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“The perfect orgasm” I said.

I thought my sister Kelly was going to spit her drink out on the booth table. She sat and stared at me for a moment.

“You’re serious” she seemed awed.

“Very serious” I took a sip of my drink.

I had given the answer in response to Kelly’s question of what I wanted for my forty-fifth birthday.

I’m sorry; I should have filled in the background for you. My name is Miranda Cart; I live in Miami and I sell real estate. Things really aren’t that bad in life right now, they just are…I don’t know…normal.

It was a struggle in the beginning. I was pregnant at eighteen, a mom at nineteen, and married at twenty. Yeah; that’s the right order. Probably because of that order; you can add divorced at twenty-two.

My daughter Ashley was born form that marriage. She now lives in Jacksonville with her husband. I hope to be a doting grandmother someday.

Selling real estate in Miami I had two advantages. One was a pair of 36C’s on a five foot five slender frame; my weight is my own business. The other was a set of legs Marilyn Monroe would die for.

I admit I struggled as a junior member of the firm the first few years; then I finally sold the big one. I know 250k in Miami isn’t much; but when someone hands you a commission check for over ten thousand, and you’ve been surviving on fifteen to twenty a year; it meant a LOT.

I took that check and slapped it in my bank, and then promptly went out and got drunk. Give me a break, I was twenty-six and giddy with success. I was also pregnant the next month; which explains the nineteen year old living in my house.

Eric is not a bad kid; he finished high school with decent grades, and decided to take a year off to figure where his life is going. I can’t blame him there. I know he’ll be heading off to college soon; and I have to admit it gives me a bit of the empty nest syndrome.

And that brings me back to where we were. Sitting in a bar on a Friday night; a week before my birthday, with my sister; explain that one. She had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I told her.

I looked over my glass at her, she watched me closely. I could see the questions rolling around inside her head.

“Mind explaining that” Kelly asked.

I sighed, how to put this into words. Life really wasn’t bad…there was just something…missing.

“I like sex, I really do” I started with the obvious. “But just once, it would be nice to not have to give directions; to not have to tell him where to touch or what to do.” I sighed.

“Honey, good luck” Kelly snorted. “I’ve been married five years and Ben still needs a bit of help.” She looked up. “But the sex is still good, so it’s OK.”

“I don’t want just good” I whispered. “I want perfect.”

“OK” Kelly took a big swallow. “Describe this perfect O sis”, she stared at me.

I took a deep breath, trying to find both the courage, and the words.

“I don’t want it to be wham bam” I said. “I want it to build…and build…and build…” I stared off. “I want it to hang there, right out of reach; until I beg for it.” I shivered.

“Jesus Christ” Kelly whispered at me. “You’ve got it bad sis.” She told me.

“Yeah, I know” I couldn’t help but sigh.

“The problem is; there isn’t a man alive who knows my mind and my body that well.” I stood and gathered my purse.

Kelly just sat for a moment staring at her purse.

“What?” I looked at her.

“Uh, nothing” she shook her head. “Just thinking” she added.

We gathered our things and headed for the parking lot. Another Friday night alone, I decided. Maybe if Eric is on his play station I might get a little ‘me’ time in. When we reached our cars, I turned to Kelly.

“Well, it’s a nice dream” I laughed.

“You never know” Kelly had a strange look on her face. “He might be out there…somewhere.”

Before I could ask, she slid into her car; so we just called it a night.

As I expected, when I got home, I could hear Eric’s game going to town through his half open door. We always made a point of telling the other goodnight when we returned, so neither would worry.

“I’m back” I called into his room from the door.

Eric swiveled in his chair and waved at me, then swiveled back. It was only for a second; but a VERY long second as I watched his bare broad chest come into view and then disappear. I felt a flip in the pit of my stomach.

You need to get laid old lady, I told myself; heading off to my room.

The next day Eric was out of the house by noon, so I figured time for home chores. I threw on a pair of sweats and attacked the laundry first.

Less than two miles from home, Eric Cart slid onto the bench of a picnic table in the school park. He watched some of the women playing with their children. While most guys his age were after the cheerleaders, Eric freely admitted there was nothing better to him than the mature form.

The problem was, even then he was critical. One woman had a nice set of breasts, but Eric frowned at the large ass that hung out behind. Another kartal escort bayan had a great set of legs, until you got above the knees and they just seemed to balloon out to him.

“Hey” a woman’s voice brought his attention back.

