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You walk into the pub slowly, your nervousness making you a bit cautious. You glance around the room trying to match the picture you received, not an easy task when the head was blacked out. A dirty laugh fills the room as you spot a somewhat voluptuous woman sitting at the bar, chortling over something the man beside her must have said. Her t-shirt is stretched tight over her large breasts, her nipples making tiny bumps in the fabric. Wondering, you approach her.

“Alexis?” you ask, your head tilted to one side.

Swiveling my chair to face you I smile, “Hey, how’s it goin’.” I pull out the chair next to me and you slide in.

“Been here long?” you inquire.

“Nah, maybe 10 minutes,” I reply, pointing to my nearly full beer bottle.

“Sam Adams” you tell the bartender as he comes to take your order.

We make idle chatter, “How long have you lived in Cali” “What kind of music do you like,” the usual questions people ask of strangers as we both try to discretely check the other out. We laugh as one beer turns into two and somehow our chairs seem to move a little closer. It gets noisier in the bar and you lean over to bahis firmaları hear me, your hand resting on my thigh.

“I said, do you think we should go,” I repeat, enjoying the warmth of your fingers.

“Sure, yeah, uh, good idea,” you say as you push your seat back.

We walk slowly back to the parking lot, stopping at my car.

“Well, my place is just a couple blocks from here, do you wanna head over there,” you ask, “I can give you directions, it’s pretty easy to find.”

“Sure,” I answer, “let’s get in the car and I’ll write down your address.” I turn, opening the doors as we both get into the cold car.

“Lemme just get some paper out of the glove box,” I tell you as I reach across your lap.

Gently you rub my nipple with your forefinger as I fumble around, pretending to look for paper.

“Whatcha doin’,” I ask coyly, feeling my nipple harden as I sit back up.

“Errr, nothing, sorry ’bout that,” you mumble, looking at the floor.

“Well isn’t that what we’re here for,” I laugh, reaching down and placing your right hand on my breast. You smile at me as I notice the first signs of lust in your kaçak iddaa eyes. Tenderly you squeeze my breast as I slowly lick my lips with my tongue. I push my swollen tit against your fingers as my pussy does a slow grind into the seat.

“Mmmm,” I moan as you begin to softly caress my other breast with your left hand.

“Oh God,” you whisper and I feel myself start to become wet. I start to pull my shirt up, dying to feel your fingers on my naked flesh.

“Alexis, Jesus, we’re in the parking lot,” you stammer.

“It’s OK,” I assure you, “just for a minute, k?” Your eyes widen as you take in the sight of my full breasts straining against black lace. You slide your fingers between the lace and my tit, pulling on my tight nipple. I stare at your crotch, watching you get hard as my panties get wetter. I feel you unhooking my bra. As my breasts fall free you scoop them up, marveling at their weight as your lips begin to suck.

The sound of people returning to their cars seems to excite us even further and I rub my hand across your jeans.

“May I?” I ask, dying to see your cock.

“Yes,” you mumble, your teeth gently kaçak bahis nibbling at my sensitive buds. I unzip your pants and pull out your rock hard dick. As I rub your cock with my left hand I slide my right fingers into my jeans, into my panties and cover them with my juice. I bring my hand out and reach down, rubbing the warm liquid into the head of your dick. Your cock glistens as I stroke the underside of your taut balls.

I slide over and sit in your lap, your face buried in my tits, my nipples aching. The only sound in the car is that of us breathing, our breaths getting shorter and shorter as I rub your dick against the outside of my jeans.

“I wanna come so bad,” you groan, grabbing my tits and squeezing them together.

“You will baby,” I tell you as I lean down and wrap my tits around your cock. Slowly you fuck them as my fingers run a line between your balls and your ass.

“God, I love your tits,” you cry, your hips thrusting faster against my chest.

“Come for me baby, come on my tits,” I groan, fingering myself, so turned on at the sight of your cock sliding between my huge mounds.

“Fuck, oh shit, God, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come,” you moan as your thick cum begins to ooze across my chest, my throat. I laugh softly, rubbing your sperm into my skin, tasting my fingers, licking the tip of you clean with my tongue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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