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Big Tits

(This is actually Lisa’s story. She asked me to make it “sound right.”)

A tiny slice of lucidity slipped through overwhelming fog in my mind. I was kneeling here with my husbands cock in my mouth, my ass sticking in the air visible to Jerry and Donna, our next door neighbors. What the hell was I doing here? Then my mind surrendered to the situation, the heat inside me overcoming my rationality.

I remembered watching Donna in this same situation only moments before. She knelt across her husband, virtually devouring his meat, while my husband stood poised behind her, ready to ram himself home into her hot quim. Eric hesitated only a moment before sinking himself into Donna’s dark and moist cunt, while I sat naked on the sofa and watched.

Now, I was in the same position. I knew Jerry was behind me. I knew, inevitably he was going to sink his cock into me. My heart pounded with the anticipation as I licked and sucked on Eric’s throbbing member. I felt the first contact of Jerry’s hardness press against me. I swiveled my hips until he was poised at my opening, then pressed backwards until I could feel him filling me up. It was such a marvelous feeling of being stretched and penetrated that I moaned around my husband’s cock. Eric quivered with the sensation.

What had started out as an unexceptional night of neighborly challenge had turned into a cut-throat game of truth or dare. The truths were hard ones. Who was the first? Have you ever masturbated? What is your favorite sexual fantasy? The answers had us all in a state of high sexual stimulation.

“The truth be damned,” Donna said, finally. “I’m ready for a dare.” It was Jerry’s turn.

“All right,” Jerry declared. “Here’s your dare. Show us your tits.”

“About damned time,” Donna said. She slipped off her midi top and quickly unhooked her bra. I saw my neighbor’s breasts exposed for the first time. We had gone past a point in this game where I found myself unsure.

“My turn,” Donna demanded. “Eric, take off your pants!”

“Wait a minute,” Eric protested. “I didn’t say I wanted a dare.”

“If you don’t show it to us,” Donna proclaimed, “you’re going to have to describe it. You might as well take the dare.”

Eric looked at me. I knew where this was headed. Eric would get naked. Then it would be my turn. I could have stopped it if I wanted to. The alcohol and my own damp panties were having an effect. I looked at Jerry. The bulge in his pants was obvious. I wondered. So, I looked back at Eric and shrugged.

Eric shucked his trousers. He, too, was bulging at the front of his briefs. He started to sit back down.

“All of them,” Donna demanded.

“You said the pants,” Eric argued.

“Look,” Donna said, holding her hands under her breasts and lifting them toward Eric, “I’m sitting here exposed to all of you. Take off your damned briefs, too.”

This time, Eric shrugged. He lowered his briefs, tugging it away from his half-hard member, then tossing them aside. Donna cooed.

Eric had a tough choice to make. Exposed as he was, he could dare Jerry to get the same way or, he could order me to expose myself to our neighbors. He looked to me, then at Jerry. When he looked back at me, I did something that I thought would indicate to him that I was ready for whatever was going to happen. I slowly licked my lips.

“Truth or dare,” he said. “Lisa.” My heart leapt within my throat. I took a long swig from my drink.

“Okay,” I answered. “Dare!”

“Let me have your panties,” he said.

“What?” Donna bellowed. “No fair!”

“It’s my dare,” Eric answered.

I went down the hall to the bedroom and stripped off my shorts and panties. I put the shorts back on and strode into the den where we were playing. I handed the damp panties to Eric, who crumpled them in his hand. Then he tossed them to Jerry.

Jerry held up my red panties and examined them. Then he pressed them to his face and inhaled. “Oh, yeah!” he moaned.

Eric had now put me on the spot. I could tell Donna to give her panties to Eric, or I could strip Jerry down and expose him. Jerry wanted me, I gebze escort could see that from the way he was absorbed in my underwear. I checked Eric. He nodded toward Donna. I would leave her husband to whatever devices Donna had.

“Donna,” I said. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare, dammit,” she said.

“Give your panties to Eric,” I commanded.

Donna laughed delightedly. Only she didn’t go to the bedroom. She stood right there in front of us, pulled off her shorts and then her panties. She sauntered naked over to Eric and waved them in front of him.

“Here you go,” she said, dropping them in his lap. Then she strode back to her seat, not bothering to put her shorts back on.

“My turn, now,” she said. “I pick,” she paused, “Lisa!” The triumphant shout shocked me. I had expected her to choose her husband.

“All right,” I said. “Go ahead. Dare.”

“You’re going to get naked, just like I am,” she announced. “That’s your dare. Get naked.”

So, I did. I stood and stripped off my top, unhooked my bra, then slid out of my shorts. It was amazing. I didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed. I was naked, but unashamed.

“My turn, again,” I said. “Thank you, Donna.”

“My pleasure,” she said.

The way was clear, as far as I was concerned. Donna was naked and so was I. Eric’s half-hard cock was exposed for all to see. Jerry alone remained completely clothed.

“Jerry,” I announced. “Truth or dare?”

