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Artificial Vagina

Jessica walked in the bedroom and handed Josh’s toothbrush to him. “Don’t forget this.”

“Thanks Hun.” He quickly stowed it in his toiletry kit before zipping his suitcase up.

“I can’t wait to spend some quality time with you, the beach and a Pina Colada.” Jessica gave Josh a squeezing hug from behind. “This was a nice surprise.”

Stepping off the bus at their resort they made their way to the front counter of the resort. After checking in, they followed the porter to their room taking in the resort as he dragged their luggage. Once they got organized, Josh was very excited to get out and tour the resort. Jessica threw a bikini on and wrapped a sarong around her waist as they headed out the door.

The hotel lobby was exquisitely adorned bringing the island feel with its open concept. From the lobby they could see a pool and the green blue perfection of the Caribbean Sea a short walk away. Walking arm and arm they toured made their way around the lounge chairs towards the bar. Jessica wasted no time climbing up on one of the empty swing chairs.

The bar tender took their order quickly and returned with two icy cold pina coladas. “Cheers beautiful.” Josh clinked her glass.

“This was a great idea Josh.”

“We were way overdue for a getaway.” Josh’s arm moved around Jessica’s shoulder and he left it there.

The pool area was fairly quiet and they assumed it was because the other new arrivals were getting settled. Between the swimmers and sunbathers, Jessica counted about six couples so far. Pushing her bare feet against the bar, Jessica had the swing moving slowly as she sipped her drink and enjoyed the warm breeze coming off the beach.

“Beach next?” Jessica smiled up at Josh who was standing beside her.

“Of course!” He quickly leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

The bar tenders timing was impeccable; no sooner had Jessica’s straw began to suck the bottom of her glass it was replaced with a fresh drink.

Josh helped her from the swing and laughed, “Are you drunk already you light weight?”

“I’m not!” Jessica slapped him playfully, “but these drinks are strong.”

Emerging on the beach after following a gently winding trail from the pool, Jessica looked at Josh quickly. “I think we found everyone else!”

“Yes I think we did.” He smiled at her and returned his gaze to the white sand beach and all the tanned bodies that were on it.

“Did you know?” Jessica couldn’t take her eyes off the beach goers.

“Know? Know what Jess?” He glanced at her quickly.

“They’re all nude Josh! You had to know when you booked it.”

“I just said I wanted to go somewhere warm and I didn’t want kids around.” Josh shrugged. “I don’t see any kids.” He smiled.

“Nope, definitely no kids.” Jessica eyes followed two women as they passed in front of them.

The women smiled as they walked past with nothing but sunglasses and flip flops. Jessica watched Josh as his eyes followed taking in the view of their bare arses slowly walking away.

Finding an empty palapa, they lay back on the lounge chairs looking out at the sea. People were swimming, sun tanning and walking in the surf. Josh surveyed the beach goers and figured everyone there was between thirty and fifty; mostly couples it appeared.

A woman walked past in a thong. “She’s not naked Jess!”

Jess laughed, “I’m not a prude Josh, sheesh. I was just caught off guard.” Without hesitation, Jess removed her bikini top and threw it at Josh.

Josh couldn’t take his eyes off his wife and a huge smile crossed his face as he enjoyed the improved view. “You are gorgeous Jess.”

Jessica waved her hand at him in an effort to blow him off as she smiled contently.

“I should sunblock those up for you.” Josh was now sitting on his lounger facing her.

“Do you think?” Jessica tried to look coy.

“I do!” Josh moved quickly to the edge of her lounger with sunblock in hand. “I don’t want the most beautiful woman on the beach getting burned.” His hands quickly began rubbing the warm sunblock in to her breasts and down her stomach.

The male half of a couple at the next palapa watched the show from his chair only ten feet away. Josh realized he may have spent a bit too much time rubbing the warm oil on Jessica’s breasts when his eyes met the stranger.

The stranger smiled, “First time here?”

“Yes, we just landed.” Josh moved back to his lounger and found himself trying to get a view of his wife.

“Excellent. We arrived a few days ago.” His voice was accented.

“My name is Steve.” He gave a gentle wave. “This is my wife Annie.”

Annie sat up and waved at them. Josh smiled back at the fair skinned redhead.

“I’m Josh and this is my wife Jessica.” He gestured to Jessica who smiled and waved back.

“American?” Steve inquired.

“Yes we are.” Josh took the opportunity, “Where are you guys from?”

