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Monday 12/03/18, 11:15pm. “Fuck…” John said as he paced back and forth in his room. He hadn’t been able to get Amy off his mind. Ever since he fucked her and left her he had this nagging fear in the back of his mind. Why had he done that? It had felt great at first. Dominating her and doing what he wanted. But that feeling had faded pretty quickly as the hours had passed.

Two days had gone by and he couldn’t get over it. It felt… wrong… Sure, it wasn’t technically any worse than what he had been doing for over a month… He’d been stopping time and having his way with women without them knowing. Honestly, if there was some cosmic judge out there that was probably worse than what he did to Amy… But it didn’t feel worse to him… With those other women he could justify his actions. What he was doing wasn’t really hurting them. They didn’t even know it was happening. But with Amy? He had hurt her… And he had only meant to help her at first…

Back on the beach with the surfer chick he had though he had needed to fuck Amy. But that wasn’t right at all. His mind had been distorted by all the fucking he was doing. He didn’t need to fuck her. He just needed her. There was something about her that made him… like her. Not just for her body. Not just to use. He liked her as a person. That glimmer she had in her eyes. Her smile. The fact she was working so hard in a dead-end job. He had bought her trust and then abused it. And that was eating him up inside.

John flicked the watch. Stupid thing. It had caused all these problems… None of this would have happened without it. He tugged at it, trying to get it off. “Fuck!” he screamed as he ripped at the straps. It was not working. It wouldn’t unbuckle. He tried to slide it off. He pushed hard on the side of it, causing the front of the watch to dig into his wrist. It was lifting. Turning. He kept forcing it and finally… it… flipped over. The face of the watch was now facing his skin and the backplate was pointing up.

John fell to the floor in a huff. It hadn’t moved up his wrist. He’d just flipped it… He sighed. Then he looked at the backplate and froze. There was a small little screw in the backplate. The screw was near the button he used to pause time. “What the…” he mused to himself.

John rummaged around in his room and finally found his old glasses case. In it was a small screwdriver. What the hell would be inside a magic watch? He slumped down on the floor at the foot of his bed. He bit his lip and made up his mind. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but for some reason it felt right. John began to unscrew the little screw in the back of the watch. It was very tight and took some effort to get it started. Finally he got it going and it began to unscrew.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” a familiar voice said from behind his ear. John must have jumped three feet in the air in terror. He sprawled across the floor in panic and then looked up at his bed.

His dead grandfather Gregory, the man who had given him the watch as his last act before fading into dust, was laying on his bed. Gregory was on his stomach, lazily kicking his feet back and forth and propping his head up with both hands.

“Hey Johnny boy!” he laughed, wiping a tear out of his eye.

“Y-you’re dead!” John gasped in a horrified voice, pointing up at his grandfather and worming his way further away on his back.

“Well isn’t everyone eventually?” Gregory said in a musing voice.

John stared back blankly, utterly horrified and utterly dumbfounded.

“Oh what’s the matter boy?” Gregory said in a dismissive voice as he sat up and swung his legs over the foot of the bed. “Cat got your tongue?”

“How-” John stammered.

“Wellllll… It’s all quite complicated. Needless to say I never expected to see you again after that disappearing act.”

“Dis… What?! You died! The clock said you were out of time and you died!” John sputtered.

“Oh. That. No, well, you see, that’s what we in the business call… a bold faced lie.” Gregory gave a sheepish smile and shrugged. “You see… the date and time on the watch isn’t the date and time of your death. It’s the date and time of your next jump.” Gregory looked at John as if this was supposed to explain everything.

“…What?…” John said blankly.

“Ohhhhh alright… I see you haven’t picked up on any of this yourself. Well… I suppose you wouldn’t with what I did to the watch…” Gregory stood up and tugged bahis firmaları at this shirt, straightening it out. “You see boy, that watch does a lot more than stop time. A lot more boy… But… well… I wanted to hide that from you.”

“What? Why? What does it do?” John said as he began to regain some of his composure.

Gregory sighed and suddenly looked very old and weary indeed. “Look… I don’t want to tell you about all this. It’s better off if you don’t know. And don’t go messing around with that watch. Bad things will happen if you open it… Well see you-“

“No!” John shouted as he grabbed his grandfather’s wrist. “No! Don’t you dare disappear again. How do you have this when I have it?” John pointed at the watch on his grandfather’s wrist. A perfect copy of the one John wore. “You gave this to me when you turned to dust. How do you have another? And no more games, because if this is dangerous, you better tell me because I’m opening it.”

Gregory looked genuinely shocked. “And why would you do a thing like that boy? Aren’t you happy with the great gift I gave you?”

“Gift?!” John shouted in disbelief. “Gift?! This thing is messing with my head! Do you know what I did? I purposefully came in a girl without her permission without time paused! Damn’t Greg fuck you! Why would you give me this thing?” John tossed his grandfather’s arm aside and paced away.

When Gregory spoke again it was in a softer and more serious tone. “So you found someone you care about so quickly did ya?” He sighed. “Screw it up because of the power the watch gave you?”

John shrugged, his back still turned to his grandfather.

