Tukiko Ch. 09


From time to time, a series of stories, a collection of volumes, The Letters Books, are mentioned in my stories and in those being published by sexysue12 and kiakim12. These books are used to connect our stories and run a common theme through them. There is actually a real version of these books too, one copy of these 17 volumes is sitting on the shelf here in this office.

We are following the exciting and sexual journey of the young Japanese woman, Tukiko. In this chapter, she gets into sexual activities with more than one man, then goes on into her first experience of group sex. Her first orgy you might say.

This story ends with a note about her boyfriend. She is feeling guilty about cheating on him but doesn’t want to stop. How is Tukiko going to deal with this? How is she going to reconcile these separate parts of her life? Watch out for more in Chapter 10. – Anne.

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

We Agree to Write This Story.

Hello again, from Tukiko,

For this series, you may have noticed that it is me, Tukiko, who is telling much of this story. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the story seems to be mainly about me. Not the way I planned it but just how it worked out or maybe they planned it.

Secondly, my new friends have this letter/story writing thing going where sexy stories and adventures are recorded for a limited group of friends.

Mum and I had begun writing the earlier stories with Dad getting involved a bit too, where we wrote about Mum and I buying bikinis (Tukiko Ch. 05.) and then came home to model them for Dad. She went on to write about other things that happened that week while I started on our trip to the nude beach. (Tukiko Ch. 06.) Now Shanti has asked me to write about going up into the sand dunes with Mike. (Tukiko Sh. 07.) Telling about the fucking we did. Such intimate things. I wasn’t so sure about that. After talking with Mike, we decided to do it together.

But I think I am getting a bit ahead of myself, aren’t I? Let’s begin by backtracking so you can see why I became one of the key writers in a book I knew nothing about.

* * * * * * * *

It all began about a month after that first dinner with Joseph and Lizamoa and the sexual evening that followed. (Tukiko Ch. 03 & Tukiko Ch. 04) We had gone to the beach the following weekend which also has been recorded in earlier stories. Exciting adventures, the sex was great and I learnt a lot too.

Since we were now involved in this sex group, they had decided to give us copies of all the stories. I was there that night Joseph and Lizamoa brought them over; it seems they had particularly requested my presence too. Mike and Shanti were there too.

It was after dinner that they brought the books out, two boxes of volumes placed on our dining table. One set had my name (Tukiko) on them and the other was for Mum and Dad. (Hirohiko & Sayako) We had heard about this writing thing because they had been open with us and no attempt was made to hide anything. But knowing of them and seeing them, were two different things. We were amazed to discover how extensive they were. As I watched Lizamoa spread Mum and Dad’s copies out over the table I wondered how they could have found enough to write so many volumes.

Black leather volumes with the name ‘Letters of Shanti and Joseph’ embossed in gold on the front cover each. Below the name was the volume number in smaller text. There were sixteen volumes and one empty one labelled ‘Volume Seventeen.’ It all looked a very professional presentation the way it was done.

I picked up Volume One while they were talking and opened it. There was a short introduction addressed directly to my parents followed by a table of contents for this volume. (I found out later, my volumes had a similar introduction, addressed to me.)

I began reading the first couple of story/letters. They were short, written more like letters than stories. I realised they were actually real letters. I even read the first couple out to my parents too. From as early as that, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to read more. It appeared these were correspondence between Joseph, who lived in India, and Shanti who lived in New Zealand. At that point, it seemed Shanti must have been about my age. That was a long time ago.

Joseph picked up Volume Fifteen and showed us the two stories they had written about our adventures at Mokoroa Falls. We wanted to know what they had written so they agreed to read them.

* * * * * * * *

Moving to our lounge, we sat in more comfortable seats. I sat down on the couch and I was slightly surprised Joseph sat down beside me getting me to move over to make room for him. Meanwhile, Mike sat at the other end, leaving me sitting in the middle, between these two big men. I know why now; should have seen it at the time. They had planned it like that, for what they were intended doing to me later. But for now, we all sat listening as Joseph began first. “Story 230,” he read. “Japanese Pussy at Mokoroa Falls.” (Tukiko mersin escort Ch. 01)

Japanese pussy? I suppose that was meaning Mum and my pussies. I was rather amused at that title and giggled as I said so. I think Mum was amused too.

