Treality Stories Vol. 01 Pt. 13

Big Tits

A modern love in the making – The Great Betrayal and my Ex’s One Night F¥€k: she was bored, drunk and lonely when the opportunity presented … Sucks to be me she says later …

All characters are well over 18 years old, even when this occurred, and the Treality Story series usually includes ‘Rocket Man’, his earlier alter egos ‘Jardine Man’ and in his 20’s ‘Rambo’ (it’s a long and irrelevant story at this time) and the beautiful ‘Sparkling Red’.

The Treailty Stories can be read separately but should be read in order to see the journey. This story explores Rocket Mans Betrayal some 30 years ago and is very much stand alone. If unexpected Betrayals trouble you like Rocket Mans’ was then this story is probably not for you and you should partake of the next Story instead which is intentionally a much happier Story about anniversaries which are always nice! Perhaps that’s why I was Betrayed – still don’t really know or understand it at all.

The Confession.

You never think it’s going to happen to you. Working hard and having to do back to back trips away for weeks at a time doing flight testing. Then I had to do a training course in Europe for some 3 + weeks and then return home on Service Air – a Boeing 707 coming back via the US. I was pretty rapt in having been selected to do an overseas Course the first year out of Uni. I eventually return home the night before Christmas and it’s off to see rellies until after NYE. Nothing untoward is on the cards. Or so I thought.

It is now 6 Jan 1987 and we have friends coming around for dinner in 30 minutes but before they arrive my wife of just three years tells me I need to sit down as she has something to Confess to me, ‘Rambo I’ve had an affair! You were away again TDY and I was bored, drunk, lonely and the opportunity presented itself!’

I was gutted and betrayed – I had no clue.

This is how it happened to me! Its funny how young apparently intelligent guys think their wives will be enamoured with them for the rest of their lives. But you’d be wrong. My Ex’s story goes something like this in my mind with some help for the juicy bits from Perv2 as I have no idea what occurred! Better this way – thanks Perv2

Just weeks before The Great Betrayal.

‘Want to have a BBQ and throw a little party for a few friends?’ she asked me. It was our turn I remembered. Our house was small with most of our neighbours work colleagues interspersed with the Housing Trust homes.

‘Sounds good. The usual people from work and all the folks from the last BBQ I presume?’

They were mostly other married couples that were mine or my then wife’s friends from my work too. We had about a dozen friends from our work that we hung out with, usually doing the occasional bar crawl or theatre outing.

‘I’ll call them. We’ll schedule it for Friday night?’

The huge BBQ Turkey dinner party at our house in late Nov went over a treat.

One of the more vocal and drunk attendees, Dickie, had then invited the whole group out for a repayment dinner. Interestingly, he had written in our visitors book that he ‘couldn’t have been more than a tart’! Sadly, Rambo was overseas working so she apparently begged off. Dickie was however persistent and told her about all the others that were coming and it would be a shame for me to miss out on repaying us for the great BBQ and night we had put on.

The Betrayal from her perspective.

I dressed up for the dinner in Burlesque as suggested and to ensure that we were in keeping with the dress code and more importantly give us all an air of gentility for the evening. Everyone at the BBQ did turn up and everyone was dressed in our finery. The meal was fantastic and we all retired to the bar for some more refreshments and cocktails. Eventually all the other members eating and drinking filtered away and our group was left alone to dream up how the next persons dinner arrangements would go and get set for the next one given Dickie had handled this one with aplumb. Sorted. Sadly several of the others had kids to get back to and then I found it was just Dickie and I. I tried to beg off again but he insisted we have just one more drink. Then another and probably another before heading off and while walking me to the car it rize escort became obvious that I was too drunk to drive and Dickie offered to ring a taxi from the phone in the Common Rooms. So I headed back to the Blocks which I remembered from the days that Rambo used to have to stay in them!

The taxi was duly called and we started walking to the front gate when I tripped and Dickie caught me and then while in his arms he kissed me gently as he looked into my eyes. It was wrong but I kissed him back and I enjoyed it!

I had only really kissed three or four men in my day and this felt good considering how intelligent Dickie obviously was and how funny he was in the group and with me all night. I saw clearly now that the whole dinner party had been a ruse as he well knew that Rambo had been away a lot this year. That felt good, a man wanted me rather than my workaholic husband who only cared about his aeroplanes and the toys on them since we’d been married. I was happy with that. So we walked back to the blocks with him cuddling me to prevent the cold getting to me. Dickie cancelled the taxi and we went to his room for a drink: opportunistic certainly, but I guessed what was about to unfold.

