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“Let’s do it”. And with those words came the hope of a realization of an ageless fantasy. I had been chatting with Sascha, a work colleague from years’ past. Of course she had been drinking a little, that makes these chat sessions even more interesting. People are already overly brave when chatting online and a little alcohol can push ideas right over the edge. Lucky me.

The “it” I refer to was a “get together” of sexual interests between myself, Sascha and her current work colleague, Karlene. A woman who I had also worked closely with years ago. I called it a menage a trois, something I suggested in jest and not to be taken seriously. But, you never know what you can catch if you throw a line out, especially to one a little tipsy and obviously receptive to sexual indulgence.

Even as we chatted about it, I felt my cock thicken and was soon masturbating.

SASCHA: “I’ll set it up. I’ll talk to Karlene today. Just between you and me, she’s often talked about fucking you. And you know I’ve always wanted to.”

We’re not talking about girls here. Karlene and Sascha are seasoned, polished women. Women who have seen it all and probably done it all. And really, is there a living being on earth who is hornier than a 50ish year old human female? Having long become unshockable and with a mind as sexually open as the Grand Canyon, what man in his right mind would turn away from the promise of infinite sexual pleasure and experimentation that these women might offer?

Karlene is a true redhead, not one of those “auburn” heads or even worse, a brown headed woman passing for a redhead. Long red hair is her trademark, along with some piercing green eyes (done with contacts?) and a truly impressive pair of tits. What you notice first is up to you. Personality characteristic: Dominance. I worked with/for her, I should know. Confident and secure and immune to bullshit, this woman can be intimidating there is no denying that. She will challenge you on every attempt to get the upper hand. It’s pointless to try. Surrender and know you will be submissive.

Obviously I’ve thought of fucking her. Yes I’ve imagined sucking on those big tits and squeezing my cock between them. But she had a partner and a damn nice looking one, dammit, I’d even fuck him. Well, maybe. Sometimes a man has to realize when there is no hope and move to greener possibilities. So I never seriously gave a thought to pursuing Karlene in any way, hardly even flirting. Yes I’d check out her tits now and then, how could you not? But beyond that we just had a sometimes tumultuous working relationship. But now? Wow, to be in reach of the unreachable was something my mind was still processing. And it was scary.

I’ve pretty much wanted to fuck Sascha from the first moment I saw her. Refreshingly enthusiastic about life and impossible not to like. Charisma oozing from everywhere and an aura you just felt privileged to be surrounded by. She liked everyone by default and unless you did something to forfeit that, she would continue liking you despite your flaws. Cute and with a knockout smile, she seemed receptive to all manner of flirtation. I couldn’t honestly find a boundary that couldn’t be crossed. But we worked together and that prevented anything from going too far. God knows I tried my best.

But now I live quite far from them both. Maybe that is the key to my upcoming adventure. Get together rarely and then fuck off until next time, if there is one.

Our gathering was to be on a Sunday afternoon, at Sascha’s place. I’m no spring chicken. As an older man I know what I am capable of sexually. I masturbate regularly, well who doesn’t? I know my best performances come 48 hours after my last ejaculation. Earlier than that and I might have troubles with extended hardness. Longer than that and, even at my age, premature ejaculation might get the better of me. I know these women will get me horny. I know I will be nervous. You have to balance all these things out to fit the circumstances your given.

There is no point in imagining what might happen. You take it as it comes. Maybe nothing will happen, in fact it might be best just to plan a get together with no commitment and see what develops. I definitely want us all to get naked. I want to see Karlene’s big tits for sure. Hoping the pussies are bald. I’m pretty sure they’ll be eager.

D-day. Hopefully a fuckfest, an indulgence in genitalia, a wallowing in skin and flesh and smells of sex. I admit it, I’m a cuntaholic. Even after years of jacking off to porn I never get tired of seeing it or even thinking about it. I would go so far as to say I worship it. Shallow? Sexist? Piggish? Maybe. But when I thought of this day I thought of seeing these two ladies’ cunts more than anything else. Yes, yes, I know a woman is more than her parts, blah, blah…but the heart of her sexuality is still her cunt. Everything else: eyes, tits, ass, skin, hair, smells, words, they are all ataköy escort bonus. It’s mostly about that treasure between their legs.

