenty more seconds, I forgot about the incident pretty quickly. Around 6pm, I was walking towards the exit, when I passed by Eddy again.

“See güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you next time,” I smiled.

“Wait,” he whispered, “You don’t have to go.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Gaston told me you like to stay after hours, and he asked me to take care of you, so…”

“Oh, but I wouldn’t want you to get you into any sort of trouble,” I whispered, as a couple of visitors passed me by on their way out.

“Don’t be silly,” Eddy said, “Nobody cares about this stupid place anyw…”

The look on his face changed, from thinking he was making a joke to realizing he was probably saying something stupid.

“Oh shit,” he said, disgusted with himself.

“It’s okay,” I said as I wanted to assure him I wasn’t taking offense, but he took it harder than I thought.

“Look, I’ve gotta go close up, so stay if you want… if not, I’ll see you around,” he said as he moved off and hit himself on the forehead several times, cursing. I left to go into one of the smaller areas, where I lingered until the museum was closed. Then, I started walking around, visiting some of my favorite places.

I took an apple out of my purse and started eating it, as I sat down on one of the benches in the Monet-hall. About ten minutes later, after I had finished my apple, Eddy walked by, saw me sitting there, admiring the paintings around me and marched up to me, stopping about two meters out.

“Look, I am sorry about before…” he started.

“Don’t worry, we can’t all like the same things,” I said.

“Still, I shouldn’t have been so crude; it’s just that I get real nervous around gorgeous women, and…” I smiled and looked at the floor, turning beet red.

“… and I just did it again,” he sighed, as he sat down on the bench, frustrated, leaving quite some space between us. Feeling sorry for his constant embarrassment, I scooted closer and said, “You should never feel sorry for paying a woman a compliment.”

He smiled and said, “Look, as you’ve probably figured out by now, I am not into art, for me this is just a job. I don’t mind letting you stay after hours, like Gaston did, but I am not going to sit in the office all by myself. I’d rather look at a fine woman like yourself.”

I smiled and said, “Uh okay, Eddy…”

As I looked up at one of the paintings again, Eddy put his hand on my nylon-cladded knee.

“I feel that at this point I should probably tell you I have a boyfriend,” I stammered quite nervously.

“I don’t care. I only care about here and now. If you tell me to take my hand away and leave you alone, I will, and I won’t bother you again,” he said, “Not today or any other day for that matter.”

I don’t know what it was, but I knew he meant what he said.

I could have stopped him right then and there, but then there wouldn’t be much of a story, now would there. I decided to ignore him for now, I mean, what possible harm could befall me, right?

“So you’ll tell me if I am out of line?” he asked again, as he slid his hand up about an inch.

“I will,” I nodded as I smiled at him and immediately turned my gaze back at the painting. After about ten seconds, he moved his hand up again, reaching the hem of my skirt. There he waited for about a minute, gently caressing my leg, probably working up the courage to continue. In the meantime, I was struggling with feelings of lust, excitement and anticipation. Feelings I hadn’t had — no offense to my boyfriend — in a long time. Eddy seemed like a really nice guy and was quite attractive, although a bit rough around the edges, and a bit chubby..

Then he moved his hand up some more, actually pushing my skirt up a little bit. Then a little more. My god, I was horny, I thought to myself as I put my hands on the bench on either side of me, as if I needed to keep myself from toppling over. After a few more hand movements on Eddy’s part, my skirt had been pushed back as far as it was going to go — at least without my assistance. With my skirt now crumpled up together, inches from my crotch, Eddy put his hand between my thighs, trying to find his way up, all the way to the main prize.

Although he wasn’t actually touching my pussy yet, he wasn’t far off and I am sure that he would have gotten there in the next couple of seconds if I hadn’t stopped him.

I jumped up and said, “Ok, I think I’ll call it a night, thank you for keeping me company.”

He pulled his hand towards him quickly and got up as well, saying, “No problem, I uh… I’ll walk you out.”

Neither of us said another word as he escorted me to the side entrance, nor as he was looking for the right key on his key chain. It wasn’t until after he’d opened the door and I had stepped out that he asked, “See you next time?”

