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Edited by angelicsounds

Though the characters were chosen and the date for the event set, Vicki felt anxious, unsettled. Her stomach was tense for reasons she didn’t understand. All of the invited had RSVP’d quickly when he or she received the letter of invitation. But, there were still several days to go and Miss Vicki worried that something might not work as planned.

Her idea of a Reading Room Club was wrought from a recurring dream of sorts. Thinking it was a premonition, she wrote the details in a journal and then did her best to add whatever she deemed necessary for such a club to begin, be maintained, and grow. There were several criteria each character had to meet before she or he was invited to attend the first meeting.

First, each attendee had to be a published writer, either of magazine articles, journals, or books. Second, each one had to submit his or her biography, not typed, but in writing, so she could evaluate their style, as well as their emotional state. Third, a recent photograph, not more than three months old, had to accompany the biography. Since this was a club of sexual prowess, each had to offer his or her likes and dislikes. And of course, the fifth criteria, and probably the most important, involved how well the individuals could read and follow simple instructions.

As Vicki created a file for each attendee, she wondered just how well each would react when she announced that she, the President of the club, was the absolute Mistress over the rest. Since her manuscripts were brilliant in style and form, she supposed that the others would see her as levels above them. If anyone refused to follow her lead, he or she would severely regret ever challenging her intellect and rule. In the case of such a challenge, the others could vote that person out of the club immediately and suggest a replacement.

With each file complete, Vicki chose to prepare the table where the readings would occur. On it, she carefully placed a white table cloth of antique venue. In the center of the table, she set a single candlestick with one nine inch tall, red candle. This would be the only light in the room, a fitting revelation for a seductive and sensual response. Around the table, eight chairs stood and in front of each lay a small place setting. Coffee cups and saucers awaited their fill. At the eleven o’clock position to each setting, a single wine glass lie on a specially printed napkin, face down till needed.

When all preparations were complete, Vicki placed a one page manuscript to the right of the saucers. On each, she had written specific instructions that each reader must follow explicitly. Whether they would, she didn’t know, but one thing she knew for certain was that if they did, the first meeting of the Reading Room Club would be hailed as a great success. To her knowledge, nobody had ever planned such an event as she, nor had anyone ventured one of such unique proportions.

The Mistress glanced carefully at what she had created, its beauty, its suspense, and its intrigue. With one more day to go, she relaxed until it was time to dress in the Victorian outfit she’d acquired at the local costume store. The others, of course, were free to dress in a more modern style, as long as the ladies wore a full length dress and the men, a dinner tux at the least.

Though Vicki was in her mid forties, her appearance was always nothing short of beautiful. Sporting 40-Ds, she often found herself the object of many a man’s gaze. Beautiful black hair cascaded down her face and tucked neatly under her jaw, just above her shoulders. Her nose came up to a slight point, cute, but not overly noticeable. The rest of her figure was amazingly intact considering she’d bore three children in her former marriage of twenty-three years. Their ages spanned from nineteen to twenty–two, so each was away living the carefree life at different colleges.

On Saturday evening, Miss Vicki unlocked the door to the Reading Room to make sure of her preparations. She noticed that, after a few days, dust had settled on the cups, saucers, and wine glasses.

“Wonderful!” she said. “Makes it appear antique, which will surely set the mood for tonight’s gathering.”

With twenty minutes to go, she shut the room door to take her position near the entrance of her old, but well-kept, house. Within five minutes or so, she heard a knock accompanied by chatter on the porch. Opening the door, Vicki greeted Tesse, a blonde haired librarian who had a year before, finished her PhD in library management systems. Following her, bounded Weston, her date, a man who looked distinguished with coal black hair, salted generously with gray.

He had just been promoted to full professor at NYU, English Literature being his specialty. He and Tesse made a charming couple even though Vicki knew well that he’d have to share her later. Following him came two younger ladies, Lynn and Ronica. Since Lynn had been an old time friend, she hugged President Vicki, kissing her on the cheek. Lynn was at least seven years Vicki’s şerifali escort junior, yet they’d met and acted as if they’d known one another for years.