As I approached Sascha’s building I could feel my heart pound and my penis shrink. “I can’t be this nervous, it’s not going to work this way”. These ladies are my friends, they want me to be comfortable, I’m sure they expect a performance. I’m also sure they know what it takes to extract that from any man.

Sascha answered the door, her devilish smile was the first thing I saw. She hugged me right away and the smell of her hair and feel of her cheek against mine were enough to make my penis swell. I was pretty sure I was not going to have a problem in that regard. She wore one of those thick terry bathrobes, covering just about everything but obviously easy to remove.

SASCHA: How are you, are you ready to be sucked and fucked?

ME: Yes, you know it. Is Karlene here already?

SASCHA: She’s upstairs, waiting. Follow me.

I entered the bedroom, I assume it was Sascha’s. Curtains were drawn, and a dim red light softly illuminated the room. Sascha sat on the end of what looked like a king sized bed. I heard a “hi there” from the corner and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw Karlene, also bathrobed, relaxing in a large armchair. She rose and hugged me, and I felt her breasts against my chest and the softness of her long hair. And she whispered in my ear “you are my whore”. After an extended hug, she sat back down.

KARLENE: Kevin, I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say. You will do exactly as I say. You will do nothing unless I say you can. You will obey all my requests. You will not speak unless you are spoken to. You will do what I want, if it suits me you might do what you want. If you refuse to comply with any of my wishes, you will be shown the door. Is that clear?

ME: Yeah of course.

KARLENE: You will address me as “mistress”. You will answer all my directives with “yes, mistress”.

ME: Yes mistress.

I glanced over at Sascha. She was still sitting on the edge of the bed with an amused smile on her face.

KARLENE: Remove all your clothes.

Honestly I could not wait to get naked. I admit to being an exhibitionist, I love to show my cock off. Men, women, it doesn’t matter. I want my genitals public for all to see. It wasn’t long before I was standing in front of Karlene, totally nude, my penis half erect.

KARLENE: Come closer.

SASCHA: Nice ass (a giggle).

Now I stood with my legs spread aside each of Karlenes’ as she sat on the chair, my now almost fully erect cock just inches from her mouth. I saw her right hand elevate and felt my balls being fondled. She looked intently, studiously at my cock.

KARLENE: It’s not bad. I’ve seen bigger and definitely smaller. It’s a nice comfortable size, nicely cut and shaped. Turn around and show Sascha.

I turned around. Sascha had seen my cock before, at least in pictures. I know she approved.

SASCHA: That’s a beautiful cock. I love it!

KARLENE: Turn back here and face me again. I have something to show you.

I faced the still seated Karlene. She slowly untied the belt of her robe and just as slowly pulled it apart leaving her totally and gloriously nude. She spread her legs wide, hanging each leg over each arm of the chair and thrust her pelvis forward.

KARLENE: Do you like what you see?

ME: Yes mistress.

KARLENE: Tell me what you like.

ME: I like your boobs and your pussy.

Karlene broke out into a loud laugh.

KARLENE: Seriously? Is that what you call them? Really? Kevin, you need to be yourself here. There are no PC police. Is that how you really talk? You can call it a twat, a snatch, a fuck hole, a cunt. Whatever you like. Now I ask you again, what do you like?

ME: I like your tits and your bald cunt.

KARLENE: That’s a good boy. Now tell me what you’d like to do with them.

ME: I’d like to suck your tits and fuck your cunt.

KARLENE: Haha, not very imaginative but you might get the chance, if you behave properly. Now turn around and face Sascha. Spread your legs wider. Bend down and touch the floor with your fingers.

In doing so I basically had my ass, totally exposed in Karlene’s face. I felt her spread my ass cheeks wide. I felt her apply what felt like lubricant over the surface of my anus, I felt her fingers probe deeper.

KARLENE: Kevin, you are really going to need to relax. I have big plans for your asshole, and I mean BIG plans.

I felt Sascha’s hand on the top of my head, helping me to maintain my vulnerable position as Karlene’s finger explored deeper into my asshole. I tried to relax and maintain my erection at the same time, visions of Karlene’s voluptuos tits and inviting gash in my head.

KARLENE: Ok, that’s enough of that ataşehir escort for now. Stand up and face me again. Be a good boy.

