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Chapter 3

Tommy Somers surfed the internet and usually ended up looking at porn sites. As he was scrolling through one of the major sites free section he noticed a model on her knees and hands with her ass spread wide open. He was about to get his sleeved masturbator when he noticed something about the models ankle that looked familiar. There was a small scar on her ankle that looked just like the one mom has he thought to himself. As he clicked for more pictures of this model he came upon a few more but none showed her face clearly. Could this model be his mother he thought to himself and realized that he had an erection just thinking about it. He clicked the join page on the site and for $8.99 he could join for five days. Feeling excited he got his credit card that mom had given to him for emergencies and although it only had a $500 limit he at least could use it. Not yet he thought to himself, maybe I better check out that scar again before I join a porn site.

Jane came home from work and made a quick supper for her and Tommy. “Hey mom,” Tommy said. “Do you still have that scar on your ankle from last year when you fell off the bike?”

Jane was a little surprised he asked such an odd question but raised her ankle and looked at the scar as did Tommy and he knew she was the model in the picture. Instantly he got an erection just thinking that he had to join that porn site too see more pictures of his mother. Jane slowly realized something was odd about his question and then the thought occurred to her that the website she posed for may very well be a site Tommy has seen. She could feel herself getting wet thinking that Tommy maybe looking at pictures of her posing naked.

“Why did you ask about my scar?” she asked him looking at him and trying and gauge his reaction. He acted calm and tried to explain that the thought just came out of no where and she knew he was lying. “Well, I never could be a model,” she said.

“I don’t know about that mom, I think you’re hot” Tommy said.

“Well, maybe I could pose for Sears or even a JC Penny catalogue,” Jane replied. They were both playing cat and mouse and both getting excited as well. “But I am too old to pose for Playboy.”

“I don’t think so mom, in today’s world it is websites that are the hot thing and I bet you do really good with a lot of guys wanting to look at you.” Tommy said. “I would love to find someone who looks like you and you’re hotter than girls in their twenty’s,” he added.

“Well with your college tuition starting next year I may have to check into modeling.” Jane said.

“I think it would be exciting.” Tommy replied.

Jane felt a burden lift off her chest as she realized he probably knows she is posing nude but has no problem with it. They talked a while more and then Tommy got up and Jane could clearly see his erection. Tommy did his best to hide it, but he was just too excited to not have it still standing up.

Tommy went to his room and called up the website that he thought had pictures of his mother, He picked a user name and password then entered his credit card number and signed up for a month at $24.99. With his heart racing he put a towel on his chair and stripped naked and got his sleeved masturbator and lotion and began to go through the picture menu. His heart almost stopped when he came upon pictures of his Aunt Pam riding some guys cock. He stroked his cock and then found what he was looking for; pictures of his mother. They started out tame but quickly evolved to wide open pussy shots. He thought he was going to explode as he clicked from image to image. He then went to the video section and clicked on latest and there was a video of his mother giving a kid his age a handjob.

He downloaded the video and then watched it and started jerking off as he saw Jane rubbing the kid’s ass and balls. Finally, it was too much and he exploded into the sleeved tool. Wow he thought to himself and Aunt Pam fucking a guy too. Wonder if there are pictures of mom with a guy, he thought to himself but figured that would wait for tomorrow.

The next night they were having supper and out of the blue Tommy said that he read an article that masturbation relieves stress especially in teenagers and he hoped if she ever walked in his room when he was masturbating that she would not be angry with him.

“Why would I be angry? It’s healthy for young men at your age to masturbate. It would be odd if you didn’t, then I would worry,” Jane said. “I am a grown woman so it would not bother me to see you jerking yourself off.” Jane could not believe she just said jerking off to her son but she was too excited to control herself. “Do it whenever you want to and don’t worry about me. Don’t feel you have to hide or you are doing something wrong, actually it would be exciting if I walked in by accident one day while you were masturbating.”

Tommy’s cock was about to explode but he felt there was a game going on and thought for a second and said how he cruises güvenilir bahis the internet before he goes to bed.

“I always sleep better after jerking off.” he said. “Sometimes I can go twice really quickly, especially if I am looking at a hot model.”

