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John Hanley had it made. At 35, he had just become the youngest senior executive in his company’s history. His salary was guaranteed to be in the six figure range, and with bonuses, he could easily take home half a million this year.

Home life was equally as good. His wife of ten years, Linda, was incredibly supportive of his heavy work load. She understood every time he had to work late or cancel a social event because of a meeting. She carried the load when it came to the care of their three children, making sure that everything looked after around the home.

At 5’ 8” and 115 lbs., Linda had managed to stay in great shape after the children were born. It helped having a work out room in the house. John had kept their home gym equipped with the latest fitness tools, and even covered the cost of a personal trainer who came to the house twice a week to keep Linda on schedule.

Yes, John Hanley had it made. And he knew it. After all, he had grown up with very little, raised in a single parent home by his mom after his dad had run off with another woman. John and his two sisters shared a room right up until he had turned fourteen. His mom struggled along, pulling in minimum wage as a waitress as a local greasy spoon, putting all of her money into raising her children. She loved them more than anything in the world, and she sacrificed herself in order to better the kids.

John could remember the years on welfare, when they would live on Kraft Dinner and hotdogs. His mom would do her best to make birthdays and Christmas special events, and would usually go into debt making sure there were at least a few presents to celebrate with.

During his teen years, John found himself continually getting into trouble with the law. Fights and petty crimes would earn him a trip in the back of a squad car and a lecture from his mom. Neighbors started to whisper about him, telling each other that it wouldn’t be long before he would find himself doing major time.

The event that probably had the most significant impact on changing John’s life was his high school senior year English class. The teacher was an older man by the name of David Sherbrooke. Mr. Sherbrooke was a year or two away from retirement the year John took his class. For some reason, teacher and student hit it off, and John found himself spending a lot of his free time with Mr. Sherbrooke.

David Sherbrooke would take John boating on the weekends, setting sail soon after last class on Friday, and spending the entire weekend on the water. They would spend the time talking about life, Mr. Sherbrooke sharing his experiences with the young boy.

It was on one of those boating weekends that David Sherbrooke challenged John with his future. He pushed the young man to get focused, to use his brain, to settle for nothing less than excellence. And young John soaked in the motivating speech. If Mr. Sherbrooke believed in him, then, damn it all, he would believe in himself. He could do something with his life. Work hard, make a lot of money, provide for his mom and sisters, and enjoy everything he didn’t have growing up.

John finished his final year with the best marks he had ever received. He headed off to University the following year, working part-time to pay for his studies. It was hard, and he had to keep his focus on school work instead of socializing, but it finally paid off. He graduated with honors and found himself with a great job before school was even done.

He and Linda met about three weeks after he started his job. She was a secretary for one of the top executives and John worked as an assistant to a guy who was under her boss. John would deliver paperwork to Linda on a daily basis, and would always joke around with her. He finally got up the nerve to ask her out, and they hit it off immediately. They were married within six months of their first date, and had never looked back.

John was happy. He had absolutely no complaints about anything in his life. And he knew it.

As he headed home late Friday afternoon, he found himself thinking back over the years. And he smiled. He reached down and turned up the radio, letting the dance music blast, and began to sing along. The traffic was light tonight, and he would be home in about twenty minutes. He and Linda were going to take in the newest Tom Hanks movie tonight, and then head over to a club for a few drinks.

The black BMW pulled into the driveway and pulled to a stop beside the candy apple blue Harley-Davidson Fatboy. John jumped out of the vehicle and headed up the driveway and into the house.

“Hey baby! Come to daddy!” He yelled, expecting Linda to come around the corner to greet him like she did most nights. But no greeting came. He listened quietly for a minute, and could hear movement in the living room.

“Babe?” he called out in the direction of the room, “You home?”

Her voice was soft and sad. “Hey, John. I’m in here.”

John slowly made his way down the hallway and into the living room. Linda güvenilir bahis was sitting on the couch, the cordless phone beside her. She had been crying for some time, and was wiping her puffy eyes dry.

“What’s going on?” John asked, the concern very obvious in his voice.

