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Mary was a nurse and Alice was an office worker and they had enough money to rent a small tenement in one of the poorer areas of Nairobi. It had the basics: a kitchen, a shower, a tiny lounge room and a bedroom with two beds. By scrimping and saving they were able to afford the luxury of a computer and access to the web. The fact that they were both from the same tribe and shared the same language and taste for food helped them to get on very well together. Even when they were back at home they had enjoyed the results of rubbing their clitorises separately and having orgasms in their own homes.

They used the new computer to help educate themselves as well as to watch porn. It was not very long before they saw the benefits of having a vibrator and they regularly watched together, using the vibrators on each other and having really good orgasms. They were definitely not lesbians but were willing participants in using the vibrators on each other. They were really looking for husbands but found it very difficult to find men from their own tribal areas. There were plenty of other men who were interested in them but their tribal allegiance was very strong.

One of the favourite things they did was to have showers together. Showers were totally unknown where they grew up. There was no kissing or hugging, just fingering each other to orgasm. Often, after they showered they would go to their beds and allow the other one to apply the vibrator to their clitoris and they would have a mind blowing orgasm. But enjoyment wasn’t everything. Alice wanted a husband and children.

Watching porn led them onto other enjoyments that they had never contemplated. They were surprised and intrigued at all the scenes showing a woman lying on her back with either a man or a woman licking her clitoris. Curiosity got the better of their reticence to do something that was so unknown within tribal culture. They both watched the porn to see exactly what to do and before long they were both enjoying it and they even tried 69.

A long drought made conditions very difficult where they had lived and in particular for a man who had married two of their friends. After trading a lot of cattle to marry them, both wives had unfortunately died. John was not his real name, but it was the name that he adopted when he took a job with an international relief agency doing simple jobs. He worked very hard and asked to be transferred to the Nairobi office where he became a driver and general help. It was natural that he should find Alice and Mary whom he knew and they bonded very quickly on account of their tribal allegiance. John lived in a dormitory and often came to visit Alice and Mary for a meal.

Mary was recognised for her skills and sent to clinics all around Kenya so that she could teach some of the basic skills to local girls who could not go to nursing college. This meant that she was away for long periods of time. John came over and one night it crossed Alice’s mind to show some porn to him. To say that he was amazed would be the understatement of the year. Alice and Mary had been watching porn for two years before John arrived and they had become well and truly acclimatised to all sorts of amazing behaviour which could never had been imagined back in their tribal village. Combined with all sorts of knowledge that Mary had learnt as a nurse, they were both very liberated by local standards. John was less educated than they were but he was learning the skills of city dwelling which required being much more open-minded about things and especially sex.

Watching porn had made him a lot more aware that some of the rituals in other tribes were totally different to what he had grown up with and he had also become a lot more tolerant. Watching lesbians was a totally new world and threesomes and foursomes almost unimaginable but slowly and surely his resistance to accepting these practices diminished and became normalised. Probably the greatest shock to his belief system was seeing that women could enjoy sex. Until he came to Nairobi, he had never seen a woman enjoy sex. It had always been a painful experience and even for him, he had done it more for relief than anything else. It was his given role in life.

His eyes were transfixed to the screen as he watched black men having sex with bahis firmaları black women. He was not aware of the fact that his erection was clearly showing through his pants but Alice was. She had known John from years ago back home and known that he had one of the longest penises in the whole tribe. When she and Mary had seen him in tribal dances, they could see it swinging back and forth and they giggled. They knew that it was designed to go into a woman’s body but they had no idea how that would happen.

Although she could not see it under his trousers she knew that it was very long and curiosity was the better part of valour and her hand moved to rest on his erection. John was so engrossed at what he was looking at that he scarcely noticed but when he did notice, he looked into Alice’s eyes in amazement. He did not regard Alice as marriage material who by definition could not be a virgin because she had been living in the city for two years at least. He had no desire for Alice at all but it felt good with her hand resting on his penis. It had been a long time since he had had sex and he remembered with pleasure how he enjoyed pushing his penis into his wife’s vagina.

The fact that she had put her hand there without any encouragement from him was astonishing in itself but what to do? Alice moved her hand up and down a bit and finally she motioned him to stand up. Alice reached for his belt and undid it and his pants fell to the floor. Alice had only seen his penis while he was doing tribal dances when it flopped around in all directions but here it was in front of her eyes and it was enormous and stiff. Her tiny hand could scarcely reach around it but it didn’t stop her gripping it loosely and moving up and down until John blew his load into a tissue that Alice had been able to grab in time. John liked it. It wasn’t as good as real sex but was the next best thing and the most sexual excitement he had had for a long time.

