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Big Tits

This is a continuation of a story I recently posted (Unsuspecting Trophy!), it parallels the other story line from another characters perspective. Eventually, all the stories I have planned, will blend into one continuous adventure, but due to the sheer volume of it, it only made sense for me to break it up into more manageable reads. I hope you enjoy all of my installments, as trying to keep them bottled up, has proven impossible. Although this does not fit into the same category as the other storyline; eventually the title of the series will make sense. My proof reader, and

critic (Smookie), told me to go ahead and get it down in print, as she too is looking forward to seeing where I go with this! So enjoy and, again, constructive criticism is always welcome!

Chapter 02: Revelations and Promises

Tim Kennett smiled at his luck. For his 18th birthday, his father had surprised him with one hell of a great present. His father had leased out a condo in the Keys for him and his crew for Spring Break! Not only that, but had also given him a credit card with a $10k spending limit! Not to end there, he had even let Tim use his Tundra for the trip! Sometimes his old man just amazed the shit out him! Tim had no idea what had caused his old man to be so generous, but since he and his mother had split up a year ago, they had gotten a lot closer. His “prima-donna” brother Jules had stayed with his Mommy, and Tim had been more than happy to get out of that nightmare! Tim was the younger of the two of them, but no one who saw them would believe that Jules was the older of the two.

Tim stood about 6’2″, and was a fit 230lbs. He sported, what Dad called, a mop head of brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and a quick wit. Any subject could be turned into something funny, and often people just told him he was being a wise ass! But his small circle of friends was all the company that all of them ever needed. Dad called them “The Tribe”. Tim really felt lucky to have the same set of friends over the past 6 yrs.! Wherever one was, the rest were usually not far behind, and they tended to keep it that way. They watched each other’s back, kept each other from doing all the stupid shit a lot of the other people seemed to get involved in (drugs, booze, trouble), but still managed to have a good time, and end up in some dumb situations as a result.

The one thing that Tim’s group did do, was experiment a lot with sex! Although Pops didn’t know it, he was no slouch when it came to the ladies! His circle of friends included 6 guys, and 4 girls, himself included. Paul and Maggie were an on again- off again thing. They both liked to consider themselves god’s gift to the opposite sex; and were occasionally the center of some lurid sex orgy, that one or both of them had cooked up. Maggie had managed to fuck every one of the guys in the group at least several times. And Paul, well he had definitely nailed 3 out of the 4 girls in the group, with the exception of Kelly! Kelly was a timid, mousey little thing. She had a great ass, and nice legs (she was a gymnast), but other than that, always kept herself covered from head to toe like a tom-boy, and somehow out of the action. She was the little sister of the group, and not even Paul attempted anything with her, in fear of getting his ass kicked by the rest of us! But she somehow always managed to have a ringside seat, whenever one of our little parties got going, even if she didn’t participate! Looking back on it, Tim wondered if she was still a virgin. Oh well!

Back to the rest of “The Tribe”. Janet was the golden haired girl that every guy wanted, but she had a thing for “Older guys” as she put it. She could often be seen trying to score some sugar-daddy at some event, only to come home later doing the walk of shame. She was model gorgeous, but dumb as a brick! She would often spend days crying on one of our shoulders, telling everyone what a fool she had been for thinking that “this one had been the one!” Only to repeat the same dumb shit later on down the line. Like I said, a complete train wreck, but one fantastic fuck!

Jerry and Michael were twins, not identical, but enough alike that they could pull off the “old switcheroo” as they called it, and make some poor girls night into an exhausting experience (as Janet had found out more than once). But in the end, they’d always fess up, and everybody would just shake their heads and laugh. Both were on the swim team, so were also in really great shape; as anyone who’s watched the Olympics can attest. And at 6’4″, they were hard to miss.

That leaves Geno, Ellen and Art. Now here was a story worthy of some detail. Geno and Art have been best friends since before any of us got together. Ellen has been girlfriend and lover, to both of them for just about as long as any of us can remember. Geno is Italian, we call him the Guido, while Art is from some Native American and Irish descent. At times the two of them fight like brothers, mostly over other ataköy türbanlı escort girls, but other than that, nobody comes between them. Ellen, is of Asian and Italian descent, and is stunning in her own right, but a little on the thick side, both physically and mentally. Dark black hair, which she keeps short, and a giggly personality, that keeps every one guessing what the secret joke is? But she is very serious in bed, when it comes to having fun. She is loud and up front about what she wants, and how!