“Adam left Tammy.” She said matter-of-factly.

“What?” John replied in disbelief.

Adam was Linda’s baby brother. They were only two years apart, and had always been very close. They grew up hanging around the same friends, and always enjoyed each other’s company. Unlike most siblings, they loved to be together, and even found that they usually dated each other’s friends. In fact, Tammy had been one of Linda’s best friends since grade school, and they were the maid of honor in each other’s wedding.

“Why?” John said, still in shock.

Linda looked up at her husband and whispered, “Tammy was having an affair, and Adam found out. He walked in on her and some asshole. They were actually doing it in the house! I mean, she was fucking some prick in her own bed!”

John was lost for words. He immediately had a visual of Tammy in bed with this stranger. He pictured her riding his cock, her naked body bouncing up and down on his manhood. He could envision Adam walking in and seeing his tender wife riding another man as they fucked on his own bed.

Tammy was an incredible looking woman. In fact, her nickname was Barbie because of her long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and incredible figure. She was always focused on her appearance and was the greatest influence on Linda for keeping in shape and looking sexy.

John always considered Tammy a real flirt. Many times she would make subtle comments to John about the two of them, but John always laughed it off. She loved to cuddle, and would often greet John with a very close hug, her breasts pushing up hard against his chest.

He enjoyed the flirting, and even found himself fantasizing about her from time to time. It was hard not to wonder what it would be like to fuck her. Especially when the four of them went swimming together. John would find himself doing what every other guy at the beach was doing, staring at Tammy’s very tight ass and incredibly firm tits.

A few times he would even pretend it was Tammy he was fucking when he and Linda were having sex. He would pump his wife from behind, her ass equally as tight as his sister-in-law, but in his mind, it would be Tammy’s ass he was pumping.

He would often feel guilty about his fantasies. After all, his wife was a great looking women in her own right. Just as guys would drool over Tammy, they would also scan up and down Linda’s body. He could sense pricks growing every time his wife and Tammy walked along the water. It turned him on knowing that she was his, and every guy envied him for having her. And yet, sometimes he thought about Tammy.

But how could Tammy cheat on Adam? John immediately wondered how innocent her flirting had been with him. Could she have been serious when she would tease him about how he looked? He thought about the last time the four of them had been together. They had gone away for the weekend on the motorcycles, cruising through the mountains.

As they had pulled up to the hotel on the second night, Tammy had walked by John and took him by the arm and whispered in his ear, “Too bad they are brother and sister. After all that vibration, I’m in the mood for a little swapping, you know, me and you in a room together. What would we do?”

John had smiled back and simply said, “I’ve always wanted to do Barbie, maybe we should send them out to a movie.”

“Hmmm.” Tammy replied, kissing him gently on the cheek before walking over towards Adam.

She said things like that to him all the time. But she was just kidding, wasn’t she? All of a sudden, John wasn’t so sure. He began to wonder if she had been serious about fooling around with him. What would it have been liked to sleep with her? To feel her breasts and to eat her pussy?

John tried to focus in on his wife, who was clearly upset at the entire situation. He moved over and sat down beside her, wrapping his arms around her as she started to cry again. He held her, not saying anything, trying his best to keep his mind from going in the direction it wanted to go. Trying to do his best not to think of Tammy.

Linda gave Adam a call and invited him for supper. They decided to cancel their evening out and spend it focusing on Adam and how they could help him through this difficult time. It was hard to know what to do. After all, Linda and Tammy had been friends forever. And while she had no hesitation in supporting her brother, she still cared for Tammy and wanted to see how she was doing.

Adam arrived and they sat down to eat. During the meal, Adam retold the story of walking in on his wife and the stranger. John listened intently, but found his mind focusing on what it would have been like to see Tammy and the other man fucking. What would it have been like to türkçe bahis be the other man? He simply could not stop thinking about Tammy in a sexual way.

After dinner, they moved into the den to talk over a drink. Adam was doing okay, despite the feelings of betrayal and anger. “You know,” he said, taking the rum and coke from his sister, “I’d take her back in a minute if she just says sorry. If she promised to work it out and make things right, I’d forgive her.” He looked down at his drink and sighed.