I turned around and saw that Karlene had started masturbating. Massaging her left breast with her left hand and rotating her right fingers around her cunt. She had spread her cunt lips wide, I could see the darkness of her hole. What a magnificent sight, the most erotic sight in the world, that of a woman pleasuring herself! I could see the desire in her eyes now. I could see she was fighting to maintain control.

KARLENE: Your job now is to pleasure Sascha, I will tell you how and when. I am in command, do not forget that. Sascha, get on all fours on the bed. Kevin, spread her ass cheeks and lick her asshole. Do it now.

I had felt Sascha’s ass before, as part of our intense flirtation. I knew her skin to be as smooth as glass and a delight to touch. Sascha assumed the doggie position with her elbows on the bed and her rear arched toward the ceiling before me. I knelt on the floor and pulled her glorious ass close to my face. Her legs spread revealing a luscious bald pussy with lips slightly parted. I could see the glistening of moisture inside.

My task was to give Sascha’s ass a tongue cleaning. I spread her ass cheeks wide and gazed upon her lovely sphincter. I first gave this pleasure zone a broad lick with the widest part of my tongue, then narrowed it down and concentrated on the hole itself, trying fuitlesslessly to insert my tongue inside her colon. The smells and tastes were delicious. A dinner of deep sex awaiting. Then…

KARLENE: Stop, stop now! I need you to watch me. Now! Please, now!

We both turned our heads to the left to see Karlene half slid down her chair plunging a dlildo or vibrator, in the dim light I couldn’t make it out exactly, into her cunt. Her left hand pumping the dildo, with two fingers of her right ferociously feasting on her clit. Her mouth open and face contorted with pleasure.

KARLENE: Come stand in front of me. Watch me cum.I need you to watch me cum.

She could barely get the words out between gasps. Sascha and I then stood before her, my erection slowly fading from lack of stimulation. Sascha, noticing this, kindly placed her hand on my cock and gently stroked, reviving it to life. Such a sweetheart! Karlene’s eyes fell on this action.

KARLENE: Closer get closer, I want your cock and cunt right before my eyes. Say something…

ME: I want to fuck you, I’ve always wanted to fuck you, fuck you hard and long, fuck your steaming cunt.

It’s all I could think of the say.

Then as like in a demonic possession, we witnessed Karlene clench her extremities, curl her toes, her eyes reaching to the heavens and torso seeming to collapse in on herself as orgasmic waves flooded her body with electrical charges of ecstasy. One would think she had actually seen the demon itself judging by the unearthly sounds emanating from her throat.

KARLENE: Fuck that’s good, fuck me, fuck me…jesus fucking christ.

We saw Karlene’s body relax with contentment and then sheepishly looked at the two of us still standing before her.

KARLENE: I’m sorry Sascha, I need him for one more minute then you will have him back.

SASCHA: It’s all good, do with him what you need to.

KARLENE: Kevin, I need you on your knees, I need you to lick me clean.

I did what I was told, I turned back to Sascha, she gave me a wink and she sat down once again on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide and commenced masturbating. I took one more glance at the pussy I so longed for wishing it were my fingers exploring it.

KARLENE: Sascha, c’mon, your not just going to sit there and wack off while you have that nice prime ass staring you in the face? (Laughs). I want at least two fingers in his asshole a.s.a.p.!

Karlene tossed a tube of KY over to Sascha

SASCHA: Hey I can handle that.

Karlene slouched forward in her chair, enabling easy access to her nether regions. So moist and hot and carrying an indescribable aroma of sensuality. As I felt Sascha’s finger slide into my asshole I started in on Karlene’s anus and took long slow licks to the top of her vulvic slit. I took a look up and saw she was watching Sascha penetrate my ass. Then took her right hand and placed it on the back of my head, applying a gentle pressure towards her crotch.

Sascha’s small finger felt like it belonged in my ass, then I detected a second finger making it’s entrance. She was so gentle, it felt lovely. Then I felt her reach around and grab my cock and giving some gently strokes, keeping it erect. Sascha thinks of everything.

Karlene was so soaking wet with pussy juice, and, I suppose, anal juice. My face was drenched in the stuff. And I loved it. My tongue explored the folds of her cunt lips and the tightness of her asshole. avcılar escort I spent a good 5 minutes getting to know her precious jewels intimately.

Karlene: Ok, that’s good, you’ve been a good boy. Now let’s take care of Sascha shall we?