As I said before, we have a lot of fun together, and we want to keep it that way; so our circle remains rather small. We all agreed from the start, that jealousy among us, within our group would never work. We have all been in sexual situations where one or another has been with just about all of the girls in our group, sometimes more than one at a time. We keep what we do to ourselves, and any “New” person that tries to join us, usually doesn’t last long, when they find out how we really are. I guess not everyone has an open mind about recreational sex! But hey, we’re still young, and none of us is looking to settle down anytime soon!

I had been driving most of the way from our condo in Clearwater, when I told Paul to take over for a while. He had had his way with Maggie in the back seat for over an hour, as I had had to watch them through the rear-view; I wanted some relief, and Janet looked bored anyway. We switched places on the side of the road, as Janet jumped in the back with me, and Maggie stretched out in the front angling the mirror down so she could watch. Janet rolled her eyes, leaned over and pulled down my zipper. “I guess you’ll be wanting the entire “No spit” package?” she said, as if bored. She didn’t wait for my response, and just slid her mouth the entire way down my cock.

Like I said, Janet is a great fuck! She is particularly good at giving head! She would, and has, stayed down on a guy through 2 orgasms, she loves sucking cock so much. I just leaned back to enjoy the rest of the ride!

“I’ll give you five bucks, he doesn’t make ten miles!” Maggie laughed from the front seat. She pushed her foot into Paul’s lap attempting to get him aroused with her toes. Paul just rolled his eyes and concentrated on the road ahead, ignoring her. As I slid my fingers through Janet’s golden hair she laughed, “Hell make that ten minutes!” As Janet began slurping and diving for gold. I don’t know if she was trying to prove something, but Janet gargled around my cock, “I’ll bet five mminuuuuutzzz!” she reached under and started to softly juggle my balls, as if to show she meant business!

I was in heaven! Janet’s mouth felt like a wet glove sucking furiously on my dick. Her hand was caressing my nuts as if she were playing with two tender marbles. I was thinking that maybe both of them were right. I knew I’d never make 10 miles at this pace. Janet was really getting into seeing if she could get me to cum. And, as they predicted, in less than 5 minutes, I grabbed Janet’s head and shot my load down her gorgeous throat in five hard, but satisfying streams. She continued sucking me dry until I was twitching in the seat, the smile on my face told the story.

Janet sat up, licking her lips and slapped a high 5 to Maggie in the front seat. “Hah, told ya Pony-boy!” she liked to call me. “Five bucks, hand it over!” Maggie just looked at me with a mock look of concern and said, “Ah, poor baby! Forgot how to hold on like a big boy?” she then began cracking up in the front seat. I couldn’t have cared less at the moment about losing the bet! Janet sat back against the window relishing her achievement! “Another time sweet cheeks!” I challenged back.

“Oh, you’re not getting off that easy! If I had to handle that horse-cock of yours, you’re going to have to return the favor!” she laughed, as she hiked up her skirt and pulled off her bikini bottoms. She slid down opening her legs to reveal the well-manicured, pouting, and now saturated view of her pussy for my inspection. She merely pointed at it and said, “Get to work Pony-boy! And don’t you dare take any short-cuts! I want your best effort, not like last time!” she admonished me. On our last attempt at car sex, I had made the mistake of slipping my thumb up her ass, making her cum too quickly. I hadn’t heard the end of that for days! “And if you see him going for my ass, slap him!” she told Maggie in the front seat, who was now more than just a casual observer!

“I’ll smack him in the head if I see his hands get anywhere near your ass Jan!” she said sternly, looking in my general direction. “Now get to work on the lady loser! Take your time too, it’ll give that wonder-log of yours a chance to recover; and then you can really do the lady right before she’s off finding the next Mr. Wonderful to wreck her life!” she snickered under her breath.

Janet by now was not paying attention as she guided my face to where it was needed most. ataköy ucuz escort “Oh yeah Timmy, nice and slow!” she purred as she began to grind up into my mouth. “Make this last awhile. I want that horse-cock of yours inside of me before we get there.”