His room was ultra organised and he even had little chocolates out – yes it had all been a ruse. After fixing me a drink of Dom Perignon, he begged off to have a quick shower ‘I’ll just be a few minutes taking a shower to freshen up.’ The next thing I know you could hear the water running and the steam coming out of the bathroom because he did not fully close the door. I knocked on the door and Dickie answered with a towel around his trim waist. As he turned, he dropped the towel. I think he did it to show me his back muscles and chiselled ass. Very nice. As I took off my boa and bra, my nipples were hard as rocks. Then I wiggled out of my dress and once I was in the shower with him, I gave him a very passionate kiss.

With how open my mouth was I was telegraphing to him that I was ready to give myself to him completely. I dropped to my knees to check out his package and started giving him a first class blow job. [Note To Self. She cannot spell fellatio and does not like sucking cock and generally I had only gotten a blow job during our ‘courtship and extended engagement’ and she certainly never swallowed, but I digress.] Between the two hands stroking his dick, sucking, slurping, and all her head bobbing, it did not take long before Dickie shot spurts of his cum into my hungry mouth. As some dripped out of my mouth, I caught it with my hand and licked every drop from his dick and my hand. Hmm that was easier than Rambo I thought who I struggled to fit in my mouth and certainly couldn’t deep throat. He obviously thinks his package is well endowed though, that’s ok by me, I will let him go on thinking that.

‘OMG! that is the most delicious cum I have ever tasted. If my husband’s cum tasted that good, he might get a blow job every once in a while. My pussy is yearning to be f¥€ked by you Dickie. Please f¥€k me!’

‘How can I say no to a beautiful married woman like you?’ He then ogles my big firm tits like every man does, swoops me up, carries me to the bedroom and throws me on the bed still all wet.

I knew that I was going to be ravaged by an intelligent and well built man and I yearned for it. ‘As much as I would like to f¥€k you, I have some conditions that need to be met. First, I do not want your husband getting mad and making a scene while I f¥€k the poo out of you Dickie says as more of his true nature seems to be coming out.

However my pussy is on fire and I wonder what he wants me to say? I will do anything to get to enjoy his energetic dick given I’ve already given him a blowjob! I convince him that I will never tell him and that he’ll never know about this from me!

‘You might never want your husband’s dick again after I have f¥€ked you. This has been a long time coming as I desired you when I was at Uni did you know. Spread your legs as wide as you can, so I can enjoy the sight of your luscious pussy.’

Without hesitation I spread my legs showing a bright red swollen dilated pussy that was as wet as can be. You know a woman is ready when her lips spread and her pussy is glistening.

‘Damn girl your pussy juices are running down your ass crack and soaking the bed!’

‘I’ve never been this wet before but then again, I have never seen such a dick attached to such a magnificent physique.’

‘I love f¥€king married women. I am addicted to it. I can’t get enough of it. It happens all the time, as soon as a married woman sees my magnificent body and my enormous dick, there was no way I was not going to f¥€k you.’ When she calmed down, he said, ‘It is your turn to beg me to f¥€k you when my dick recovers.’

‘Please Dickie, do me!’

‘Do what?’

‘Please f¥€k my lonely married pussy with your hard dick. I can’t wait anymore. I need you so bad!’

Eventually he gets it up, and Dick got in position between her widely splayed legs and tried to gently push the head of his dick into her moist waiting pussy. She gently pushed up against him.

I prayed that I would be able to take his dick now.

‘Damn girl, it wont fit. Your pussy is tight as poo.

‘Please Dick, please do not stop. Push harder.’ Then I heard a pop and two inches of his dick were in my pussy, unprotected.

‘Please go slow as I’m out of practice. OMG! Oh Dick, it feels so good. Please give me more of your magnificent dick.’ It must have taken 5 minutes to get the first few inches of his dick in me. You could see his dick covered with my juices and the bed spread soaked too.

In between moans, I scream at Dickie. ‘ This is all so new. Please give me more of your dick.’ Inch by inch Dick inserted more of his dick into me as I thrashed side to side on the bed moaning incoherently. The smell of my wanton pussy is unmistakable. He now has it halfway in and she screams, cries, and shakes from another orgasm. It is unmistakable that I am already coming as my eyes roll back in my head, I arch my body and my pussy contracts on his dick. As he pulls out of me, I wonder if that was it. Did he just come in me? No, his dick is still rock hard. Then it clicks! I remember that a women’s secretions can get very thick when they are extremely excited. ‘No dear I still have another inch to go.’

‘I tell him that I want him to totally fill me up. DO IT NOW!’

‘Congratulations, your adulterous body and great tits are just made for f¥€king and what a waste of an educated pussy. See what my dick can do to a woman, are you ready for it all.’

Now that he is balls deep in me, he starts to slowly full-stroke me. It’s not long before the old bed starts to shake and squeak as he establishes a faster and faster rhythm.

She was crying out loud with every powerful stroke as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other. ‘F¥€k me! Oh God I am coming!’

She has her third orgasm, more powerful than the previous two, if that is possible. Dickie waits patiently for me to calm down with his dick firmly planted in my pussy.