Alice watched as the stiffness ebbed away and it returned to the way she had seen it as a young girl. She had never seen an erect penis before in real life and the image stimulated her juices. Before, she had wanted a husband as a concept. Now she wanted a husband because he had a long thing that could fill the void between her legs which she could feel was getting wet. Alice got up and brought John a beer hoping to soften his resistance. He swallowed it down quickly and she put her hand onto his penis again and felt it swelling between her fingers until it was as large as before. She went to the cupboard and put a few drops of baby oil onto her finger and started again. The porn was still going on the screen of the computer but nobody was looking. John was just enjoying the feeling of pleasure and relief which was engulfing his body.

Things were not going to plan and Alice hoped that she might interest him somehow in doing what she wanted. She stood up and pulled her panties down and sat next to John and opened her legs wide and rubbed her large, prominent clitoris.

For everyone in the tribe, both male and female, sex was an everyday part of life. It was something that men and women did without a second thought. You did it because you either wanted to have a baby or it was your role as a husband to impregnate your wife. To watch porn and see people having sex in so many different ways was to be propelled into another world. It was this as much as anything else that caused John’s wonderment and surprise. It was fairly obvious that these people were doing it without any idea of making a baby. They were doing it because they enjoyed it and slowly the idea overtook him that perhaps his own penis was a pleasure centre and something to be enjoyed for its own sake.

Mary came back from her tour of duty and was a willing participant and observer in watching porn with Alice and John in front of the screen on the couch. John would sit in the middle with Alice and Mary on both sides and they would play with themselves and used their vibrators to bring themselves to an orgasm. Their behaviour mattered little to John. He was preoccupied with his own pleasure. Mary did not see herself as a wife to John and was prepared to let Alice take care of his penis. One night, they put a lesbian scene on the screen and John sat up bolt upright. kaçak iddaa He knew such things happened but to actually see it happening engrossed his interest to such an extent that he was not fully aware that Alice had put her mouth over his penis while still moving her hand. He looked down to see her head bobbing up and down. The moist movement of her lips and tongue over his penis reminded him of what it felt like when his penis had been inside one of his wives, although that had been decidedly tighter. The result was the same and he exploded into a tissue.

The more that Alice played with it, the greater her desire that she would somehow engulf it with her vagina. It wasn’t for the sex; it was to make her pregnant. She wanted a baby. Alice and Mary decided that perhaps the solution to Alice’s problem was to convince John that she was still a virgin. They went to see one of the doctors who was familiar with their tribe and asked him what to do. He didn’t really see that there was a solution except to perhaps give physical proof to John that she was still a virgin. They invited John into the hospital into his consulting room and he put Alice onto a gyno examination chair with her legs in the stirrups. He opened up the entrance to her vagina and showed John that her hymen was still closed. He said, “She is open on the outside but closed on the inside. She has never had a man. She is a virgin. This is proof.”

Physical proof could not dispel what he had been told for years — he could not marry a woman who was not a virgin. Alice subjected herself to getting a second opinion from another doctor but it didn’t matter what he said — John wasn’t interested. Alice had become obsessed with John’s penis and was determined that somehow she was going to make him her husband. She had discussions with friends and finally the suggestion came up that she see a witch doctor. Alice did not know of any but she knew that John had been seeing one and she calmly asked him for his name. Alice and Mary went to see him and told him of the problem and said they would give him a lot of money if he could convince John that Alice was still a virgin. The request was unusual but no problem. He knew how to solve the problem and would solve the problem if she gave him the money and came later. He did not say what he would do but he guaranteed success.

Alice and Mary made arrangements with John that they should go and see the witch doctor together. After various incantations and mumbo-jumbo, the witch doctor asked Alice to lie down on the bed and take her panties off. He asked her to show him between her legs and then he threw a cover over her and placed his hand under the covers. He repeated some mumbo-jumbo and threw the cover off and said triumphantly, “She is a virgin.” According to tribal tradition, the witch doctor was very powerful and knowledgeable and John had no alternative but to believe him.