Who was I to deny the woman what she wanted? I set to work eagerly giving her what she directed. Janet’s hole was well used, but still tight enough to make me have to work at it. I was slurping like a starving child on a taco, getting into every crevice and nipping on her clit from time to time; just to be sure I had her attention! “Uhhhh, oh yeah! Just keep doing what you’re doing!” she moaned. I could tell she was getting close to one, of many, of her epic orgasms! I held on for what I knew would come next!

Janet clenched her legs tight around my head, thrusting her hips up into my face, as short waves rushed screaming down her spine. Janet’s body shuttered in rapid fire little jerks, as the first of her many quick orgasms began. I was just about to redouble my efforts, when my cell went off! “Who the fuck would be calling me now?” I wondered, grabbing my phone in case it was my Pops!

Janet was not thrilled at my abandonment of her cumming snatch! She reached over and grabbed my, already recovering cock, and happily went back to work on it.

“Yeah, who’s this?” I asked rather rudely. It was “The Brat”, as we liked to call Kelly. She had told us she couldn’t come with us this trip, as she had some kind of try-outs for her team this week. I was trying hard to listen to her, something about a fire at her complex and could she use my place for a few days? I think I told her ok; but at the time Janet had gotten herself turned around and was jamming herself down on my cock with her over-sexed pussy! I barely remember anything else after that, as she began slamming back on me! God she felt great! “I was going to fuck her until we pulled into the condo!” I promised her, and Maggie yelled out “$20 says he will too!” After that, I just dropped the phone. I took control of the situation now, and began delivering long, deep strokes into Janet’s sopping wet box.

I grabbed ahold of her gorgeous hips and began a slow and deep pile-driving of, her now gushy pussy. I began fucking Janet silly for nearly twenty-five minutes from behind! I was out to prove a point by this time! I was going to make her pay for making me lose a bet! She was winding up to her “never-ending cum mode” by now.

We tried different positions over the next hour or so, as muscles tend to cramp up in the back seat of a moving pick-up! Janet had come so loud and so hard a few times, I thought Paul was going to have to pull over to let me finish! Janet was a quivering mess, jerking around the back seat, like she was having a fit! I sat back against the window and said to Maggie, “That’ll teach her for running her mouth!” I snickered between gasps for air. “And you’re next; just for egging her on!” I sneered at Maggie in the front seat. At which point Paul yelled, “OH NO! Not this time you mutant freak! You ruined her for hours the last time you were trying to prove a point! I thought I’d have to break in the brat, before she could fuck again!” Paul said with a bit of seriousness in his voice.

Maggie just licked her lips, and said “Any time you’re up for a re-match big boy!” At which point Paul moaned and said, “I just hope those other idiots haven’t worn out El. Looks like my rides going to be otherwise occupied for a few hours!” Maggie just grinned and kissed Paul on the mouth whispering, “I have more than one hole that needs filling stupid!” And clunked him on the head. “Plus, it looks like Janet took out all he had, at least for a few hours anyway!” she giggled, pointing out my now deflating member. Then with a sarcastic smile looked at Janet and asked, “You OK honey? Maybe you shouldn’t keep poking Superman’s cape! You know you can never stand up to that thing when Tim’s in a mood!” she laughed, as Janet just continued to mumble and pull herself up into a fetal position, waiting for the spasms to ease in her well use body.

“One of these days you’ll get yours Pony-boy.” She managed between slowing spasms. “You and the horse-cock of yours will beg ME to stop!” she purred.

I couldn’t help myself, I pulled her around, so she could sleep off the last few miles of the ride. She curled up on my chest, and fell off to sleep. I pulled her shirt back up over her, to give her some sense of modesty. She was falling off to dreamland as she nuzzled closer, trying to find a more comfortable position.

“Awww how cute!” Maggie grinned from the front seat. She then whispered at me, with a smile I couldn’t understand. “You know she just pushes your buttons because she really is into you, you know that right?” Something crossed her eyes, and as if I had missed something? Then she clunked me on the head, as if to make her point! “Boys!!! Arggghh!!! Idiots!!”

