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I feel his cock bend and then suddenly it’s deep inside me. My greedy lips stretch wide around his shaft, attempting to cope with the intrusion. The sensation is intense. I can feel him straining inside of me. His cock is pulsating between the walls of my vagina, which is growing wetter by the second. Slowly, torturously, I pull my pussy away. His length slides slowly out of me until just the bulging head is left nestled between my lips. I thrust back, inviting him, teasingly begging for more.

The second time he enters me is softer and slower as I try to savor each moment. The touch of his naked wet skin gliding over my clitoris is addicting, all across my body I’m feeling warmth and pleasure. Never has my pussy felt so good. Keeping my ass pressed hard against the wall, I allow him to begin entering me at will. My hips move slowly, rhythmically in a figure eight against the wall. I can feel his cock bending and stretching my pussy from every angle.

When I open my eyes, a sudden sense of vertigo washes over me. I would have collapsed save for my hand planted firmly against the wall. My other hand, free from holding him, is now pinching and tugging at my nipples. My breasts hang low inside my dress; the scratchy wool is a delightful mild roughness against my skin. Cupped in my hand, I work on each tit until the slightest touch on them is enough to make me gasp.

My hips shudder as he slams his cock back into its wet hole. I let out a long moan as he retreats. I ready myself for another strike. There is a small puddle of cum collecting on the floor, each thrust freeing another group of droplets. I watch it grow while my lips, swollen by the pleasure, futilely seek to close after each time he exits me.

My mind has nearly shut off at this point. All I can do is focus on the sensations running through my body. In my mouth is the lingering flavor of his sperm. The precum had been just a teasing appetizer for what was to come. I couldn’t wait to taste his thick warm load as it shot into my mouth. The thought that Daniel and Christopher’s cum taste identical seems so intriguing to me. Somewhere in my haze, I’m dimly aware that I’m almost terribly loud. There are alarms ringing in my head. I pay them no heed; all I can hear is the frenzied grunting by the man fucking me through the wall and my own yearning responses.

My hand is no longer at my breasts. It’s almost pointless to touch them now because of how aroused they are. My finger is rolling and pinching my clit. I’m watching, mesmerized by the sight of his penis buried deep in my pussy and of pink tipped fingers holding my glistening lips wide open for him. There is a slow but noticeable increase in his pace; it is as though he is warming up for what he’ll soon do to me.

I know that soon he’ll be fucking me as hard and as swiftly as he can. My pussy is screaming for release, for further abuse. My bush and inner thighs have become slick from my secretions. And, my body is casino şirketleri telling me that at any time I will begin to orgasm. My pussy will be frantically struggling to clamp onto his cock to insure that he is deep within me when he ejaculates.

I try to push myself away from the wall; my glasses have almost fallen off from the constant rocking. My hand moves away from the wall; I start to wobble for a second before I can stand without being shaken by his intensity. My fingers hastily slide my glasses back up. I catch the faint odor of my pussy on my hand and then suddenly with out warning, the twin’s penis buries itself. My pussy almost takes the seven inches of his cock. I can feel his tip expanding now and then. Suddenly, there is a warmth erupting inside of me.

I’m panicking from both obscene satisfaction and fear. This is the first time that I’ve allowed a man to cum inside me. I’ve had condomless sex, but it would always end with his ejaculating onto my stomach or my breasts, or somewhere else. Never before had I felt the sensation of cum flooding into my vagina, escaping from the tip of a frenzied cock.

My cunt is crying out for more. Achingly, I oblige it as I slam my hips backwards and forwards. Trying desperately to rub his cock more and more against my exposed clit. I can hear how wet I am, my pussy makes a terrific sound every time he moves in and out of me. Both my hands are now supporting me as I brace myself between the walls. With closed eyes, I begin to feel the last spasming spurts of his cock as it empties into my pussy.

The wonderful knowledge of having allowed myself to be truly fucked for the first time pushes me over the edge. My hypersensitive clit is forcing my cunt to grab wildly at his cock. I can feel a sudden tightening in my stomach. Just as my mouth opens into a near soundless moan, my vagina begins to climax. It was amazing, suddenly, as though my pussy just decided to release every ounce of pleasure it had been saving since I was first filmed masturbating, since I was almost caught on the roof, since I gave up my panties. I was so horny for this moment.

Even though his cock had plugged my pussy, I was still leaking profusely. Each orgasmic contraction was maddening, it lasted only a matter of seconds, but as I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw my wet bush and vaginal lips dripping with my juices.

The cock that was inside me was slowly sliding out. I could hear deep labored breathing coming from behind me. I watched with rapt attention as I tried to memorize exactly how my pussy looked as his cock pulled out, allowing my gaping cunt to finally release its contents. On unsteady feet, I stand up enough to slide myself over to toilet seat to sit down. In front of me is the waning but cum coated cock of the twin. My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Once he had pulled out, it took very little time for our combined juices to begin escaping from my open vagina. Sitting there casino firmaları a thick, glistening creampie began to drip out of my cunt. Still so in shock from its recent fucking, my pussy didn’t register the feeling of the cum leaking from me. Breathing in deeply, it feels almost like I’m having a heart attack. My heart is beating wildly inside my heaving chest.