“Sure,” I replied, glancing back at him for a moment, a faint smile on my face. God, I couldn’t believe how horny I was. In the car, I composed myself and tried to figure out what to do. Well, nothing had happened, I rationalized… although I didn’t really believe that myself. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri The truth of the matter was that I couldn’t really blame Eddy, he was single and clearly wanted to get in my pants. I should have stopped him and told him off firmly. But I hadn’t…

Two days later, on Thursday, my boyfriend sent me a text around noon, saying that he was going out with his friends that evening and that I shouldn’t wait up. After contemplating the possibility of going to the movies by myself or spending it in front of the TV, I decided to swing by the museum after work. As I thought back to what had happened two days before, I started getting aroused again. By the time my last class ended, I was so horny and wet that I doubted whether it was still a good idea to go. Maybe I should go home and masturbate instead. No, I decided. I had sufficient self-control not to cheat on my boyfriend, I figured. Besides, it was only 5pm. There would still be other visitors, I was safe, I convinced myself.

About twelve minutes later, I was strolling through the museum, admiring some of my favorite pieces, when Eddy noticed me from across the hall and made his way over to me.

“I was planning on getting a pizza after work, if you’d like we could share one,” he blurted out.

Although it was only one sentence, it sounded well-rehearsed, indicating that he had given the idea serious thoughts and was clearly interested in me — or at least in getting in my pants. Whichever was the case, I felt flattered!

“Well, that’s actually flawless timing, I am all alone tonight,” I replied.

“Great,” he smiled enthusiastically, “What do you like?”

“Uh pepperoni, anchovies, mushrooms… the basics I guess.”

“Consider it done,” he smiled, “I’ll come and find you.”

“Okay,” I smiled as I watched him prance off, clearly happy. It’s just pizza, I told myself, nothing needs to happen…

I made sure I was in a remote part of the museum when it closed, so that no other visitors would see me stay behind. About fifteen minutes after closing time, Eddy came and found me, holding a steaming hot pizza. He walked over to the nearest bench, put down the pizza box and took off his vest and hat as he sat down next to the box. I walked over, took off my black leather jacket as I sat down on the other side of the pizza — which looked and smelled delicious.

“Dig in,” Eddy said, inviting me to take a piece.

As soon as I did and took a small bite, he suddenly leaned in and reached out to cup my right tit, quite unexpectedly, and tenderly squeezed it. I looked at him, and smiled nervously. What could I say with a mouth full of pizza? When he did the same to my other tit, I gently and slowly turned my body to discourage him. He got the message and sat back as he took a slice of pizza himself. I decided to ignore his indiscretion and glanced at the pieces of art around me, as we continued eating. I ate three slices, Eddy five.

“So, what do I owe you?” I asked, as I used one of the included napkins to wipe my mouth.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s on me.”

“No Eddy, I couldn’t,” I replied, not wanting to give him the impression this was a date.

“It’s just pizza, no big deal,” he said.

“No no, I insist,” I said as I grabbed my purse and reached inside.

“Okay fine,” Eddy whispered, not about to start a fight over this, “The pizza was $19.95.”

“Can I at least buy you a coke?” he continued, getting up, heading for the vending machine.

“Uh sure,” I said, feeling around in my purse for my wallet. After several more seconds it dawned on me. Shit, I pitched in for a colleague’s birthday at school and must have forgotten to put my wallet back in my purse. Damn, after insisting on paying my way, I was going to look pretty silly.

When Eddy returned with two cans of coke and handed one to me, I asked, “Is it okay if I pay you next time, I forgot my wallet at work.”

“Sure, no problem,” he said, as he opened his coke and took a sip.

As I opened my can, he whispered, “Or… you could let me cup another feel and we’ll call it even!”

I looked up at him, but didn’t reply. For a moment he was surprised that I hadn’t immediately turned down his lewd proposal, but he quickly recovered and decided to take advantage of my inaction.

“Do we have a deal?” he asked with a wicked smile.

I was a little uncomfortable, and also a little aroused, but still I didn’t reply. After waiting another few seconds, he extended his right hand towards my rack and asked for permission a third time, “Okay?” Although my brain was still pondering the issue, I gently gave him an ever so slight head nod.

Eddy cupped my right boob and gently squeezed it, looking me straight in the eye. He then put his coke down on the bench and grabbed one of my hands with his free hand. After putting my hand into his, he pulled me up gently and walked around me. When he was behind me, I could feel both hands on my ass, caressing my hips and moving gently güvenilir bahis şirketleri to the front. I took a sip from my coke, pretending I wasn’t affected, while in fact I was hornier than I had been in a very, very long time.

