The Teacher and Student


Ed Walker has been teaching Chemistry for the last 20 years at Boulder High School. Never once has he violated his oath to never touch a student in an inappropriate way. He has had his opportunities, lots of them, but never has he crossed the line. Several of the girls have come on to him pretty strong, very strong and it took every ounce of his will to fight them off. Sometimes it really sucks being a single attractive teacher with a social life out of school. He has on occasion hooked up with some of his former students after they had graduated and after they had turned 18. All of these were nights to remember, but nothing ever materialized of any of these.

This year was the hardest he had ever had to fight himself. This year there was Jill. She was in his senior level Chemistry class. She was about 5ft 7 inches, pert tits, cute, tight ass, trim waist, auburn wavy hair and round brown eyes. She wasn’t a complete flirt which is why he liked her. She was shy, intelligent and witty. For some reason, he could never take his eyes off of her. The few exchanges they have dad together alone were always very professional. Lots of times her eyes glued to the floor. If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought that she had a crush on him but he put it out of his mind.

Late in their senior year when a lot of the material was review Jill started spending a lot of time in the class, coming to the after school sessions for additional work and everything. She didn’t need the help, she had one of the top grades in her class, but yet here she was. One day, all of the other students had gone home earlier and Jill remained in the class, acting as shy as ever. She looked a little upset about something and Ed was kind of disturbed… he didn’t like seeing his students upset. He went over to her and asked what was wrong. Jill slowly raised her head, wiped a tear from her eyes and looked up at him. Then Jill asked him, “Don’t you think I am pretty?”

Ed was flabbergasted. Of all things, he didn’t expect her to say this. Stunned, he just sat there for a minute wondering what to say. Jill took this hesitation completely the wrong way. Suddenly she jumps up, tears streaming down her face, grabs her bad and heads straight for the door. Ed is shocked out of his trance by her quick movement and jumps up to block her path. “Wait!” Ed tells Jill, “Just wait a minute.”

Jill is kind of in shock at his quick movement and stopping her from leaving, “Why?” she asks him.

“Because, I haven’t had a chance to explain why I hesitated, yet. You misunderstood my hesitation. I don’t normally make a habit of complimenting my students on how they look. Opening up that door tends to create professional issues for myself that I would rather avoid.”

“I am sorry Mr. Walker. I didn’t mean to put you in an uncomfortable position. I have been trying to find a way to talk to you for a long time now. Don’t interrupt me please.” Ed was about to say something, but stopped at her pleading. “If I stop now, I will never say what I want to say right now. I just really like you Mr. Walker, more than I have ever liked anyone.” At this Jill finally goes quiet, seemingly at a loss for words.

Ed stands there for a minute, completely stunned. The object of his attention for most of this year is actually attracted to him. Now he is completely in turmoil, he knows what he should do, he should run from this situation and never look back. But, he can’t. Here in front of him is a very attractive young lady, crying young lady, flushed with her embarrassment at expressing herself so boldly. Ed grabs her, holds he arms and asks her to look up at him, “Jill, I think you are a very smart, very pretty young woman.” There he said it, finally, it took all school year but he said it.

“Mr. Walker, you don’t have to say that just to make me feel better, really. I will be okay, just have made a complete fool out of myself. I suppose you get this all of the time from students.”

Ed shakes his head, laughs a little, which just makes Jill flush more, and says, “Jill… yes, as a matter of fact I do get this from students from time to time, what you don’t know is that I have never, ever, returned the compliment to any of them.” She looked at him doubtfully at this. “Really, honestly, türkçe porno I have never done this before. I have always rejected any advancement from any current student. But, I have never felt anything for any of the other girls. They are all too slutty, too forward. Honestly, I have been watching you from the beginning of the year.”

Jill looks up at him with an even more doubtful expression on her face. She tries to rebuke him, “Mr. Walker, you don’t have to say th…” Ed shuts her up with a kiss. She is completely taken by surprise and even Ed is a little surprised by his own actions. But, what’s done is done, so he continues to kiss her.

At first it is a very innocent kiss, no tongue, just a kiss. This can only last for so long though. The momentum of the kiss increases continuously. After a couple of minutes Ed experiments by sticking his tongue into Jill’s mouth eliciting a moan from Jill. Things get a little heated now as their kissing becomes more and more passionate. He raises his hands and cradles her face, all the while kissing her. At some point Ed realizes that this isn’t the place for this. Anyone could walk in, anyone could see. It was the end of the school day, most everyone had gone home already, but there was always the possibility of someone.

