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She didn’t know that marrying a businessman can be a blessing.

Laila is a 25 year old office secretary who got married a few months ago to Vinnie, a young, energetic, driven businessman who is of the same age as hers. Although they work for the same company, the two work in different branches. And just like every other businessman, Vinnie is a frequent traveler as he always go to places and conduct his seminars and business deals that usually take weeks to accomplish. At first Laila was okay with this set-up in their marriage but later on she is not sure what Vinnie’s priority is anymore. She is now torn between Laila the career woman and Laila the wife. Their arguments sometimes lead to small fights and she ending up crying in the room.

“I’ll be leaving for Hongkong for a business conference,” Vinnie said as the couple eats their breakfast.

“When will you be back?”

“That depends. Hope to be here after a month or two.”

“One month! The longest time you work abroad was two weeks!”

“This deal can earn the company billions, honey.

I can’t back out. Let me finish this baby, once I grab the deal, we’ll take a vacation. Hawaii. Paris. Just say it, we’ll go there. But for now I want you to take the fort. Take care of things in the office for a while.”

“But…what will I do then if you’re not around? I can stand without you for a week or two…but months? I’ll sorely miss this…” she whispers as she caresses Vinnie’s front which made him squirm.

“Hmmm…I know you’d say that. That’s why I want you to go to this place in case you really ‘wanted’ it.” said Vinnie as he handed her a calling card.

So Vinnie left for abroad after a few days. and I went to the address my hubby gave me. It was basically an antique store selling different kinds of old stuff from clothes to appliances to magazines, among other things. The place has a musty smell so I had to cover my nose and mouth when I passed acıbadem escort by the accessories section. As I rummaged into it a penis-like object fell on my foot. I gasped as the ten-inch object looked like the real thing. It was flesh-colored, with veins protruding around the shaft. Its base has a compartment for a four AA batteries.

I gasped when a young salesman behind me asked if I found anything that would interest me as he helped me look through the mountain of items. There I realized I was in the sex toys section — dildos, vibrators, sex dolls. AwkwardIy I said I was not looking for something in particular but I was curious on how to use the gadget I was holding.

The young man smiled and it seems he was picking or adjusting something under his pocket pants. He was an Afro-American kid, I guess in his 20s, medium built, around 5’7″. He gave instructions on how to use the gadget, borrowed it from me and placed the batteries in the compartment. It gave a whirring sound and allowed me to listen to it as he daintily moves it on my ears down.

Instinctively, I gave a soft moan when the gadget passed on my crotch and legs. I covered my mouth when I realized what I had done but it was too late. He gave a wicked smile and licked his lips.

Then another man, I believe it was the manager, a mustached, potbellied 50 – year old Caucasian standing at 5 feet, same height as me, appeared from the counter asking what was going on. The kid told him of my purpose there and muttered something in his ear. The manager grinned and asked me if I wanted to “try” the gadget so I could determine its quality. I quivered, saying yes, both excited and scared at the same time.

The kid ran to the door to flip the “closed” sign and hurriedly went back to us to assist me to get into a storage room which I think was also used as a sleeping room for the employees who work there because a clean unused mattress ataşehir escort was placed on the floor. The kid had barely shut the door when the manager suddenly held the back of my neck and torridly kissed me, wringing his tongue inside my teeth.

At first I resisted due to the nicotine taste and smell of his mouth but gradually the lust won over me when he pinched and massaged my tits so I allowed him to suck my tongue. We French kissed for a few minutes while the Afro kid stripped me of my clothes and went for the C-cup tits to suck each nipples alternately. Then he proceeded to lick my pussy and fingered my snatch. He afterwards turned behind me and continued to finger me but this time he was licking the crack of my anus. I was moaning nonstop as the two men continued to explore every part of my body.

Then the manager pushed my head and whispered to suck his cock which I did. As I move my mouth in and out of his six inch pole I felt a sharp pain in my anus. I turned and saw the kid that he began to turn the vibrator on and pushed it in my hole. I told him it hurt when the tip of the pole entered with a slight resistance so he spit on my ass for lubrication and it worked–it entered slowly as the buzzing of the gadget continued.

I went on sucking the manager but after a few seconds he gave a loud growl — he came inside my mouth. I had no choice then but to suck his bitter cum. He laid on the mattress to rest and said that he will be back for another round.

I focused now on the kid who was still enjoying moving the gadget in and out of my now loosening ass. Though it felt good, I needed more so I told him he can fuck my cunt with his cock. The boy didn’t hesitate for a second and unzipped his pants, revealing a ten inch ebony cock — same size as the vibrator, but this one was thick and uncut.

He positioned himself to enter me. Since my pussy was really wet from the ministrations içerenköy escort of the guys, his cock felt smooth and fine when it went in. He held my waist and violently fucked me doggy style while I screamed both in pain and pleasure from it. The hitting of the kids stomach on the vibrator added an intense feeling as I was double-fucked. A few minutes late the kid exploded inside me filling my womb. I had another orgasm after that caused our juices to drip to my legs. I laid to the mattress face down, perspiration dripping profusely all over my body.

Having a good rest, the manager, stood up behind me and told me that it’s time to fill my butthole with his spunk since the Afro kid had his share on my stretched vagina. I just moaned in reply, too tired to talk. He now pulled my thighs up and beat his cock to make it harder then pulled out the vibrator which made a faint “plop” due to the kid’s saliva and sweat. He aimed his cock and slowly pushed it. This time his cock slipped easily with no resistance at all. I guess I like his cock in my ass since his is shorter and smaller and it is less painful when it enters my butthole. The kid then took his turn in having his cock sucked. They fucked me for about fifteen minutes doing many positions — doggy, cowgirl, missionary but they never double penetrated me because they like the vibrator do its job so when they fuck me vaginally the vibrator is always placed on my anus while I suck a cock.

We ended our fucking with the manager pumping his jism in my ass while I suck the kid’s juice which tasted better than the manager’s since it has a sweet aftertaste to it. Satisfied from our fucking, with our sweat dripping profusely from our bodies, we dressed up not before wiping our sweats and cums from our bodies with towels given by the kid. I was surprised when they guided me to the door because I haven’t paid for the vibrator yet. The manager winked and gave the gadget back to me as because it’s “in the house”, provided I bring the gadget every time I pay them a “visit”.

I left the shop satisfied, droplets of cum moistening my panty during the bout. My husband was right: I really enjoyed my visit there in more ways than I expected. Now it’s time to show my husband what I bought there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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