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July 2004 – A Teenage Engagement

© JGUK2005

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of Sara and Sam, lovers who are brother and sister, and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

* * * * *

It is now fully eight months since David awoke from his coma. After many weeks of rehabilitation he has recovered enough to be discharged and is now living in the flat he shared with Sara before the accident.

The whole period of the accident is still a mystery to him. He knows who he is, who everyone around him is, but can remember little of the days just before his terrible injuries.

He remembers Sara well and recognises the twins. Everyone says they are his children, but for some reason he cannot quite put his finger on, he feels a strange unfamiliar coldness towards them and to Sara.

It is almost as if she is a stranger to him. David knows this is wrong but can do nothing about it.

He is living alone. He and Sara tried hard to live together after his discharge from hospital, but they have now separated as a consequence of his extreme coldness towards her and the children. Sara and the twins now live permanently with their ‘Uncle Sam’ in his nearby house.

David knows there must be a reason why he feels this way. He knows it’s wrong. He hates himself for treating them this way. He knows there just has to be a reason for it. Sometimes the reason is tantalisingly close to his conscious mind but every time he tries to reach out and grasp it, the reason dives deep into his subconscious and hides from him again.

Meanwhile he feels more and more strongly attracted to Sophie, the angel who had awakened him from the depths of his nightmare. She is young, soft, beautiful and obviously madly in love with him. He still has difficulty understanding how she had awakened him, but his gratitude to her runs deep.

Sadly, Sophie lost her baby at 14 weeks. Her doctor thought that the stress surrounding David’s accident and recovery might have contributed to the miscarriage, but impressed upon her that these things do happen surprisingly often. She still lives with her parents and is about to start a new college term in September. She has told no-one about David, the baby or her miscarriage.

David can tell Sophie has a secret, but he could also tell that this secret wasn’t buried within his own closed mind. No, David knows it is withheld from him by Sophie and that he will have to wait for her to release it to him when – if – she wants to.

Strangely, David remembers more about his lunches and cinema trips with Sophie than he does about his life with Sara. He knows this is wrong too, but again is helpless to do anything about it. Sophie and David meet almost every day and go out together several times a week. He has no memory of taking Sophie’s virginity that infamous evening, but as the months pass, and David falls deeper and deeper in love with her, he knows from the powerful urges within both their bodies when they kiss that the moment cannot be far away.

* * * * *

It had finally happened.

David looked across the rumpled white sheets of the double bed at the slender, blonde haired figure lying peacefully asleep beside him. Sophie’s long hair had fanned out over the pillow giving her soft, angelic features a golden halo. Once again, David marvelled at her beauty and innocence – although perhaps she was not quite as innocent as he had thought just an hour ago.

David was puzzled. After months – no years – of real friendship, he had finally made love with Sophie.

He had expected it to be soft and gentle. It had been much more than that.

He had expected it to be exciting and wildly arousing. It had been much more than that, too.

He had expected her to be frightened and perhaps overawed by the loss of her virginity and by the immense size of his erection. This had not happened, and David felt uneasy.

Sophie had on more than one occasion told him that she had never had sex with anyone else. And who could possibly suspect that sweet innocent face of telling a lie?

He was used to the look of shock, fear and anticipation on a girl’s face when her fingers first touched his huge, erect cock.

He was used to seeing wide-eyed fear and perhaps a little pain when his outsized erection first penetrated her vagina, until her body accommodated to his size and real body shaking pleasure began.

He had, on a few memorable occasions, seen the incredulous look on a young girl’s face as his mighty cock stripped away her virginity before replacing it with pleasure on a new, unimagined scale.

But Sophie had shown none of these things. She had not blanched at the sight of his cock; rather she appeared to welcome pendik escort it as a familiar friend. She had shown no fear as he had reared up over her and when his smooth head had slipped between the sweet lips of her vagina and into her body, her face had borne a look of relief, joy and delight.

She had not been a virgin – there had been no tearing of her hymen as David sank his full length into her, and she had not stiffened to repel him as virgins habitually did.

