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A cool breeze was blowing across the quadrangle as Jason made his way towards the School of Art building. His mind was pre-occupied with the lecture he was about to give and he nodded to some of the passing students as they greeted him in passing. He had been appointed an Associate Professor in this prestigious university about 2 years ago right after his successful show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and he planned to do everything he could to attain a full professorship as soon as possible.

Jason Pierce Watkins, known as JP to his friends, was a big man. The last thing you would take him for was an artist since he was 6’5″, an athletic 220 pounds and looked more like a professional football player. He had rugged good looks and a shock of jet black hair which he wore fairly long. Jason was a product of Long Island who took his formal art training at Syracuse where he played on the varsity football team and had been offered a pro contract which he turned down to continue with his art studies. He had a small apartment just off campus and no steady girlfriend. Because he was in a small college town, he had to be very careful as to who he was with and where he hung out so that no rumors would jeopardize his position at the University and his plans for the future.

He found the lecture hall jammed with students, as his lectures on art history were very popular. This talk was on the works of Franz Kline and he delivered it in his usual, relaxed style which had his audience hanging on his every word. As he spoke, he glanced around the hall and noted a number of extremely attractive students whom he would love to bed but wiped it out of his mind as he wouldn’t dare put himself in a position to lose what he had worked so hard to gain for the past couple of years. The 90 minutes passed very quickly for him, especially since he enjoyed talking about one of his favorite abstract expressionists, and, after answering the usual questions by the eager students, he headed home since this was his last class of the day.

When he arrived at his apartment, the first thing he did was slip out of his clothes, put on a terry robe and grab a cold beer from the fridge. Then he headed for the computer and sat down to check his e-mails. Because he had to be so careful about his sexual liaisons, he had turned to satisfying himself daily through masturbation and anonymous cybersex on the internet. Every so often, when he simply had to have sex, he would drive to St. Croix about an hour and a half away and sleep with a hooker since it was the fastest and safest way and avoided any romantic entanglements. He was bisexual and had been corresponding with a couple of guys and gals who enjoyed the same kinds of sex as he did for some time now. He loved masturbating to sexual fantasies written to him as well as to his replies to them and looked forward eagerly to see what messages were waiting for him today.

There was an e-mail from Bob, a married bi guy who was in love with JP’s organ and sent him messages almost every day telling him what he would do with his cock if he were with him and then, his heart gave a leap as he saw that there was a message from Katy. He had been corresponding with her for the last few months and she was really hot. He had taken a photo of his organ in full erection with his digital camera and sent it to her some time ago as he did with the other cyberlovers he wrote to and Katy had sent him a photo of herself, nude from the neck down and he often stroked while looking at it up on full screen as she was beautifully built.

Her message was very arousing, as usual, and had his organ fully erect by the second paragraph. He was playing with it as he read her story and every once in a while, would look down at it and admire its beauty. His penis was quite thick and about 8″ long with a smooth, sloped crown that had a deep ridge all around it and a fairly large slit in the tip. He often wished he could take it in his mouth as it was so beautiful but try as he might, he couldn’t, so he settled for masturbation by hand or by one of his toys. He usually masturbated at least once a day so that he wouldn’t be too distracted by any of his students, both male and female, who were always trying to get to know him better.

Recently, he had purchased a toy on the internet that was the best he had ever had and decided to take it out and use it as he continued reading Katy’s account of the two of them in bed with a married couple. It was a perfect replica of a pussy with labia and clit and was made of a very realistic soft plastic that felt great. He lubed his thick shaft and rubbed the head back and forth in the slit until it was smooth and then fed his thick penis into the opening. He loved the tight hole and buried his cock deep inside it before starting to move it back and forth slowly as he read what Katy was doing to him. She knew just how to arouse him to a fever pitch and he lost himself in the pleasures she was giving him ataşehir escort as well as the sensations of the toy as he continued to read.