“I did too you know… Your grandmother was a wonderful woman.” Gregory laughed, a wistful tone in his voice. “Something very similar happened between me and her back in the day.

“What?” John said turning back around.

“Oh, it’s true…” Gregory said with a far off look in his eyes. “Found a woman I wanted to be with without time stopped. Had been using women for so long I had forgotten how to do that. Knocked her up. I laughed at her and ran away the first time… I bet I looked a lot like you look right now. Wanting to find a way to go back and fix things…” Gregory sighed. “Alright John, I’ll level with you. I didn’t lie about everything. I did get the watch from an old war fried when he died. His name was Adam Sabal. He pulled the same thing on me I pulled on you. Said he’d die when the time on the watch came. Vanished in a puff of dust when it did. Just like you I believed him for a while. Then I met your grandmother. Screwed things up. Tried to open the watch just like you are now.” He laughed a pitying laugh. “Oh I understand now Adam… Oh how I understand now…”

“Gramps!” John said snapping his fingers in front of Gregory’s face.

“Oh… Sorry there boy… Got lost in the past… Right where was I?”

“Your old war buddy lied to you just like you lied to me.” John said with a straight face.

“Oh,” Gregory said sheepishly. “Right… Well, He was just trying to protect me. You see boy, it’s a big scary cosmos out there and it’s better if you think this watch is just a little time stopping trinket.”

“What else does it do? Can you go back in time?” John asked with a fervent tone in his voice.

Gregory winced. “I really wish you hadn’t tried to meddle with things John… Yes. You can go back-“

“Show me! I want to go back and make things right!” Joh interrupted.

“Right-o. Ok boy, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Now I’m not going to unlock all the features at once. That would just be like handing the nuclear launch button to a horny monkey… But I will let you go back and patch things up with your girly friend.” Gregory pressed on the faceplate of his own watch. The cover flipped up and a kaleidoscope of shapes and text erupted from the watch, hovering in the space above the watch. Gregory swooped his hand through some of the text causing it to all swirl, spin, and change. John looked on in awe.

“I’m going to unlock another ability of the watch. Limited, but still useful.” Gregory closed his own watch and the glowing holographic floating text vanished. Gregory reached out for John’s arm and Joh offered it. Gregory screwed John’s backplate screw back in and flipped the watch back right-way-up. He then tapped the face of his own watch to John’s. There was a faint whirring noise like cogs spinning. The backplate briefly felt hot on his wrist, kaçak iddaa then everything returned to normal.

“Pop the button out of the watch like you are going to change the time on it. Then give the watch a good spin counter-clockwise. You’ll travel back in time and space to the place you were when you last ejaculated. I trust that was the time you busted a nut in your lady friend?” Gregory smiled a silly smile.

John brushed off the momentary disgust he felt at hearing his grandfather talk this way and then nodded. “Good!” Gregory said. “Try not to use this feature more than once a week. It can… cause problems…” Gregory lifted his hand and John knew he was about to use his own watch to disappear again.

“Wait!” John called before his grandfather could pull another disappearing act. “What does the date on the watch mean?”

Gregory smiled and shook his head. “One step at a time Johnny boy, one step at a time… I’ll see you again, but for now just be happy with your new ability.” With that, before John could say anything else, Gregory slapped his watch again and vanished without a trace.

John was left alone in his room. He stood there stunned for a few minutes, then made up his mind. He was going to make things right. He popped the little button on the side of his watch out, took a deep breath, and gave it a counterclockwise spin.

The hands on the clock span wildly backwards, finally landing on 10:54. Then the world spun. He felt a jerking sensation in his chest like he was being yanked out of a pond by a fishing wire. Then, everything changed.

Saturday 12/01/18, 10:54pm. John groaned in pleasure as he finished his orgasm, shooting the last drop of his cum into Amy’s pussy. He was back in her apartment. They were back on the couch, doggystyle. He had just shot his load into her pussy. Amy’s moan of pleasure turned to confusion as John’s sperm coated her walls. “What the?” she said, sitting up and pulling herself off of John.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed, looking down at John’s cum-covered cock and the ripped condom. “It broke?! Did you just cum inside of me?! No!” panic splayed across her face as she spread her legs and held her pussy lips open. Globs of John’s cum spilled from her gaping hole.

“Fuck! I’m not on birth control you asshole! That’s what the condom is for!”

“Shit!” John said as he got his bearings on the situation. “I’m- I’m sorry!” He stammered. “I-it must have broken while we were…”

“Damnit!” she said, giving up trying to dig his cum out of her pussy and sitting down on the couch.

“I didn’t mean to… Shit!” John stammered, not really knowing what to say.

“It’s ok…” Amy said with a sigh. “I think I have a morning after pill around here somewhere… It’s just they are expensive…”

“That’s no problem!” John said, relieved. “It was my fault, I’ll cover it.”

Amy smiled. “Thanks… Sorry I overreacted… I just… for a second I though you did that on purpose…”

“No I-” John started, but Amy interrupted him.

