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My ex-wife and I separated and divorced a little more than two years ago. Although the initial break-up was a little rocky we have managed to rebuild our friendship and establish an amicable parenting relationship.

Our kids are four and nine and we both remain very active and involved in their lives. Ironically, my ex and I see each other more now than when we were married. We always had great sex, but not necessarily a great sex life if that makes any sense. Despite everything that has happened with the break-up and divorce, I still remain very attracted to her.

It wasn’t until this past summer that she met me and the kids at the beach on one of my weekends. I could see her approaching from a few hundred yards up the beach — her short blonde hair blowing across her face from the cool ocean breeze. She was wearing a white tank top and short denim skirt over the top of her bikini.

Once she arrived and greeted the kids, she settled in next to us and laid out her towel and chair. Next she slowly slipped out of her clothes to reveal a sexy green and white floral bikini. It had been a while since I had seen her that scantily-clad and I could see that her time at the gym was paying off. She was always a petite girl, but you could see the firmness in her calves and thighs and shapely tone of her ass. Her nice firm breasts were loosely cupped under her bikini top and I could see her hard nipples trying to push through.

I did my best not to stare, but found myself sneaking peaks throughout the day. I was so turned on that I was trying to recall the last time we had sex and tried to visualize her beautiful pussy. She was a natural blonde, but her pubic area was mostly light brown with a blonde strip that ran down the center of her bush — I always referred to her womanhood as GB for Golden Bush. She had always kept herself nice and trim and I was dying to get a look at her naked one more time.

She was in the surf playing with my daughter and they both came up to the chairs to dry off. As she approached I could see the lips of her vagina pressed up against the fabric of her bikini. I knew instantly that she had to be completely shaven as I recognized the faint outline of her labia. I think she caught me looking, but she didn’t let on or try to hide herself.

We spent the rest of the day chatting and playing with the kids, but left before dinner as we each had separate plans. That night after I put the kids to sleep, I laid in bed and slowly stroked myself to orgasm thinking about her in and out of her bikini.

Over the next several months my fantasies for her increased in frequency and became more intense. Once school started we got back into our normal routine of picking up and dropping off the kids. I usually take the kids to school directly from my house, but on Tuesday mornings I pick up my kids from Michelle’s house to take them. It is literally the highlight of my week. Not only do I get to see my kids, but I also get to interact with my Michelle. Each morning she answers the door in her pajamas. Recently she has bahis firmaları been wearing low cut tops that allow me to see her firm breasts as she bends over to pick up the dog or kiss my daughter goodbye.

This past Tuesday I went to pick up my kids and she answered the door and bent down to stop her dog from running out of her house. As she squatted down and looked up to greet me I could see straight down her blouse and caught a glimpse of her pretty rose colored nipples. It took every bit of my self control not to reach down and cup her warm breast in my hand.

I smiled and asked if the kids were ready to go as I walked in and closed the door behind me. She said my son was still eating breakfast and that it would be a few minutes. We chatted for a bit and I could see her nipples poking against the soft black top she was wearing. I could feel myself getting hard as I tried to concentrate on other things.

I was helping my son gather his things into his backpack and grabbed his breakfast dishes and started to walk them over to the sink. As I turned around Michelle brushed up against my crotch with her thigh as she walked past me. It felt so good to have her touch me. I am sure the contact was just incidental, but I thought I caught a look from her as she passed that reminded me of that sexy bedroom smirk I hadn’t seen in years.

We gathered the kids school belongings and headed toward the door. As she leaned down to kiss my daughter goodbye I again saw her firm, prefect breasts hanging softly. She smiled as she said goodbye and I thought I caught another sexy bedroom smirk as I turned toward my car.

My kids’ school was just a few blocks away, but before we arrived to drop them off I received a text message from Michelle. It said, “Any chance u can stop back here B4 u head to work?” I responded, “Sure, is everything ok?” “Yes, just need your help w/ something”, she replied. Although we were divorced I would help her out around the house when needed so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to ask for my assistance. But, why wouldn’t she have asked while I was at the house? I tried not to let my curiosity get the better of me, but I could feel my pulse quickening and the bulge in my pants getting bigger as I raced back to her place.

As I approached her door I could see that is was slightly ajar, but not open. I knocked lightly and said, “Hello.” “I’m back here. Close the door behind you so the dog doesn’t get out.” I entered the house shutting the door behind me. It was then that I noticed her dog on the back patio. The dog gave me little notice as I walked passed the back door toward the bedrooms. The hallway was dark, but I could see light coming from Michelle’s room as the door was slightly open.