When she finished her fantasy about them, she asked him if he would be interested in meeting her and, perhaps, acting out some of the fantasies that they had created over the months. He had originally told her that he lived in St. Croix, a city about 75 miles away as he didn’t want to mention the name of the college town as a measure of safety. She told him that she was coming to St. Croix in about a week on business and would be staying at the Hilton overnight. She suggested that they meet for a drink and hopefully spend the night together doing all the things they had been doing to each other for the past few months. JP’s cock jerked in excitement when he read this and he started to fantasize what it would be like to really have this sexy gal in bed.

In his condition, after so long without steady r/t sex, he was seriously considering her offer and, when he brought up the photo of her sexy nude body on his screen that made up his mind. He figured that since he wasn’t known in St. Croix, Katy would never find out that he was a professor at the university, since it was quite far away so it should be safe for him.

He let the toy rest on his thighs, with his cock buried deep inside it, and answered Katy’s message with a very sexy session following up on her scenario in which he and the husband put on a show for she and the wife since Katy had told him how hot she gets at the thought of him with another man. Every so often, he would stop typing and slowly fuck his toy for a few minutes before going back to the e-mail. When he finished the sex, he told her that meeting in St. Croix was a great idea and that he was looking forward to it.

He asked her to let him know the exact date so that he would keep the time open. Then he told her that he had his fully erect penis inside his toy as he was typing and was going to stroke to orgasm as soon as he sent the message to her. Then he sent off the e-mail and brought up Katy’s pic on full screen and stroked his organ with the toy as he fantasized what they would do to each other in St. Croix. The toy massaged his thick cock beautifully and it wasn’t long before he felt the rush of an orgasm approaching. He fastened his eyes on Katy’s spread and pumped cum into the toy in spasm after spasm of intense pleasure as he gazed at her sexy crotch.

The next morning, as he was shaving, he thought about meeting Katy and his cock started to come alive again. All through the day, in every class, thoughts of their upcoming meeting crossed his mind and each time his cock got hard. Once, while he was standing up in front of the class and waiting for them to complete a sketch he asked for, he thought of her and got hard. A pretty young girl in the first row was staring at his hardening cock so he immediately went behind the desk and sat down, delivering the rest of the lesson from there. The coed was looking at him with a knowing smile and a glint in her eye for the remainder of the period. If she only knew what he would like to do to her! If it was up to him, he’d line up a few sexy gals and guys and have them over every night. He really missed cock also. The last one he had sucked was over six months ago when his old pal, George, stayed with him for a few days when he was in town on business.

After class, the sexy coed came up to him and asked if he would help her out with a problem she was having and leaned over his desk to show him her sketch and displayed her ample breasts to his gaze whenever he looked up at her. He realized she was after his cock and helped her solve the problem quickly and sent her on her way as he was getting too tempted and didn’t want to do anything he would regret. All the way back to his apartment, he thought about meeting Katy and by the time he got there his penis was hard and throbbing.

He stripped off his clothes and sat down at the keyboard, with his organ standing straight up and demanding attention, as he opened his box and, to his delight, found an e-mail from Katy. She told him she was going to St. Croix on Friday morning and hoped he was free to meet later that day as soon as she finished her business appointments. He started off telling her that he misses her pussy and then wound up licking and sucking her to orgasm and then feeding her his cock as they both came together. After that, he told her that he’s free on Friday and is looking forward to their meeting.

He asked her what time and where it would be convenient to meet and signed off with kisses. He had been playing with his thick erection as he typed and decided to put Katy’s spread shot up on full screen and stroke while he fantasized about what he would do with her if they hit it off on Friday. He lubed his penis and began stroking it lovingly from the base up to his sensitive cockhead as he looked at Katy’s gorgeous bagdat caddesi escort thighs framing her sexy crotch. He pumped his cum all over his chest and stomach as he thought of actually having her in his arms.

