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“Sagun Sharma, boss has called you in his office”. Said an employee smirking. Everyone in the office knew that Mehta had his eyes on Sagun. Sagun could never put her finger on why her bully boss treated her so well; she wasn’t even an average employee, she would always lag behind in her work.

Sagun marched down the long dimly lit corridor and out of a wooden door to the reception hall. In the middle of the there was a large desk and a woman knitting sweater nodded to indicate that Sagun should go inside the office. She opened the glass door with a churning stomach; she always got this feeling whenever she visited boss’s office.

She stared down as she got inside the cold room, she was afraid to make eye contact with the figure slumped behind the desk.

“Sagun, have you finished the entry of clients into the database”. The figure blurted out. Sagun couldn’t gather herself to reply as she hadn’t, so she just stared at the floor.

“I am not going to tolerate this any more,I have to cut down your bonus”. Her boss shouted at her.

Sagun was having those stomach churns very heavily; she was in a trance, this bonus was huge, she couldn’t let it go, her head was spinning the only thing that came to her mind was; cry. She began to sob.

“Now now, don’t cry” her boss said coming near her.

“Look I know you’re single and have two children, but I give you extra time but you’re not able to complete your work even then, I have to answer my superiors too”. He said trying to sound soft, all the while rubbing her arms.

“Sit down” he said as he guided Sagun to the chair. Standing behind Sagun, Mehta could her deep milky cleavage as the drape of her sari has ridden down her arms, he began rubbing her shoulders pretending to comfort her, and he would often let his hands slide down on her red blouse feeling the upper swell of her 34 D breasts. Sagun was oblivious to his feeling hands, she felt nice and she cocked her head to her side giving in his massaging hands. Mehta felt that he had tamed his prey and he began advancing his hands ataşehir escort bayan further down on her blouse, Mehta lifted his hands and slowly unbuttoned the first button of her blouse, he could see her white bra.It wasn’t until he began undoing her second button that Sagun could contemplate what was going on, she stood up and ran out of his office.

Mehta felt angry and disappointed but he knew he is going to get her one day. Sagun felt dizzy she was having mixed feeling, she was humiliated and aroused at the same time, she had never thought her fat boss would make a move on her. She didn’t know what to do, as she didn’t had many friends she couldn’t discuss the matter with anyone she felt very unsafe and she knew she couldn’t quit the job as she knew the job was only support for her family.

Sagun sat on her chair and opened the cover of the 178-pages client book before she’d reached page 8, she had made up her mind to complete her work on time and be safe from her boss’s clutch.


It was five minutes after 3:00 pm when Rahul was released from the detention he got after he got in a fight with his classmate in physics. As he exited the school building he got little anxious that his Mom hadn’t called yet, she would call even if he got half-an- hour late reaching home, so he tried to call her but his mom wasn’t picking up her phone, after a while he called his sister.

“Salu has Mom called you; she is not picking up her phone”. He asked his sister on the phone.

“No, she might be sleeping”. She replied.

“She never sleeps during day”. Rahul said.

“She may have gone to Aunt Shalini, I’ll call her; see you at home, Bye”. Ruhi cut the phone; she felt a little annoyed her little brother gets very protective sometimes.

Rahul climbed on board the metro train to Rajendranagar station. The train was very crowded but somehow he managed to get down on his stop and boarded a taxi. He hated to travel to his school by metro everyday but he understood escort kadıöy they were financially not very sound.

He opened the gate with the spare key that he hides down the Mailbox. Rahul checked the kitchen and the living room but he couldn’t find his Mom anywhere so he got upstairs and found her gate closed.

“Mom, are you in there”. He asked knocking on her door.

“Baby, I am sleeping, there’s some food on the counter”. His mom replied from inside, Rahul could sense the tension in her voice.

“Mom, are you all right, can I come in”. Without waiting for the reply he pushed open her bedroom door. She was lying on her stomach with her head hidden in her hands, Rahul could see that her sari was up around her knees and he could see her gorgeous legs, brushing these bad thoughts aside he went to her bed and sat beside her.

“Mom, what happened why you are crying”? Rahul knew her mom was naïve and vulnerable and she got hurt very easily.

Sagun couldn’t hide anything from her son but this time she wasn’t going to tell him about the incident, as he would force convince her to quit her job.

“I fell down the stairs”. She lied.

Rahul didn’t believe her; he knew something else was bothering her.

“I am fine baby”. She said. She knew he wouldn’t leave her until he is sure she is alright.

Rahul wasn’t able keep his eyes off her legs, he wanted to ask her Mom if she needed a massage,but he that would be taking advantage of his vulnerable mother.

“Okay Mom, you rest I will ask Ruhi to cook dinner when she comes”.

“No, don’t worry I’ll make the dinner after I rest for a while”.


Sagun was feeling a little low from today’s events and she was relieved that she hadn’t to see her boss for next two days as it was the weekend.

As Sagun fell asleep she dreamt her boss taking her forcibly on the reception desk in front of everyone, she saw several male employees masturbating in front of her. Her left hand went on her breast and she maltepe escort began rolling her nipple through her blouse, she began to moan loudly in her sleep.

“Oh……… Please”. She begged her boss to thrust harder in her dream.

There was a knock on the door Sagun jerked up from her sleep and she sat up on the bed as Ruhi entered her room.

“Mom, are you all right, I tried to call you several times but you didn’t answer the phone”. Ruhi asked.

“Yes, what would happen to me”? She replied adjusting he sari.

“Ruhi let me change then I will come downstairs, and cook dinner”.

“Mom, can I go to a party with some friends”. Ruhi asked.

“Okay but don’t be late, Delhi is not safe any more “. Sagun knew even if she said no, Ruhi would go.


Sagun quickly changed into her knee length nightgown, she decided to remove her Bra as it was very hot and she had the AC removed to lower her electricity expanses. As she got down, she saw Rahul watching the Cricket highlights; she sat across Rahul on the sofa.

“Why, don’t we order pizza”? She asked Rahul, she was still feeling excited from her dream; she had never felt this excited in her whole life, the thought of getting fucked in front of all that people excited her. She didn’t know she had this naughty side in her too.

“That would be nice Mom”. Rahul replied.

Sagun sat with her legs folded to her chest, she knew if Rahul turned sideways he could easily see her naked thighs and this feeling of exposing to her own son was getting her even more excited. Rahul from the side of his eyes could see her exposed smooth soft thighs, what has gotten into his Mother, he thought, but who was he to complain. Sagun feeling a little more adventurous spread her legs a little exposing her panty clad pussy to the warm air and Rahul’s prying eyes, she knew Rahul was watching her, she wanted to finger herself then and there but that would be too outrageous.

Rahul could see her red panty, he wondered if he was seeing her crack or was he just imagining. The Door-bell rang breaking Sagun out of reverie, she got up and went to answer the door, the pizza boy was there. They ate in silence, both feeling guilty of their recent action.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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