Joseph began to reading while I leant over closer to watch. He read slowly and clearly while we listened to how they met us at the main waterfall and invited us to join them at another, better swimming place. It was a good story, well written and brought back many memories of what happened that day. The sex had been good, some of the best I had ever had. Sex, where I learnt some things I won’t forget in a long time. It came out well in the story too. Exactly how I remembered it.

My body remembered it too. I felt my nipples harden against my bra and lower down I felt my pussy responding too. Just a story and I was reacting so quickly to it? But no, it wasn’t just was a story was it? It had really happened and I’d been involved in it too.

Then Lizamoa took over, Story 231,” she read. “Horny Hirohiko.” (Tukiko Ch. 02)

I looked over at Mum, as I knew what she thought of that name. At first, it was hard to read her face, but then she smiled.

“I didn’t like that name back then,” she began. “But events since have shown it to be true.” Then turning to Dad, she asked, “What do you think, Horny Hirohiko?”

Dad smiled; we all knew his opinion of that name. He liked it. “A good story name,” he replied.

Lizamoa began to read and we learnt what happened between my Dad and her. I thought this story was well written, was in a more exciting and sexual way. It was a bit of a turn-on, just to listen to it. But both stories were good, both sexy stories and we were happy to allow them to stay in the letter’s books. Although I sort of realized they were permanently there anyway.

This second story surprised me a bit, that even back then, Dad was interested in watching Mum and I fucking Joseph. I remember being a bit nervous about fucking in front of my parents like that. Up until then, I thought they didn’t know anything about my sexual activities with my boyfriend. It had only been a few months since I’d lost my virginity but it seems they had worked out what was going on.

Looking at all these volumes on the table I decided I’d have a much better look at these Letters Books when I could. If those two stories were anything to go by, I thought there might be some very interesting reading.

I must add I found them very explicit in their sexual detail. Not that I considered that bad. This was actually quite a turn-on, considering I was one of those in the story. I felt my pussy had really begun to juice up. I felt how my panties seemed to be pulling tight and realised that my pussy lips were probably swollen too. It made me make a slight movement of me squeezing my legs together.

Mike noticed it, “Naughty girl,” he whispered in my ear. “Getting horny over a story, are we?”

I looked at him and smiled. “A bit,” I admitted.

“Wait until later,” he grinned back. “We’ll fix that.”

I knew what he was implying there. We were going to be fucking again in some way that that evening. Not that it was in any way a surprise, I was kind of expecting something would happen. But at that moment, the thought that we were about to do it all again, added more fuel to the fire of my growing sexual excitement. I must add that the response of my body kind of surprised me since this was only a story, words on a page in a book. But now, with Mike promising me there would be more coming my way that evening, I was getting quite horny.

* * * * * * * *

Then they dropped the bombshell on us by Shanti telling us she would like one of us to write about going to the nude beach. We didn’t agree then but they left us to think about it. We would discuss it the following day and since my parents weren’t so good with English it would be decided I would write most of the story and they would assist me where they could. We also knew Joseph and Lizamoa would be helping too. As I said above, Mike and Shanti later became involved too. Sort of like has already been mentioned above. So that is how I became a writer in this Letters Project.

They asked me to tell this story since Shanti wanted to capture my thoughts and feelings I suppose, for this writing thing they were doing. They would keep on telling me that, anyway. ‘Write from your heart,’ Mike told me. ‘Lots of juicy detail,’ Joseph had added. Others, like Shanti, have asked, ‘How did you feel and about this?’ or ‘What did you think about that?’ So, I’ve tried to makes this account, as detailed and interesting as I could.

Now, with all this Admin stuff out the way, what about a nice sexy story? Well, I have one of those for you too.

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

My first Group Sex.

I was sitting there, between these two handsome men. Sexy men too, Mike on my left and Joseph on my right. Looking back, I am sure Joseph and Mike had arranged it like that.

mersinescort.asia Having just heard those two sexy stories, explicit stories about things I had done, then the fact these two men were sitting close, on each side of me, their legs and bodies almost touching me. I was getting into a bit of a state. My pussy was juicing, my nipples pressing tight against my bra. I think I was breathing a bit heavier too. I moved to get more comfortable. Again, only a slight movement but noticed by both men.

