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Chapter 1 wasn’t very good, so no need reading it. Laura is visiting her friend Emily on vacation on a Thai island, with Emily’s specific promise to get her laid. Little did she expect how closely Emily would be involved in the process.


Laura woke up the next morning with her arms around Emily. The boys were both up, and sitting at a nearby table half dressed, talking and looking at the two girls sleeping together. Laura got up, half waking Emily in the process.

“Hey guys,” she put on panties and a skirt, but left herself topless like the men. She knew this always worked. They completely ignored Emily as she was slowly waking.

“I didn’t want to be rude Emily, but I’ve got to go meet up with my friends. We can meet again tonight though right?” Michael said. He seemed to have other ‘things’ to do.

“Its fine,” she said, he noticed her breasts seemed to protrude as she said it.

“Thanks, Jeremy knows where I’ll be tonight.” He stood up and walked behind her, then bent down and grabbed her breasts as he kissed her. She smiled seductively and waved goodbye to him.

When he left Emily still wasn’t up, and she was left sitting awkwardly with Emily’s boyfriend. She excused herself to take a shower.

She hadn’t expected the events of the night before, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about them. She hadn’t really done anything like that before, and it made her feel odd about her friend. Though she was uneasy admitting it, as she considered herself straight as can be, Emily had a magnetism about her that made Laura wish she was a man. She wanted to take her, and last nights events were uncomfortably close to the event. She always wanted to have two men at the same time too. She imagined meeting them in a coffee shop perhaps in some Southern European village. She’d invite them over to where she was staying and she would slowly shed her clothes as she led them to the bedroom. Taking turns giving them blowjobs, then one would move around to the back of her while she continued to suck the other one. After they both cum in her she’d fall asleep between them, only to wake up with them kissing her all over her body, before they did it all again.

She was subconsciously rubbing her growing clit. But she realized her friends were waiting for her. She shut off the shower and toweled off, then went out dressed in a towel to recover her clothes.

“You want to get breakfast with us?” Emily asked. She was up now, and dressed in the same scanty outfit that she was wearing yesterday, with the exception of a different bikini top.

“Sure, but I’ve got to run over to the hostel to change.”

Emily gave her directions to a little shop that they liked; Coffee and light food, with outside tables. Then ataşehir escort they all headed downstairs, Laura going to the hostel, and Emily and Jeremy telling her they’d meet her there.

Laura was charged up. She imagined the party last night turning into an orgy. When she was younger and had a more abstract conception of sex she used to fantasize about being taken by six or seven men while she was ovulating. Pirates or something. She was being silly.

She thought of going dressed like Emily, but then when she looked in the mirror she thought the better of it. Her breasts were much larger than Emily’s and she preferred to wear a tight t-shirt to anything with too much skin. She put that on and headed off for the restaurant.

Emily and her boyfriend had already ordered. When she sat down they called the waiter over, suggested a few things. They sat in silence for a moment.


Laura looked at Jeremy.

“mmm, mmm, oh yea.” He was imitating her moans from the night before.

“You bastard!” Laura said. Emily laughed, and Laura smiled at it.

“Well I can’t really ask you if you enjoyed it can I? That was more than obvious.”

She wanted to throw something at him, but in good fun. “I did enjoy myself.”

“Well we wanted to give you this,” he said, sliding a key across the table. She could have gotten a room for herself. It would have cost a bit more than she wanted to spend, but it would mean privacy. But was that a good thing? She thought about it for a while, but realized it wasn’t a commitment she was making. She took the key.

Emily smiled at her. “Great!” It was as though she was going to say “We hope to see you tonight” but she held back.

They went up the mountain that day. The trees were thicker, and it required some actual hiking, but they visited the waterfall, and even saw a few monkey’s before they went back down.

The same group met on the beach that day, plus or minus a few people. She wasn’t really sure if they all knew each other, if this was a regular thing. There were a few obvious travel groups there, but it was also obvious that some people didn’t know each other. She wondered how much of a meat market it was. Some people were obviously going off with someone they just met that day.

She was sitting a little ways away from the group watching the waves when Michael walked up and sat down beside her.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” after he left her that day she wasn’t sure whether she was just a quick fuck, of whether he planned to come back. But for that matter she wasn’t sure whether he was a quick fuck or not either.

“How was your day,” she threw out.

“Ok, we’re getting prepared to leave,”

“I see.”

“We’ve avcılar anal yapan escort been here for two weeks already, and we still have some other things to do before heading back to work. I’m still here until Wednesday though.”

“That’s too bad.”

They were silent for a moment.