After caressing me all over for a few seconds, I could feel him grab the hem of my skirt and pull it up, raising it to above my waist.

“There aren’t any camera’s here, are there?” I asked, acting aloof.

“No, don’t worry,” he smiled as his hands moved down in between my thighs, actually touching my pussy through the panties. My body coiled up against him, my ass pressing up against his hard crotch. As if I wasn’t horny enough, Eddy managed to find my clit at that particular moment and stimulate the shit out of it for about two seconds, before I shrieked and jumped away from him.

I pulled my skirt back into place again, put down my coke on the bench and said, “Uh, I think I’d better call it a night.”

“Ok,” he said, “No problem.”

He escorted me to the side entrance, where we said our goodbyes.

“Close one,” I thought to myself as I was walking to my car, trying to convince myself I hadn’t crossed any lines.

The following Tuesday, I went to the museum with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was really looking forward to seeing Eddy again, but on the other hand, I was afraid of what might happen, or what I would allow to happen. I had moved my schedule around a bit, so that I was able to get there earlier, and I was planning to leave before closing time. Avoiding temptation and all that, you know.

Eddy noticed me as soon as I entered the main hall. We greeted each other from afar and he lingered around me until we found ourselves alone in one of the side exhibitions. I hadn’t deliberately steered us in any particular direction, but with the moderate attendance at that time of day, we were bound to be alone at some point. Eddy didn’t actually walk into the room with me, but instead positioned himself at the only way in and out of the hall.

After looking at some paintings in that hall, I glanced over at Eddy out of curiosity and was stumped to see him standing there with his big cock in his right hand. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy; he was softly jacking himself off right there, without a care in the world! While I kept moving around, walking from painting to painting, I caught myself gawking more at his cock than I actually looked at any of the art.

How the hell was I going to handle this? Should I wait for him to finish? Should I ask him to stop? Should I wait for someone to come along which would force him to stop? As all those questions were running through my mind, I couldn’t help but get horny all over again. We had flirted a little bit over the past visits, but this… this was something else altogether.

As I am not big on confrontation, I decided to ignore him — foolishly believing that this would resolve itself — and so, about three minutes later, after passing by every painting in the room, I suddenly found myself at the only exit without an escape plan.

Eddy, realizing I was on my way out of the room, quickly pointed his rock hard cock at me and began stroking faster. Not wanting to get any closer than I already was, I just stood there and looked at him, masturbating.

“Having fun?” I asked nervously, not knowing what else to say or do.

“Fuck yeah,” he replied, as he reached out with his non-wanking hand and grabbed my left tit through my dress. As he was clearly agitated and very horny, I excused his rough approach and just let him squeeze and wobble my tit up and down a few times.

Before I could figure out how to get his hand off my tit, Eddy turned in place, aiming his cock towards the center of the room and moaned, “Oh fuck… oh fuck.”

I glanced down at his cock as it began shooting sperm like a firehose; I mean, the sheer amount alone was impressive! It took him nearly fifteen seconds to empty his balls. And then there was the devastation, my god! Because the room had blue carpet, his thick, fat cum ropes were deliciously visible!

When he was done, he let go of my tit, stuffed his dick back in his pants and smiled at me, whispering, “Thank you.”

His gratitude was as inappropriate as his wanking had been, so I decided to ignore it. Instead I asked, “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”

“No,” he replied as he zipped up his pants and moved into the hallway, slowly moving away from me. Not exactly the answer I was expecting, but I didn’t think it was any of my business, so I let it go and moved into the next hall. Truth be told, I had trouble focusing on the actual art pieces instead of revisiting the image of Eddy’s fat cock spewing juicy cum onto the floor. And so, after senselessly wandering the museum for another couple of minutes, I decided to cut my visit short and go home. I made sure to pass by the gallery with the blue carpet so that I could admire the mess he’d made one more time before actually leaving.

I must say that I was a lot more at ease afterwards than the previous times. I realized that this spelled trouble as it meant I was getting used to Eddy taking liberties with me he wasn’t supposed to, and which I wasn’t supposed to allow. Somehow I didn’t mind. I actually began looking forward to my next visit, even more than I usually did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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