The Tally Pt. 04


The Tally Pt 4

This will be less of an erotic tale than something to bridge to the next arch of the story. With that in mind enjoy.


The sun beamed through the picture window filling the room with a warm glow. It was to this that Sarah awoke. At first, she was startled and confused to find herself naked in a strange bed but only for a moment.

My bed, my home, she rolled those thoughts over in her head and smiled as memories of the prior day flowed into her. This was going to be her home as soon as she could bring her things here. Now how was she going to handle that?

As she thought about that she began to slip from the bed and stopped for the moment. Clothes, she didn’t have anything other than the clothes she wore yesterday. Shit she really didn’t want to wear those another day but she didn’t think she had any real choice now did she. With that thought her stomach growled and she began to realize how hungry she was.

I seem to remember some eggs in that fridge and some milk, hopefully there was a good pan and some bread so she could make herself some breakfast before she had to face the day. Well at least it was the weekend and Jason had not said anything about having any official plans for the weekend.

As she got up from the bed to pick up her panties from the floor her eye happened to look out the door and she stopped as her eye caught a package sitting on the table in the other room. There wasn’t anything on the table last night, and Jason said she had the only key to the door…

Despite the fact she was naked her curiosity got the better of her and she went into the next room to see what was waiting her and maybe an explanation. Sitting on the table were two envelopes and a small bundle. Taped to the bundle was a small note in very neat and precise handwriting she did not recognize.

Mr. Walkraft mentioned that you might be in need of a few things this morning and asked me to take care of delivering these to you. Please do not be concerned and feel free to stop by and le me know if there is anything you will need as you settle yourself as looking after you and the others living here is part of my job.

Welcome to the Walkraft Arms.

Mike Weathers


She looked at the note twice letting it set in. Yes Jason did say one other person had a master key to all the apartments. He must have gone great lengths to not disturb her as she was a very light sleeper, well after everything yesterday… Maybe she did sleep a bit harder last night she blushed as she smiled.

She pulled open the bundle to find a soft warm terry robe that she gratefully pulled around her with a smile istanbul escort and then turned her attention to the two envelopes. The first was heavy and stiff on one end and as he opened it a plastic card fell out on the table. She picked it up and saw her name followed by Walkraft Industries logo. It took her a moment before that registered, a company card, she had a company card. Well of course she had a company card, she was going to need one if all Jason had laid before her was part of her job now. A real Executive Assistant, he had told her that hadn’t he? She just sat here smiling for a moment before she became aware that there was a slip of paper in the with the card.

“I decided to expedite this as I figured you might need this today unless you were planning on being a bit on the whiff side today. By all means order what you need and don’t worry about justifying it to accounting as they will be instructed to treat it as an advance on your next paycheck if not just write it off as a business expense. If you put it on the card a number of businesses will deliver locally in a matter of ours and wave the delivery fees since it is on the corporate account. Do not be shy about using the card as I sincerely doubt you will misuse it.”

She sat here chuckling and just stared at the card and the note. She pinched herself then scolded herself with a laugh as she already knew she couldn’t be dreaming but still…

She picked up the second envelope and it contained just two lines a strange string of characters and a strange word. WiFi access she guessed, but her laptop… Shit it was still on her desk and a robe while very comfortable was not exactly what she wanted to be seen running around in right now. She sat and thought for a bit. Then a thought came to her, with a quick glance at the note she dialed a number.

“Mr. Weathers? Yes, I got the package and thank you very much. I was wondering if you might have an answer to a small problem, I have this morning. Well, I seem to have forgotten my laptop back in the office and I was wondering if there was anyone who could retrieve it for me. You would, you do, yes that would be wonderful, Thank you.”

