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I was in my senior year in high school, and, when I noticed the English teacher I was going to have this year, my jaw dropped to my knees.

She was about 5’7,” had long, dark red hair, very bright, green eyes, and, I learned her measurements were 55HH-23-39. Up to that time, she had the biggest, hugest NATURAL tits I had ever seen, except for a few porn photos. I knew I wasn’t going to learn much about English in her class, but, that I would learn a lot about HER!

I was sitting in the last seat on the row fronting the big window. After about a week, Ms. Simpson moved me to the next row, in the front seat, and, I figured I was going to have a tough time sitting so close to her. She always pulled her chair out from behind her desk and moved it to just in front of me. I would say she was about 5 feet from me. She had a habit of crossing her legs when she sat, and, I almost died from the view. I was obsessed with just glaring at her and her body, and, I never tried to hide it.

I wondered, briefly, with her being 35-years old, why she wasn’t married, but, it passed quickly as I continued to ogle her. At times, in the class, when she called on students to answer questions that she posed, it included me, and, of course, I never knew the answers.

I had been attending her class for about two weeks, when, after class, she asked me to stay one day. I did, and, she made sure I sat down on a seat I dragged from my desk, which was placed right next to her seat.

“Hoot… what is the problem?” she asked.

“I… I… don’t have a problem, Ms. Simpson,” I answered.

“You certainly do. You are doing poorly with your homework, and, you don’t seem to be following, day-to-day, what is going on here. I think you better come over to my house tonight, or, some night soon. ” My heart felt like it was pounding right out of my chest when she said that.

“If you think it is necessary, Ms. Simpson.. I will,” I said.

“Yes, I do… here is my address. Can you come over tonight about 8 o’clock?” she asked as she gave me the slip of paper.

“Y-y-y-yes,” I sputtered and I could detect a slight smile to her lips.

I went home, did my chores, then, got cleaned up after I ate.

“Hoot… you going somewhere?” my Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom… Ms. Simpson wants me to come over to her house to- night to help me with my schoolwork,” I said, but, I was having something totally different in mind.

I left the house, climbed on my bike, and, wheeled over to her place, some 10 blocks away. I pushed my kick-stand down, walked to the front door and rang the buzzer. When the door opened, my cock immediately jumped to attention as she stood there, one luscious arm on the edge of the door, dressed in a tight-fitting sweater and a skirt that hugged her curves deliciously.

“Please, Hoot… come in,” she said as she waved her arm.

I walked in her house, somewhat nervously.

“Go into the living room Hoot… I’ll bring some tea. “

I settled down into a soft cushion on the couch, noticing the big fireplace, and, some school awards she had won. I heard her steps as she came into the living room carrying a tray which had cups and saucers and a kettle of tea. She sat down on the couch, right next to me. I could feel beads of sweat starting to emerge at my scalpline.

“I don’t know if you take sugar or milk,” she said as she gazed at me. I grabbed the kettle and poured the tea into our cups. She was, to me, acting strangely. Perhaps it was the pheromone I was wearing.

“Now, Hoot… something… is bothering you in class,” she said softly.

“Y-y-y-y-ssss… I… know,” I answered.

“What is it?”

“Ummmm… you!” I answered boldly.

“Me?” she asked.

“Y–y-yes,” I said. “I… umm… if you don’t mind me saying, have an obsession with ladies who are… “

“What, Hoot?” she asked with seemingly renewed interest.

“Umm… umm… well… well-endowed!” I abruptly said.

“Well-endowed? Oh, you must mean my chest,” she answered.

“Y-y-y-yesss… indeed,” I said.

“Want to tell me how this came to be?” she asked, interested.

“Well… ummmm… when I was 8 years old, I saw a photo of a lady… built much like yourself. “

“Is that all? I mean, was it just her in the photo?”

“No… she was with a man… and… “

“Yes… and… what, Hoot? Come on, spill it. “

“She was on the bottom and a man… was straddling her… and,… and… and… they were… breast-balling!” I spit out very, very nervously.

“Kinda young for you to be seeing such things, isn’t it Hoot?”

“Yes… I guess it was… but… it was instrumental in my obsession with… “

“With large breasts, right?” she interrupted. She noticed I was blushing. “Well… in order for you to make any progress in class, it looks like we will have to take care of this problem. “

I looked at her wide-eyed, hardly believing what I heard and trying to make some sense of it.

“Take care of… this… problem?” illegal bahis I asked.