No! Sophie’s legs had widened and her body had opened like a flower, drawing him in until their bellies had touched, and as he had thrust himself slowly, then faster into her tight passage, her body had moved in rhythm with his, her legs wrapping themselves around his waist until they had reached a shattering climax together.

But, he realised, she had not actually said she was a virgin and he could testify that she had not been one that evening.

Although he recalled little or nothing of the days surrounding his accident, David’s memory of things long past was quite good.

Now David lay alongside her, a warm glow within him mirroring the glow in his loins, but on his face there was a puzzled frown.

Was the secret buried in the lost days surrounding his accident?

* * * * *

Was Sophie one of his conquests? Why had she not mentioned this?

What was this unfamiliar feeling inside him?

He couldn’t really be in love, at last, could he? David stared into the approaching darkness, unable to sleep.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, it is the sixth anniversary of the day Sara and her brother Sam first made love on that warm, moonlit, bougainvillea scented evening in Spain. Little did they realise the magical moment that Sam’s throbbing erection slipped smoothly into his little sister’s eager, welcoming vagina that they were at the beginning of such a long event-filled life together. All they knew was that, to their delighted astonishment, each desired the other passionately and would not let convention prevent them becoming united in one flesh.

Since then Sara and Sam’s relationship had grown stronger and stronger. Beginning as a powerful sexual attraction which drove them to make love weekly or more, it had grown swiftly into an equally powerful and consuming love. The greatest testament to this love was the deliberate conception and birth of the twins that they loved so much.

Following Sara’s separation from David, the two had now arranged to live in the same house, still apparently in separate bedrooms for appearances’ sake (the idea supposedly being to give Sam a housekeeper during his increasingly frequent business trips abroad and to give Sara help and support with the twins’ upbringing).

Unaware of the significance of the day, Sara and Sam’s parents had invited the lovers and their two-year-old twins to stay with them for the weekend. They had gladly accepted, and things had so far gone particularly well. The two grandparents doted on their grandchildren and the feeling was happily reciprocated. The four of them had spent the sunny day visiting a nearby country house, playing in the adventure playground, riding on the miniature train and generally behaving as a real family does.

The twins, exhausted after a busy day and hours of fresh air had been fed and put to bed early. After the inevitable arguments they had soon dropped off to sleep, side by side in the guest bedroom, leaving the adults free to have dinner in peace. Sara and her mother had prepared the meal together, banishing the two men to the lounge so they could have a private mother and daughter chat. Sam and his father used the time to discuss Sam’s new job as Technical Manger for a large corporation, a job which involved travelling the world to visit and assess factories, products and processes, and which had fortunately made it easier to justify his sister’s moving in with him.

In the kitchen, Sara’s mother was seeking information.

“So how is Sam, now? He still looks hurt.”

“He’s okay, Mum. Don’t worry. He’s very excited by this new job, I know.”

Their mother screwed up her kind face into an unaccustomed frown.

“I still get so angry when I think what ‘that woman’ did to him.” Even after all this time, Sam’s mother couldn’t bring herself to mention Lynn by name. “It’s not right, dear. And there’s still no sign of a new girlfriend on the horizon?”

‘I’d scratch her eyes out if there was!’ Sara thought inwardly, but aloud said “Mum, Sam’s doing fine. He’s happy now and loves the twins as if they were his. We’re all happy! You should be too.”

It felt good to say such things aloud, Sara thought, the anniversary still very much in her mind.

Dinner had passed off pleasantly and they had all sat together afterwards in the lounge, watching a favourite film on the television. Sam and his Dad sat in the two armchairs, Sara and her mother sat at either end of the long sofa. Just like when we were kids, Sam thought maltepe escort – in fact they were each going to sleep in their old rooms that night so as not to wake the twins. Their bedrooms had, sentimentally, been left almost exactly as they had been when Sara and Sam still lived at home.

True, Sara’s carpet no longer had a layer of clothes completely covering it, but the curtains, wallpaper – even the posters on the wall were still just as she had left them.

Sam’s room still contained several model aeroplanes and posters of female tennis players but blessedly no longer smelled of rugby socks. Sentimentality could only go so far, after all.