“Really?” Linda asked, staring at her brother. “You’d forgive her? That’s amazing, bro. I mean, I knew you were a loving kind of brother, but forgive her for cheating on you? I don’t know if I could do that. I mean,” Linda looked over at John, “if John ever screwed around on me, I don’t think I could ever forgive him.”

“Remember that, pal.” Adam said, winking at John.

John was picturing Tammy naked. He was imagining her standing in front of him, smiling seductively, inviting him to come to her. Her breasts pointed out firm from her chest. Her nipples were erect, pointing out from quarter-size brown circles. Her long straight blond hair fell down over them, and while the one hand was motioning him to come, the other was at her face, a finger slowly moving over her bright red lips; lips so full and shiny, so perfect for sucking his cock … “Earth to John! Come in John!”

John jumped slightly as he looked over at his wife who was pretending she was speaking into a headset. “Huh?” he said, realizing that he was not paying attention at all to the conversation at hand.

“I said,” Linda smiled, her eyes rolling, “that if I caught you cheating on me, I’d kill the bitch and then castrate you. So, you better make sure she’s worth it before you fool around on me.”

John smiled, trying to act normal, “Fool around on you? The way you keep me busy in bed? I’d be a disappointment to any other woman, you keep me so satisfied that I have no energy to consider another woman.”

John caught himself as soon as the words came out. He looked over at Adam and sheepishly said, “Not that Tammy wasn’t satisfied with you. I mean …”

“Hey, stop before you have to put both feet in, man! Don’t worry about it. I can’t believe it was about her not being satisfied. To be honest, we have a great sex life, I mean, we do it all the time, everywhere, even some kinky stuff …”

This time it was Linda who interrupted, “Hey boys, with all respect, I don’t really feel like listening to my brother brag to my husband about how much he fucks my best friend. I mean, way, way too much information there!”

They all laughed as John got up and poured another round.

The conversation changed to other things, and they found themselves enjoying each other’s company for the evening. Near midnight, Adam got up to leave, hugging his sister and John as he started for the door.

As he put on his shoes, he turned and said, “Can I ask you guys a favor?”

Both John and Linda responded together, “Of course, anything.”

“Talk to her. Find out what’s going on with her. I mean, if she’s truly sorry and wants to work it out, I’m willing to do it. I just need to know why. Does she love this guy? She says he was just someone she met, and that she doesn’t love him, but I need to know for sure.”

Linda hesitated for a minute, “I don’t know if I can talk with her yet. I mean, it’s so soon. I’m still so mad at her.”

Adam looked at John. “Why don’t you talk with her. I mean, she might be more comfortable talking to you about it since you’re not my sister and all.”

“Good observation there, Adam, I’m not your sister.” John said, smacking Adam in the shoulder. John found himself having to control his breathing as he said, “I’d be happy to try and talk to her. I’ll give her a shout tomorrow and try to arrange to have coffee with her. We’ll work this out buddy.”

Adam hugged them both again and then left. John and Linda stood and watched her brother walk down the driveway and get into his car. Linda sighed, “Poor Adam.”

She closed the door and turned towards John and slid into his arms. He held her tight and kissed her forehead. She sighed again and whispered, “I love you John. I’m so glad you are mine.”

“I love you too,” John replied, holding his wife tighter. His mind began to drift again to Tammy, but he fought to focus on the woman in his arms.

The next morning, John picked up the phone and dialed the number that Adam had left for him. He waited it rang a few times. After five rings, he started to move the phone away from his ear, when he suddenly heard Tammy’s familiar voice. “Hello?”

He paused for a second, his heart skipping a beat at the sound of her, then said, “Hey Tam! It’s John here. How you doing, kid?”

The phone was silent for a minute. John waited, letting Tammy settle. He could tell his call was unexpected, and he didn’t want her to feel tense, so he waited. Finally she answered, “Hey John. I’m okay I guess. Of course you family güvenilir bahis siteleri thinks I’m a slut from hell, but other than that.”