Jane could feel the wetness between her legs as she listened to Tommy talk about jerking off to pictures of models. “Well, maybe I will check in on you before I go to bed around 9:00 and we can talk more.” Both knew exactly what she was saying. Jane also felt relieved knowing that Tommy was masturbating to images of women. For a while now she feared he maybe gay but now those fears are gone.

At 8:55 Tommy was sitting at his computer naked and with his sleeved tool stroking his cock. He had jerked off an hour before so he knew he could last a little while before he would cum. Jane had a night shirt and she trimmed it so it was very short and opened Tommy’s door and there he was jerking himself off. “Oh, hi Mom,” he said and continued jerking himself off slowly.

Jane came around and looked at the picture on the screen and realized it was a picture of her with her ass and pussy wide open. “You like that picture?” she asked him. Tommy looked at the picture and then he clicked it and said I like this one better and it showed Jane with her legs wide open and it showed her face unmistakably. “So you like pussy shots to get you off,” Jane said and added, “She is an attractive model.”

Tommy could not take it any longer and started shooting white globs of cum onto his chest. Jane watched and could feel her own liquid dripping down her legs as Tommy milked the last of his cum out of his cock. “Now you can get a good night’s sleep,” Jane said and kissed his forehead and walked out of the room. As she was leaving Tommy noticed how short her t-shirt was and thought to himself how he had to ask her to wear it more often.

Saturday morning the phone rand and Jane heard Sandy’s voice. They talked for a few minutes almost as old friends. “I was wondering if you have time today to do a photo and video shoot. Shawn has expressed a willingness to do more shoots with you and he has turned down all other models.”

Jane quickly thought and said, “That would be good for today actually but I have to ask you about AIDS and other STD’s. I was not careful the other day and what about Shawn and his history.

Sandy explained that Shawn just started and she was his first partner and, “He feels like he is with an older sister, if that makes sense to you,” she said. “He is naive in some ways but he has the look they are going for, just as you do not have that jaded look that so many other models have.”

“Ok, I feel relieved and I can be there in about two hours if that is alright with you,” Jane said. Sandy agreed and they set time at about noon or so. Jane could feel herself getting excited with thought of being with Shawn and also how she and Tommy are teasing each other.

Tommy came into the kitchen and Jane said she had to go do some errands and would be back later that afternoon. She was surprised when Tommy asks her, “More modeling today? You should bring that little night shirt you had on last night, it is such a tease.”

Jane did not know quite what to say and then figuring he knew what she was doing said, “Tommy, this is between you and me as to what I am doing. It goes no further to friends or anybody, OK? I need the money for your tuition and this is one way that seems to get a lot of money for what I think is simple and I end it when I feel we are enough ahead for college.”

Tommy looked at his mother and knew she was talking from her heart and was a good and decent person. “I know and trust you Mom and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. You are so hot though in those pictures and I understand what you are doing. Maybe I could do some posing too to get tuition down.”

Jane did not see that coming and was caught off guard. She thought to herself how much he looked like Shawn, and if it would be wrong to expose him to this part of life. The thought did excite her though, so she just said they would have to talk about it later. All the way up to Sandy’s studio she kept thinking of how taboo and exciting it would be to see Tommy posing.

Sandy was waiting for her, and they sat and chatted like old friends. As they were talking, Jane felt a bond with this woman and she blurted out that her teenage son had discovered her pictures on the internet. Sandy asked how that made her feel, and Jane was honest and said it excited her knowing he was looking at her naked.

“I know some part of me says it is wrong but another part says it is so exciting too,” Jane said.

“I have to tell you something and hope you are OK with it. Shawn is my teenage son. This was going to be his first time posing and we both just felt so comfortable with you. College is so expensive and we both are trying to save some money so he does not go too far in debt with student loans. I hope you are not türkçe bahis angry or think we are perverts.”

Jane smiled and told Sandy she was doing this for tuition reasons, too, and her son had asked about posing, too. Both women felt a relief knowing how much alike they really were and comfortable with each other on many levels.