“South Africa. Cape Town.” Steve smiled. “I’m sure we will see each other around later.”

Steve stood up and walked down to perabet the water slowly making his way in. Josh took the opportunity to get a better view of Annie. She was very petite with small breasts and long red hair. His eyes wandered down her lily white flesh and took in every detail.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Steve’s voice startled him. As Josh turned towards his voice, he realized Steve was standing at the foot of his lounge chair. Steve stood facing him with a huge smile across his face.

Josh was speechless. Steve began to talk casually to them but all Josh could see was Steve’s huge cock with water dripping off it. He tried not to notice, but it was face level.

“Annie is very beautiful.” Josh tried looking up to Steve’s face, but the sun was bright Josh moved to a seating position to see Jessica propped up on her elbow smiling at Steve.

Steve made no secret as his eyes wandered over Jessica. “You are smoking love!”

Jessica blushed slightly at his bluntness, “Thank you.”

“We were going to head up for lunch soon. Care to join us?”

Jessica replied catching Josh off guard yet again, “Absolutely. Let us know when you are ready to head up.”

Lunch was a buffet of island food and poor imitations of western favorites. Josh and Jessica sat getting to know their new friends. As they ate lunch, Annie and Steve were very straight forward about themselves and their pleasures in life. Josh didn’t’ know whether it was a cultural thing or just their personalities but he routinely found himself at a loss for words. Jessica seemed un-phased by the conversation and seemed to be enjoying it.

Once lunch was completed, Steve and Annie excused themselves and suggested meeting up at the pool in an hour or so before heading away. Josh and Jessica made their way up to the room.

Josh held the door open and Jessica walked in the refreshing cool of the room. Once the door closed, Jessica threw herself against Josh pressing him in to the door. As they kissed, Jessica pushed his trunks down past his thighs until they fell freely to the floor.

Josh quickly pushed his hand down the front of her bikini and was greeted by a soaking wet pussy. His fingers pushed easily in to her causing Jessica to pant in his mouth. Spinning Jess around quickly, her hands braced the door as he pressed behind her. His hands quickly pulled the ties of her top and pulled it from her. Using his knee he moved her legs apart as if to be frisked by the police before pulling her bottoms to one side.

Jessica moaned loudly as Josh pushed his cock deep in her pussy. His hands mauled and squeezed her tits as his cock ploughed quick and deep in her wet pussy. As one hand alternated between squeezing and pulling her nipple the other reached around and grasped her neck firmly.

“You thinking about Steve’s big cock aren’t you my little slut?” Josh fucked her harder making her moan loudly again. “Tell me!”

“YES! Yes, I’m thinking about his big fat cock.” Jessica screamed it out as Josh fucked her mercilessly.

“That big cock would rip you in half you little slut! Would you like that? Would you like him to split you in two with his big cock?”

“YES! Of fuck yes!” Jessica’s pussy exploded squirting her juices at their feet.

Josh pounded her hard for a moment more before pulling his cock from her and spinning her around. “Swallow my cum.”

Jessica dropped to her knees and got his swollen head in her mouth just in time for him to flood her mouth with cum. Swallowing she took another wave of his seed in her mouth. Holding his cock in her mouth she stroked him emptying his balls until Josh couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away.

They found themselves sitting on the cool tile floor leaning against the door. Jessica put her head on Josh’s shoulder. “They are a sexy couple aren’t they?”

“Very.” Josh was still gaining his composure.

“Were you fantasizing about fucking Annie?” Jessica turned her face to meet Josh’s.

“Oh yeah! She is a sexy little thing isn’t she?”

“How does she take his cock?” Jessica’s voice was bewildered. “She is so tiny and he is the poster child for black men.”

“He is fucking huge and he wasn’t even hard.” Josh stood and pulled his wife to her feet. “Have you fantasized about being with a black guy Jess?”

Jessica blushed.

“If the opportunity presents itself, would you want him to fuck you baby?” Josh’s smile was gentle.

“Yes.” Jessica responded softly. “Would you fuck Annie?”

“FUCK YES!” Josh’s excitement was noted.

“Are we saying we are okay fucking other people Josh?” Jessica looked at him seriously. “There’s no going back from that.”

“I know baby. I know.” Josh pulled her back on the bed with him and they kissed before taking a well-earned nap.

The full heat of the afternoon sun blazed down at the pool as they made their way down. They scarcely entered the pool area when Steve and Annie waved them over to a couple empty chairs beside them. Jessica settled in beside Annie perabet giriş leaving the boys on either side of them. Jessica made note that they were both dressed for the pool and inquired.

