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I had worked in a library after graduating from college. It was kind of a depressing time, barely making enough to make ends meet. My social life was zilch. I was a studious type, and at 5’11 and rather flat chested, I didn’t feel sexy at all. I had had a few relationships with men in college but they didn’t work out well. One guy decided he was gay and started going out with another man (believe me, it does nothing for your self-esteem when you get dumped for a man!). Another guy really liked me until he got my shirt off, and I could tell he was disappointed by my small breasts. I thought of myself as Kari the erection killer. My self-image was terrible. I used to wear loose fitting blouses, and in public I guess I slouched my shoulders forward to try to appear shorter, and to hide the fact that my breasts were so small. I would never ever wear high heels.

At the library, I had known this fellow Danny for quite some time. He was interested in a variety of subjects and was always ordering special materials, usually involving his hobby of astronomy. I was pretty sure it was because he liked to talk to me, although a romantic interest seemed impossible because he was about five inches shorter than me, and moreover he was a very attractive young man, a Filipino, athletic with broad shoulders and a great smile. I didn’t think a fellow like that would be interested in a flat chested beanpole like me.

Anyway, one day out of the blue, he asked me out! At first I thought he was joking, and I feared being the “odd couple.” But no, no he said he really wanted to go out, and so I said yes! I felt my heart flutter. I had a date! We went to a little hole-in-the-wall perabet Thai restaurant which was well known for great food if not great décor. We chatted, and I confessed I hadn’t had a date since college. I also expressed my anxiety about being too tall for him. But he said it was not a problem for him, and at that point I realized that my height might actually be an asset. After dinner, I insisted that he show me his apartment. I wanted to see what a pristine bachelor apartment looked like, I said. Laughing, he agreed and so we went to his place. It was actually very well kept.

At that point, I figured that this was my chance, and Danny was going to have to make a decision that night. I got him on the sofa, and we started to kiss. Ooo that was nice! I again felt my heart flutter. He started to unbutton my blouse, and I felt a surge of panic. I didn’t want him to see my erection killing tits! Instead, I was more confident in my long legs, so I wanted him to see them first. So I took off my jeans, and while I was at it, removed my panties as well. Within a few minutes Danny had his face between my legs. I felt his hands grope my slender thighs. Within a very short time I experienced climax, my first ever with a man!

Then it was his turn. Danny made some joke about hoping that he was big enough for a tall chick like me. But I assured him that his cock was beautiful and that I wanted to make it stiff, and that I wanted him to come for me. I asked him to lie on his back, and then I stroked and petted his organ and marveled at how stiff it had become. Fortunately, he had been prepared with a condom, and so it was a thrill to roll it onto him. Then, perabet giriş straddling him, I lowered myself onto his hard stiff erect penis. After a few minutes I found my rhythm sliding up and down on him. I teased him, “oh don’t you like the long legged American girl! Don’t you like that!” Danny protested that he wanted to hold back, but I promised he would have more than one climax (I had no idea what I was talking about but it worked). Soon he began thrusting hard and I felt his penis pulsing inside me! It was so good I started to cry. Our bodies shuddered together for what seemed like an eternity. Then gradually calming down, I told him how good it was, how great we were together, and laughed about my not being too tall after all. After a few minutes, still straddling him, I felt his hand petting my butt-and his penis was getting hard again!

I may not have been very experienced but I was learning fast. I decided it was time to switch positions. In the back of my mind, I was still nervous about letting him see my breasts, so I got in doggie position. Danny complemented my round butt, which he compared to Jennifer Lopez’s (ha ha! Don’t believe it! But the thought was nice!), and soon he was hard enough to penetrate me, and thrust inside. Oooo! I started to rock my pelvis to his rhythm. But then I felt his hands go up into my blouse and I had a panic attack. Oh no, I thought, don’t touch my erection-killing tits! But it was too late, I felt has gentle strong hands cup my breasts-and then I was shocked to feel his penis stiffen, and he started thrusting harder!

“Oh Kari! I’ve wanted to touch your breasts since the moment I saw you! And perabet güvenilir mi now I’ve finally got them!” he whimpered.

My breasts were actually turning him on! I felt a wave of relief followed by intense pleasure and pride as I realized for the first time how much he wanted to touch my breasts. “Yes, yes, yes!! Touch my breasts! Hold them!” I cried. I had dreaded this moment, and now I couldn’t get enough of it! Almost immediately I stated to climax again, this time shaking my butt so hard I was afraid I might hurt him. And I placed my hands on top of his hands, ensuring that he would hold my breasts as his wonderful organ pulsed inside me again.

Amazingly, within a few minutes, we were in the missionary position, again with his hands on my breasts and my hands on his hands. This was our favorite position, as we would later affirm. This time Danny had to struggle, his hands on my breasts helped bring him to climax yet again. Finally, he collapsed in my arms and we held each other for a long time, two long lost lovers finally finding each other. After a short sleep, I woke him up by stroking his organ. He giggled and protested that he couldn’t possibly get stiff again that night, but I smiled and said that I would like to just reward his beautiful organ. But after a few minutes, I saw his balls tighten and spurt one final time, much to our mutual delight and amazement.

Literally overnight, I learned to quit beating myself up for not conforming to imaginary expectations. I no longer slouch when I walk. I often wear high heels and I’m comfortable wearing tight fitting shirts now. The braless look is fine with me. Some men don’t care for the tall librarian with the small chest, while others come onto me. But it doesn’t matter. Danny and I have been married for six years now. And in between discussions of French literature and astronomy, we’ve found time to add a few chapters to the Kama Sutra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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