Wow, she had better be careful or she might begin to get the idea she was someone important. She laughed and took a look at the kitchen. As she approached the fridge, she spotted a few papers sitting on the counter and picked them up. Menus, Jason did say a number of the places around here delivered. You don’t suppose they offered…yes, breakfast. A bit pricy but she decided she had enough reason to celebrate and spoil herself this morning. A quick call and she had Eggs Benedict, crisp escort bayan bacon, fresh juice, and a carafe of something they recommended called Kona Coffee. As she waited, she decided she might as well get all the calls out of the way at once and dialed the number that Jason had given her the night before. In short order she was assured that if she had her key available in about two hours they would be more than willing to handle packing her former life for her and to move it to her new home as well as provide storage for anything she did not wish part with but she felt didn’t belong in the new home. They could do the main move this coming Monday but would be willing to relocate her wardrobe today if she did not mind waiting until later this afternoon. As she hung up she found that the feeling of losing her balance had returned. She couldn’t believe how fast things were going and how people all of a sudden seemed to falling over themselves to make themselves helpful. Then she looked back at the card on the table. Yes. It was not that they were rushing to impress her, it was Jason’s name that was opening the doors and spurring them on to be helpful. She sighed. Well she could accept that, she guessed she had better get used to it since once she was up to speed Jason would be expecting to handle a great number of things in his name and this morning’s activities would be the least of what she was going to be doing if she was any judge.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a knock on the door and she opened it to see a young man in neat coveralls standing there with her laptop as well as some file folders she had placed on top of them.

“I hope it was all right I brought these over as well but I thought they might be something you wanted as well since they were setting as if you had meant to take them home.” With a smile and a nod, she thanked the young man and placed them on the table. Before too long there was another knock and she opened it to another young man carrying what looked to be a picnic basket and after asking her permission brought it in and laid out her breakfast order on the table along with a large container of coffee that smelled wonderful. She signed her receipt and gave him a generous tip for him and saw him out before setting down to her breakfast. While this was definitely a takeout delivery she could never remember seeing any takeout that looked like this. Even though it was in a paper container the eggs benedict actually looked like she would expect if she was sitting in the restaurant. As she settled back to enjoy her food an ache in her behind suddenly decided to remind her of her foolishness last night despite how well Kartal escort it had turned out. Ow, she was definitely going to still be feeling this on Monday. With that thought she got up and retrieved one of the pillows from her bed and placed it down sighing as she sank onto its softness.

Once breakfast was out of the way she logged on and began to do the thousand or so details involved with making the move to her new home official and to provide for some comfortable clothes despite the allure of sitting around all day in nothing but a robe. By early afternoon she was dressed, had arranged for her new address, had given the movers a list of items to go into storage and arranged for her dressers and closets to be delivered that evening.

As she got ready to shut down the laptop she saw a flag on her email icon and clicking it found a short message from Jason.

I hope you are settling in well and that Mike was able to deliver your present this morning without causing you distress. I realize this most have been a very busy day for you but I do have one matter to drop in your lap for this weekend though nothing solid can be done with it until Monday so take your time and do try to get some rest as I am going to toss you in the deep end right away. And so, the matter I am dropping in your lap.

In the attached folder you will find the resumes of candidates for the position of your secretary/assistant. With your new duties you not only rate one but as you will soon find you are going to need him or her. All I want you to do is look them over and decide which ones you think should be offered an interview.

Do remember I want you rested and ready to hit the ground running on Monday so do not agonize over this more than you need to narrow the list down to a manageable size to do interviews next week.


She looked at the clock and saw that the movers would not be here for another two hours so she opened the attachment and began skimming over the resumes. As she passed through them, she decided to concentrate on a few key abilities she knew she would need in the position. By the time she finished the first pass she had eliminated about a third of the names. Next she began to look at how much experience each brought to the table as she did not want to train up the applicant from scratch.

Three years with… yes

Four with … no she knew their reputation for nepotism.

Two years…impressive though I wonder why she left them? Well she could ask.

In short order she found she had the list down to eight names and she moved them to a new folder to send to HR on Monday. As she got ready to save the files, she decided to look down the list in curiosity. Just names, none mattered but, wait, the next to last resume.

With a smile she saved her work and settled in to wait for her clothes. As she sat she turned that name over in her mind.

Lysell Stewart

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