Friday finally arrived, after what seemed like a month, and he was in his car driving to meet her. She had told him that she could meet at 5 pm and suggested the bar at the Hilton, where she was staying. He had asked her how they would recognize each other. unless he walks in the bar with his cock out or she strips and shows him her crotch. They decided that she would arrive early and he should just ask the hostess for Ms. Wilson’s table.

He parked in the hotel lot and, with some measure of trepidation, walked into the lobby and headed for the bar. The hostess showed him to a booth in the rear of the bar where a very attractive, dark haired woman with green eyes was smiling at him and extending her hand in greeting. He sat down and looked her over for a moment as did she. She was very good looking and those green eyes were the sexiest he’d ever seen. He knew her body inside and out and her full breasts and cleavage had his cock stirring in his shorts. They started talking about all the wonderful cybersex they had been having the past few months and it wasn’t long before both of them were getting very horny. He was wondering how to broach the subject of going up to her room right now, when she asked if he would like to come up and see her room before they make dinner plans and, of course, he jumped at it.

As soon as they closed the room door behind them, as if by signal, the two of them turned and embraced in a deep soul kiss and began pulling off each other’s clothes until they were both naked. They pressed their bodies against each other and his fully erect organ was squeezed against her stomach and her erect nipples probed his chest. Their hands were running all over each other and then he asked her to lay down on the bed in the same position as her photo and she immediately complied. Now he was looking at the real thing and it looked ten times better than the photo. She was as excited as he was. Her labia were swollen and parted like the petals of a flower revealing her glistening wet, pink vaginal opening.

He moved over her and leaned down to kiss her as he probed her vagina with the head of his cock. They soul kissed as he teased both of them by sliding his organ up and down her slit as they sucked on each other’s tongues. Then he started licking his way down to her beautiful breasts and concentrated on sucking her large, hard nipples as she groaned in passion and pleasure. He treated each nipple as if it were her clit and drove her wild as he nibbled on it and bit down gently on it as he ran the tip of his tongue back and forth over the rigid button.

He couldn’t wait to reach her crotch and trailed his lips and tongue further down until he reached his objective. He lay down on his stomach and looked at the crotch he had been sucking and fucking all these months and couldn’t wait to bury his face in there. As he moved closer to her labia, he breathed in her heady aroma and found it exciting. He flicked his tongue out over the sweet lips and took each one in his mouth and sucked it before sliding his tongue down between them and dipping it inside her pink opening. Her juices were delicious and he lifted her legs and pushed her knees to her chest as he probed her vagina with his tongue. Then he trailed his tongue down her crack to her puckered asshole and teased it for a while before going back up and searching out her clitoris which wasn’t hard to find as it was peeking out of its hood and looked like a tiny cockhead. He couldn’t resist taking the miniature crown between his lips and sucking it like it was a cock and Katy went wild.

She held his head in her hands as she fucked his mouth and moaned each time he bit down on her button. Then her body stiffened and she pulled his head tight to her crotch as she had her orgasm and fed him her delicious juices. He couldn’t get enough of her and licked up everything she fed him and kept his face buried in her delicious cunt until she stirred and told him to take her place since she had some investigating to do on her own for a while. JP lay back on the bed and his thick, throbbing penis cleaved the air as Katy settled herself between his outstretched thighs and began by kissing and licking his full balls before taking them in her mouth and running her tongue over them as she sucked. She looked up at him and told him that she loved his aroma and can’t wait to see if he tastes as good. He was lost in pleasure as Katy sucked his balls and when she moved on up to his cock, he was almost sorry, until he felt her tongue licking its way around and up his throbbing shaft.

