The Royal Marriage


The following is fact:

Anne of Austria, The Infanta — was a Spanish Princess who was married to King Louis of France in the 17C following a magnificent wedding ceremony. It was an arranged marriage and for reasons of State, most important that the marriage was consummated. If the marriage was not consummated, it could be annulled. The King’s mother, Marie de Medici, the Queen Regent, announced that the Royal couple had consummated the marriage, even though the King fled from the marriage bed in tears. He did not return to his wife’s bed for three years and only after his half-sister Catherine was married to the Duke of Elbeuf.

Three years later King Louis was invited into the marriage bed to watch the consummation of this marriage and only then did he become sexually aroused. His sister said that he should do the same with his wife. It took another five days with floods of tears before he followed the advice and slept with his own wife. The King’s doctor became very worried that he was making love to frequently.

The following is fiction:

All characters are over the age of 18

Anne of Austria (a Habsburg), The Infanta was a Spanish Princess and in an arranged marriage was married to King Louis of France in the early 17C. Anne’s mother Margaret was very keen to make sure that her daughter knew what the wedding night would entail so that nothing would prevent the marriage being consummated. Anne had been very well cloistered and there was no chance in the world that she had had any sexual experience, so it was decided by Margaret that she would learn something of the marital arts before the marriage. Margaret paid a silver coin to one of her married maidservants to make love in the presence of Anne.

It was arranged that Anne would get into bed with Maria and Pedro and watch while they made love. Maria and Pedro got into bed with their night shirts on while Anne sat on the edge of the bed. Anne was enthralled as she watched Pedro lift up Maria’s nightshirt and kissed her breasts and then Maria lay on her back. Pedro separated her knees showing her hairy vulva and pink bits. At this point Margaret pointed out Maria’s clitoris and the entrance to her vagina, explaining what would happen. Pedro pulled his nightshirt off and displayed a really magnificent stiff penis. Margaret pointed out to Anne what was going to happen. Anne asked Pedro if she could touch it and Pedro looked at Maria,

“Is it all right?”

“Yes, she can touch you.”

Anne proceeded to touch his penis with great interest. It was the first time she had ever seen or touched one. Pedro played with Maria’s clitoris and Margaret explained that this was to make her wet and moist so that Pedro’s penis could slip into Maria easily.

“Anne, you’ve got a clitoris too. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes. I know the thing that you mean. It feels really good when I touch it.”

“Make sure that Louis plays with it because it will make you very excited and make you want to make love. Most importantly, it will make you nice and wet.”

“Will it hurt when Louis puts it in?”

“I hope he will be gentle. The first time it can hurt but after that you will enjoy it every time. It’s the best part of being a wife and being married.”

Anne watched in amazement as Pedro’s penis disappeared from sight inside Maria.

Anne said to Margaret, “Is that what’s going to happen to me?”

“Yes. For the first time it might be little bit difficult, but that’s what’s going to happen. Just remember how Maria is lying on her back with her legs apart to allow Pedro to push into her. You’ve got to do the same with Louis so that you can be man and wife.”

“How will Louis get hard like that?”

“Well, it should just happen, but if it doesn’t you can put your hand on it and maybe even put it into your mouth.”

“Really? I couldn’t do that.”

“It’s not too bad. You’ll get to like it.”

Anne asked Maria, “Do you like doing this? How often do you do it?”

“I like doing it very much and we do it generally once every night and sometimes twice. It depends if we are tired or not.”


And that was the end of the lesson.

Shortly afterwards Anne and Louis were married and were led by their assistants to the four-poster marriage bed with curtains all around. There were two nurses in the room who were supposed to be witnesses of the consummation and Marie de Medici as well. Louis was terrified and very tired. His father had been assassinated a few years before and nobody had told him exactly what was going to happen when he got into bed with his new wife. He had heard jokes about being with a woman but had never been told the mechanics of what happened. The opportunities to play with himself were rare and full of guilt after what the priest had said in Mass.

