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I was dreading a long day at my wife Myra’s co-worker’s wedding. She told me that her friend Denise belonged to an unusual church. I was expecting a long ceremony followed by an uneventful reception. Myra seemed a little excited about going to the wedding but I could not understand why. It was just another wedding for a girl she was not that close to.

We pulled up to the church. The sign over the door read ‘The Church of Free Love’. We walked in and the Wedding March had already begun to play. The bride peeked out of a room in the back and waved at us. I gave a strained thin smile and Myra waved back energetically. Denise gave her a big thumbs up. I grabbed Myra’s hand and pulled her toward the chapel.

The pews were strange looking. They had plenty of leg room between each row and there were round holes in the back of each bench. On the floor was a pillowy cushion in front of each person. I thought they were rather large for praying. The ceremony began and my mind quickly began to wonder as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

I looked around and saw people of all sorts. It was a small crowd, no more than 40 people. I thought it was odd that there were almost all couples and no children. I tried to be discreet as I looked around to see if there were any attractive women. Only one of the three bridesmaids appealed to me. Their dresses were fairly low-cut and this one’s cleavage was straining to make an appearance. There was a blonde woman in her 40s a row ahead of us. She was by herself and seemed to be squirming around as if she couldn’t wait for this to be over. I could not agree more. We made brief eye contact before she turned back around to watch the ceremony.

The priest and two altar boys were going through their motions but the ceremony seemed to be wrapping up. Myra put her hand between my thighs and squeezed my dick. I moved her hand away and gave her a dirty look. I may be bored but this was not the place for that. She seemed to be anticipating something. I thought about trying to have sex with her somewhere in the time between the wedding and the reception. There was about an hour difference in which we had nothing to do. The priest then said, “I now pronounce Denise and Tom man and wife. You may now disrobe the bride.” Did I hear that right? Disrobe the bride? Tom gave Denise a deep French kiss. The maid of honor unzipped the back of her gown and began slipping her dress to the floor.

All around me people were taking off their clothing. The wedding party, priest, and altar boys were taking off their clothes. Tom began licking Denise’s pussy, getting her wet. The altar boys and the priest participated in a circle jerk. One boy was jerking him off and the played with his balls. The priest was stroking each of the boys and playing with their asses. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were all masturbating naked. Various others around the chapel were şirinevler escort stroking themselves and touching others around them. Everyone’s eyes were still on the bride and groom.

Myra unzipped my fly and released my rock hard dick. I looked at her and was shocked to see that she was topless. She just smiled at me and whispered in my ear, “I knew you would go for this. I could barely keep it a secret.” She then stuck her tongue in my ear and licked slowly giving me goosebumps all over. “The only thing we have to wait for is for them to finish, then everyone is free game.”

She began to pull on her nipples and cup her boobs. I turned my attention back up front jammed my hand down her skirt and panties. The priest now had a hard-on. Tom stopped licking her pussy and presented it to the priest. Denise then bent over the altar with her boobs hanging off the edge. She faced the congregation. The priest lined her up and said, “I now bless this woman in the name of the Church of Free Love.” He then rammed his cock in her. Her mouth made an ‘O’ shape as he fucked her. The maid of honor then began her duty of sucking off the groom. The altar boys stood on either side of the bride. She had a dick in each hand and was stroking them as much as she could. It was difficult with the powerful thrusts that the priest was giving her.

The priest apparently was close to coming and he pulled out of her slot. He moved to her face and one of the altar boys took his place in her cunt. The priest said, “I now baptize you in holy cum.” The other altar boy jerked him off until he came on her face. The priest then had her suck his dick clean. The altar boy that was fucking her now ran around and he also came on her face. The second altar boy then took his turn in her. He didn’t last long and he came in her pussy. Then Tom came over and stuck his dick in her well-fucked pussy. He really gave her a good hard fuck then he switched holes and reamed her ass. She was in ecstasy as her floppy boobs slapped against the altar. Tom then pulled out and shot his wad over her back and into her hair.

The priest then said, “Now the free love will commence.” The orgy then began full swing. Myra nearly ripped her skirt and pantyhose off. She shoved her huge tits in my face and I eagerly sucked on them. A polite line started behind Denise. Apparently it was tradition to screw the bride. The wedding party was in various positions among themselves. Nearly everyone was naked. Clothes were strewn everywhere.

Myra pulled my pants off and began riding my cock. I looked in her eyes and saw the lust there. I decided to go for it. I took her off my dick and bent her over the pew. Using the kneeling pads (their true use), I put my face in her ass crack and began licking her asshole. I noticed a man come up in front of her and stand there. I wasn’t sure şerifali escort what he was doing until I heard the slurping. The holes in the backs of the pews were glory holes. He was getting a blowjob from my wife as I licked her ass and pussy. I slid my cock in her hot pussy. Her juices were flowing down her legs as I pushed my hardness in her. I was just getting my rod wet for the main event. Myra never let me fuck her in the ass so I figured this is my chance.