I can feel my dress scratching at my nipples. I relish the almost painful abrasive teasing. Shaking, I try to center my thoughts. In front of me, poking through the hole in the wall, is the almost limp cock of whichever twin just exploded inside my pussy. The entire length of his cock is wet along with part of the wall. My eyebrows arch as I watch it jiggle slightly, inviting me over. Suddenly, all my anxiety is gone as I let out a half sigh of exhaustion and half of a laugh.

Standing up, my dress fall downs covering my protruding lips and the strings of cum connecting my thighs and labia. Gently lowering myself into a crouch. I push my face slowly towards his waiting cock. My lips kiss the very tip of his delicious cock.

A shiver runs down my spine from his voice breaking the silence, “I’m going to leave soon, but I can’t let this stay this way.” Guessing at his meaning, I open my mouth at his words, my lips about to encircle his cock. But then he continues, “I want you to clean it off on your face.” I hear him step forward in eager anticipation.

Nervous again, I try to tell myself to stop. It’s gone far enough. My aching pussy, my swaying breasts, and my thirst for more of his delicious cum tell me to give in. To do what he says if only it will secure me another round of pleasure, I’m like a junkie suddenly aware of my addiction but with no desire to reform. Smiling from ear to ear, I press my check against his slowly stiffening cock. I feel the cool touch of cum but for a moment, and then the warmth emanating from his cock. My face begins to slowly turn, his penis tracing a smeared and gooey arc across my face. For a few seconds, I have fun with it, lightly slapping his wet length against my lips and then nuzzling it.

I make sure each side of my face has a light coating of cum before I move my lips back to his cock. Slowly and leisurely, I clean his shaft and tip with long licks. Finally, he pulls himself away. I watch as his cock exits the hole and then disappears back into his pants. I can see him zip his pants, and then a moment later I hear his stall door swinging open and the nonchalant tapping of his shoes exiting the room.

The suddenness of his disappearance is nerve rattling and once more, I’m overly aware of my condition. My body is cooling slowly under my dress and my skin has a light sheen of sweat to it. Standing up, I feel how tired my legs are from crouching and for the first time, I feel how wet my pussy is. Between my legs, my bush is soaked and my thighs slip against each other as I stand, adjusting my dress and my hair. Once again, güvenilir casino I straighten my glasses, this time tucking my hair back behind my ears.

I remain motionless for almost a minute as I allow myself appreciate the gravity of what just transpired. My right hand mindlessly travels down to my recovering pussy. I dip my finger inside; the slight intrusion feels nothing like the hammering I’ve just received. My swirling finger slowly comes to a stop before I sliding out. Almost shyly, I put it in my mouth. The taste is captivating. Inside the familiar flavor of my own vaginal juices are the strange flavors of the twin’s semen. I love it. I promise myself right there, that I’ll definitely be getting more no matter what.

The taste of our cum is inspiring. I tug my dress up an extra inch before licking my finger again and feeling decidedly sexy. I can taste only a memory of it but its still delicious. Nearly forgetting, I grab my phone and then unlock the door. My sudden confidence is almost shattered now that I realize I have to leave the washroom. In a moment, I’ll be back at my desk with drying cum on my cheeks and lips. Taking in a deep breath, I try to ignore the heavy scent of sex on the air as I push open the door.

As I’m walking out, I look over towards the mirror. Looking back is a slightly more flushed and nervous looking me with a long slightly glistening gleam across a cheek. Shivering almost, I run my hands down my side as I pull the door open and exit into the hallway. Looking straight towards me is my friend Melissa. I jump. I’m terribly startled by her sudden appearance. I nearly fall over dead from the shock. Nervously and rather unconvincingly, I try to fake a smile. “The other one is being fixed, I think,” I say to Melissa. I point towards the women’s and try to act normally, as though my pussy wasn’t freshly fucked, and I was wearing panties, and I didn’t have cum on my cheeks.

“Thanks Janice,” Melissa says as she walks past me. I can’t see her expression, but if I could I would have been shocked at the nearly uncontained smile playing across her mouth. Pausing in the doorway, she turns around and says, “I forgot to mention, I got everyone invited for Friday. So make sure you bring something snappy.” With a friendly smile Melissa goes inside, the last thing I see is a skirted and ample ass perched high on heeled legs.

Feeling as though I’m going to scream from anxiety and at the same time an almost cavalier nonchalance, I continue towards the office when it suddenly hits me. Almost instantly, I flatten myself against the nearest wall while mentally cursing my stupidity. I had completely forgotten to reaffix the toilet paper dispenser. If anyone where to walk into either of those stalls it would be obvious what was going on.

Banging my head against the wall, I wonder in which stall Melissa is sitting in. I know there’s only a one in three chance. I ask myself, why is it that every time I indulge my desires and do what my body wants, something awful always happens. Before I almost felt like I could control the situation. Only one, possibly two people knew about what I was doing. Now another person had possibly been added to the equation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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