“I don’t really want to care,” she said. “Come on.” She took his hand and led him back to the hotel.

When went in she sat down on the bed. He followed but somewhat uncertainly.

“You’re mine for today and tomorrow. Ok?”

He nodded.

“Come here and undress for me. Slowly.”

He stood in front of her. He didn’t have much to take off. His shirt first. He lifted it over his body slowly exposing his chest. He undid his belt, and slowly dropped his jeans while she stood there completely clothed staring at him. He let his boxers fall off of him, she stared at his erection as it pointed at her then looked him in the eye.

“Come here.”

He walked towards her until his penis was right at her face. She grabbed his ass and pushed him forward until his dick hit the back of her throat. She held it there a second before she started sucking. She loved cock.

As she sucked she removed her clothes. Stopping for a second to pull her t-shirt over her head, but removing the rest with the dick still in her mouth. When she slipped her panties down she sucked him for a few more strokes and then laid down on the bed.

“Eat me.”

He quickly moved into position. Her clitoris had been huge all day, and she desperately needed this. He was good at it too, and in no time her hips were lifting off the bed. She was panting. And she knew she’d cum soon.

“Quick.” She could barely speak. “In me.”

He repositioned himself and pushed in in one thrust. It pushed her over the top making her body shake in orgasm. He kept thrusting through the orgasm. They were going to fuck tonight. Hard and proper. As her orgasm wore off she got back into the rhythm, meeting each thrust with her ass pushing off the bed.

As he slowed down from the exertion she was just getting worked up again. She pushed him over on his back then climbed on top of him. It took moments for them to get back in the rhythm, with her loudly fucking him and him thrust back with every movement.

She heard the door open and shut, but she didn’t break stride. She was invited. Emily and Jeremy seemed to be watching quietly while she went at it. She closed her eyes and felt the full force of Michael against her. Emily and Jeremy seemed to be whispering something. She looked back. Nodded, she wasn’t sure at what. Perhaps just an acknowledgement they were there. She closed her eyes again, and rode Michael until avcılar bdsm escort she felt the other dick against her lips. She opened her mouth without opening her eyes. Then she orgasmed again.

She had to change pace to deal with both Michael and Jeremy fucking her. She wanted to know what Emily was doing, but she couldn’t look back at her, she could only occasionally look up at Jeremy as he watched his cock disappear past her lips. Michael took control of their fucking. Slowly thrusting into her as he grabbed and sucked on her tit. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

“Lets switch her around,” Jeremy said.

They helped her out of that position, and then situated her so her as was facing where Jeremy was standing on the left of the bed. Michael kneeled in front of her and moved his dick to her face while Jeremy entered her.

She couldn’t really think about what was going on. She was swept up in it. She could see Emily now, sitting at the table naked fingering herself while she watched Laura be taken. Michael was fucking her face, and she was being pushed back and forth by each man’s thrusting. After a bit they switched sides Jeremy being a bit less aggressive with her mouth, but still, she was being taken.

She felt Michael cum inside her. It was a huge release of energy as she felt the sexual tension ebbing down. She pulled her mouth from Jeremy’s dick.

“I want you to cum in me too,” she said, indicating where Michael had cum.

She put her head down and ass in the air as Jeremy entered her vagina and pounded her hard for a good five minutes before releasing inside of her. She collapsed on the bed breathing heavily from the exertion.

She must have fallen into a light sleep, because she woke up to Emily shaking her.

“Come on, you can’t be greedy. Up, up”

The two men were sitting on chairs on one side of the room, naked, as was Emily.

“With some inspiration I think they can go again, and I haven’t had my turn.

Laura wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but when she got out of bed it was rather obvious. Emily went down and started sucking her boyfriend to another erection. Laura was starting to get self-conscious about the whole thing, but she smiled at Michael, who smiled back. He was good looking. She went down on her knees in front of him.

As she was sucking, Emily leaned over and put her lips on Michaels balls, which from the sound he made he obviously liked. Then she pulled Laura over to do the same to Jeremy. Out of the heat of the moment she felt somewhat wrong about it, but she didn’t say no.

“Ok, come on,” she said to the two now-erect guys. They got up and she pushed Jeremy down on the bed, getting on top of him and sliding down.

“There’s some lubricant in that drawer over there,” she said to Michael. He wasn’t sure what she meant at first, but it only took him a second to process it, and he hurried over to get it.

Laura stared at Emily as Michael filled her ass. Her eyes closed, her breasts dangling over her boyfriend. Filled. She wasn’t sure if it was awe or disbelief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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