“I know,” she said quickly. “Look, it’s just… I don’t normally jump into bed with guys I just met.” She let out a deep sigh. “You gave me so much money… I just thought if I didn’t give you something in return you’d lose interest…” She shrugged and looked down at herself, slumping over. “God I feel like shit…” she said softly.

John scooted closer. “Amy… I didn’t give you the money so you’d fuck me. And I wasn’t going to run away if you didn’t sleep with me…” Using a finger he lifted her chin so she was looking at him. “look… I just realized that… well… I really like you. That’s why I came back the second time. I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

Amy smiled and looked away shyly. “You’re sweet…” she said.

“it’s true!” he said. “I never expected to see you again. I gave you that first tip then went on with my life, but something about you…” Amy laughed a small laugh.

“Look, I’m nothing special.” She said. “You seem like a real nice guy… and you know what you are doing in bed… But a guy like you doesn’t want to be with a girl like me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” John said in a confused voice.

“You’re rich!” Amy explained. “I’m just a broke waitress up to her eyeballs in debt…” She began to slump down in her seat again. “I was just fucking you hoping to lure you in and get more of your money…”

John scoffed and in a joking tone said “Well I’m rich aren’t I? What’s the harm kaçak bahis in giving you some money?”

Amy laughed and rolled her eyes. “Don’t you get it?” She said. “I was just trying to use you.”

John stirred nervously in his seat on the couch. “Well… since we are telling the truth… I wasn’t entirely honest with you either… The condom didn’t break. I broke it… God you are just so sexy I wanted to feel you without it… and I just… got a little carried away…” Now it was John’s turn to slump in the couch. Why was he telling her this? He was just running his chances with her by telling the truth.

Amy smirked and gave a small laugh. “I know…”

“You do?” John said questioningly.

“Trojan condoms don’t just break…” she said mirthfully.

“You’re… not mad at me?” John said with surprise.

“You aren’t mad at me?” Amy said.

“No.” They both said together.

“Besides…” Amy said “It did feel pretty good.”

“What?” John said in confusion.

“It felt really good to have you cum inside me…” She said slyly. “No one has ever done that before… I didn’t realize I’d like it so much. Plus… everything else was amazing as well…” She bit her lip as she gazed at him.

John felt a twitch as his flaccid cock began to grow erect again. He was horny. I felt like he had cum two days ago not two minutes.

Amy looked down and arched an eyebrow. “Are you-“

“What can I say?” John said playfully “hearing you talk about how much you liked me cumming in you is turning me on… And since you’re going to use a morning after pill anyway…”

Any laughed in disbelief. “Now? Are you ser-“

John cut her off with a kiss to the lips. Her body tensed for a moment then relaxed as she kissed him back. John cupped her breast in his hand and pushed her onto her back. She went down easily and began moaning again as John pinched her nipple.

“Put your fat cock back in me” she whispered in a voice laced with sexual desire. She wrapped her legs around his back as he lowered himself over her missionary style. His cock slid into her cum-covered pussy with ease. It was still hot, and her used sex made a sloppy welcoming squelch as he pressed his way in.

“Ohhh god fuck mee…” Amy moaned as John buried his shaft in her. He set into a steady rhythm, drilling his cock in and out of her frothing pussy at a steady rate. It was still looser from the early fuck, and John was going quick and dirty. It squelched softly as his cum-coated cock rammed back and forth.

John pinched her nipple and she inhaled sharply. Her pack arched at the pleasure. He leaned further over her, nuzzling and kissing softly at her neck. She was beautiful when she was about to cum. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth gaped open in a seductive 0 shape. Her head titled backwards as her body tensed. She grabbed on to John’s arms with her hands. As her orgasm hit her she dug into his skin with her nails. Her whole body quivered as the feeling of John’s rock hard cock sloppily slamming into her already cum-filled pussy sent her over the edge.

She screamed in pleasure as John twisted her nipple sharply, his touch turning her strong orgasm into the best she had had in years. Her quivering was so strong that for a moment John thought she was having a seizure. As he slowed though she yelled “Don’t s-s-stop!”

John redoubled his thrusting. Her pussy was clenching and shaking just as much as the rest of her body. The tightness it caused finally sent John over the edge. He slammed himself home one more time and shot his second load of the night deep into her waiting womb.

As his hot cum flowed into her, Amy’s orgasm peaked. Her back arched, her head flung back, her eyes fluttered, and her toes curled. Then it was over and she collapsed back down onto the couch with a satisfied sigh. John’s cock came out of her with a satisfying pop. He let himself fall down into a sitting position on the couch.

“Fuck…” John said breathlessly. “I never thought sloppy seconds would be so good…”

“Yeah…” Amy sighed pleasantly.

“Do you mind if I stay the night?” John found himself saying suddenly.

Amy raised her head slightly to look up at him. “Sure,” she said, a tone of happiness in her voice. “That sounds really nice.”

She moaned as she craned herself up into a sitting position. She stretched her arms above her head. “I’m gonna go clean up ok? Why don’t you find us something to watch? The Netflix app should come up when you turn on the TV.”

John nodded as he grabbed the remote. “Sure thing,” he said as she walked to the bathroom.

John smiled to himself as he flipped through Netflix. This was better. Much better.

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