“Someone’s getting horny,” Joseph said.

“Yeah, mate. She’s been hot for a while,” Mike replied.

Joseph’s hand came straight up for my breast, his fingers feeling my nipple through my light bra and T-shirt.

“Hey!” I protested, my hand coming up to pull at his fingers.

“Nipples hard,” he laughed. “That’s promising.”

“Good sign,” Mike replied.

“Bet the pussy is wet too.”

“No doubt,” Mike agreed.

“Think we need to confirm this,” Joseph said.

Before I could stop them, they grabbed a leg each, pulling my legs open wide and Mike’s hand went straight in for my pussy, feeling me up through my shorts.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Damn! She’s soaking,” he reported to everyone in the room.

That hand gripping my pussy suddenly felt nice. For a moment I stopped struggling until I became aware everyone was watching and I began to struggle again. My hands going down to try pulling his hand away. But these were big strong men, they held me tight.

By now, Joseph had my T-shirt pulled up so my bra was exposed. It was a tiny one, semi-transparent. I’d worn it as I wanted to appear sexy. Yes, I was expecting I’d be undressing in some way this evening. Joseph’s hand was back to my breasts, feeling them all over, giving particular attention to my nipples through my bra material.

It felt good. I couldn’t help it; a gentle moan escaped my lips.

“She likes it,” Mike laughed.

“Yeah, mate,” Joseph laughed too. “Horny little minx too.”

“Feels like she’s ready for a good fucking.”

“Well, we better give her one then.”

“Hay!” I protested. “What about me?”

“What?” Mike said.

“You didn’t ask me?”

“Didn’t need to. This wet pussy is telling me all we need to know.”

The zipper of my shorts was pulled down by now. His hand was deep down inside them. Right down between my legs.

“But I…” I tried to protest.

The large hand down inside my shorts was wrapped over the mound of my pussy, gripping it so his large fingers could press at the softness underneath.

“You are so ready, girl,” he said.

“Ahhh,” I managed to say.

His fingers pressing into me through the wet material of my panties. I couldn’t help it. It was a natural response. I humped back at him.

“Look at her. Incredible! Just asked for it,” Mike said.

“Yeah mate,” Joseph replied. “We’re going to get some fun out of her, tonight.”

“Fuck her sweet little brains out.”

These men were talking about what they’d be doing to me. It was sexy to hear them. I gave a moan at the thought of that and both men laughed. I don’t know what was so funny with all this. I wasn’t laughing.

* * * * * * * *

Both men had reached for my T-shirt. Quickly, it was up over my head and gone. I was pushed forward, a hand going to my bra clip and that was gone too. I suddenly realized I was naked from the waist up. My hands went for my breasts, trying to hide them and protect my modesty which now seems rather silly when you think about it but with the sexual state I was in, I probably wasn’t thinking straight.

Joseph reached over to my shoulder on Mike’s side, grabbing it and turning my upper body towards him. His head came in and he kissed me smack on my lips. From the moment his lips touched mine, it was good. Soon his tongue was probing my lips and I opened to let him in. It was so good; he is such a great kisser, I melted. My body relaxed as I sank into the passion.

My hands had dropped away from my breasts, reaching out for him to touch his chest with one and reaching around him with the other to pull him closer against myself. Any thought of my modesty now gone as my mind accepted the fact that I was going to be getting a good fucking, probably from both of these men, and in front of the others watching too.

In the back of my mind, I suddenly realised the true extent of the situation I was in. These two men were stripping me for sex. There was no doubting that, they had even said it. I realised I was going to be doing it with two men while four others were watching. Again, with two men was something new, with others watching was a bit exciting too. I’d come to realise that having sex while others were watching was a bit of a turn-on. I loved an audience while fucking.

* * * * * * * *

Next to me, I felt Mike had moved and got down onto the floor in front of me. He reached up to pull my shorts down, taking my panties with them. I managed to lift my bum slightly to help him. I was left sitting with these two men, totally naked.

