The Tap Ch. 02


After she recovered from her orgasm, my wife stood, took my hands and guided me to my feet. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me forcefully. I felt her nipples hard and moist with sweat against my chest. “My cock is still hard,” she whispered, as she moved her hands to my ass and pushed her hips forward and kissed me again. I felt her strapon press against me. It was still wet. She put her hands on my shoulders and turned me toward the bed breaking the kiss. “I know,” she whispered, “I know what you do when I go to bed.” I turned and looked at her. “You watch videos online,” she said, “of women with strapons fucking men in the ass.” I felt my face turn red and looked down. “And, you read stories about woman forcing men to suck their strapons and then violating their asses with their fake cocks.” I could hear my heart pounding. I had to tell myself to breathe as she whispered into my ear from behind, “and you masturbate. You work your hard cock and finger your asshole while you watch those videos and read those stories.” I tried to comprehend how she could know these things when she pushed on my shoulders and with minimal effort forced me to bend at the waist.

I felt her hands spread me open, her thumbs grazing my anus. As Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort her slick fingers rubbed lube around my opening, she said “I know that you wish those women were fucking your mouth and violating your ass.” As she said the last three words, “violating your ass,” she forced two lubed fingers deep into my ass, pumping and twisting them as I clutched the mattress to keep from falling.

“I know this will not be the first time you’ve had your ass filled,” she said as she moved her hands to my hips. “When I went out of town last weekend, you bought a blue dildo and some lube,” she said as she pushed her hips forward and parted my ass cheeks with the shaft of the dildo. She began to slowly slide the shaft of her slick cock between my ass cheeks, occasionally grinding the shaft against my asshole. I looked down. My cock was hard, the head wet with precum. I tried to speak, to explain but could not form thoughts, or words. She continued, “you watched porn on the computer while you rubbed your nipples until your cock was rock hard. Then you poured lube into your hand and stroked the dildo like you were stroking your cock.” It was as if she had been in the room watching me. She continued Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort running her cock up and down, occasionally pressing the head against my asshole, not trying to penetrate me. No longer whispering she said, “you stood up and with your right hand held the blue cock on the seat of the chair and you slowly lowered yourself so that just the head of the fake cock touched your ass. Then you forced yourself down until that cock was buried in your tight ass.” I felt her hands on my ass, her thumbs spreading me again. “You hammered that fake cock into your ass and stroked yourself untli you shot your cum into a pair of my panties,” she said as she pressed the head of her cock against my asshole.

I felt panic and confusion. How the fuck did she know? “The cock I am going to fuck your ass with tonight is thicker and longer than the one you used on yourself,” she said, and thrust her hips forward forcing the head of her cock to enter my ass. I felt myself being stretched as I tried to accommodate the engorged head of her cock. Moaning, I willed myself to open and take her cock. Her hands moved from my hips to my shoulders and pulled me toward her. “Your ass is so fucking tight,” she said, Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu as her cock stretched me to the limit. Needing her inside me I forced myself back until finally the head of her silicon prick pushed through the remaining resistance. I moaned loudly. “I knew you wanted my dick in your ass,” she said as she drove forward until her cock, which I now knew was over seven inches long, completely impaled me.

Holding both of my hips she began fucking my ass alternating between fast shallow and long hard, deep strokes. She paused for a moment, “I love the look of your ass stretched around my cock, it’s making my pussy wet,” she whispered before continuing my ass fucking. Just when I thought my legs would give out, she slowly withdrew her cock so that just the head was inside. I braced for her to thrust into me, but instead she entered me slowly until her thighs were pressed against mine and I could feel her leather harness against my ass. Holding herself deep inside me she grabbed my cock with her two hands, her left wrapped around the shaft, her right the head. Without warning she thrust forward with such force that she pushed my entire body forward and my cock slid trough her hands. Her thighs still pinned to mine, she said, “that’s it, fuck my hand while I fuck your ass.” She began thrusting faster forcing me to rapidly fuck her hand. “I want to feel your cum in my hands when I cum,” she said as ber orgasm began. And she did. Shaking, my back arched, moaning I shot jet after jet into her hand before her cock slipped out of me and we fell to the floor spent.

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