“Yes… of course. And, I have a way we can accomplish this. ” she added.

I took a sip of my tea, my hand shaking so much, I spilled it.

“Shall we begin?” she asked.

“Ummm… yes… how?” I asked.

She moved over on the couch real close to me, turning her body to somewhat face me. She put the flat of her hands on the sides of my face and I saw her moving her face closer and closer… until… her soft lips folded over mine. I squirmed, my cock getting outrageously hard!

My arms, tentatively, wrapped around her, the flat of my left hand under her armpit. I could feel the portion of her tit wrapped around the side of her body. I could also feel she wasn’t wearing a bra!! Her right hand traveled down to my leg, and, she softly squeezed it, before moving it up toward my crotch. I squirmed again as she continued to kiss me with more intensity. She was leaning me, back, back, back, until she was almost over me, her kisses getting hotter and her fingers wandering until she felt the girth of my cock through my trousers. As she rubbed it, she became hotter, and, I groaned.

She broke the kiss and with no hesitation, her hand moved to my zip- per and I could hear the familiar sound of it as she drew it down. Then, she unhooked my belt buckle and, instinctively, I raised my hips so she was able to slide my trousers down my legs. I groaned again, louder!

As she manipulated my hard, throbbing, thick cockmeat on the outside of my briefs, it suddenly popped through the fly of the briefs, and, stood straight up! I saw her eyes widen, as she gazed at it, saying, “My goodness look what we have here!”

I had, up to this point, some very brief sex with a gal when I was fifteen. She wasn’t a virgin, but, as a schoolchild, her pussy was very, very tight, and, she went bonkers as the both of us worked my shaft deep, deep inside her. It didn’t last as I had to pull out and I shot my abun- dant gism all over her. With a couple of others, there was the usual dry- hump situations and a lot of feeling around, but, usually ended at that point.

Here I was with this erotic, hugely endowed schoolteacher, about 18 years older then myself, who was doing things which, I knew, was going to get me off quickly. She was obsessed with looking at the huge, unusual tip of my shaft. I know she was wondering what happened as she could see the crown had sunk down into my shaft making my cock appear like the open end of a pipe. And, when her fingers traveled my length, she drew them over my huge, huge balls, and, she was again, very surprised. My balls are so big, they overflowed her fingers and palm.

As her hand fondled and rolled my balls and jerked along my length, she looked up at me, smiling, and, she said, “I know what you are thinking Hoot! I know you want to slide that grand prick right up between my 55’s, and, you want me to roll them all around your loving cock… right?”

“OH God, YES!! But.. I won’t last, Ms. Simpson!”

“Call me Monica, and, I know you won’t last, but, you are young and you will recuperate!” She backed off and staring right at me, I watched, in near disbelief, as she crossed her arms and lifted her sweater up and off of her. My eyes were glued to two monstrous, fleshy, hot tits, the nipples already up and hard! She moved so that she was between my legs, her knees on the rug in front of the couch! Then, she did something which almost made me spurt right there and then. She pressed the inside of her upper arms against the outside of her breasts, pressing them together, leaving a long, long cleavage line, then, she rocked, side to side, and I gasped as her big twin beauties shook as she moved.

She paused and reached down, behind her, to a small drawer in the coffee table. She brought the small bottle up, and, opened it, pouring some liquid on her huge tits. She capped the bottle, put it on the table, then, brought her hands up to her breasts, working the oil into her tit flesh, in all ways, smiling at me, as she knew this was driving me crazy.

“This feels good… but… your cock is going to feel sooooo much better!” she said sexily. Using her hands she spread my legs wide, and, still wearing my briefs, but, my shaft through the opening of them, she moved closer to me. She had to raise up a little off the floor and holding her breasts wide apart, she thrust her chest at me so that the backside of my cock rested against her. I began to pump and as I did, slowly, with her hands on the sides of her tits, she began bringing them closer… and, closer… closer! My eyes widened as I noticed the insides of her tits very close to the sides of my long length!

She was looking down, watching her breasts come closer and closer to me, and, then… I began to feel, just a little, her titmeat!

“OH GOD! OH GOD! I’M… I’M… I’M… not… going… to… not… going… to… last!!” I hollered out!

Realizing this, in one quick move, she illegal bahis siteleri completely folded her meaty tits all around me!

“Fuck them, Hoot!! Fuck them!!” she hollered.