It had been a long day and here he was with the new wife and he really didn’t know what to do. For some reason, his mother didn’t think it would be necessary to tell him. It was necessary. He was clueless. Avrupalı porno He probably had some idea but whatever he had been told was equivalent to giving a map to a blind man. Louis and his bride sat on the bed looking at each other for quite a long while talking about the wedding before and then she lay on her back and lifted up her nightshirt. She had quite small breasts and a hairy triangle at the juncture of her legs.

She moved to kiss Louis but he was very hesitant. He had never kissed a woman before. It was a very new experience for Louis to see a naked woman’s body and his eyes ranged up and down her body wondering what to do. He could see she had breasts and a full covering of hair between her legs. In a normal man this would have led to instinctive behaviour leading to touching or holding and an erection but Louis was so terrified that he could scarcely move.

Anne lifted up Louis’ nightgown and looked at the size of Louis’ penis. It brought back memories of Pedro’s which was very stiff. Louis’ wasn’t. He just had a long tubular piece of flesh hanging from between his legs which was clearly not stiff. She moved her hand towards it but Louis brushed it away. She tried again and again he brushed her hand away. If only Louis would let her touch it, maybe he would begin to feel the pleasure that Pedro got when he guided his penis into Maria. Eventually Louis let her play with it but it still did not get stiff.

Louis said,” I’m frightened. I’m not sure what to do.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll show you. You take off your night shirt and I’ll take off mine.”

Louis was curious about this new body that was so close to him and naked. He had never seen a woman’s body before but nothing stirred in his body to show that he was the slightest bit sexually aroused. Anne was too young and inexperienced to know what to do and Louis was terrified of the unknown. Louis tentatively moved his fingers through the curly hairs of her bush and then touched the pink area of her vulva. The little bits of skin were touched briefly and he looked in vain for the hole that he knew he was supposed to put his penis into. It wasn’t there. Where was it? He was too embarrassed to ask while his mind raced in a confusion of terror and ignorance.

Anne lay on her back and opened her legs exposing her pussy to him.

“Put it here.”

Louis positioned himself between her legs and positioned his cock till it touched her vulva but it wasn’t stiff. He just couldn’t get it in. He put his nightshirt back on and slipped between the curtains of the bed and fled in tears.

Anne lay in bed thinking what might have been. She was very hopeful when she got into bed that night that Louis would give her the pleasure that Maria had been enjoying with Pedro, pumping in and out of her vagina. She hoped that Louis would overcome his fears and returned to finish the job that he had not even started.

For reasons of State it was the important that the marriage be consummated and Marie de Medici and the two nurses attested to that fact even though it wasn’t true.

For three years Louis saw Anne every day, but not once did he invite her into his bed. Louis must have been under considerable pressure to consummate the marriage and produce an heir. Everybody knew that Anne was still a virgin and that Louis had not done the deed. Louis was getting advice from a lot of different people that he should take his wife to bed and make love to her. It was important that he deflowered her because if she remained a virgin, the marriage could be annulled.

The persistent advice must have reduced his reluctance to the point where he finally changed his mind. The Duke de Elbeuf was the King’s Grand Chamberlain and five years older than Louis and a good friend. He must have been keenly aware of Louis’s problem with Anne and would surely have given him advice on how to make love to her for the first time. It would have been normal for him to have had some mistresses before he got married.

Catherine Henriette de Bourbon was Louis’ half-sister. Nobody will ever know what caused Louis to relent and to agree to his half-sister’s suggestion that he be present in the bed while her marriage was being consummated to the Duke de Elbeuf and she was deflowered. Louis sat at the end of the bed.

Lebeuf approached the marriage bed with a considerable amount of lust and was very keen to have his way with Catherine. She was a good-looking woman and a good catch. With Louis keenly watching, the Duke removed his nightshirt and took off Catherine’s so that they were both naked. They both lay lengthwise on the bed and the Duke kissed her passionately. His hands were all over her breasts as he continued to kiss her passionately and moved his finger between her legs and stimulated her clitoris vigorously. Catherine became wet very quickly and the smell of her sex quickly filled the space behind the curtains of the four-poster.