I rubbed my 8½” length against her ass. Myra moved her butt back toward me expecting me to re-enter her cunt. I put a finger in her pucker hole, which she usually enjoyed, but this time was going to be different. I moved my finger in and out, faster and faster. She bobbed her head in time with my fingering. I humped my cock against her soft ass, holding on to her hips. Then I pushed the head of my cock against her asshole. She stopped briefly but couldn’t complain because of the dick in her mouth. I slowly wedged my huge dick between her plump ass cheeks. I heard her inhale (as much as she could with a dick in her mouth) and moan in pleasure.

She must have clamped down on the guy in front because his body tensed up and he closed his eyes. I could tell he was cumming in her mouth. Her anus tightened as his cum filled her mouth. I stuffed my entire dick in her ass. Then I grabbed her tits and fucked her hard. I came in her ass and my body shook from excitement. Myra’s orgasm continued and her ass would not let go of my dick. She finally slid off my pole down to the bench, still twitching.

I bent down to give her a kiss and tasted the other guy’s spunk on her lips. She took my still hard dick on her hand and lightly stroked it. “I’m going to go fuck the bride,” I said. She smiled and told me to have a good time. I stepped around some people fucking in the aisles and made my way to the front. Denise was covered in sweat and cum. She was currently on her back with the best man fucking her intently. There was only one other guy in line in front of me. We gave each other a knowing nod. As we watched, I began to fondle myself in preparation. The other guy saw what I was doing. He reached over and took over for me. His touch was a little strange. I had never had another man play with me before, but I figured ‘when in Rome’ so I grabbed his cock too. We strummed each other until the best man scrambled up off Denise and came to add to her cum-glistened face.

The guy who had been in line with me said, “Let’s double team her.” That sounded good to me. “I’ll take her butt,” he said. Denise smiled up at me through her spunk-glazed over eyes.

“Myra told me you would really enjoy this. Maybe you two could join our church. We have Saturday night services and we’re always looking for new members.” “I think you can probably count on two new members next Saturday,” şişli escort I said. “I hope there is a greeting ceremony for newcomers.”

“You bet! Now let’s celebrate!” Denise spread her gooey pussy for me with her fingers. Cum flowed out and dripped down her legs. My tag team partner had already lay down and had his dick pointing up for Denise to impale herself on. She squatted down and it went in her widened asshole as easy as can be since it had been slickened from all the cum that had been shot in it. Her sphincter made a sucking noise as it settled on his cock. He began humping her as soon as she stopped. Denise curled her finger at me and gave me a big smile. I looked out at Myra and saw she was busy sucking some other guy’s dick. She still had an eye on me. Myra smiled and waved. She then began working this guy over.

I grabbed my dick and slid it in Denise’s hot slot. The pool of spunk that was already in there oozed out as my huge pole filled her. Her eyes went wide for a second as the feeling of two cocks in her got her going. Feeling another dick sliding next to mine with just a thin sheath between us had me cumming for a second time. I pulled out and my second shot landed on her belly and tits. My jizz dripped into her pubic hair, which was soaked at this point. Denise grabbed my cock and brought it up to her mouth to clean off.

One of the altar boys came over and took my place. I had one more target that I had to have: the older blonde woman I had seen earlier. I looked around for her. I found her in the best place I could imagine, between my wife’s legs. I moved up behind her. My wife had her eyes closed from the pussy licking she was receiving. I put my prick in Myra’s mouth to get it going for its third fucking of the day. She sucked voraciously and soon had my rigid again.

I moved behind the woman but she slapped me away when I put my hands on her hips. She apparently not interested in getting fucked while eating my wife’s delicious pussy. I rubbed my cock against her backside and she looked up. She began to tell me to fuck off but when she saw it was me, she cut herself short. The woman pulled my dick toward her boobs and rubbed it across her nipple. She then jerked me off while fingering Myra. Then she told me to fuck her hard. She did not have to ask twice. She put her ass back up in the air and resumed eating out my wife. I placed my dick in her hot cunt. I reached around and grabbed her tits.

They were so soft and large that I decided to just go slow and savor this one. I pinched her nipples. The blonde moaned as my cock slipped in and out of her wet hole. I watched as she licked all around Myra’s pussy. Myra’s clit was poking out just a bit. I knew that if she would suck on it then Myra would cum hard. I started flicking the blonde’s nipples and she got the idea. She was voracious in attacking Myra’s clit. I saw her tense up and arch her back, pushing her pussy into the blonde’s mouth. I grabbed her hips and began ramming her as quickly as I could. I slid my thumb in her ass to complete the act. As I came for the third time, we all collapsed in a pile. I rolled them both over to play with and suck on their boobs. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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