Breaking off the kiss, Jill looked heartbroken almost. Ed put his finger to her lips, indicating to keep quiet for a minute. “Be right back,” Ed whispers to her. He walks over to the door to the classroom. Casually pulls down the shade, not too fast to make noise and arouse suspicion. He takes a brief look into the hallway and finds it deserted, even the other classrooms are dark. Perfect he thinks, and carefully closes the door and turns the lock. He then turns off the overhead fluorescent lights to remove even more suspicion. His classroom faces west so there is no issue with light, but to the people outside below, as he is on the second floor, his office will appear deserted.

Jill sits quietly while he takes care of all of these items. As he finishes, he walks back to her, his eyes full of lust. The look on her face mirrors his lust and they embrace and start to kiss passionately again. Their lust appears to be boiling over and their hands are no longer satisfied my kissing and holding each other heads and faces. Their hands seem to have a mind of their own, exploring each other’s bodies as they have dreamed of doing almost all year.

Jill’s hands explore his body, roaming his back as the kiss continues to build in passion. His hands are also exploring her, first her back, seemingly can’t find a home there. He then moves to her ass and grabs both of her cheeks in his eagerness. As he squeezes, she lets out a groan into his open mouth, her passion is still building.

When Ed is done with her ass he moves his hands to the bottom of her shirt and pulls it over her head. Jull offers no resistance and helps with the final bit as the shirt reaches her shoulders and head. As her hand are distracted, Ed grabs Jill by her waist and lifts her right off of the floor and places her on his desk. As the shirt is removed, the only thing standing in his way of her petite, pert breasts, was her black bra. Ed reached around and unclasped her bra, pulling it off of each of her arms. Finally he is able to pay special attention to her breasts. Ed leans over, and clasps his lips on her left breast first, twirling her nipple around with his tongue, sucking on it and gently nibbling. Jill arches her back with the pleasure of it all. After finished with her first breasts Ed switches to her right one while continuing to arouse the left with a free hand. Again her back is arching, begging for him to do more.

While Ed continues to pay attention to her breasts, his hands move down to her pants and unbuttons them. He slowly works her pants down below her ass and works them the rest of the way down her legs. He then looks down to find her black lace panties exposed to him. Ed smiles and leaves her breasts for a more delicious treat. He leaves a trail of kisses down her abdomen driving her nuts. When he reaches her panties, he doesn’t remove them as she thinks he must but instead starts to kiss her all over down there through her panties. By this point sikiş izle her panties are soaked. He proceeds to lick her panties over her pussy, muting the touch but making it more intense at the same time as it is almost a teasing touch. Jill’s body is responding well to all of his touches, all of his kisses, all of his caresses. Ed continues to lick and rub Jill’s pussy through her panties, driving her nuts.

After a few minutes of this, Ed pulls her panties to the side, exposing Jill’s sensitive clit and aroused pussy. Using his right hand, he holds Jill’s panties to the side to allow his mouth complete access to her pussy. Ed leans and gently goes straight for her clit, gently giving her clit a little flick with his tongue. This gets an immediate response from her as she jumps off of the table. Ed has to grab a hold of her with his other hand to ease her back onto the desk. When she is back down, he doesn’t waste any time this time and dives straight into her wet pussy. He slowly licks at her click with his tongue while also drawing it into her mouth, sucking slightly as it. With this attention that Jill gets she is pushed over the threshold into her first orgasm not of her own creation. She feels as if her entire body is alive. All of her nerve endings set to ultra-sensitive. As her body comes down off of her high, her hips stop gyrating, and her nipples feel as if they could break they are so hard.

Ed takes this opportunity to remove her panties completely from her body. At this point the only thing left on Jill his her warm socks that she wore that day. As he begins to go back down on her, Jill has other ideas, pushing him back and into his chair at his desk. She then gets up and slowly unbuttons he shirt while kissing his neck, his lips, focusing on his ear lobes, and when each nipple is exposed, sucking on them intern so that he can experience the pain/pleasure of you nipples being that hard and sensitive. As his shirt is removed the rest of the way, Jill follows his chest hair down to his pants. She unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants and pulls them down exposing his boxer shorts. And out the fly of the boxer shorts his cock is sticking straight out, dying for some attention. She maneuvers his boxers down his legs, working on getting his cock out of its entrapment. Ed can tell she is nervous but is also eager. She slowly puts her right hand around the base of his cock and starts to kiss his head making his cock twitch with each kiss. She then starts to lick his head slowly, getting accustomed to the size of him. Slowly she leans down, and engulfs his cock with her mouth. The first time she overestimates her ability and dives down a little too far, triggering her gag reflex. Quickly she lifts her head up and settles on a slow bobbing with some sucking as she has seen on the internet. She tries to duplicate what she has seen before, slowly stroking him with her hand while her head bobs up and down, but realizes that this might take a little practice to get right. Ed is enjoying this regardless of the difficulties she is having.