“I guess it’s only fair,” he said. “Dare.”

“Then strip,” I directed him.

“All the way?” he wanted to know.

“All the way,” I commanded.

And so it went. Jerry got undressed. Eric wore only his shirt. The dares continued into contact. Eric lost his shirt to Jerry’s dare. Then Eric ordered me to kiss Jerry. I told Donna to kiss my Eric. Donna told Jerry to suck my tits. Jerry ordered Eric to do the same to Donna. Eric made me hold Jerry’s cock for a full minute. I made Donna suck on Eric for the same amount of time. Donna made Jerry lick my cunt for another minute.

The last dare was to Donna, from her slightly drunk and thoroughly aroused husband..

“Choose one to blow while the other fucks you from behind.” She chose Jerry for the blowjob, and Eric got to fuck our neighbor’s wife.

“Fair’s fair,” Donna said, wiping her husband’s cum from her lips. “Lisa, you get to do the same.” The combination of drinks, ego, and the pure carnality of the moment clouded my judgment. Giving both men time to recuperate, we had consumed yet another pitcher of marguerites, and I had climbed across my husband, taking his limp member between my lips and sucking him hard once again.

Jerry thrust in me with a regular motion, neither hard nor soft, neither fast nor slow. It was a clock-work fucking, in and out with a tempo and intensity that was inevitable. As he pulled out I could expect his return with precision. My cunt muscles clamped on his cock involuntarily. I felt my orgasm building as Eric played with my tits while I bobbed my head on him, his cock sliding between my lips and bouncing off the back of my throat. As the wave crested within me I clasped my fingers around the base Eric’s cock, pumping him, willing him to spurt in my mouth as I climaxed. Yet, as I rushed over the top of my own orgasm, my hand clamped around him, preventing him from finishing with me. My god, I thought, what am I doing?

What I was doing was trying to extend the length of this unparalleled sensual experience of having two cocks at my disposal. As I panted, moaned and wept through my first orgasm of the night, I desperately yearned for others.

Jerry didn’t disappoint me. His regular thrusting kept things at an exceptional level of excitement. I realized he had come in his wife’s mouth just minutes earlier and would, undoubtedly, last longer as a result. Truly, though, I wanted it to go on forever. Another orgasm started to swell up inside me. My brain realized it was coming and sought it with desperation. I humped my hips against Jerry’s driving thrusts, seeking every stimulus his plunging cock could arouse göztepe escort in me.

Jerry started to groan. I hummed in response around Eric’s cock. My tongue lashed as the bottom of it, my fingers pumping furiously. I felt my muscles clamp around Jerry’s cock as another orgasm crashed through me. Eric called out, “I’m coming, baby!” I urged him onward, sucking him into me with all the strength I could summon. In the meantime, Jerry had clasped my hips and was pulling me backwards as he buried himself into the depths of my cunt. Eric’s first splash of hot come won the race. As I sucked and swallowed, I felt the first blast of Jerry’s ejaculation spurt inside me. My muscles clenched, then released rhythmically around Jerry’s member as I milked his seed out of him. Eric’s salty come slid easily down my throat. No doubt I moaned, or screamed, with my own orgasm. Frankly, I don’t remember. The overwhelming succession of pleasure had me literally seeing stars.

I released Eric’s member from my mouth first, desperately gasping for air. Jerry stayed buried within me. I savored the hot, damp, full sensation of having him inside me. I lowered my head to breathe, squeezing myself on him again and again. Finally, giving a large groan, I clasped him as strongly as a could for as long as I was able, then released him. Jerry fell back, his ass resting on his heels. I could feel his ejaculate oozing down my legs.

“I need a towel,” I gasped to no one in particular. Donna responded quickly, handing me a large, fluffy bath towel. I dabbed at the dampness inside my thighs, then tuck it between my legs to gather the rest of Jerry’s come as it escaped from within me. I sat on it, there on Jerry and Donna’s richly carpeted floor, trying to gather my wits.

Eric went and sat down next to Donna on the sofa. Jerry and I stayed on the floor.

“Well,” Jerry said. “That was fun. Now what?”

The room was quiet as we all took refuge in our thoughts. I tried to examine my emotions. I had just fucked my neighbor’s husband in her presence, and in the presence of my own husband. I had watched him do her. I looked for feelings of guilt. None there. Rejection? Certainly not. Humiliation? Nope. Jealousy? Not a hint.

“You know what I’m feeling?” I asked the room at large.

“What?” Jerry piped up.

“I’m feeling a sense of complete satisfaction and real joy,” I admitted. “I’ve just gotten expertly laid and I feel great!”

Eric laughed out loud. “You know what?” he said. “I feel pretty damned good, too.”

“Truth or dare, Donna?” I asked. “How are you feeling?”

“Truth,” she said, “watching the three of you has got me all hot and wet, again.”

“Eric?” I indicated the brunette sitting next to him.

“Who, me?” he said, aghast. “I’m used up, baby. It’s going to take me awhile to get fired up again.”