I walked in to find her lying in her bed with one hand behind her head and her sheets pulled half way up her stomach. Her beautiful breasts were fully exposed and I could see her perfect rose colored nipples and her pajamas piled next to her bed on the floor. “I noticed you looking at me this morning and thought a kaçak iddaa little reunion would be in order.” she said. “I’ve been waiting for this day”, I replied. I walked over and sat on the edge of her bed and looked down at her beautiful body. I slowly cupped her right breast and gently squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. “I always liked it when you did that” she said. I looked into her pretty blue eyes and leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. I moved my hand from her breast to her neck and cradled her head in my hand as our lips parted and I touched her tongue with my for the first time in years.

I then slowly began kissing her ear and down the side of her neck and she let out a soft moan and began to rub her legs together in anticipation. I continued kissing her down until I reach her breasts. I gave each one the liberal attention they deserved as I slowly licked around each areola and up the side of her nipples. I then took her entire areola in my mouth and slowly massaged her nipple with my tongue. She ran her hands through my hair and pulled my close to her. My right hand ran down her left side and I grabbed her ass and upper thigh and clenched it tightly. I released her breast from my mouth and looked into her eyes as I back down the bed toward the center of her legs. She pushed the sheets aside and spread her legs apart to show me her perfectly shaved mound. I could tell she was excited because her labia were swollen and slightly protruding from her lips.

I ran my nose along her inner thigh and gently kissed her just to the left of her womanhood. I then ran my nose along her labia and breathed in deeply smelling her sweet fragrance. “I’ve missed you,” I said as I slowly ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. She let out a soft moan as she arched her back and clenched the sheets with her fists.

I slowly parted her lips and folds with my tongue — taking special care to lick every possible inch. I then stiffened my tongue and stuck it inside her as deep as I could. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting as I pushed in and out. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth and began licking and sucking.

I moved my mouth to the top of her clit and took it all in. I remember she used to go crazy when I did that and things hadn’t changed a bit. I took my index finger and lightly began to tickle the outside of her pussy. As she got closer to orgasm I slide my finger inside her and held on as she rocked up and down as the waves of pleasure pulsated through her body.

I looked up at her and she pushed me to the side as she sat up and dove for the buttons on my jeans. She ripped open my fly and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees exposing my fully hard cock. I was neatly trimmed which I think took her aback, “Hank got a haircut since I last saw him.” She shrugged and grab my cock by the base and took as much as she could into her mouth.

She stroked me up and down as she sucked my stiff pole. I laid back still half in shock about what was happening. I kaçak bahis could taste her sweet juices on my face and wanted to be inside her now. As good as the blow job was, I sat up and grabbed her around her waist. In one fluid motion I swung her around and landed right between her legs. She was reaching down to guide me inside her, but the head of my penis was already pressing against her moist lips. I pushed inward and we both let out a moan as I penetrated her. We looked each other in the eyes as I slowly moved in and out of her. I forgot how tight her pussy was and it felt good as she clamped around my cock.

“I want you to fuck me hard,” she said as she grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me passionately. Well, she didn’t need to ask me twice. I immediately reach down and grabbed both her legs and pulled them up so they were nearly on my shoulders. I leaned forward to get maximum penetration and her eyes grew bigger as she took all of my manhood.

I started out slowly but quickly built up in a fast pounding rhythm that was knocking the bed into the wall with each thrust. She would gasp with each penetration and she pulled my closer and tighter toward her. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum. I’m almost there. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” She screamed. She pulled me in tight and her body convulsed as she released her second orgasm. I continued my pace and let a huge load go deep inside her just as she was finishing. I could feel each orgasmic burst as I pumped her full of my hot cum. I laid there on top of her and shivered slightly as she flexed her vaginal muscles around my throbbing cock.

We laid in bed for a few moments just looking up at the ceiling trying to catch our breath. I looked down to see that my cock was still hard. “You ready for round two”, I asked as she rolled over to see that I was ready to go again. “Let’s do it doggy style this time”, she said as she rolled over onto her hands and knees, raising her gorgeous ass into the air.

I positioned myself behind her and rubbed the tip of cock up and down her wet slit. She lowered her head to the pillow and arched her back a little more to raise her ass up and give me the right angle into her waiting hole.

I push my cock deep inside her and began pumping in and out. I had a hand on each of her hips and was pulling her into me as we rocked back and forth. She reached between her legs and took my balls into her hands. She rubbed and massaged them as I pulled in and out. She then moved her hand to her clit and began rubbing furiously to help bring her to another orgasm.

I could feel another orgasm building inside me and I pumped her harder and deeper until I climaxed again. As I collapsed onto her back I reach around and cupped her breasts. She continued to rub herself and grind on my cock which was still inside her until she too reached another pulsating orgasm.

I rolled off her and she fell into my arms. We both started laughing. We had great sex while we were married, but we had never been multi-orgasmic at the same time. “Talk about releasing some sexual frustration”, I said as I pulled her close and kissed her on the forehead. She was slowly running her hands on my chest when she looked up at me and asked, “What are you doing next Tuesday?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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