Karlene arose from her chair and lay on the best, as she did I took another look at those bountiful breasts which I still had not had the opportunity to handle. She lay with her head propped up against the headboard, supported by a pillow.

KARLENE: I see our man has lost some of the lead in his pencil. Sascha, can your mouth take care of that?

Sascha was still seated towards the foot of the bed, still keeping her pussy primed through constant but casual rubbing. I saw that after Karlene had made herself comfortable, she too had resumed fondling herself. I stood before Sascha, watching Karlene, my eyes alternatively moving from her tits to her cunt.

SASCHA: I would totally love to take care of that! I’ve been waiting to have that big cock in my mouth for a long, long time.

Sascha took my half-erect cock in her hand and slowly inserted it inside her mouth, not all the way, just my cut knob. Her lips pressed down on my cock-end with just enough pressure to seal in the blood flow. I felt the hardness come and with that Sascha allowed more of my shaft inside. In and in it went and down her throat with the ease of a cold beer on a hot day. She has done this before, hehe. This is a woman who knows how to suck cock. Some women will suck cock out of duty or obligation and it shows. I could tell that Sascha just loves to suck cock. She is a woman of many qualities, but sucking cock has to be one of her finest talents.

I became extremely hard and fastly approaching the danger zone where control might be lost. I didn’t want to cum yet. I couldn’t be sure of a follow up hard on if I did. And I did not want this to end now.

ME: Mistress Karlene, I think I have to slow down. Sascha is doing just too good a job.

KARLENE: That’s good, nice job Sascha, now let’s put that hard cock to more use. Come here Sascha and lay your head between my boobs.

Sascha, reluctantly it seemed, removed my boner from her mouth and lay on Karlene’s tummy so that her head nestled between Karlene’s tits. I was instructed to stand on the floor beside them. I watched as Karlene tweaked and pinched Sascha’s nipples. I know from experience how responsive they are.

KARLENE: Rub your cock on her nipples, then on mine. Finger her pussy and tell me how wet it is.

I carried on as instructed rubbing my knob against Sascha, perky nipples and rotating around her areola. I tried to spread my pee hole to take it in, obviously to no avail. Karlene took my left hand and placed it on her tit.

KARLENE: You’ve been waiting for this for a long time haven’t you? All that time working together, I always knew you wanted my tits, a woman can tell these things.

ME: God, yes I love your tits.

My cock was resting of Sascha’s right nipple, my left hand was massaging Karlene’s tit, my right was fingering Sascha’s wet hole. I could tell she was mega-horny, my fingers, two of them, slid inside effortlessly.

SASCHA: Kev, I want you to fuck me, I want that more than anything in the world. Fuck my brains out!!

ME: Mistress, may I?

KARLENE: No. What you can do is take your cock knob and rub her clit with it, do not enter her yet.

I positioned myself between Sascha’s legs, my cock at full erection. As instructed I rubbed my ultra sensitive knob all around Sascha’s cunt, concentrating mostly on her clit. A few times I would stop at her hole, my God how I wanted to insert. It was torture to have to hold back. I looked up at Karlene. She was still rubbing Sascha’s right breast with her left hand and now and then kissing Sascha on the cheek/forehead. Her right arm was buried underneath Sascha’s back. I could tell she was once again rubbing herself.

I could tell Sascha was in heaven with the attention she was getting. Her eyes closed as she indulged in the sensory overload of the moment.

As I rubbed my cock against Sascha’s pussy I could not help but look up at Karlene, her amazing tits and long red hair flowing over them. I was almost ready to explode, I almost wanted to cry with desire. Then Karlene looked at me and we saw in each other’ eyes an animalistic need for something even beyond sex.

KARLENE: Who do you want me to be?

ME: Huh? What?

KARLENE: You heard me. Who do you want me to be?

How did she know? Or did she know? Was she just fishing? I wanted to whisper the word in her ear. I didn’t want Sascha to hear. I moved toward her, straddling Sascha’s boobs, my cock so close to her mouth that she reached down and licked clean the goop emanating from my pee hole.

I leaned over to whisper the word in Karlene’s left ear. It was one of those times where do you say something or not? Maybe I should have said nothing. I whispered in her ear. And she whispered back:

I know baby, I know. And it’s ok. Now I want you to fuck Sascha like you never fucked a woman before. Fuck her hard and fuck her long. Shove that big dick of yours so far up her cunt I want to hear her scream for mercy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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