Ronica, or Ronnie as Lynn affectionately called her, was definitely the wilder one of the two. Both were pretty, smart as whips, and ready to take on the world if they could. Then Charles entered with his usual air of superiority. Following him came Lynn’s and Ronnie’s dates, Phillip and Carl. Everyone sported eveningwear, the men in old tuxedos while the women wore full-length dresses, some new and some old fashioned.

After Miss Vicki had closed and locked the front door, she proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is almost set. Please accompany me to the Reading Room and take your places around the table. Your name on the manuscripts will identify your chair.”

The men pulled the chairs out for the ladies, made sure they were comfortable, and then seated themselves next to their date. Before the President seated herself, she welcomed them by going around the table and offering specific information she’d gleaned from that individual’s personal file. Then she sat in her assigned chair.

“Charles!” Vicki said with an air of authority. “Take the matches and light the candle.”

As he did, Vicki proclaimed, “I am the Mistress here!”

Faces gleamed in the flickering flame as the overhead lights dimmed. Then Miss Vicki spoke detailing the instructions for the evening. All went as planned until Ronica giggled at something the lady said.

Immediately, the Mistress commanded the young lady to either take the proceedings seriously or leave her home. Ronica’s attitude quickly snapped to attention as the other’s raised their eyebrows in surprise. Ronica felt a little hurt, but swallowed her pride and acted like it was no problem.

Continuing, Vicki read aloud, “Each of you has a manuscript that specifies what you alone must do. There will be no variance whatsoever from the commands you must follow. If anyone attempts such a departure, he or she will be escorted to the door by Charles or whomever I choose, never to return again. The only talking will be from the reader, unless I say so. One thing you must understand here is that expressions of desire are allowed but only in the context of sensuality and those only by way of moans, groans, and orgasmic noises. No words, I mean it!”

She looked searchingly around the table to see if anyone had any questions, not that she would have answered any, but the formality of said procedure made her feel a sense of power over all. The look on her countenance dictated her rule. Nobody spoke in response, but each one wondered what they had gotten themselves into. This was supposed to be a Reading Room Club, not a cult-like sexual experience.

As the red candle burned, Miss Vicki stood to read the first command on her manuscript. She did so in serious tone but the reactions from the men were nothing short of what she expected.

“The man on my right will stand, bow, and reach up to my neck to tear my dress downward in a harsh movement,” she read.

Several gasps erupted as eyes darted from left to right. Charles stood, bowed, and reached for the neckline of Miss Vicki’s outfit. His strong fingers curled underneath the material and when he felt ready, he tore the neckline out and downward to expose the uncovered right breast of the club President. In response to the sound of ripping material, the ladies sat agape while the men focused quickly on one voluptuous 40D melon. Vicki’s ready to be sucked nipple stared them down like it was nobody’s business. None made a move except the men’s shafts. Sexual tension built as cocks roared into erection.

Miss Vicki nodded at Charles as if to say, “Well done!” so he returned to his sitting position to await his next command. Now seated also, Vicki pointed to his manuscript signifying that it was his turn to read.

Under the light of the candle’s flame, superior Charles read, “The lady on my right must turn my coffee cup over on its saucer.” After Tesse had done so, he continued, “Then she must unbuckle my pants, pull my cock free, and stroke it ’til I shoot cum in the cup.”

Immediately, faces showed their shock and disbelief. Ronica started to laugh, but Lynn’s eyes reminded her of her plight if she did. In an effort to calm the situation a little, each man with the exception of Charles laid his hand on his date’s leg to pat it gently, but purposefully. Miss Vicki stared straight ahead until Tesse stood to carry out her orders. Tesse moved quickly to remove the barriers that held the man’s, now stiffening, rod in bondage.

His breathing grew deeper as she released his shaft from his briefs. Without warning, seven hard inches sprang from their lair, followed by Tesse wrapping her delicate feminine right hand around the length of his rod. In immediate response, he inhaled sharply at the sensations he received under this lady’s obviously skillful treatment. Lynn found herself warming quickly suadiye escort to what Tesse was doing. Vicki glanced around the room to see if everyone was watching as he or she should. Weston seemed to be the most curious of all, for he moved to the edge of his chair, his eyes fixed on the stroking actions of his date. Of course, he secretly wished it was his cock she was stroking, although his goal would not have been the cup.