The film, a famous romantic comedy set in London, produced an even deeper feeling of well-being and several times Sara and Sam surreptitiously exchanged knowing glances at the more romantic and sexual moments.

As the clock approached midnight, the film ended and their parents rose to go to bed. There was a lengthy process involving goodnight kisses in every combination and multiple ‘thank you’s’ for the lovely day they had spent together, but at length the two lovers were left alone a little longer.

When she had heard their parents’ bedroom door close firmly for the night, Sara looked across at her brother and, smiling, patted the sofa cushion next to her. Sam quickly moved across and sat close to his sister’s warm body. As he slipped his arm gently around her shoulders, she tucked her legs neatly underneath herself and leaned against his strong chest.

Sam hugged her, squeezing her body close to his and kissed the top of her head, breathing in the smell of her hair, fresh and clean with just a hint of the newly-cut grass they had played on earlier that day. Her body was firm and athletic still, infinitely desirable even after six years. Sam bent to whisper in her ear.

“Happy anniversary, Midge.”

She turned her head to look into his handsome, honest face. Her big brown eyes gazed lovingly into his.

“It’s been almost perfect.” Her hand stroked his thigh. “I love you, big brother.”

They sat in silence for a while, the television droning in the background giving them an excuse not to go to their separate rooms just yet. The news programme came on, and as it ended, the newsreader announced the time. Sam looked at his watch.

“You know, Midge. It was almost exactly six years ago this minute that we first made love.”

“Really?” She looked at her watch. “Yes! Of course!”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“None, darling. It was a moment that truly changed my life. Do you have any?”

Sam thought for a minute.

“Only one, really.” He half turned towards her, is brow knitted in a frown.

“We’ve done so much and become so close, Midge. Think about it! We’ve known each other all our lives; we’ve grow up together; we’ve made love together – rather a lot; we have two wonderful children; we’ve helped each other through the most difficult times in our lives. We’ve fallen deeply in love. We’ve now managed to live together successfully.”

Sara didn’t answer. This was an uncharacteristically long speech by her brother and she didn’t want to break his flow. Sam had fully turned towards her now and was looking her straight in the eyes. He looked anxious and earnest. And he saw tears forming in her eyes.

“What is it, Midge? Have I upset you?” He asked anxiously.

“No, Sam. Well, yes …. No……I don’t know Sam.”

Sam took her hands in his and squeezed. “What is it, Midge?” He spoke softly, soothingly. “Tell me! Please!”

“No. It’s impossible.”

“What is, Midge? How can I help if you don’t tell me? Please darling!”

“It’s just that. Well, one thing’s missing, isn’t it?” She was playing with the third finger of her left hand. Sam suddenly understood.

“I know. If only we could be married, Midge.”

“Oh Sam! I know it’s impossible but I can’t help wanting it. Really I can’t. But how could we? Apart from anything else It’s illegal, Sam. We could go to jail for what we’ve done already.”

Sam was silent for a while. When he spoke again, his voice was calm and precise, as if he was at work.

“But you really want to?”

“Yes, Sam. Really. You know it’s been my dream for years.”

“Then we will, Midge. We will do it. I’ll find a way of making it possible. There’s got to be a way, somehow.” Sara looked pleased, but doubtful.

“How, Sam? Don’t tease me, please!”

“I don’t know, Midge – not yet. But I’m sure there must be a way.” He thought again. Give me a year. I’m sure – in fact I promise – within a year, we’ll be married.”

Sara was doubtful but could tell he was serious. Suddenly Sam slid off the sofa and knelt in front of her.

“Meanwhile, let’s do this properly.” Sam took Sara’s right hand in both if his and raised it to his lips. “Sara Jane, you are the most important person in my life. I love you. I adore you. Will you marry me?”

Sara giggled kartal escort then, realising Sam was truly serious, suppressed it. She stroked him under the chin and raised his eyes to meet hers.

“Samuel James, I would love to marry you, to make love with you, to live with you, to bear your children, to grow old with you.” She leaned over and they kissed tenderly on the lips. It was a very long, slow kiss that carried with it six years of love and desire. When at length their lips parted, they sat back together on the sofa and cuddled close.