“Well, how about you, Jer,” I asked. “Can you quench the fire in your wife?”

“Not now, I can’t,” Jerry answered.

“Let’s do this, then,” I suggested. “Let’s get cleaned up, watch a movie or something, and then see how we all feel.”

The four of us had quick showers in the two bathrooms. We gathered in the den wrapped in towels. Jerry put on a movie, then joined me back on the floor, while Eric and Donna shared the couch.

When the movie was over, we paired up for the night. Eric and Donna went to the master bedroom, while Jerry and I took the guest room.

Jerry was a most attentive lover, I found. He kissed and licked virtually every inch of my body, saving the best parts for last. His suckling of my nipples was exquisite, causing shocks of passion to shoot through my body and dampen my pussy. He tongued me expertly down there, alternating between driving his tongue inside me, then teasing and tapping at my clitoris. I had three marvelous little orgasms before he raised himself over me, ready to penetrate.

His heat was intoxicating. It surrounded me as he held himself close above me, slowly entering my swollen, throbbing pussy. I felt his smooth hardness part me, then expertly slide into my slickly halkalı escort lubricated hole. As he bottomed out, I looked into his face to see the passion and lust in his eyes.

“You’re beautiful when you’re getting laid,” he told me. “Your face has this marvelous look of passion, yet contentment. You’re eyes are sparkling, and I love the way you bite your bottom lip as I penetrate you.”

“And I love the feel of having you inside me,” I admitted. “You fill me up with your smooth, hard heat. I want to clamp down on you there and never let you go.”

“Ah,” he said, “but if you did that, you wouldn’t get to feel this.” He slid partially out of me, sending marvelous sparkles of sensation throughout the lower part of my body. As he slid back in, the comfortable, warm feeling of fullness returned. And, so it went for what seemed like delicious hours until his thrusting quickened.

“I’m very close to coming,” he grunted in my ear. “I want you to come with me.”

I wrapped my legs around his thighs and concentrated on savoring the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me, rubbing against my clit, shockwaves of delight shooting through me. I concentrated on remembering that this wasn’t Eric who was penetrating me with such gentle passion, but Jerry, the neighbor, while remembering that my Eric was enjoying the same experience with his wife.

“They’re fucking across the hall,” I reminded Jerry urgently,” my husband and your wife. They’re feeling the same feelings we are. So, don’t hold back, lover. Fuck me hard and fast now. Make me come like Eric’s making your Donna come across the hall.”

The urging had a definite effect on Jerry. He began to slam his hips into mine, grunting with the exertion and making me gasp with the intensity. My hands found his hips and clawed them as he pounded away inside me. I felt the wave of my climax beginning to build, so I started clenching my cunt muscles on him.

“I’m cumming, Jerry,” I announced to him. “Don’t hold back now. Fuck me, Jerry. Fuck me hard!”

Jerry pounded into me with a fury that was exquisite. He gave six or seven mighty thrusts as I moaned my own climax into his ear, then buried himself as deeply in me as he could. My heels dug into his thighs, pulling him as close to me as possible. Then he groaned heavily and spurts of his hot come splashed inside me. I could feel his cock pulsing as he discharged his load. His previous orgasms of the night limited the quantity, but he continued to throb and pulse inside me after the spurting had stopped.

I could feel Jerry’s hot breath in my ear as he lay his head beside me. He continued to support himself on his elbows and knees while he panted after his exertion.

“Roll over, Jerry,” I urged, “so you can catch your breath.”

Jerry rolled off me, his cock sliding wetly out of my quim. I rolled to the side and put my leg across him, my left arm resting on his heaving chest. I lay my head on my arm and toyed with his short hair.

“I’m so glad we did this,” I told him. “I’m really going to enjoy fucking you.”

“Are you?” he asked. “You think this will continue?”

“As long as nobody fucks it up,” I answered. “You know, getting all jealous or possessive, or falling in love.”

“Ah, yes,” he said, his breathing returning to a more normal rate. “That would create some problems, wouldn’t it?”

“As long as we can keep this at enjoyable sex with, of course, mutual respect and affection, I don’t see why it can’t continue,” I told him.

“I would like very much for that to happen,” Jerry agreed.

We heard a sharp little scream from the other bedroom. Jerry chuckled.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

“Eric must have found her g-spot,” he answered. “She always screams like that when she has one of those g-spot orgasms.”

“You’re not jealous, are you?” I asked.

“You know what? I love Donna to distraction, I really do. Loving her like that means I want absolutely the best for her that can happen. She sounds like she’s having a wonderful time, right now, wouldn’t you agree?”

I agreed.

“Well, then,” he said, settling down in the bed, “that’s what I want for her; a wonderful, wonderful time.”

“Me, too,” I said.

“You, too, what?” he asked.

“I’m having a wonderful time, too.”

Jerry turned his head toward me and looked in my eyes. Then he kissed me gently on the forehead.

“Good,” he said.

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