The Shower


“You know what we’ve never done?” my Mistress asked me over the phone as she as on her way to my apartment.

“What might that be Ma’am?” I answered.

“We’ve never taken a shower together,” she responded.

I thought it over for a second but it was true we hadn’t. We had shared a lot of experiences together but never a shower. Courtney and I had known each other for years but it had only been recently that our relationship turned sexual and we took on our present BDSM roles. This was her first time being in a purely Dominant role and it was my first time being in an in-person fully submissive role. As with most people, both of us had been in relationships where at time we had taken on a stronger role or deferred at times, but this was a learning experience for both of us taking on these roles full-time.

To her credit, while she had started out tentative, lately she had been really blossoming into her role. At first she was worried about embarrassing herself, doing something I didn’t like or hurting me. I kept reassuring her that she wasn’t going to embarrass herself, that we should be doing stuff she wanted to do and that as long as she didn’t permanently hurt me, any temporary pain would be just fine. Slowly she had gained confidence which was extremely sexy to watch. As she gained that confidence, she began to “push” me much more. When we first started, we attempted some light bondage, some light spanking and Courtney just being more demanding all around. As she gained confidence we moved onto other things but the big turning point was when she purchased a riding crop. It seemed that her swinging that against my ass as I stood in front of her flipped a switch in her. In the past couple of months we had experimented with cross-dressing, chastity, name-calling and we even tried a small strap-on. Courtney’s demeanor had also changed recently as well. As part of her growing confidence she was much more demanding, and knew exactly what she wanted to do. I was enjoying every minute of it.

“You still there?” Courtney asked.

“Yeah sorry, I just drifted off for a second, lost in thought of you in the shower I guess,” I admitted.

Courtney responded, “I’m glad you like that idea. Because that’s what I have planned to do tonight.”

I smiled and told her how good that sounded to me.

We hung up the phone after she instructed me to be sure to have a couple of beers in the freezer as she liked them “frosty.”

I waited in anxious anticipation. When we first started with our new relationship I had always been anxious as it was all a new exciting experience. However, since Courtney started gaining confidence, I noticed I was beginning to have nervousness around her Maltepe Sınırsız Escort visits. As I mentioned she had begun pushing my comfort level. At first we were on my time-table, and now we were solidly on hers. It allowed me to be 100% submissive but with that came some anxiety.

Courtney arrived at my apartment about 30 minutes later. I let her in and provided her with her “frosty” beer. We each finished our drink and Courtney said, “Well, let’s go take our shower, I have a little surprise for you.”

I quickly led the way to the shower as I was very anxious to see Courtney with water cascading over her naked body. She was so very sexy, standing at 5’6″ with such a juicy ass and her luscious 36D breasts. Courtney ordered me to strip down which I did so in front of her. A few weeks earlier she had decided I should be hairless from the neck down and so I stood in front of her fully aroused and not a piece of hair on me except on my head.

She smiled at me and said, “oh look at that, your cute little cock seems very excited for me. It seems even smaller without any hair anywhere though. Still it is cute you’re trying.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond to that as it was the first time she ever mentioned the size of my cock before.

I watched her strip, first revealing her luscious tits, and then peeling down her pants. When she lowered her pants, I was in for a surprise. She had worn her strap-on harness. For some reason, the fact that she wore it over to my apartment was even more of a turn-on than if she had put it once she got there. What also surprised me as she lowered her pants was the large light purple dildo she had sticking out from the harness. As I said we had played with a strap-on dildo before, but it was a very thin 5 inch dildo. Definitely a “starter” size. This one was much thicker, and definitely as longer.

Courtney stood in front of me now naked except for her cock sticking out in front of her.

“Surprised?” she asked. I could only nod my head in agreement.

She laughed and said, “It is a little bit bigger than you’re used to but I’ve been thinking it over, and I think it is important for a submissive like yourself to know what it feels like to have a real cock inside of him. The prior one was more your size and we both know that that isn’t big enough. I think a submissive should have to take a cock bigger than he is. Fortunately for you, your cock isn’t that big to begin with so it wasn’t difficult to find a dildo bigger than you. However, while this one 8 inches long and an inch and a half thick, I think we can call this one a medium sized one. Obviously, you’re goal will be to take a bigger one but that’s a conversation Maltepe Suriyeli Escort for another time.”

By this time I just stood there dumbfounded. I couldn’t imagine this one going inside me let alone anything bigger. Courtney started giggling as I stood with my mouth open.