Sandy and Jane went to a room that had a large bed in it and Sandy said that the website saw their video and wanted some hardcore posing and then another video. Shawn was sitting on a chair watching as both women talked like two coaches discussing a game. Sandy said that she thought Jane had a good feel for what was needed and would let her direct herself and Sandy would just take the pictures. Jane looked at Shawn and commented how much her son Tommy looks just like him.

For the next ten minutes she teased Shawn with posing and opening her pussy and ass for him to see. “I bet you would like to suck my pussy and I will suck your cock, how’s that sound sweetie?” Jane said, teasing him more. Jane straddled his legs with her ass facing him, and started backing up until her ass was right over his face.

“Come on baby, suck me dry,” she said to Shawn. All this was new to him, but he started sucking her lips and instinctively moved to her clit. “Do you like sucking my pussy with your mother watching?” Jane said and this only drove Shawn to suck her harder. Sandy, too, was so turned on watching her son eat Jane out. Jane lowered her head and started sucking Shawn’s cock slowly up and down, she teased him and she could also feel her own climax coming.

Jane starts stroking Shawn with her mouth and she could tell he was about to explode just as she felt her own orgasm approaching. “Come on baby, shoot your cum in my mouth,” Jane said and instantly like on command Shawn started cumming in Jane’s mouth. She sucked him up and down as Sandy moved around for the best pictures. Finally, as Jane sucked the last of his cum, she got up and told Shawn how exciting it is to be with him.

After a rest they did a small video of about ten minutes. It was another handjob scene and Jane added her own ideas as she stroked Shawn’s cock and whispered to him how he must like it having his mother watch him shoot his cum all over another woman’s hands. Jane could feel how excited Shawn got when ever she mentioned Sandy watching him cum. Shawn shot his load into Jane’s hands as he stroked him dry.

After the shoot Jane got dressed and she went out into the office where Sandy was sitting. “I was wondering if we could talk for a few minutes,” Sandy said. Sandy brings up idea Jane had mentioned earlier about Tommy wanting to model too, and was wondering if it was something that might be possible. Jane had indeed been thinking of the same thing and expressed her feelings to Sandy.

“I don’t know how you feel, but I myself have been thinking of taking advantage of the modeling aspect; shooting the video and taking pictures does not nearly bring the same pay as modeling and I know they would accept me. I just have been reluctant until now to do any posing. Maybe because how we connect it has made me think of it more.”

Jane looked at Sandy and asked that if Tommy did come in and pose would Sandy be his partner for possible photo and video shoots.

“I’d feel better if you were with him much like how I think you feel when I am with Shawn,” Jane said. Sandy says she would be willing and both women laughed when Jane said how they are swapping sons.

“How about if we set a day to see how Tommy does. I know how shy Shawn was until he met you,” Sandy said to Jane. “We can do a little coaxing to see how he will react,” Sandy added.

Jane smiled and said she would approach the subject this weekend and maybe one night next week they could see what happens. Sandy agreed and Jane left and as she drove the forty minute ride she could feel herself getting excited. The thought of Tommy and Shawn drove her wild with desire as she concentrated on driving home.

Jane walked in around 5:30, and found Tommy watching TV. “So how was the modeling today,” Tommy asked his mother. Jane said it went well, and she wanted to talk to him later about an idea she had if he was interested. Tommy could feel his cock getting hard wondering what she wanted to talk about. Jane cooked supper and cleaned up and then went and took a shower.

Starting to put on her robe, she remembered what Tommy said last night about her short night shirt, and she puts that on instead, without any panties. She walked into the living room, but Tommy was not there, so she went to his bedroom where she found him sitting at his computer naked stroking his cock.

Jane said, “Find any good pictures to jerk off to,” and Tommy motions for her to look. There is a picture of her ass up in the air and pussy wide open. “You like ass shots don’t you sweetie?” and then mentioned what he had said earlier about modeling, and Tommy kept stroking his cock and asked about who would take güvenilir bahis siteleri pictures and if she would be there. Jane explained about Sandy but did not mention Shawn; not yet she thought to herself.

“You could watch me do a photo shoot one night next week if you want to,” Jane said.