I stared ataköy üniversiteli escort back at her as if she was something from outer-space. “What the hell did I do?” I wondered?

The rest of the trip was un-eventful. Maggie chattered on about all the fun we could have over the next two weeks. Paul kept her talking, and managed to keep her attentions as I slipped off to sleep.

It was just getting dark as I started to wake up. I sensed the truck coming to a stop. As I pried Janet off of me, she was not thrilled at the idea, Paul turned around and just asked, wide-eyed, “Dude, is this the right address?”

I tried to focus my double-vision as I looked in the direction he was pointing. There was a long circular driveway that lead to, what I can only describe as a split-level ski lodge! Lots of wood, high glass windows, tinted so that the interior was obscured from view. A porch looked to go all the way around the first floor, and what looked like a partial one, ran across the second floor as well. The entire house was set back in a wooded area that kept the back of the house in shadows. But this thing looked like something from “Better Homes and Gardens”! I checked the GPS, it was the address my Dad had given me.

“Damn Pops!” was all I could think.

I could see the lights of Ellen’s SUV pull up behind us. At this point Janet was quickly dressing in the back seat, I was also trying to put on my shirt, as everyone gathered around the front of the truck looking at the house. To say we were in awe, would be putting it mildly. This place looked amazing!

The twins pulled up beside the truck in Jerry’s old Bronco. It wheezed to its inevitable death as he cut off the engine. It was an almost comical interruption to the otherwise quiet that had taken over our little group.

Ellen was the first to speak, “Damn Tim! Did your old man hit the lottery? This place is un-fucking-believable!” I felt a small rush of embarrassment as she grabbed my hair and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “What are we standing around for? Let’s go see what this place looks like from the inside!” she said.

Like some comedy movie, we all ran for the door as I fumbled on my key ring for the one to the condo. At this point we were all huddled together in a group as I opened the door and felt for a light switch. If the outside looked impressive, the inside was more than any of us had imagined! We all stared at the huge open room, set with a pit sofa facing a huge fireplace, a connecting kitchen with an island style

table separating the two. I looked as if it could seat a dozen people! The kitchen itself, looked as if it belonged on one of those cooking shows!

We all made our way around, looking at everything, in a big group, staring as if we were afraid to touch a thing. Still huddled in one group, we made our way to the far side of the living room, where three doors lined the far wall. Maggie was the first to say anything.

“Damn Tim, this place is spectacular!” she whispered. She reached in and flipped on the lights. The room was huge! It had a big queen-sized, four posted bed, a huge flat screen TV facing the bed from the opposing wall, two recliners between the bed and the TV, a small fridge! The room was done in white and blue, nothing really special, but even in its plainness, it was far better than any hotel or motel room! There was a door on the wall, where we all assumed the bathroom was.

Moving back into the living room we moved down and found a huge bathroom inside the next door, as we had thought. The bathroom was done in all wood and had a massive, stand in shower. That shower looked as if it could allow six of us in it easily! Somebody gave a low whistle.

We backed out and moved to the next room, it turned out to be the mirror image of the first, only in a light brown and white.

Ellen yelled “Dibs on the first one!” she headed back the way we had come, pulling Geno in tow. Art smiled and just followed them back into the room. I could hear her giving them orders to go grab stuff from the cars. She had apparently seen enough. The rest of us just continued to wander around the rest of the house.

On the back wall of the left side was a set of stairs that led down. I flipped on another set of switches that lit up, what I could only describe as, the end all entertainment room ever! At the far end was a huge flat screen TV mounted and the wall, a bank of speakers set in the wall on either side. There were four huge recliners facing the massive screen. There was, what looked like, a library of videos, movies, and cd’s set in shelves that ran across the entire wall! An old time billiard table sat in the center of the room, with an old-style “Budweiser” stained glass light that ran the length of the table. On the right side of the room was a bar, complete with the mirrored glass stand and cabinets behind it. It looked like an old time saloon.

To our dismay however, the bar was empty, and the taps, we found out, had been disconnected. Jerry and Mike both looked at me as Jerry and he both headed for the TV. “Dude, your Pops is the best! We got this room! Put on the fucking X-box!” They had apparently made the choice already as to how their night was to proceed. Maggie laughed and yelled at them to get their shit out of the cars first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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