John tried to sound reassuring, “Nobody thinks that, Tam. Honest. Listen, I’d like to see you. To talk. To help. How about letting me buy you a coffee?”

Once again, John waited out Tammy’s silence. “I guess so, John. But why don’t you come here. I’m staying at the Best Western for a few nights until I sort things out. We can have a drink here in the room and talk in private. I don’t want to get emotional in public, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll be there at one o’clock this afternoon. See you then, Tam.”


John hung up and sat quietly for a few minutes. His mind drifted back to his dreams from last night. He had found himself thinking of his sister-in-law all night long. They went from one sexual act to another, their passion was intense and unending. They had behaved like animals, doing perverted and filthy things with each other. They talked dirty, their words filled with coarse descriptions of the things they were doing.

He had woken up with a jolt around five in the morning. He was covered with sweat, and his breathing was quick. Linda was sound asleep, turned with her back to him, completely unaware of what had been going on in his head.

He suddenly realized that his underwear was wet. He reached down and felt the sticky goo in his shorts, and was surprised to discover that he had cum during his dream. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a wet dream, but here he was, laying beside his wife, his shorts covered in his own cum as a result of a dream about fucking his sister-in-law.

Quietly he had climbed out of bed and cleaned up, washing out the underwear and putting on a fresh pair, before getting back into bed. He couldn’t fall back asleep, and so found himself just laying there until the sun came up.

Once again, Linda interrupted his thoughts. “Did you get a hold of her?” She asked, walking into the room.

“Yeah,” John said, nodding in her direction, “I’m going to meet her this afternoon.”


“Oh, at a coffee shop just down the street from where she’s staying.” John told the lie without thinking about it. It wasn’t like he had thought anything about meeting with Tammy in the hotel room, but when it came to telling his wife that he would see her there, he just lied.

Linda straightened out a cushion on the couch. “I’m glad she’s willing to see you. I have that ladies thing I have to go to, so I wont be home until late tonight, but I’ll be very interested to hear what she has to say.”

“Yeah, me too, babe.” John said, standing up and kissing his wife.

Linda left about an hour before John, jumping in the BMW and heading down the street. John peeked out the window and watched her drive away, continuing to stare long after she was out of sight.

He headed back upstairs to get ready to meet Tammy. He was wearing his typical Saturday clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. But he found himself reaching for his cologne and rinsing his mouth with mouth wash. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was becoming at the thought of seeing Tammy.

“C’mon, John!” He said out loud, “Knock it off. You’re going there to try and put her marriage back together. Fucking her wont help the situation. Besides, she’s not interested. She made a mistake, and the last thing she’ll be thinking about is doing it again.”

Yet, the more he tried to convince himself that nothing was going to happen, the more nervous he became. Finally he grabbed his helmet and headed outside, jumping on the Harley, figuring a short drive would clear his head before he met up with Tammy.

He pulled up to the hotel and parked his bike, dropping his helmet over the mirror. John nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he walked through the main doors of the Best Western and over to the elevators. His hands were sweaty as he pressed the button for Tammy’s floor, and he held his breath in a vain attempt to settle his nerves as the elevator climbed to the correct floor.

John paused outside the door to her room. He took another deep breath and reminded himself to stay focused. He was there to try and act as a mediator between Tammy and his wife’s brother.

He knocked softly and could hear movement on the other side of the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and Tammy smiled at him.

He took in her beauty once again. After fantasizing about her all night, he was caught off guard at seeing her in the flesh. Her hair was up in a ponytail, revealing her long, slender neck. She was wearing a cut-off shirt, exposing her belly. It held tight to her chest, her breasts pushing out from the material, clearly revealing that she was not wearing a bra. Her jeans were skin tight, wrapping down her long legs, showing off her very muscular figure.

She looked at him through piercing baby blue eyes, that jumped with energy and life. “Hey John,” she said, smiling through full lips, covered in deep red lipstick. “I’m glad you came.”

John took in a deep breath and his sense filled with her sweet perfume. The powerful aroma drew him, causing his heart to race even faster. “Me too,” was all he could think of saying.

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