Catherine knew what her destiny was as a bride and lifted her knees up and Video porno separated them exposing her hairy pussy to Louis and the Duke. Louis could feel stirrings under his nightshirt as his own penis grew until it was fully erect. The Duke lifted his nightshirt revealing a very large erection straining at the bit. The Duke separated Catherine’s lips and revealed the intoxicating vision of her pink vulva. Perhaps Louis thought it looked more attractive than Anne’s.

Catherine was older than Anne and had a very large clitoris and long lips. The Duke’s tongue descended onto her clitoris and he licked for quite a time and then he drew himself up between her knees, while his hand guided his stiff penis up and down Catherine’s vulva between her clitoris and the vestibule to her vagina. With each stroke his penis moved in a fraction of a millimeter further into her vagina until the crown had disappeared and then he thrust vigorously until everything had disappeared from sight.

Catherine lay back as the Duke plunged his rod in and out for some time and she looked from time to time into Louis’ eyes and gave him the faintest of smiles. “I’m doing this for you and I hope you’re enjoying it. Louis, this is so natural. Don’t be afraid. I’m sure you will enjoy it too.”

Louis was not under the same pressure to perform this time and with a clearer mind was able to watch the interaction of the penis and vagina in front of him. The Duke’s eyes cast a smile to Louis as if to say, ‘Look at me. This is how you do it.’ Eventually the thrusting stopped and the Duke pulled his penis out and took a cloth and wiped it. He took the cloth and wiped the stuff that was oozing from Anne’s vagina and waved it under Louis’ nose. The effect on Louis was instantaneous as the aroma awoke dormant receptors in his brain and caused a further stiffening of his penis, if that was possible.

Catherine said, “Louis. You have seen my private parts. Let me look at yours.”

It was a strange request but Catherine was anxious to see that Louis did not have a deformity which was causing any problem. The Duke nodded assent.

Louis lifted his nightshirt revealing a very handsome erection.

“Louis. You will make Anne very happy with your weapon. It is very long and large just like the Duke’s. You can see how my husband’s weapon has made me happy. You have very big balls too and Anne will like them. “

These words of praise for his penis and balls helped to restore Louis’s confidence that he could in fact do the deed. His imagination began to run riot and he pictured himself hovering over Anne’s hairy pussy with his penis just at the entrance to her vagina and then thrusting in and out and in and out.

Catherine was not the innocent that Anne had been. She was much older and had used her time in her Château to watch through a secret hole into a small bedroom which was used for assignations. This was where her maidservants had secret rendezvous during the day with their lovers. She was very close to the bed and could see very clearly what was going on. She knew the routine of all of them as they quickly removed their clothes and lay on the bed waiting for their lovers’ attention. Sometimes they even wrapped their mouths around their lovers’ penises or positioned their bottoms at the end of the bed to be penetrated from behind.

She had even seen her best friend open her legs for her lover and show him her hairy pussy and she sometimes had an orgasm. The clandestine viewing had caused much excitement in Catherine’s mind and caused her finger to play with her own clitoris.

Catherine lifted herself from the bed and knelt on all fours so that Lebeuf could enter her from behind. Her friends had told her that this position was particularly enjoyable and they were right. In spite of his attempts, Lebeuf was unable to give her an orgasm and when he withdrew his limp penis, it hung in mid-air. Louis had seen enough and now his carnal instincts were aroused. Catherine looked at Louis and said,

“Do this with your wife. It will be a good thing.”

It is an historical fact that Catherine invited Louis into her marriage bed to watch her being deflowered. By any standards this can only be considered to be very unusual as it was generally an act of the utmost privacy. It seems hard to imagine that Catherine would have made the invitation without prompting from the Duke, who was Louis’ best friend and the Royal Chamberlain. It would have been very much in their interests to preserve their power and influence at court by having Louis consummate the marriage. There must have been considerable discussion between Louis and the Duke before Catherine was pressured to make the invitation.