‘Rollover. Your turn to ride my dick and f¥€k the shite out of me until my nuts and ass tighten and I explode in your tight married pussy.’

‘I am going to f¥€k the shite out of you Dickie’ and that is what she did. I cannot help myself and I explode more violently than the last three orgasms and has multiple orgasms for at least 10 minutes. She screams at him, ‘I can’t take it anymore. I am unused to this. Please…please give my married pussy your massive load. Come in me now you bastard.’

I can see his nuts and ass tighten and Dickie grants me my wish. He screams like a wild animal and unloads his cum into my lonely unprotected pussy. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven spurts of baby batter into my hungry wanton pussy and then I lose count. I momentarily pass out from the excitement while Dickie keeps his dick soaking in my raw red dilated pussy. We do this all night and I can’t get enough of his dick in me.

I am exhausted in the morning and crawl back to the car and drive home feeling well and truly f¥€ked. Dickie has asked me back that night again, so I must have been ok! We shall see, as Rambo arrives back from Belgium the day after tomorrow and I can now show him some of the new tricks I have learnt!

I get home and sleep and sleep and sleep. My sleep is interrupted with a phone call from Rambo in Hawaii – his flight is delayed at least two days.

So without any remorse of my adultery I think it’s Game On – I ring Dickie and tell him he has my company again tonight – what should I bring …

Rocket Man perspective now.

On reflection I should have explored this by writing down my thoughts and insights years ago. Instead I did my detective work and surmised based on physical locations of work colleagues, her work friends and mine as to the top 10 most likely Perpetrators and surrrise surprise Little Dickie was on the top of the list! Not hard when in those days, every phone call was registered on your telephone bill – and guess what! It didn’t take a rocket scientist – which I am now!

I do not accept that she was drunk and lonely – I have never come to terms with The Great Betrayal and I then don’t understand why she’d tell me about it unless she felt the need to really hurt me or to assuage the desire to do it again! I then made a young man’s mistake and forgive her and ask her to stay. Then I make another and not discuss it with anyone, carrying the shame of being cuckolded by her and her unknown and possibly ongoing lover (I didn’t know it was Little Dickie then) internally and I don’t do any professional counselling – I can handle it. That’s what country men do or they use the 12 gauge. The latter option did cross my mind – but the elephant trackers might work that one out and I did not have a confession that it was indeed him. LOL

Ten months later and the biggest delight of my life occurs with my son being born the same day as we shot a missile on the Test Range, thankfully he looks like a ‘mini-me’, a blonde surfer dude and not a Not So Clever Dickie.

The die is cast and I live with the shame of being betrayed for another 30 years – not discussing it with anyone, even her. I suspect but don’t know whether she’s f¥€ked anyone else since then – it matters not as I’ve had Ms Palmer to romance and my work is my retreat. In fact, sometimes I’ve thought that the Ex’s telling me of The Great Betrayal never actually occurred and somehow her telling me she’d had an affair was just a twisted way to get rid of me or an excuse for her to leave me to find someone, anyone, better… Certainly she holds herself blameless it would appear calling it just her “One Night F¥€k” and tells me “it sucks to be you” as it was my fault the opportunity presented itself don’t you know!! I am smarter now, I refused to bite and have moved on.

I still can’t fathom it occurring at all and struggle to believe it was just one night. I still believe it was out of character but what did I, or do I, know… She does, however, strangely, and against my emphatic advice mind you, tell all our parents and kids what she had done back then when I had to explain my affair a few years ago.

So it did occur, as we’d never really discussed it, but one could never tell over the 30 years in between given the vague allusions to her Confession – the Day the Music Died. At least for me.

This one was not the easiest to write and hence being Pt. 13, but writing this out (with Perv2s help) and reflecting whether “it sucks to be me” it has helped this country boy, a lot. I hope this one makes you stop and think should you be contemplating such a Betrayal on anyone and don’t make stupid decisions when the alcohol starts flowing. There are better ways to handle life and relationships.

Thankfully the music has started to play again thanks to Sparkling Red. I am ok, now.

I truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer. Bring them on – please … Y’all have been strangely quiet! Guess where I lived for a while!

Disclaimer. This story was started about a year ago to help me out psychologically and I later used portions of Perv2’s work to fill the sex scenes of The Great Betrayal concept out in words that were not mine. Using the NFL players betrayal as it so matched really well the storyline way better than I had I’d ever envisaged! He probably wont even recognise it now, but it was brilliant for our purposes.

Our Stories such as this piece were originally intended for our sole enjoyment and this is thought by some to be the highest form of honour in the use of source material / research – albeit with acknowledgements obviously! Thanks Perv2 although I know you’ll agree Little Dickie is no NFL player. He’s not even black on the outside, at least.

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