She found a large drop of precum waiting for her when she reached the top and deftly caught it on her tongue before it slid off and found it very bostancı escort tasty so she spent some time teasing more out for her to drink. Then she couldn’t wait to have him in her mouth and taste his meat so she covered his entire crown with her lips and nursed on his cockhead while she licked up his precum as it oozed out the slit. She loved the taste and feel of his thick penis in her mouth and took her time as she savored the flavor of his delicious meat which was enhanced by his precum every once in a while. She cupped his full, tight balls in her hands as she sucked his cock and slipped a wet finger into his anus which caused him to moan and lift his hips, forcing his penis deeper down her throat. She loved sucking his penis and he could see it and feel it as she took him to ever higher plateaus of pleasure.

He was hers to do with as she wished as long as she continued sucking his throbbing organ! She brought him along slowly and backed off a bit when she felt he was going to cum and then took him up to another high and held him there only to back off again. He was thrashing his hips around and fucking her mouth when she decided to let him go all the way and kept sucking deeply on his beautiful penis until he stiffened and groaned as he shot rope after rope of his cum into her voracious mouth. She greedily swallowed every drop and sucked firmly on his cockhead to get more. She kept sucking his tool until it went soft and then got up and lay down alongside him to relax a while.

JP told her that, as far as he was concerned, she was great in cybersex but fantastic in person and he couldn’t believe how magnetic the attraction has been from the start. Katy fully agreed and told him that once she saw him, she wanted him and that he, too, was fantastic in person. They had been idly playing with each other’s genitals as they talked and JP was getting quite hard as Katy was already quite wet. He moved over her and brushed his crown across her wet slit as he lowered himself into her waiting arms and they embraced in a deep kiss. He maneuvered his thick erection between her swollen labia and into her vaginal opening as she lifted her hips to get more of his cock inside while they sucked on each other’s tongues and held each other close.

He began long, slow strokes into her vagina, which was giving him sensations he never felt before as it felt like it was alive and sucking on his organ as he stroked in and out of her. Her cunt actually grasped his cock and milked it as he fucked her and she had him in another world as they kissed and fucked.

He held his thick penis deep inside her and gave himself up to the fabulous sensations her pussy was creating around his organ as held it deep and she milked it by contracting her cunt around his thickness. Then he had to fuck her and, without removing his penis from her hungry pussy, he got to his knees and started to stroke in and out of her slippery, wet hole which grasped his shaft and wouldn’t let it go. He watched as Katy’s expression changed and her eyes glazed over as she held him deep and shuddered as she wet his thrusting pole with her orgasmic juices. She had her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped around his hips and was swinging free and meeting his every thrust with one of her own.

Her cunt was working its wonders on his shaft and he suddenly felt the rush as his penis began spraying his hot cum inside her in one spasm after another and she screamed as another orgasm overcame her while he was still pumping cum into her. They stayed locked together but she pulled him down on top of her to relax as his penis slowly softened and slipped out of her comfortable vagina.

After showering, they relaxed with cold drinks and talked as they admired each other and repeated how great things had worked out. He asked her if she was having sex on a regular basis and she told him that she didn’t like the usual pick up places and relied mostly on the internet like with him but nothing ever worked out like this before. She has mostly been masturbating to his and other’s e-mails for quite a while now since she broke up with her boyfriend but now that she found him, she wasn’t going to let go so easily. Then she hit him with the bombshell! With a wry smile, she told him that she recognized him as Professor Watkins the moment he walked into the bar. Before that, she hadn’t a clue as to who he really was. She said that she was really a student and had taken one of his lectures earlier in the semester.

He was almost in a state of panic. This was exactly why he was so careful in the University. Now, the very thing he always feared was coming true yet, because it was Katy, he felt that it was different since he had confidence in her not telling anyone on campus. They discussed that for a while and Katy promised that she would never say a word to anyone, and then added, with a smile, as long as he kept feeding her that gorgeous cock of his. He fully agreed with her “condition” and then wondered aloud how he could sneak her into his apartment without the whole world knowing. Then he remembered that she could use the back entrance and no one would ever see her if she came in that way. That made him feel better because he could already see her lying naked on his bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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