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Ah, spring break, it’s finally here! I have had enough of school to last me a lifetime (mind you, I’m only 18!) I don’t like my roommate, she’s a total slob, and I’m a neat freak. I can’t wait for her to leave. My friend Toni has asked me and two other friends to come to her house for spring break; she said we can stay there the whole week, and her mom is ok with that. She’s going away herself, so we’d have the house to ourselves.

When we got there that Friday night, Toni introduced us to her mother, as she was packing to leave. Her mom is cool; I liked her. We all descended on the kitchen to get something to eat. Her mom left about a half hour later, and Toni said, “Ok ladies, we are on our own! What do you want to do?” I suggested renting a movie, complete with junk food, so we decided to do that. We piled in Toni’s car, and stopped at the local movie rental place. We split up in four different directions, and met up at the cash register. I was in charge of getting the goodies, and they rented a few scary movies. We stopped by a fast food restaurant, and grabbed some burgers to eat as well. When we got back, we changed into our jammies, popped some popcorn, and sat down to watch a movie.

I noticed that all of us were dressed similarly, tank tops and panties or boy shorts. All of us have long legs and big boobs too, and all of us are extremely sexy. Toni and I have long dark hair, Maxi has blond hair and Gina (we call her Gypsy) has red hair.

We got halfway through the first movie, when Gypsy got up and turned it off, saying she had had enough. The rest of us were like, “Awwww!”

She suggested we play a game, a cross between Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare, so we looked at each other and agreed. Toni went bahis firmaları to get an empty soda bottle from the kitchen, while Gypsy explained the rules. They were, whoever the bottle pointed to, had to answer any question put to her, or perform any dare asked of her. We all agreed. Toni put the bottle in the middle of our circle, and spun it around.

After a few rounds went by, we took a short break. When we came back, we continued the game. Let me preface this round by saying that the last round of questions had become increasingly personal and sexual. Toni spun the bottle, and it stopped at me. Gypsy was first to ask questions. She smiled and asked, “Ok, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth” I said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


Toni asked, “Girlfriend?”

“No.” I laughed.

Maxi asked, “Are you a virgin?”


“Have you ever been with a girl?”


Toni asked, “Have you ever wanted to be with a girl?”

“No, but I’ve thought about it, fantasized about it, masturbated to it.”

Maxi looked at me, and asked, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“No, not like I’ve kissed guys.”

She asked, “Are you shaved?”

I said, No, but I’ve been thinking about getting a Brazilian wax. I haven’t done it yet, because I’m afraid of pain, and I didn’t have anyone to go with me.”

“Well, we could do it here, right now.” Toni said. “My mom has a new waxing kit right upstairs in her bathroom. Be right back.” She took off upstairs, and I took off my panties. Maxi and Gypsy smiled at me, and hugged me. They took off theirs too. They didn’t need to be waxed, but showed me their pussies and explained what was to happen so I’d know what to expect. It was a sisterly thing.

Toni kaçak iddaa came back, and we spread newspapers on the floor. I took off my tank top, and was now completely nude. I laid down on the newspapers, and Maxi and Gypsy each began to massage my breasts to relax me. Toni spread my legs, shaved me down first, and then began to apply the wax. It was warm and felt really good. When it came time to rip the special appliqué paper off, I made a sound like a puppy’s yelp. It still hurt, but only a little. It was more like a sting than actual pain.

We all laughed, and Toni patted my pussy in order to relieve the pain. She continued until I was completely bald, and even cleared those small microscopic hairs by my butt. Then she did my underarms, so I was now completely hairless. It felt tingly, and I was getting wet from the breast massage. I closed my eyes, relaxed and just felt like floating.

I was about to get up, when Toni pushed me back down on the floor, and put her face near my pussy. She inhaled my scent, and looked at me with a question in her eyes and her tongue running across her sensual lips. I looked up at Maxi and Gypsy; they were already naked and waiting for me. I smiled at them, then looked at Toni and smiled at her. She dipped her tongue into my pussy, and licked me clean, since I’d already had become pretty wet. I arched my back, and opened my mouth, which put my mouth right in line with someone’s pussy; whether it was Maxi or Gypsy, I didn’t know. I began to lick a hairless pussy for the first time. It was a strange sensation to me, but I quickly got used to it. It had a tangy flavor to it, so I opened my eyes to see who was up there. It was useless, because all I could see was boobs. It was also kaçak bahis hard to concentrate, with Toni eating me out so well. I just hoped I was doing whoever was in my mouth even half as well.

I could hear someone moaning in ecstasy, and wondered who it was. When I felt I was about to cum, my legs began to shake, and I let out a scream that shook the walls. I came up for air, and found that it had been Maxi who was in my mouth. I smiled at her, and whispered in her ear to go bring in the yellow bag on the kitchen table. She got up and went into the kitchen, returning with the bag. Inside the bag were several chocolate candy bars. Everyone took one, and Maxi started to eat hers. I said, “No, Maxi, not yet. We haven’t used them yet.” She looked at me strangely, so I explained. “Watch me.”

I spread my legs again, and inserted the candy bar, rubbing my clit at the same time. In about two minutes, I had an orgasm, a chocolate-covered pussy, and three friends who couldn’t wait to dive into me. I giggled, laid back, and they all fought for supremacy. Maxi won, and came up with a face full of chocolate. Toni and Gypsy used their candy bars on each other, and ate each other out. I ate my candy bar, and waited for Maxi to finish me off. I wanted to eat Gypsy; that hot body had been taunting me all night. I realized we had a whole week, but I wanted her now. When Maxi was done, I went for Gypsy. I got on her back, and slid my hands over her butt and down to her pussy. She was wet and ready for me. I unwrapped another candy bar, and slid it into her hot pussy, fingering her clit at the same time. I used my mouth to move the candy bar in and out of her, faster and faster, until she came with a screaming orgasm. I took the candy out, and began to eat Gypsy’s flaming pussy. My face was covered in chocolate, and Maxi and Toni were watching us. There were several more candy bars in the bag, and we used them all. It was just the start of a great spring break.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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