By now, Joseph had broken from our kissing. As I had been turned back towards Mike, I was sitting back in the seat while Joseph was nibbling on my ear and down on to the side of my neck. That felt great and I closed my eyes to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Mike, who was down on the floor in front of me, was busy too. He had taken one of my feet and was holding it up with his hands so he could bring his mouth down to it. I felt something warm and wet touching my toes. It felt ticklish, making me giggle. I opened my eyes to look and watched as his lips opened over my first toe. He began sucking on it and it felt great too.

How did he know I liked that? I didn’t even know how sensitive they were until that first time I’d been sunbathing with Mum. That time she was using her fingers to rub and massage each toe. It was the following Sunday that she actually started taking my toes into her mouth. It had been amazing. I loved it so much. I’ve got sensitive, sexy toes it seems.

Then I realised the connection. Mike and Shanti had been here on an overnight visit with Mum and Dad. In fact, I’ve heard they had also been with the other two European couples Steve & Sharon and Peter & Jenny. They even went out to Riverhead to visit the other Indian couple Brian and Mega. Mum and Dad were loving this new swinging scene, really getting into it.

So, Mum must have told Mike about this little fetish I had for having my toes sucked. That could be the only way he knew. Or was he just trying it himself, hoping I would like it?

* * * * * * * *

But back to what was happening that evening. Now Joseph was sitting in an end corner of the couch, one leg up, resting along the back of the seat, the other on the floor, so his legs were wide open. He had pulled me around so I could rest back against him. In front of me, Mike was kneeling on the floor, one of my feet in his hand as he moved from toe to toe, taking his time to suck and play with each one.

With both of his large hands now free, Joseph brought them to my front, down over my breasts. He was playing with them, his fingers gently gliding over the soft flesh of my mounds. Sometimes, a hand going to each breast, other times, both hands working at the same breast, cupping it, gently squeezing it, pulling at it.

His fingers were playing with my nipples too. I love that, as you all probably know by now. First, his fingers, a hand to each breast, touching by running around the areolas, finding the smooth sensitive flesh there. Then his fingers moved to the nipples themselves, teasing and feeling them. Rolling them between his finger and thumb, even gently pulling on them.

All of this felt great, with what Mike was doing to my toes and Joseph was doing to my nipples, it felt wonderful. I was in that contented state of bliss. But I also realised that deep down my body was building for more. I wanted more from these two men and I knew I was most likely going to be fucked by both of them.

That last thought sent a shimmer of pleasure through my body that both these men noticed and laughed.

“Got a horny one here, mate,” Joseph said.

Mike stopped what he was doing to answer, “I think she’s almost ready.”

‘Ready?’ I thought. ‘Ready for what?’

As if I didn’t know.

I opened my eyes to look and saw Mike smiling up at me. Behind him, the other four people, Lizamoa, Shanti and Mum & Dad were still sitting watching the show. Watching my show, what these two big men were going to do to this little Japanese girl.

* * * * * * * *

As I watched Joseph’s hand had left my breast to move down over my stomach towards my pussy, so he found the hairs at the top of my pussy. I knew he was going to go deeper and the way Mike had my legs pulled apart, I was wide open for Joseph’s fingers to explore. He soon did too, his fingertips finding my pussy lips, gently running down along them before pulling back up towards the top, his fingers pressing in deeper as he did.

While one hand remained to play with my nipples, his other hand played with my pussy lips.

“I can’t believe she’s so wet, Mike,” Joseph said.

“I can see,” Mike replied. “Soaking.”

“Smell that hot pussy too. I love it.”

‘Smell!’ I thought. ‘What smell?’

“I bet she tastes sweet too.”

These guys were talking about me. Telling each other how wet I was, telling how horny I was, saying it so even those watching would know. My body gave another shiver at that. The thought of having an audience was a turn-on too.

Joseph’s hand left my pussy, coming back up to one of my nipples. I realised he was rubbing my pussy juice over my nipple. That was sexy. His hand returned to my pussy for some more juice before moving to juice over my other nipple too.

Mike had left my feet now and began working his way up the inside of my leg. In the open, exposed position Joseph held me in, I knew this could only end with Mike eating my pussy. He was making little kisses as his mouth move higher and higher up my leg. Soon he was past my lower leg, past my knee and on to the inside of my thigh. Slowly getting closer and closer to my pussy.

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