It is likely that the Duke considered it his moral and royal obligation to France to get Louis back in bed with Anne. If Louis had been convinced to take Anne to bed immediately after seeing Catherine deflowered, it would have happened immediately. It didn’t happen. The fact is that he didn’t and he must have needed further convincing. Almost certainly the Duke and Catherine conspired to get Louis to take the initiative. The Duke must have worked out that the first thing to do was to make Louis comfortable with his own sexuality. He had to make his penis his best friend and to get used to making it stiff and ejaculating. He had to understand that his seed had to be implanted into the Queen’s body if he was to have any heirs

The next step was to get Louis familiar with a woman’s body. Having conspired to get Catherine to show her naked body to her half-brother once, it should not have been a great step to get her to do it again. Catherine should instruct Louis in detail what he had to do. It was important to make Louis comfortable with a woman touching him and also being comfortable with a woman’s body so that he would be relaxed when he got into bed with Anne.

Catherine invited Louis to accompany her while they watched one of her prettiest maidservants make love through the secret viewing hole. She looked to see if Louis got an erection but he didn’t. He invited him the next day and he still didn’t get an erection. It would be necessary to go a further step.

All this was happening in the strictest privacy. Catherine invited Louis into her bedroom with nobody else present. The door was locked so that they could not be interrupted. Catherine asked Louis to undress himself while she did the same. They had grown up together and were very comfortable in each other’s presence.

“Louis, you still haven’t gone to Anne’s bed, have you?”


“Why not? Are you still afraid?”

“Yes. Nobody told me what it would be like and I didn’t know what to do and the more I couldn’t do anything, the worse it got. Anne was looking at me as if there was something wrong with me and I panicked.”

It was obvious to her that Louis’ penis was still not erect and she held out her hand to touch it.

“Louis, you’ve now seen a man and a woman make love several times. Would you like me to help you?”

“Catherine. Yes, I want to fulfil my duties as the king.”

“Louis, I want you to get used to your wife touching you. If I move my hand up and down on your penis you will soon become very stiff. Let me touch you. See, isn’t that nice? When you’re with Anne, you’ve got to let her do the same. Once you’ve got a nice and stiff penis you should put it into Anne’s vagina and when your seed comes out, it will become soft again. In a few minutes it will get hard again and you’ll be able to do it again. Do you understand?”


Catherine lay on the bed encouraging Louis to do the same.

“Now that you’re stiff, you have to know where to put it. You remember when I was in bed with the Duke?”

“Of course.”

“Do you remember what he did? Do you remember where he put his penis?”

“Of course I do.”

“I’m going to show you again because I want you to go back to Anne and do what we did, Louis. These are my breasts. Touch them. Feel how soft they are. Now play with my clitoris. This is important because it makes me nice and wet so that a penis can go into me. That’s what the Duke does.”

Catherine opened up her legs and displayed her hairy pussy to Louis.

“I am sure Anne looks just the same as me. See where my finger is. See what it is touching. You have got to do this too. Look at Anne’s face. Make sure she is smiling and is enjoying what you are doing.”

Catherine opened up her lips to make sure that Louis knew where he had to put his penis. She put her finger into her vagina to make sure.

“Can you see where you’re going to put your penis? It won’t hurt. Once you do it, you will like it. My husband likes to do it very much. Did he tell you? “


“You are ready. Go to your wife tonight and prove to everybody that you are a real king.”

All the while that the Duke and Catherine were trying to convince him, Louis wrestled with his previous reluctance to deflower Anne and the carnal desire that had been woken in his body. The panic and the pressure were gone. The idea that he might fail again was diminishing at the same time as his confidence was rising. The images and smell of Anne’s pussy kept returning, as if to haunt him and remind him that he could have enjoyed having his penis engulfed in the warmth of her vagina. If only his penis had become hard instead of remaining soft and lifeless causing him to get worried that there was something wrong with him. If only his father had been alive to tell him what to do.

His penis became hard very frequently and the urgings from everybody around him to go back to Anne increased. The fear that he might put it in and never be able to get it out again evaporated. He tried to bring up visions of her body without the terror from three years ago but found it difficult. All he remembered was that she was very keen for him to penetrate her. If Catherine and the Duke could enjoy it, then so could he.

Nobody will ever know exactly what caused Louis to come to the conclusion that it was time to act but it was likely that it was an insight that making love wasn’t complicated. It was simple as 1-2-3. You got an erection; you got your wife to open her legs; you put it in. That was it.

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