I pumped, then, I pumped furiously! My balls were over-flowing with sweet, hot, abundant gism! I knew they were going to release their huge load any second now! GOD!! Her tits were out of this world! So hot,… so meaty… so HUGE!!

“UH! UH! UH! UH!” I groaned as she whipped them up and down my length, she, loving how the tip spread her tits and came into view, then, as she raised her tits up, disappeared again! After doing this some several times, her head was bent and she opened her lips as wide as she could letting the tip slip in between them! Her mouth stayed on the tip, sucking… sucking… sucking… her hands whipping, faster and faster, her big, heavy tits up and down my shaft!

“Look… out!! Look… out!! I’m… gonna… gonna… OH MY GOD… gonna… cummmmmmmmmmmm!!” and she braced for it as she felt the tip thicken between her lips and she was ready as the first, long, thick spurt left my balls, raced up my shaft, as I could trace it’s heat, and, gushed into her mouth!

Monica gulped quickly to get more room in her mouth and as she did, the 2nd one blasted over her tongue and impacted against the back of her throat! She swallowed, each time, but, it reached a point where she could not keep up, and, her mouth filled until I could see strings of my cream working out between her gripping lips and the sides of my shaft!

15 seconds… 20… 25… 30… seconds later and… still… my shaft bucked and bucked, releasing unbelievable amounts of hot, sweet, male sperm! Lines of thick cum ran off her chin and fell on my cock and briefs. 32 seconds… 34… 36… and, at the 38th second, my shaft ended it’s big delivery. Monica quickly gulped and sucked my sperm off my shaft, moaning as she did so. She licked my length, as I watched her flat tongue slide along my meaty, veiny shaft! She backed off.

“God… I never knew a man could produce so much,” she said with excitement and she noticed my shaft was still up, hard and pulsing. “We will have to go upstairs,” she said.

“Ummm… Monica? I love the feel of silk on me when a woman is wearing or using it. ” I said.

“I’ll remember that… you come upstairs in about 10 minutes… ok?” She raised up, licking her lips, saying, “Best damn cum I have ever eaten,” and, I watched her as she got to her feet and headed for the stairs. I took a long breath, saying to myself, ‘Damn… I never expected this!’

I waited about 10 minutes, and, as I stood up, grabbing my pants, I laughed at myself as my cock, still very hard, bobbed, as I walked. I went up the steps, and, followed the light coming from her bedroom. I walked in, seeing the large bed, with pillows on one end, and, noticing her bedspread had been rolled back. I pulled my briefs and shirt off, then, climbed on the bed, loving the feel of the silk sheet against my body. My cock pulsed and I could see pre-cum building up in the large hole at the tip. There was a light on her end table, casting a low-emitting glow over the bed. Beyond the bed, I could not see much but I could hear her in the bathroom from a door at the other end of the room.

Then, I saw the door open and she stepped through it. I could only make out a shadow which was moving toward me. When she came into the light from the end table, I was agape, watching her striding toward me in a long, very silky, light blue slip.

She turned, with her hands on her hips, letting me see her big, shapely cheeks through her slip. Then, she turned again, facing me. I couldn’t speak as my eyes went to those humongous tits! She leaned for- ward, placing her hands on her upper legs, and, my eyes went to her tits which were hanging… so far… down… pushing against her slip. I gazed at them… then… she rolled her elbows against the sides of her tits, while still bent forward and she knew what my reaction would be to see her tits bunch up, presenting a long cleavage line.

“See how badly, Hoot… these tits can’t wait to wrap around you and love you?” she said sooooooo sexily. “Are those big balls filling up with lots of sweet gism for me?” she added.

“G-G-G-G-God!!” was all I could say as she gazed at my now very, very hard, and, very, very thick shaft, now sticking way up like a tower.

She began to dance and twirl on her toes, the slip flaring until it was up at her waist, and, I caught glimpses of a very wet, red patch of hair. With her back to me, she began to roll her hips, very slowly. Then, she rolled them faster and faster… and, my hand went to my very excited prick! She bounced them to the left… then, to the right.. and, her body moved like a hula dancer, her tremendous breasts swaying… her hips jutting… first one, then, the other.

“OHHHHH… M-M-M-M-My… G-G-G-GOD!!” I moaned as my eyes were wide open, riveted on her.

She climbed on the bed, saying, canlı bahis siteleri “Next time I’ll show you how an Arabian woman dances to excite their mates. Then, I’ll use the technique when we make love. ” She smiled as her eyes went to my crotch, watching my hand jerk the long, pulsing, thickly-veined pole, the tip purple and angry looking.