“I would like to try and see how I like it,” Tommy said and they discussed some of what would be involved and then Tommy started to cum as Jane mentioned that Sandy would do some of the hardcore shots with him. He pumped his cum all over his chest as Jane looked on with her own excitement building.

Monday night Sandy called Jane and was wondering if they were available for the following night. Jane said that would be fine and she and Sandy discussed what Tommy had said and that he seemed comfortable with it. Sandy said that Jane could do some posing and they could see where they go from there. Jane asked if she and Tommy do work together, who was going to do video and photo shoots. Sandy said that she has a friend who is also in the business and she would take care of that end.

“Will she be there tomorrow night?” Jane asked Sandy. Sandy said she could have her swing by if Jane thought it might be a good idea. “You never know what might happen,” Jane added. They hung up and Jane told Tommy about what they will be doing tomorrow night. Jane could tell how excited he was and told him not to relieve himself tonight which made Tommy want even more to jerk himself off. “Maybe Sandy can help you out tomorrow night sweetie,” Jane added.

Tuesday night Jane and Tommy opened the door to Sandy’s studio and Tommy instantly got hard when Sandy introduced herself. “Let’s do some pictures of you Jane to get warmed up. Kathy could not make it tonight but we could do a dry run, you might say, to see how things will go.” Jane put on a small bikini in the changing room and came out.

Tommy was sitting where Shawn had sat last week. Jane started doing some innocent posing but then she took off her top and slid her bottoms down and for 15 minutes she posed every way with her ass and pussy pointed at Tommy.

“You like looking at your mom’s pussy Tommy?” Sandy asked and Tommy blushed. “OK Tommy, your turn, why don’t you get undressed and go in room

and lay down on your stomach and I will give you a nice back rub,” Sandy said.

Tommy went into room

and felt like his cock was going to explode as he lay down. Sandy and Jane both came in and both had short robes on. Jane sat down and watched as Sandy gave her son a back rub just as she had to Sandy’s son. After about ten minutes Sandy told Tommy to roll over and teased him whispering in his ear how his mother was watching him being stroked.

Sandy dropped her robe and started to rub up and down Tommy’s legs. She reached his thighs and started to stroke his cock a few times then stopped and continued to move her hands up to his chest and arms. Sandy whispered “Are you going to shoot your cum as your mother watches you?” Tommy was so excited as Sandy stroked his cock and slid her long finger nails up and down his cock to his balls. She played with him for ten minutes and then put some lotion on his shaft and started jerking him off.

Tommy moaned as he felt his climax approaching; thick white globs of cum shot out of his head and onto his chest. Sandy stroked him until the last had come out and after about a minute Sandy said, “OK tiger you better go wash up.”

Tommy started to get up and said “OK Mom,” and not realizing what he said walked out of the room to clean up.

Sandy and Jane looked at each other and Jane finally said, “Well, looks like we both maybe in for adventures we did not count on.” Sandy nodded and they both giggled.

“Have you talked to Mark lately?” Sandy asked Jane.

“No, but my sister Pam called me the other night and she said Mark and Michael both went back to their old girl friends. They said they were free but this brings back old memories of how they sometimes could not be trusted. Men can be such a pain in the ass sometimes,” Jane said.

“Lucky for us we may have some new male models that we can trust,” Sandy replied. I think we can go over some schedules for future shoots in a couple of days and I also have your check from last week’s shoots.” Sandy handed Jane an envelope and Jane looked at the amount and just whistled.

“I could get used to this but I only want to be in this a short time as I feel you and Pam have the same feelings,” Jane said. Sandy then said how Pam was coming in tomorrow and they were going to do a shoot and see if she might be interested in posing with Shawn too. “Oh I think young Shawn is going to be quite busy tomorrow with Pam,” Jane added.

As Jane and Tommy were driving home Jane asked if he would be interested in doing future shoots with Sandy, and Tommy was very excited and was interested. He then said that he had to tell her something and hoped she would not get angry. He explained that Janey had come over one day last week and she had seen the pictures of you too. “Are you two having sex?” Jane asked. Tommy explained that they have kissed a few times but, “Janey just likes to see me jerk off and she watches,” Tommy told his mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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