“Hey yourself” he watched her slide onto the bench across from him.

“Thanks for coming” the woman told Eric.

“Not a problem; so what’s all the secrecy?” he asked.

“This conversation never occurred” Eric was caught by surprise. “If you say anything about it, I will cut off your nuts and feed them to you.”

“Jesus Aunt Kelly” Eric exploded.

“This is going to be the strangest conversation you’ve ever had” Kelly leaned forward and looked at her nephew. “And I want straight and honest answers.” She told him.

“Oooo Kkkk” Eric was now totally confused. Then, he got blown out of the water by his Aunt.

“I take it you’re not a virgin.” Kelly said calmly.

“Holy Shit” Eric exclaimed.

“Just answer the damn question.” Kelly stared at him.

“No, I’m not…why?” he stared back.

“When is the last time you got laid?” Kelly shot back.

Eric wanted to get up and leave, his Aunt Kelly had been right; this was by far the most bizarre conversation he had ever had. Yet, she had asked him here, and wanted straight answers.

“A couple of weeks ago” Eric sighed.

“And is that acceptable?” the next question came.

“”Oh hell no” Eric nearly exploded.

Kelly sat and stared at her nephew. Now came the hard part, she hoped he could handle this. His reactions now meant where she would go from here on.

“Describe your mother’s breasts” she said softly to her nephew.

Eric shifted uncomfortably in his seat staring at his hands on the table. He wasn’t sure how honest he should be.

“Uhhh…I’ve never…” he started with.

“Bullshit” his Aunt Kelly cut him off.

“Every teenage boy out there has the hots for his mom at some time.” She looked sourly at Eric. “Let’s be real, your mom is fucking hot. You tell me you haven’t ever peeked at her and I’ll call you a liar.” She demanded.

Eric sighed, OK he was in this. He closed his eyes and conjured up an image; in fact it was barely over a week old. He had snuck in on his mother taking a shower and she had been standing at the bathroom sink brushing her hair. At one point, as her arms shifted, that fluffy white towel dropped to the bathroom floor. Eric remembered he had damn near cum in his jeans on the spot.

“Their full” he said softly. “Not too big, just full. They have a soft curve to them, so you know if she laid on her stomach they would push out at the sides.” He shuddered.

Kelly sat and stared, watching Eric; damn, this just might work she thought.

“Her nipples are like small pencil erasers” Eric softly continued. “Surrounded by dark areoles and when the cool air hits them they dimple.” Kelly saw him shudder again.

“Stand up” his Aunt Kelly interrupted him.

“Uhhhh” Eric flushed red. “I…uhhh…I mean…” He stammered.

“You have a hard on, I get it” Kelly said. “Now stand up.” She watched him.

Slowly, Eric rose from the bench, and when his waist cleared the table edge, his Aunt Kelly gave a low whistle.

“Oh yeah, that will work just fine” she whispered.

It was during the Tuesday sales meeting at the agency that Miranda heard the soft ping of her cellphone. Glancing at it she saw a text from Kelly.

“Five thirty…Brit’s Spa…my treat…Happy Bday” what the hell, I thought.

I tossed the phone to the side, there wasn’t much I could do right now. I would just call Kelly later and cancel. God I hated when she did this to me. The hell of it was, later became almost four thirty. By now it’s too late to cancel and not lose her money. With a sigh I headed over to this Brit’s Spa.

If the girl at the reception got any more chipper I was going to scream. And when they only handed me a large fluffy robe in the change room I was a bit worried. Thank God it was a young woman in the massage room.

I stretched out on the table and she placed a small towel over the rise of my ass. I have to admit, over the next fifteen minutes it felt pretty damn good. This girl knew what she was doing. By the time she laid out a line of warm rocks along my spine, I was drifting in and out of a relaxed sleep.

I murmured some kind of agreement about leaving them for a bit, and just relaxed as the heat seeped into me. It seemed like only a few moments later and I could feel the stones being lifted. The next thing I felt were broad strong hands kneading the muscles in my shoulders.

Broad strong hands; what the hell? I opened my mouth to say something; but the only thing I got out was a low groan as he hit the muscles in the back of my neck and down to my shoulders. Oh my God, he put the first girl to shame.

Since I was on my stomach, covered, I just went with the flow; which felt pretty damn good. He worked down my back, and I couldn’t help the small grunts and moans as he really worked my body over.

