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Sara sat down at her computer, it was so hot and the air-con just stopped working, so she was only wearing a small skirt and singlet top. She almost jumped back out of her chair when she suddenly felt a pair of hands running up her legs. Andy was hiding underneath her desk and was now quietly chuckling as his hands moved up to the edge of her skirt.

Sara settled down as his hands ran along her legs enjoying the sensation of their soft touch. Andy leaned forward and she could feel his breath upon her legs now as he gently pushed her knees apart and shifted himself between her legs resting his cheek against her inner thigh. Sara had been wanting to chat to a girlfriend on MSN and she could see her friends initial message but now couldn’t think properly to reply.

Andy leaned forward and ran his tongue between her legs brushing over her clit thru her underwear sending a shudder thru her body and she spreads her legs even wider to allow him even greater access. As he shifts further forward to better lick upon her clit she feels her legs rubbing against his bare skin and glancing down she realises he is totally naked and a smile spreads across her face at the view.

Andy pulls at the edge of Sara’s underwear and begins licking her naked clit sending stronger shudders thru her body. It was so hot outside but she was now getting even hotter at just the touch of his tongue. Sara leans back in her chair and lifts her legs higher trying to entice Andy to delve further in. He is easily encouraged and as his tongue licks across her clit he slides canlı bahis a finger into her already moist pussy causing her to moan aloud.

Deciding that holding her underwear aside is annoying he hooks his fingers in the top band and pulls them down moving quickly from between her legs to get them off then moves straight back in taking her clit between his lips and begins to suck. He slides two fingers back inside her pussy and thrusts them back and forth causing her moaning to increase in volume as her hips begin to move with his fingers.

Sara leans as far back in her chair as she can and lifts her legs up resting her feet on the desk in front of her, this opens her completely and Andy moves his tongue to replace his fingers in her pussy. Andy rubs Sara’s clit with his fingers as his tongue begins thrusting into her pussy and with the pleasure washing over her body she slips her hands under her top and starts to caress her breasts and tweak her nipples.

Andy happens to look up when she moans louder and sees her hands up her top and a low groan escapes his lips against her pussy. His attention to her pussy and clit become firmer as his own excitement rises from seeing her playing with her own breasts and runs his fingers around the edge of pussy moistening them with her juices before slowly, teasingly slides them between her butt cheeks searching for her anus.

Sara squirms a little as she feel his fingers searching beneath her and tries to lift herself up to allow Andy better access and as she does his finger finds her entrance and starts bahis siteleri rubbing her juices gently into her anus before slowly pushing his finger in.

Sara gasps as his finger enters her anus and suddenly lifts her top completely off giving Andy a wonderful view of her breasts as she takes one in her hand and lifts it to her own lips and starts to lick and suck her nipple. Watching this unfold in front of his eyes Andy’s actions become much more frenzied and his tongue thrusts deeply into her pussy as his finger thrusts deeper into her anus working his whole finger in then holding it firmly in her before begin to thrust again.

He is pushing his tongue so deep that his nose is pressing hard against her clit each time he thrusts in and she wonders where his other hand has gone. She glances down at Andy and notices his arm is underneath him and can see it moving slightly and she realises he must be stroking his penis. His motions become faster and she knows now that he is certainly stroking himself with some vigour and it is causing him to thrust faster and harder with his tongue in her pussy and finger in her anus.

His lips upon her pussy send small vibrations into her pussy as he begins to groan quite loudly but never removes his mouth. Sara is moaning loudly herself now and can no longer keep her nipple in her mouth.

“ANDY” she calls loudly as her body begins to shudder from the multiple sensations Andy is giving her and she feels an orgasm begin to wash over her. As her orgasm begins her juices begin to flow and Andy laps bahis şirketleri at her pussy, tasting her, licking her, sucking her as if he cannot get enough of what is coming forth. His renewed attentions cause a second orgasm to start and Sara screams out as her body begins convulsing thrusting her hips into his face.

As she gains some control she wraps her legs around his shoulders and pulls his face hard into her pussy as she hears his moans turning to groans and can feel the movement of his arm getting faster knowing he must be very close himself. Andy groans loudly but is muffled with his mouth over Sara’s pussy as his own orgasm begins, his hurried strokes become slower and firmer as his penis convulses and his seed begins to flow forth.

As his orgasm takes him he pushes his finger deeper again into Sara’s anus and continues to lap at her juices that are still flowing, moving between his tongue in her pussy and his tongue on her clit it brings Sara to her third orgasm as they both erupt with pleasure. Sara’s grip on Andy’s head releases and he sits back looking at her, his face is covered in her juices as he lifts his hand from his penis covered in his own seed and offers his hand to her.

Sara softly begins to lick his fingers then sucks on each one like she would his penis, this excites Andy even more and lifts himself up to passionately kiss her, the juices from her on his lips and his seed upon hers mingle as their lips meet. Without a word Andy pulls back from the kiss licking his lips and smiles at Sara. He stands up and moving from between her legs he leans over and lifts her from the chair softly licking her nipple as he pulls her up then with one more passionate kiss he turns and carries her to their bedroom.

The End .. I highly doubt it!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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