“I’m surprised to see you guys dressed.”

“You don’t know the rules?” Annie teased. “Nudity at the pool only after the sun goes down. The beach is fair game all day.”

“You want to go down to the beach Jessica?” Steve called over top of Annie.

“No, I was just curious.” Jessica smiled back.

The couple had been here a few times and enlightened them on what to expect. Most people lay low during the day and it looks like the resort is almost empty. At night, it is a different animal with lots of music, social games and of course nudity.

Inevitably the girl’s bladders took their toll and they made their way to the bathroom together. Steve sat up and looked at Josh. “Do you guys swing?”

Josh sat up, “Pardon?”

Steve clarified, “Swingers, are you guys swingers?”

“Well…not exactly.” Josh explained, “She’s played with other guys and we are open to seeing how things go and taking it from there if we are comfortable.”

“Fair enough Josh. I really like that wife of yours.” Josh didn’t say what came to his mind about his wife liking him too. “Your wife looks like a lot of fun too Steve.”

The boys agreed to just let the night play out. No expectations of the evening and the girls can run the show. It was clear that it would be mostly Jessica because Annie was apparently a seasoned swinger.

In the washroom, the girls fixed themselves up in the mirror taking their time to continue the chat. Annie had asked if they were swingers as well, receiving a similar response as Josh had given Steve.

“Can I ask you something Annie?” Jessica made eye contact through the mirror with her. “Your husband is huge! How do you..?”

Annie giggled, “It took some serious getting used to let’s just say that. He knows how to use it though.”

Jessica giggled, “I bet it did take some getting used to. Easier now?”

“Well, you always know he’s there but it’s not as much work adjusting to him now. I guess you could say he broke me in.”

The girls made their way back to the pool to see the boys talking. Annie sat beside Josh and Jessica took her original spot which was now between Josh and Steve due to the shuffle. Josh and Annie talked casually and Steve took the opportunity to get to know Jessica. The time flew by and the sun started its slow descent to the horizon turning the sky a crimson red.

Annie sat beside Jessica, “What are you wearing tonight?”

“What should I wear?” Jessica hadn’t given it any thought.

Annie smiled, “I’m wearing a silk negligee.”

“Really?” Jessica’s voice pitched. “I didn’t bring anything like that.”

Annie laughed, “Wear that sarong from earlier and your bikini top, but no bottoms.”

“Really?” Jessica couldn’t stop the disbelief in her voice.

“Really really” Annie gave her a wink.

Jessica tore through her clothes trying to figure out what to wear when a knock came at the door. Josh opened it and let Annie in to the room. Josh’s jaw dropped as Annie traced her finger across his abdomen enroute to Jessica. She was wearing a see through black negligee that barely covered her ass and a pair of low heels.

“How are you making out Jess?” Annie stood looking in to Jessica’s suitcase.

“I have no idea.” Jessica was getting frustrated.

“Take those clothes off Jess.” Annie commanded and waited for Jessica to comply before wrapping a wine colored sarong around her tying it off behind her neck. “Ta da! Instant dress.”

Jessica looked at herself in the mirror before turning to Josh for approval. “Well?”

Josh giggled like a school boy, “Well? Well I’d like to lock this door and fuck the hell out of both of you right now!” The girls laughed.

Annie smacked her ass, “I will take that as he approves. Let’s go find Steve.”

It didn’t take long to find Steve; he had saved a couple swing chairs for the ladies and held his beer up as they approached. Josh called out an order to the bar tender for Jessica, Annie and himself. Holding the swing steady, Jessica climbed up beside Annie. Looking around Josh noted how accurate the night situation was described earlier. All the women were dressed scantily and some wore nothing at all.

Steve ordered shots and it wasn’t long before they were all feeling no pain. Josh watched as Steve squeezed his wife’s ass nonchalantly. Josh gave Jessica a discreet nudge to let her see too. Jessica turned and kissed Josh. It was only moments before Josh squeezed at her breast through her make shift dress causing her nipples to stiffen. When they broke their kiss, Steve and Annie were smiling at them.

“I want to be kissed like that too.” Annie faux pouted at Josh.

Josh was fully expecting Steve to give her the kiss she desired when he spoke up, “You gonna leave my poor girl hanging? She wants a kiss.”