I escort maltepe felt his oil slick hands slide up my back, and those fingers spread wide. When he swept down I felt just the tips graze the sides of my breasts. My body shuddered at the contact, and by the time I registered what had happened; he did it again.

Only this time he had a slight pressure that gently kneaded the soft tissue of my breasts.

“Ohhh” God I couldn’t help it.

I wanted it a third time, but instead he shifted down and started working on my ankles and lower legs. Once again I drifted in and out as he worked. It was when I felt those fingers glide up along the inside of my thighs, and the shudder that rolled through me; that I came more awake.

God when did I spread my thighs for him? It was as if my body was responding on its own. I gave a low guttural moan as those magic fingers worked up my inner thighs. They got so close; God so very close, but didn’t touch. I wanted to scream in frustration.

Jesus Christ he had to smell my heat, I could feel my juices leaking out to soak the sheet under me. The next time his hands came up my thighs, I just slightly opened my legs; would he take the invitation.

Instead I felt those hands wrap around the bare cheek of my ass, molding the soft globe. Bare ass; when did the towel disappear? I thought about stopping this now; you would have thought my lips were sealed tight; but they weren’t.

That was clearly evident by my low moan as he switched from one cheek to the other. God, I could actually feel a gush of fluids as he manipulated my entire body. I was in a half haze when I felt the gentle tug on my shoulder; he wanted me to turn over.

This has gone far enough, I thought; this needs to stop. Then, I was lying on my back and he had draped a small warm towel over my face. I am not ashamed of my body, even at forty-five; like I said before it sells property who am I to complain. I knew I was lying there, fully exposed to this strange man; and for some reason it gave me a thrill.

The fact he had the towel over my face, hid him from me. I figured this was standard fare so the client could feel anonymous, so I didn’t object.

I almost jumped when those powerful fingers began a gentle massage along my hips, and over my belly. He worked over my skin until I trembled; and I wanted to reach down and grab his wrists and mash his hands over my tits.

Suddenly those hands disappeared from my flexing belly, and reappeared on my thighs. They were kneading and rolling my tight thighs; God he was good.

For those ladies out there, we all know that heels may look great, but they are a bitch on the legs after eight hours. Well, those eight hours were gone in moments as he relaxed my thighs completely.

I felt his hands drifting higher and higher on my thighs; God he was so close. I was dripping wet and I knew it; every time his fingers brushed along the sides of my mound my hips arched up to meet him.

Once again I wanted to scream as those hands vanished. This time they reappeared on my shoulders, kneading lower and lower. When the fingers grazed across the top of my breasts, my back arched.

“Oh God” I couldn’t stop the whisper as his fingers lightly massage the flesh of both breasts.

He lifted and then stroked both sides; first one at a time; and then together. God it was fantastic; and frustrating. His fingers drew slow circles around my aching nipples without touching; even though I thrust my breasts up at him.

“Please” I gasped quietly.

“Hmmmm” his baritone voice rumbled in my ear.

“Touch them…please” dear God I was begging; then my mind almost blanked.

“Nnnnnggggggg” I moaned as those hands wrapped around my breasts, cupping one in each hand.

I’ve had my breasts played with before; this was not playing; this was worshipping. His hands cupped and squeezed; rubbed and massaged. When his large palm slid over a nipple I almost screamed as fluids gushed out between my thighs.

I was panting and moaning as I felt one hand leave one of my breasts. I shook like a leaf as I felt it slowly slide down my belly. Oh fuck yes, I wanted to holler; but still he teased, he built.

Those fingers grazed over the rise of my mound, then pressed in; the pressure rocketing through my womb underneath. God he knew all the spots to hit; and I felt like I was melting.

I opened my mouth to tell him to go lower; but the words never came out as I felt his fingers slide between my open thighs. How the hell does he know? I wanted to scream my joy, but instead groaned as those fingers grazed over my swollen lips.

“Goddddddddd” I shuddered as he continued to tease.

I felt his other hand shift, rolling my aching nipple between his thumb and finger, sending a shock through my upper body. It was timed just as a thick finger slipped between my folds.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” God I could hear my satisfaction in my own cry.

“God yes…oh God…” I moaned as he manipulated both ends of my body.

I could hear the wet sloshing as first one, pendik escort and then two fingers slid in an out; I was a fucking swamp within twenty minutes of this mans’ hands being on me.

“Don’t stop…oh fuck…” I grunted as I felt that knot in my belly.