“Don’t jerk it too much, baby… as Monica wants those big, big balls so full of sweet, yummy gism, they will flood me!” She moved like a cat on the bed, on hands and knees, her huge tits under the slip, shifting from side to side. As she came closer, she put her hand on my leg and spread it open. She did the same with the other one. “Monica needs a lot of room for what is about to happen,” she said breathily.

Using her hands, she spread her tits wide apart. Then, she motioned for me to start pumping. We both watched as I rolled my hips and the big, open tip slid along her cleavage line. Higher and higher it slid until I felt her tongue swipe at the big tip. I groaned and she smiled.

Then, she slid the flat of her hands to the sides of her massive breasts and she moved her hands back. Slowly… very slowly… she began pushing at the sides and as I pumped, I watched, in awe, as her tits started moving closer to each other. I was sweating profusely at my excitement as they moved closer! Up… down! Up… down! Up…… down! over and over again as her tits were very close to the sides of my shaft! She must have applied body oil in the bathroom as I could feel my shaft being lubricated, hotly, as it slid along her chest!

“Hold on, Hoot! Hold on! Here comes Monica’s hot tits!!” she moaned and I couldn’t believe my eyes as they began to just barely scrape the sides of my shaft! She closed her eyes in pure ecstasy as the insides of her tits began to feel my hot, meaty shaft as she whipped them up and down my length!

“OHHHHHH… God!! I’m… not… I’m… not… oh geeeeeszzz! I’m… not… going… to… last!!” I hollered out as my super- filled balls rolled the gism which was inside of them! I knew it was only a matter of seconds, and, my balls and cock would purge what was inside of them! I went to put my hands on her tits, but, she pushed them away. “No, Hoot… let ME do it!!” she moaned!

I extended my arms out on both sides of me and my fingers pulled on the edges of the mattress as I pumped!

“Yes, Hoot!! YEEEEEESSSSS!! FUCK THEM!! FUCK THEM!! FUCK THEM WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT, BABY!!” Monica cried out! More and more, the inside of her tits pressed against the sides of my cock, and she looked me in the eye, knowing the pleasure she was passing to me!

“UHHHH!! UHHHH!! UHHHHH!!” I groaned, in rhythm with my thrusting hips! She looked down, and, watched, as she began to roll her huge tits around my shaft, delighting in seeing how easily her tits accomadated my thrusting shaft! The mattress and bed spring sqeaked each time I pumped and at this point, I was driving my full length through her hot breasts! Each time I thrusted upward, her tongue whipped and rolled, rapidly around the unusual tip, and, when I let my hips settle back to the bed, she rolled her tits up my length until the tip was at the very bottom of her charms! Monica rolled her shoulders forward in her attempt to get as much breast-flesh around me as possible.

“Fuck them, Hoot! Good Lord… fuck them!!” she urged and I began to do that in earnest! Faster, faster, my shaft slipped up and through her tits, then, down… until the tip was almost free of them.


Quickly, Monica rolled her hot tits down my shaft and she managed to just be able to get her lips around the open tip! Each time, after that… that I pumped… her head came down with my cock as she main- tained her hold on the tip with her mouth!! ‘God… I thought… she… WANTS… me to cum in her mouth!!’

Then, my big, full, heavy balls gave up it’s first release… and I felt it race hotly along my shaft! A second later, it gushed from the open tip, still just inside Monica’s mouth!

“AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!” I hollered out as the first jet of steamy, sweet cum pounded against the back of her throat, and, she quickly consumed it by swallowing! She pressed her tits even harder against my shaft, wanting to provoke more… much more… of my baby- making fluid from my pulsing cock!

She had hardly consumed the first release when another shot from the tip… and, another… and, another!! 10 seconds… 15 seconds,… 20… 25… and, it reached a point where she couldn’t swallow it all as I watched her cheeks begin to bulge!

She allowed some of my cum to escape her lips where it rolled down her chin and fell onto her hot tits! She continued to swallow, fast,… as my non-stop releases lightened the load my balls were handling!

28 seconds… 30… 32… and yet more escaped me! She began to use one hand to hold her tits around me, through the use of her palm and fingers, while, with the other, she bundled some of her silky slip and she fondled and rubbed my balls with her silk-filled hand! She was shocked when her action urged even more columns of hot gism from me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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