“Clearly you like this idea as that little cock of yours is as hard as can be and is dripping precum like a faucet. Let’s get into the shower so we can start the fun,” Courtney said as she ran her hand up and down her cock. “Oh you might want to go grab the lube as I’m thinking you’re going to feel this.”

I leaned into the shower and started the water and then went to grab my lube. When I got back, Courtney was already under the water. She was the sexiest thing I had ever seen with the water cascading down her large tits and running onto the purple dildo sticking out.

She saw me gawking at her and said, “Get in here so that I can show you what a real cock is.”

I stepped into the shower with her and she told me, “kneel down in front of me.” I slowly kneeled down, her plastic cock right in front of my face. I had kneeled in front of her many times before. Normally it was to lick her pussy, on occasion it was to suck on the small dildo we had played with before, this was the first time it was much different.

I looked at the plastic dildo in front of me. The water was running down the shaft and slowly dripped off the end. Courtney, put her hand behind my head, pulled my hair and my head back and said, “open up slut.”

As soon as my mouth opened, Courtney thrusted her hips and the large thick dildo slipped past my lips and entered my mouth. Within moments I had gagged on the plastic cock and Courtney told me, “keep sucking my little slut, I know you’re not used to being around large cocks like this.”

I had been on my knees for five minutes when Courtney said, “now time for the main event.” When she withdrew the dildo from my mouth I moved my jaw around as it had been in the same position for five minutes. Courtney laughed and said, “oh dear, if you think your jaw is sore after five minutes, I can’t imagine what your ass is going to feel like when I’m done. Now turn around and put your hands on the wall.”

It felt as if I were being arrested as I had to “assume the position.” I felt Courtney begin to lube my ass and within moments I felt the head of her dildo at my ass. “You ready to feel what a man’s cock is like?” Courtney taunted. “It for sure will be more than you’re used to. It’s so much bigger than your cock, I can only imagine how inferior you’re going to feel after this.”

She was playing head games, I knew it, but it was working nonetheless. Maltepe İranlı Escort At this point my cock did feel inferior, even though I had never felt that before. But after having this dildo in my mouth for five minutes it was clear it was much larger than I was.

Courtney then began to push against my ass, within a few minutes Courtney’s cock slipped inside me. I let out a moan as it began to violate me. The water was still splashing on our backs as Courtney slowly pushed the dildo into my ass. I was bent over at the waist with my hands on the far wall.

“Oh that looks so good, bent over like the whore you are, taking my cock up your ass,” Courtney told me. With each additional inch, she would remind me how much bigger this dildo was than my cock. Before long she had all eight inches inside me. When it was entirely inside of me, she held it there, grinding her hips against my ass. I felt as if I were going to be split in half.

I couldn’t help but moan as she moved her hips with the dildo buried inside of me. She then began to slowly fuck me with her cock. Before long she had built into a rhythm forcefully pushing the dildo into my ass. Each time she thrusted into me, she grunted a bit and pulled my hips towards her. It was as if each time she wanted to push the dildo deeper into me. I had no choice but to grunt each time she pushed her hips into me in response. While this hurt unbelievably as my ass was stretched open, my cock was growing harder and dripping pre-cum.

She continued her head games telling me, “This is now the new standard. From now on, this cock will be in your ass. You better get used to it and before long, we will move up to an even bigger size.”

Continuing she said, “I can only imagine how this cock makes you feel with it up your ass, tell me how mediocre you think you own cock is now.” As she ended her sentence she thrust her hips again and buried the dildo deep in me.

I let out a loud groan and had to admit to her that this sized dildo in my ass did make me feel inferior in regards to my own size. She giggled when I admitted it, and said, “Just wait, that ass is going to take so much more in the future.” With that she roughly fucked me for the next five minutes, telling me how much larger the cocks were going to get and comparing their size to my own. It felt as if she wanted that cock to come out my mouth she was thrusting so hard.

When she was done, Courtney pulled out of my ass and I felt empty. Empty and of course VERY sore.

After we had dried off and cleaned up, Courtney led me to the couch while she was still nude. She laid on her back and spread her legs. “Since your cock isn’t enough to satisfy me, put your tongue to use,” she instructed me.

I spent the next two hours pleasing her with my tongue; I brought her to multiple orgasms while she continued to berate my cock size and continued to talk about the dildo I had just taken up my ass.

Finally, Courtney sat up and said with a devilish smile, “Let’s take a shower.”

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