Jessica nudged him and Josh moved perabet güvenilir mi between the swings. Annie closed her eyes and tilted her face up for Josh. At first, their kiss was gentle and awkward, but Annie held his face to hers and it turned deeper until they were making out. Jessica couldn’t take her eyes off Josh and for the first time, felt she understood how he derived pleasure when she was with other men. Jessica watched as he squeezed Annie’s firm little breasts through the thin fabric. Josh was lost in the sexuality that Annie exuded until he felt a hand squeezing his cock through his shorts. Jessica kissed his back as she slid her hand over his hardening tool.

The kiss broke after what seemed an eternity and Annie’s eyes glittered like diamonds. “Now that is what I’m talking about.” Annie beamed.

More drinks were followed by dancing in the tropical night air to the soulful music of the Caribbean. They danced with each other and the ladies traded off between their husbands. Each dance with Steve became more heated and he forced Jessica to ride his thigh making her pussy grind on it. His big hands danced over her body gently at first before taking a firm grip of her ass and kissing her.

They each swapped for the last time and remained with each other’s husbands. Josh and Annie were lost in their own world and barely broke their kissing to acknowledge Steve and Jessica until they were interrupted.

“We’re going to grab a drink.” Steve yelled over the music before taking Jessica’s hand and heading back to the bar.

Steve lifted Jessica easily placing her on the swing with her back to the bar. Grabbing another drink from the bar he placed it in her hand. Jessica took a big drink and watched Steve’s big hands caressing the top of her thigh before pressing between them causing her to uncross her legs. Steve’s mouth gently nibbled her neck as he moved between her legs.

Jessica’s hands slid down and squeezed his rapidly growing monster through his shorts. “It’s so fucking huge Steve.”

“He’s a gentle giant baby.” He continued to kiss and suck at her neck and ear.

Steve pulled the waist of his trunks down and pulled his cock out resting it between her thighs. The head of his cock was an inch from her pussy. Her hands wrapped around it and stroked it causing his kisses to become more forceful. His big hands squeezed her breasts.

“You wanna suck that big cock beautiful?” Steve kissed her lips knowing full well he had her.

Jessica nodded as Steve kissed her.

Steve stepped back stroking his cock for her, “come suck it.”

“Here?” Jessica looked around at all the people watching.

“Yeah baby.” Steve’s smile glowed.

Jessica knelt in the sand as Steve moved closer bringing his monstrous cock to her lips. Instinctively her hands grabbed it and stroked it. Her fingers couldn’t wrap around its thickness. As her tongue slipped over the big head it was evident that a crowd had gathered to watch the show.

Jessica sucked at his cock nibbling its length and tonguing the head wildly. His head was so big she could barely fit it in her mouth. Sucking his swollen head, Steve began to slowly fuck her mouth putting more than she could imagine in her mouth. He held her head and slowly worked his huge cock in and out of her mouth.

His cock was now fully hard and her hands worked the length quickly. He watched from above has his black cock slid in and out of this sexy blondes mouth. Steve found himself ready to explode and having difficultly not flooding her mouth with his sticky seed.

Reaching down he pulled her to her feet, “You are gonna make me cum too quickly with that hot little mouth.” Steve pulled her to him and kissed her. His hard cock pushed between her sarong and her thighs. Jessica reached down and parted the fold of the sarong so his hard cock slid across her bare thighs.

Jessica put her arms around his neck and they kissed as they danced slowly sliding his cock between her thighs. His swollen head danced across her wet pussy and she loved the sensation of grinding on his hard shaft. As they kissed and swayed slowly to the music, Jessica’s pussy juices continued to coat his shaft. Her hips couldn’t stop grinding his fat meat and she began to move faster as an orgasm built.

Breaking their Kiss Steve looked in her wild eyes, “Cum all over that shaft baby.” His lips returned to hers and her legs began to give. His big hands held her ass keeping her upright as her body convulsed. Wave after wave of orgasm flooded over her. She felt her wetness run down her legs as she panted wildly in to Steve’s mouth. She couldn’t believe how hard she orgasmed just grinding his hard shaft.

“I think I need a dip in that pool baby.” Steve pulled himself from her and put his hard cock back in his shorts. “Come on.

Jessica undid her sarong and let it fall on the edge of the pool. Steve stood admiring the gorgeous blonde that he was going to break in tonight. She pulled his shorts down over his ass and swollen cock allowing him to step out of them. Taking her hand, Steve guided her in to the pool.

Jessica pressed her naked body against Steve’s and straddled his hard cock between her thighs again. “I want to make you cum.” She squeezed his hard cock between her thighs.

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