John with his unsophisticated background as a herdsman was no match for Alice and Mary. That night John came over and instead of watching porn, he asked Alice to go to the bed and stood over her waving his long erection in the air in front of her. Alice had once giggled at the size of John’s penis but now he was standing over her and she had good cause to worry. She was much smaller than he was and she worried that he might hurt her. She was not worried about the penetration so much as the length. Just how much could fit inside her without being painful? Alice did not know.

John called Mary over and asked her to be witness that he was now marrying Alice. Without further ado he lowered his body down over hers and pushed slowly into her vagina. His enormous tip had just touched her love channel when she said, “Be slow and gentle. That way you will enjoy it more and I will enjoy it more to and if we both enjoy it, I’m sure to have a baby.”

Alice lay on her back without any fears or trepidation. It was something that all the young girls back home did and they had been taught not to show any sign of pain or discomfort, no matter how much it hurt. Alice knew it could hurt but she was very wet and she was sure that he would slip in without too much pain. Up until then only the very tip of her vibrator had been in her vagina but now she felt something stretching and pushing and stretching kaçak bahis and pushing and it was good. She bit her lip for a few seconds and then the pain passed and it was right in and moving in and out. John pushed slowly but relentlessly until the whole length of his penis was inside her body and he could do what he had already done many times. He continued until he released his seed into her.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes. It was very good.”

“Was it different to when you did it the last time with your wife?”

“Yes. Very different. I could see that you enjoyed it.”

“Do you realise that you won’t need to have another wife? Because I enjoy it, I will give you sex every time you want it. As often as you want it, whenever you want it.”

Alice enjoyed having his penis inside her and loved the feeling of him moving in and out. The only thing missing was that she was not having an orgasm and she really wanted that. She read a little bit and talked with Mary and it seemed that that the only thing to do was to get John to play with and lick her clitoris. When John wasn’t there Mary was able to satisfy her needs and it felt good but she really wanted John to do it. He was her husband. One night while Mary was still there, she got Mary to lick and suck her clitoris until she had an orgasm. She made sure that John was watching and asked him to try but he said he didn’t want to. That was something that women did, not men.

Alice was ready. She replied, “You see on top of my lips that I have a nose. I went to the witch doctor and he gave me some herbs to grow a nose at the top of my lips down below. That is what Mary is licking. The witch doctor said that my new nose would be able to smell you.”

John was a bit puzzled but because his knowledge of female anatomy was so limited, he accepted the fact that she had a little nose down there. The quick glance when he had looked between Alice’s legs before was not enough to give him a real view of what her clitoris actually looked like and so he accepted the fact that she had a nose down there. He put his head between her legs and began licking her nose until she had an orgasm. John asked what it was and Alice explained that when he pushed in and out of her, he eventually expelled his seed into her and that when he licked her nose, it had the same effect on her.

Mary and Alice talked about her new experience and Alice spoke in such glowing terms that Mary decided she wanted to experience real sex with John. Mary knew what to do and she took John to the witch doctor who did his blanket trick again. John was convinced and when they went back home Mary lay on her back and waited for John’s attention. In their tribal culture the idea of love was virtually unknown. A young girl was married when the groom paid a few cattle to her parents in exchange for her. She had no say in the matter. No potential husband would be interested in the girl if she was not a virgin and there was now no doubt now that Mary was a virgin. They had watched threesomes many times and although there was no prohibition within their culture for such a thing, it was not something that was normal by any means.

The fact that Alice was in bed with both of them did not seem unusual and as John lowered his body down towards Mary’s vagina, Alice took hold of his penis and guided it into her opening. It was more from curiosity than anything else to see where it went but also she wanted to help Mary who was a little nervous about losing her virginity. She had taken the precaution to put a few drops of oil onto John’s shaft and he slipped easily inside her vagina. Alice rubbed Mary’s tummy to relax her and in a few moments John was in up to the hilt and moving backwards and forwards while Alice patted him on the bum.

Mary was delighted with the new sensation. It satisfied all her primitive instincts. They repeated the act several more times that night before John finally rolled over exhausted.

In the morning John asked Mary whether she had enjoyed the experience and Mary replied, “It was very good. My little nose down there likes the smell of your body and says you are welcome anytime.”

The whole episode was a win-win for everybody. John was delighted that he now had two wives, who were very valuable because they were educated, and he had not had to pay any cattle at all. Every time he thought about it he smiled. Alice and Mary were delighted too. They were married and would soon be having babies.

Life was good for everybody.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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