“Then we’re engaged, Midge. Properly engaged.” He seemed to think for minute. “If we’re doing this properly, we should choose a ring together.”

“But how would that look, Sam? If I started wearing a new, large engagement ring, people would notice and ask questions.”

“You could wear it on a chain around your neck?”

“No, Sam. If we’re engaged I want a ring on my finger.” Suddenly an idea sprang to her mind.

“How about Mum’s engagement ring? She gave it to me on my twenty-first birthday. It’s really beautiful and wouldn’t attract attention like a new one.”

“Where is it?” Asked Sam.

“In the jewellery box upstairs in my bedroom. I’ll get it.” And with that, Sara rushed from the room.

Sam sat back and watched her go, his chest tight with emotion. The door closed silently behind her and he heard footsteps on the stairs. He had no idea how he could marry his sister in safety, but had promised her he would find a way. She was more excited than he could ever remember. Sam was worried – he mustn’t disappoint her.

After a few minutes, Sara returned. She opened the lounge door and crossed the room excitedly to sit alongside him. Barefoot, dressed in a short denim skirt and white vest top, her hair tied back, it was as if the years had been rolled back. Her face, devoid of makeup, looked as he always remembered it across the breakfast table and, Sam thought, her slim body looked as young and desirable as it was when they had been teenagers in this very house – not at all the body of the mother of two that she was.

Sam felt himself lucky. Lucky to be her brother, her lover, the father of her children, and now – goodness yes – her fiancé.

Sara sat down next to him and placed the ring in the palm of his hand. It was indeed beautiful. A single diamond surrounded by sapphires set in bright yellow-white gold.

Sam took his sister’s left hand and slowly slid the ring onto her third finger. It was a perfect fit.

“Within the year!” He whispered and they kissed again.

They sat side by side, holding hands on the sofa. Sara felt tears of joy trickling down her cheeks. She squeezed Sam’s hand.

“Come to my room, Sam.” She whispered and rose, taking him by the hand. “We’ve never made love in my room. I feel I need things to be different after tonight.” She looked at the ring on her finger.

Sam nodded and smiled. Sara rose and, crossing the room, turned off the television and the lights. They crept quietly upstairs in the semi-darkness. As they crossed the landing, Sam silently opened the guest room door and peered inside. The twins were still fast asleep, curled up together in the large double bed, their breathing noisy but reassuring. He extinguished the soft light.

Hand in hand, they crossed the landing to Sara’s old room. She quietly turned the handle and opened the door, leading Sam inside. Sara lit the candle on the dressing table and closed the door behind them.

They faced each other in the soft candlelight and their mouths came naturally together. Their arms wrapped around each other in a long, slow embrace, their mouths open wide, their tongues eager, searching. Sam’s hands kneaded his sister’s buttocks through her short skirt and Sara rubbed herself against his bulging trouser front, feeling his hardness growing within.

When the tightness of their embrace loosened, they parted as far as their entwined fingertips would allow and sat side by side on the low single bed. Sam looked around him. The room was just as he remembered. There were pink and white curtains across the windows, and off white walls with bright colourful posters of pop stars. There was a pine dressing table with a large mirror and lots of make-up. There were books on the shelves, on the windowsill and on the floor. There was the single pine bed with a plain pink duvet and white pillow. There were several soft toys on the bed.

“When I was a teenager, I used to dream of getting into this room.” He confessed. “I always did sort of fancy you.”

“I thought you hated me then. You were always so grown up and distant.” Sara thought for a second. “I always fancied you, Sam.” She thought further.

“Did you ever spy on me? Come on, ‘fess up.” She demanded.

“Well…..” Sam looked embarrassed. “Sometimes, yes. Especially when you had friends round for a sleepover.” He appeared to think further. “Especially Jenny.”

Sara was outraged. “Sam! How could you? How could you spy on Jenny and not on me? Why Jenny anyway?”

Sam laughed. “Three reasons. One – you’re my sister and we weren’t ‘in a relationship’ then. Two – Jenny had huge tits. Three – Jenny used to flaunt herself at me.”

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