After a minute of direct stimulation, Charles began to moan as the pace increased. Tesse jacked his rod, purposefully aiming its head as close to the direction of the cup as she could. She secretly wondered if his load would go that far but figured it would, else Vicki wouldn’t have written such a command in the manuscript. When Charles began to thrust his hips forward, she knew he was just shy of going over the edge.

Faster and faster, she pumped his dick ’til a deep groan bellowed from his throat…Thick, white cream blasted from his canon, sending bead after bead of cum through the air. The first load splattered on the side of the cup, but the second, third, fourth, and fifth found their way inside. As shocking as it seemed to the ladies, the men nodded in total approval at the man’s stunning amount of seed. When he could shoot no more, Tesse released his spent shaft and returned to her place.

Nobody said a word, but the color of embarrassing red flooded Lynn and Ronnie’s faces. Like a cement wall, however, Miss Vicki said nothing. Charles then sat down, leaving his pants and briefs free from their intended position. He scooted his chair forward, glanced at the spunk in the cup, and then smiled approvingly. Under the table, he stepped free of his pants and shorts.

Sternly, Vicki nodded at Tesse to read her manuscript. Tesse returned the nod and lifted the parchment toward the light of the candle.

Then she read, “The man on my right must cut my dress off, starting from the bottom to the top. When finished, he must reach into my panties and finger me until I cum. Then the person on his right must lick and clean his fingers.”

Carl, Ronica’s date, jumped in his chair with excitement and said, “Damn hot!” as Lynn shuttered in disbelief.

Immediately, Vicki stood in anger and rebuked him for speaking. His cock was already being stroked by Ronnie, but the force with which the President spoke sent him a message and he thought better of disobeying. Quickly, he acted repentant and nodded at the Mistress in humble apology.

Ronnie’s eyes, however, were fixed on Tesse. She couldn’t wait for her to be finger fucked in front of the others. Lynn’s head faced Phillip’s, both had lust in their eyes and their hands fondled freely in each other’s laps. Weston had a smile on his face over the order, a command he couldn’t wait to fulfill.

Then Tesse stood, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Weston reached for the scissors that Vicki had extended to him and dropped to his knees to begin cutting his date’s dress into shreds. Nobody said a word, but the sexual tension had built to a high that could only be relieved by orgasms in the Reading Room. As Weston snipped away up Tesse’s dress, Vicki began to massage her bare breast while Charles watched with great pleasure.

Weston cut one strip after another from the bottom, over Tesse’s butt to her waist then started at the bottom again. Phillip and Carl now feasted their eyes on the librarian who seemed to be enjoying both the attention and stimulation from her date’s left hand. When her dress had been cut so that shreds of long material hung from her waist, she threw back her head in anticipation of him going higher. And when he did, she moaned deeply.

Across the table from her, Vicki was tweaking her right breast bud. Charles watched her and then turned his head toward Tesse, he didn’t want to miss anything. Phillip’s hand was pushing downward between Lynn’s already parted legs to rub her secret region through her clothes. Carl, on the other hand, focused his gaze on Tesse while Ronica reached under her dress to play freely with her now sopping panties.

Before long, Weston’s trusty scissors had snipped their way between Tesse’s large melons. Amazingly, the dress still clung to her until he moved around to her back and snipped all the way up to the neckline. With that compromised, the shreds of material quickly fell to the floor leaving her vulnerable to the others, wearing only her black lace bra and black panties.

Then Weston made his move to stand close to his girl. His rod was already throbbing in anticipation of driving his hand down Tesse’s panties to finger her hairy, wet cunt. But even before he did, Tesse, out of sheer excitement, began to moan aloud. Weston glanced toward Vicki for any final approval needed, but when she gave none, he placed his right hand gently on Tesse’s belly to rub her soft skin in a circular motion. The response was electrifying as tingling waves of pleasure crawled up and down her delicious frame.

Tesse cooed, sighed, and moaned ümraniye escort for almost a minute as Weston took his time to get her hot. When he finally slipped his fingers just inside the elastic strap of her sexy, black panties, her moans were echoed around the table. Even Vicki sighed as she faithfully pinched her erect nipple. Carl reached to fondle Ronnie, pretending she was Tesse and her luscious body was about to be pleasured to the fullest.