After a few minutes of this, Ed eases he head off and gives her a very wicked smile. “Jill, I can’t wait any longer, if you keep going I am going to cum. As enjoyable as that is, I don’t want to cum yet, I want to fuck you.” Knowing that Jill is inexperienced, he asks her the obvious question, “Jill, are you a virgin?”

Jill looks a little ashamed as she responds, “No… A year ago at a party, I got a little drunk and a cute guy there seduced me, we had sex, it hurt like hell, and he only lasted for 30 seconds anyways. He wasn’t very gentle with me and I have regretted it since then.”

Ed, looks at her with concern, “Don’t worry Jill, I will be gentle with you, the first time is not typically someone’s best sexual experience. Especially with 2 young kids.” With this Ed stands back up and eases her back onto the desk and lays her back and positions her pussy right at the edge of the desk. He leans in and starts to lick at her pussy once more. He wants to make sure that she is very wet to make this as good for her as it will be for him. As his tongue reaches her clit, he slowly inserts 1 finger into her pussy. Jill gasps at the sudden intrusion into her pussy. Of course porno 64 she has done this to herself several times, but when it is someone else’s finger, it feels completely different. Her fingers are always so delicate, feminine, his fingers on the other hand are rough and callused. Every little move creates friction down there, much more sensitive than using her own fingers.

As Ed continues to lick her clit and pussy, he slowly inserts another finger into her pussy. She gapes at this and can’t believe that amount of pressure that is down there. Her body slowly accepts the second finger releasing the pressure on his fingers while he slides them in and out. Her body is getting more and more turned on by this and can feel the building of another orgasm. Her body is starting to arch again, her hips start to buck against his face and fingers and she is moaning none too softly. As this goes on her excitement continues to build and she grabs his head and pulls it into her pussy demanding more attention, and with one last stroke of his fingers and flick of his tongue, she is cumming again. She can’t’ believe this experience. When Ed feels her climax he eases up on the attention he is paying to her pussy and lets her ride her orgasm through without any extra stimulation.

He stands up and positions himself between her legs waiting for her to come back to herself. When she is again observant of what is going on around her, Jill realizes what is about to happen. She has been waiting for this for a while and it is finally here. Slowly Ed guides his cock towards her waiting pussy. At first he inserts just the head of his penis into her waiting pussy and slowly, ever so slowly starts to push in. Her quick intake of breath signifies that he has finally inserted his full head into her wet pussy and is trying to get accustomed to its size. As he breathing calms down he slowly inserts more and more of himself into her waiting pussy. This is good for both him and her. With as tight as she is, if he decided to start quickly, he would end way too soon as the sensation of being in this pussy is heavenly. When he is finally all in and both are now accustomed to this, Ed slowly starts to pump in a rhythmical fashion. His at first slow movements send shock waves through her body. As the rhythm increases the shockwaves turn into a steady sensation of pleasure through her body.

Ed is feeling it now. He isn’t sure how much of this he can actually take. His attention to her body has made her come a couple of times now and he is aiming for one more before he cums. Ed reaches down with his hands while he fucks this amazing girl and grabs ahold of her nipples. She arches her back under the attention to her breasts while he is fucking her and urges him on, to fuck her faster. Ed picks up the pace even more, starting to move much faster fucking her. After a minute of continual acceleration he is pounding into her tight pussy. He is going faster than he has in a long time, as his pace reaches a furious speed he can tell that she is getting ready to climax as well and continues on driving her over the point of no return for the 3rd time while reaching the same point himself. As he continues to fuck her while she is cumming is like having his cock milked and explodes inside of her hot pussy. The sensation is amazing as he continues to cum while thrusting in and out of her. Finally spent, and his cock too sensitive to continue in this fashion he pulls out and sinks into his chair.

Completely spent now with sweat glistening on each of their bodies they sit/lay there trying to catch their breath. Finally Jill sits up, and carefully gets off of the desk, trying to avoid getting cum all over the desk top. She leans over and slowly kisses Ed on the moth, expressing the thankfulness she is feeling right now for the experience she just had. She slowly gets dressed, wondering if this will ever happen again. She would love it to, but she knows how difficult it would be to get away with this for any length of time. Ed also stands up, finally able to breathe normally again, and gets himself dressed. After they are both respectable, he takes her in his arms again and kisses her a long passionate goodbye kiss.

They both know that at this point, that if the opportunity arises this will happen again. Until then, Jill will continues to be the shy chemistry student that sits in the front row every day, diligently taking notes, asking questions and going to every after school helping session to hopefully get another chance at fucking her teacher.

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