The Ranch Ch. 04


Foreword: Sometimes I have to let a story lay dormant for a while before I continue it. This story took more time before I found a way to continue it that would make me happy. Please me for the long hiatus. I hope you will enjoy the following chapters.


The next morning as James and Allison walked toward the office he saw what looked like a 15 year old girl walking across the parking lot towards the employee lounge.

“I didn’t know employees could bring their children on premises.”

Allison answered.

“That’s Kimberly she is one of the girls that work here she is 24 but looks like a young teenager.”

“Does that mean she …?”

“Yes she acts as a teenager going out with the customers. They even pick her up at the house and take her to our little drive in. We have about 20 girls who do this. Some of the guys get a kick out of meeting her mother. And sometimes after the date the John might hit on the mother or for a really big fee have a threesome with mother and daughter.”

“Are they really mother and daughter?”

“No but they really are good actresses. Since you are a teenager maybe I should arrange a date for you. Would you like to take Kimberly to the drive in?”

I nodded my head and Allison grinned. She told me that she would check to see if Kimberly had a date tonight. If she did I might have a different blind date, but I would still have to pick her up at her home and face her mother, just like a real date the only difference was that I would know I was going to get lucky. Some of them acted reluctant and made you work for it like a teenager. Others acted like the town slut. She wouldn’t tell me which one Kimberly was nor would she tell me which one any of the others were.

The day was boring as now dad was teaching me bookkeeping. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and on my date. Allison came in and told me I had a blind date tonight because Kimberly was booked. Cindy was yalova escort my date and she was very pretty. She gave me Cindy’s address and told me to get ready for my date. I dressed as a teenager might for a Friday night date. I brushed my hair used deodorant and cologne. I brushed my teeth and got into what was supposed to be the family station wagon to pick up my date. When I got to the area, I saw that they had set up a quiet tree lined street. The street had several small middle class homes. I went up to the door and knocked. A beautiful woman of about forty opened the door.

“Hello you must be James. I am Cindy’s mother Carla.” She then shouted.

“Cindy your date is here.”

“There is no hurry Mrs….”

“Please call me Carla.”

Then Cindy came down the stairs. She looked no more than 14 even though I knew all the girls that worked here were over 18. I thought that she was too young for me.

She looked me in the eyes and said in a giddy tone typical of most teenage girls. Hi I’m Cindy. I introduced myself and she took my hand and we walked to the station wagon. She directed me to the house next door where I met another couple Pam and Richard. Richard was around 40 and playing at being Pam’s date. This was supposed to be a double date and I wondered how I was going to get lucky. Richard wanted to take one car but Pam said that she wanted to be alone with Richard at the drive in. Then she whispered something in his ear and he agreed that we should take separate cars. We drove to the Drive in and it was just starting to get dark. Richard and I went to the snack bar, we got drinks and snacks, the girls chatted while we were gone. I got back in the car and Cindy joined me. The lights dimmed and the movie began. It was a horror movie. At one scary part Cindy screamed and buried her face in my chest. I put my arms around her and held her close she stayed in my arms so I edirne escort decided to kiss her. She allowed the kiss but pulled away when I tried to slip her some tongue.

“I don’t do that I am a nice girl.”

I stopped that and kept kissing her allowing my hands to rub her upper back. The kisses got more intense and her mouth opened. I slipped my tongue inside. She jumped a little but began to rub her tongue on mine. This continued until intermission with her defending her body against explorations by my hands successfully.

During intermission I went to the bathroom and escorted her to the ladies room. I waited outside until she came walking out with Pam. They talked like 2 teenagers giggling and glancing at me. Then she kissed me and walked back to the car with me. During the walk back to the car she told me that Pam had told her she had let Richard suck on her nipples and it felt great.

“Would you suck on my nipples and stop if I asked you to?”

“Yes” I said, hoping she wouldn’t make me stop.

When we got to the car she opened the back door and got into the back seat.

She said. If I get into the back seat and we lay down no one can see if I have my blouse and bra off.”

I got in the back next to her and started to kiss her as the next movie came on. Before long I reached for her breast and she didn’t stop me. I squeezed and caressed it and Cindy moaned. I started to unbutton her blouse and she moved my hand away. A little while later I tried again. This time she didn’t stop me. I started to kiss the tops of her breasts and she moaned some more. I reached around and fumbled with her bra. She didn’t stop me cut then again she didn’t help. Just like a teenage girl would. Finally I got it undone and pushed it up.

I started to suck Cindy’s nipples and she moaned again. My hands moved to her knees and started to caress her legs. She reached down and held erzurum escort my hand not letting it go any further. I continued to kiss Cindy and she soon let loose of my hand. After about 15 minutes my palm was cupping the damp gusset of her panties. Not to long after that I wriggled my finger under those panties and slipped a finger inside of her wet pussy. Cindy moaned and raised her hips to meet my finger. I took advantage of that to try and remove her panties. She whispered a no but didn’t lower her hips or try and prevent me. I guess it would be just like a teenage girl who didn’t want her boyfriend to know she wanted sex, but really wanted sex. After her panties were off I Unzipped my pants and put her hand on my cock. She stiffened as if in fright but did not let go of my cock Cindy, being the good actress that she was she whispered to me.

“Please don’t, I never…”

I didn’t let that stop me nor did she really struggle. She whispered and told me she didn’t want to get pregnant. I told her I had some rubbers, as I slipped my finger into her. She moaned and said all right. In a flash I was on her and getting into her very tight seemingly virginal cunt. I later found out that these women who acted as the teenagers douched with alum to make them seem almost if not virginal in tightness. We rutted and had sex for the rest of the movie. Her telling me I was so big and hurting her. That she had better be careful or her mother would know and then she would be grounded. I took her home and kissed her goodnight at the door. Her mother came out and shooed her inside telling her she wanted to talk to me.

“James please sit down.”

I sat and she began to talk.

“Cindy is a good girl and a virgin. I am willing to do almost anything to keep her that way.”

She leaned over and kissed me deeply while she ran her hand up and down my cock.

“If you promise to let her remain a good girl and not have sex with her, I will make sure you are not sorry. I will take care of your needs. Would you like that?”

I nodded my head. “So you are not going to have sex with Cindy?”

I nodded my head.

“Then come her tomorrow afternoon while Cindy is at cheerleader practice. I will give you your first payment.”

To be continued…

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