A frenzy of deep moans and groans rang loudly throughout the Reading Room. Weston drove his right-hand downward, cupping Tesse’s wet cunt, making her squeal with delight. Lynn followed suit, followed by Vicki then Ronnie. The men grunted and growled as each one pretended it was his own hand feeling for Tesse’s opening.

Since Weston’s hand was big, Tesse’s panties pulled away nicely to reveal one of the furriest pussies ever on display. That alone practically pushed Charles into another cum spurting orgasm as he stroked his cock to full length. Then Tesse shrieked as one of Weston’s fingers grazed her clit and curled its way under to invade her opening.

“O-O-O-O-O-Ooooooooooooh!” she screamed filling the room and probably the entire house with sexual delight. With his left-hand, Weston grabbed and fondled Tesse’s ass. He pulled her panties tightly into her crack, leaving two hot lobes vulnerable to enjoyment. With heavy breathing all around, Tesse’s moans reached such proportions that several around the table were almost hyperventilating.

While Tesse’s delicious body began to undulate under the fingering action of her date, she opened her eyes and looked about her. Lust filled the gazes of everyone watching. Tesse loved being watched, especially considering she knew very little of everyone. For several moments more, she stared them down until Weston did the maneuver she always craved. Sliding his left-hand deep inside the crack of her ass, he inserted two fingers up her furry pussy and pumped hard ’til she could hold on no longer.

“IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIIIIIAEIAEIAIEEIAEIIEIAEIAEEAH!” Tesse repeatedly screamed as her body convulsed in orgasmic thrill.

Immediately, Vicki stood and faced the others to her left. Their own faces were contorted as if each one came with Tesse, but Miss Vicki would be damned if she’d let that happen ahead of schedule. As each one caught her authoritarian stare, any amount of sexual tension faded into frustrated, pent up desires.

Then Weston pulled his fingers from his babe’s hot pussy and turned to offer them to Lynn, the ready to cum woman on his right. Everyone watched Lynn take her time to start the cleaning. Nobody knew it, but she’d never done this sort of thing before. In fact, she had always preferred a man’s cum. If given the chance, she would rather have licked Charlie’s cum out of his coffee cup than taste Tesse’s juices.

But Lynn knew she had to obey the command of Miss Vicki or else she lose her place in the Reading Room Club. She glanced right toward Ronica to see if she might be able to encourage her, but Ronica only stared at panting Tesse. Miss Vicki watched Lynn with great eagerness to see if the young babe would obey. Lynn looked hesitant, so Weston extended his dripping fingers toward Lynn’s nose.

The aroma of Tesse mingled with the burning smell of the candle somehow made Lynn begin to relax. She reached out to wrap her hands around Weston’s wrist. Miss Vicki then sat down to watch more intently through the candle’s flickering light. Only taking her gaze away for a moment, she soon heard the slurping sounds of Lynn’s tongue as she licked clean Weston’s fingers. When finished, she licked her lips and smiled at the new sexual venture.

Lynn turned to Miss Vicki for approval but only caught the stern stare of the Mistress as she nodded for Weston to read his commands.

While Tesse seated herself, Weston stood proudly and read, “The lady on my right must tell me how to remove my clothes. When I’m naked, she and the lady on my left will mutually lick my cock until I cum in my wine glass.”

At Weston’s reading, Carl and Phillip slammed down their hands in unison on the table top. Each knew he would receive rebuke from Miss Vicki, but she didn’t say a word. She was too caught up in her own thrill as she held her tit high and licked its red bud with her tongue. Her own coos and squeals now filled the air, adding all the more to Carl and Phillip’s desires to pump every babe around the table.

Lynn stood first to move toward Weston. She told him first to turn around so his ass was facing the table. As he did, she also told him to remove his coat and throw it toward the wall. Then she told him to bend over so the others could see his ass. None of the men cared for this maneuver, but Ronica’s eyes glazed over with desire. Why, Lynn didn’t know, but she sure liked Ronnie’s stare and smile as Weston bent over to touch his toes.

A moment later, she told him to stand erect and unbutton his shirt, pull it from his pants, and hand it to Tesse after he removed it. This left him wearing a v-necked t-shirt. Tesse stared intently at her man, his cock raging in his pants, and his face a little red with embarrassment. Then Lynn told him to unbuckle his pants, let them drop to the floor, step out of them, and beg Tesse to yank his briefs down.

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