What did he do, he STOPPED. OH…MY…GOD.

I felt those fingers slide out, using the oil and my own juices they began to rub and tease at the hard bud of my clit. I felt the hood sliding back as my body went insane.

“Oh Christ…oh fuck…” I groaned.

By changing tactics; he didn’t bring me back down; he left me hanging right there. I could see the cliff of my orgasm, but I was still steps away. How the hell was he doing this?

“I want you…” I panted through the small towel.

“Not today” his baritone voice filled my ear.

Not today? Then what…and suddenly those two thick fingers drove back inside me.

“Fuuuckkkkkkkk” I groaned as my ass rose off the massage table.

He began to pump those fingers in and out; not fast, but slow and deep. Jesus Christ I was coming unglued by now; that slow deliberate pace had covered the feet between where I was, and where the edge of the cliff was; but I couldn’t seem to fall off.

My whole body shook and trembled, I felt my toes curling as my hands clawed at the table.

“Please.” I begged softly. “Oh God please” I didn’t even recognize the whimper in my own voice.

“Say it” his voice rolled through my body like a command.

“I need to…I need to…” I babbled

“Cum” he whispered to me.

With that one word, he opened the floodgate. I felt those fingers curl inside me; and when they did the tips scraped across that hidden spot deep along my walls. My heels dug into the table as my ass shot straight up in the air.

I didn’t fall off the orgasm cliff, I fucking took a giant leap; and I went screaming.

“AAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” God was that me screaming?

“Yes…yes…yes” I chanted as my belly exploded in white fire.

When I am extremely excited I cum very hard; but frankly it had been a lot of years since that had happened. It happened there on that massage table. My juices all but sprayed out, coating his hand and arm; the cheeks of my ass clenched and my eyes screwed shut.

“Cuummminnnngggggg” I wailed in total abandon.

Through it all those magical fingers kept moving. So many men stop when a woman starts her orgasm; for me that simply stops the sensations that created the orgasm. He seemed to know this, and as waves rolled through my body; those fingers kept moving.

“Fuck…fuck…” I moaned as a second gush of fluids poured out of me, dripping to the table.

Slowly he eased my jelly body back to the table, and I just lay there a quivering mass trying to catch my breath. It may not have quite been the perfect orgasm, but it was a damn sight closer than anything I had experienced in over a decade.

By the time I caught my breath, and my body would respond to my commands; I reached up and pulled the small towel from my face. I wanted to thank this wonderful man for the best orgasm I had experienced in a long time.

Instead, I looked around an empty massage room. God damn, he had left. On wobbly legs I headed back to the change room. I thought of asking who he was at the desk, then realized that would be a bad professional move. I needed to talk to Kelly; she had set this up, maybe she knew who he was.

The next day I got ahold of Kelly, but she claimed ignorance. I sighed and told her to bad, he was fantastic. I was depressed about not being able to see him again; but my mood improved when I booked a showing for the next evening for the house on Corral Drive.

We had been trying to sell the place for months. The listing was for almost one and a half million. Being a senior agent, that meant six percent. Do the math; that meant a healthy commission of ninety thousand; that would make a dead man smile.

It was later that I got a call from Kelly, just before I headed home. Apparently she had contacted the spa and arranged another massage for me; with Mr. Wonderful.

“Thanks sis” I all but gushed on the phone.

“No problem” Kelly said. “So I set it for six tomorrow.”

Shit, I thought; my heart sinking. I can’t, I have the showing. No offense; it’s a hard choice; the fingering of your life; or ninety thousand. I picked the money.

“I can’t” I sighed into the phone.

“You have a showing” Kelly said quietly.

“Yeah, and I can’t miss it.” I sighed.

“I’ll try and set it another day” Kelly said.

It seemed strange at the time, but I honestly didn’t make the connection. Kelly knew about the showing; but she was willing to help reschedule; and my happiness over that made all my concerns minor.

The next day; I pulled into the driveway of the house on Corral drive a bit before six. It was getting dark, so I went inside to set the house up for showing. Entering the large marble foyer I flipped on the light. My heels clicked down the hall to the kitchen, where I turned on the light and set my purse on the counter.

I spent a few minutes smoothing my skirt, and making sure the buttons were straight on my blouse. This was a couple, so I kept all of them buttoned. I admit, if it had been a male, I might have popped one or two; it never hurts the sale.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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