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Blacked Com

I had a little adventure yesterday that I hope might be of some interest to you. Derek, an English guy from the property development company I am doing work for, has been visiting for the last few days. He is very handsome and I have to confess that I get wet just thinking about him touching me. He has dark hair, a very nice build and must work out a lot because he seems to be in very good shape. He is so handsome that all the women in the office (me included) just melt when he smiles at us. Anyway, I had mentioned to him (about six times to be sure he would understand my meaning), that I had to come in yesterday, Saturday, to do some work. I told him that almost nobody ever comes in on a Saturday but that I really had to get some work done. And that I wouldn’t mind some company if he didn’t have a lot of things to do. He didn’t say for sure that he would come to the office but made encouraging noises that there was a possibility that he might.

I told my girl friend Carolyn that evening that I might get lucky, though the odds were against it, and she encouraged me to go on in and see what happened. Carolyn came over early Saturday morning to have coffee and chat with me before I was to leave for the office. I put on a fairly conservative (for me) light blue dress and Carolyn, who is even more outrageous than I am, said she thought I ought to wear something that would be a bit more encouraging to Derek. I changed into a very short bright pink skirt the waist line of which came up only to about five inches below my navel and a brief, dark blue top that barely covered my breasts and left at least five inches of my midriff above my navel exposed. I had on a bra, but it was a demi-cup one that left my nipples exposed. (I reached under my blouse and touched my nipples to be sure that they really were available to be touched). I put on a pair of transparent pink thong bikini panties and looked at Carolyn for approval. She shook her head no. I asked her if she was sure. She said she was, that I should leave my pussy and my ass exposed in case Derek wanted to play with me. I thought about it for half a minute or two and then took off my skirt and panties. I told Carolyn that my skirt was of such a light material and so billowy that it might blow up in the wind. She asked if that would bother me. I knew that it wouldn’t, that it would only excite me. So I pulled my skirt back on and twirled for Carolyn. My skirt lifted not just above my pussy but above my waist. Carolyn smiled approvingly at me and gave me a thumbs up.

On the way to the office, which is close enough for me to walk to from my apartment, I got lucky a couple of times when a nice breeze came along and lifted my skirt. Several guys noticed and one whistled. I smiled at them and kept on walking, hoping that another breeze would come along right away. It didn’t, but a couple of blocks later another one did, and this one was much stronger. My skirt blew all the way up and I could feel the air on my naked pussy and ass. It felt exhilarating and I loved the wolf whistles I got. By the time I unlocked the office door I was feeling very excited, and was hoping against hope that Derek would be there. Then I remembered that he probably didn’t have a key and would have to wait until I was there to let him in. As I closed the door and walked to my room I heard my phone ringing. It was Derek. He said that he had some work to do, too, and would I mind opening the door for him in about fifteen minutes. I told him that I’d be glad to and was happy that he was coming in. Then I sat in my chair and started playing with myself. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes bahis firmaları before I came. I decided I’d better try to calm down and actually got out some work to do before Derek arrived.

In just a few minutes he was there and I let him in. He had on a white polo shirt and dark slacks and looked good enough to eat. I glanced down and I was certain that I could see the outline of his penis, which looked wonderful to me. Then I glanced back up at Derek’s eyes. He looked at what I was wearing and smiled broadly at me, telling me that I looked very pretty. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that he looked very handsome. Then we both laughed. But, to my dismay, Derek turned and went to the office that he had been using during his stay with us and began to work. I couldn’t do anything but go back to my office and started working as well.

About thirty minutes later I needed to make some copies. The copy machine was past Derek’s office. As I went past his door he called out to me. I stopped and we started talking. After a couple of minutes of standing in the doorway I came into his office and then sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. I sat down relatively demurely, but I saw his eyes looking between my legs and hoped that he got a quick glimpse of my pussy. To help make sure that he would I crossed my legs, a la Sharon Stone. This time his eyes opened very wide and I knew that he had seen my naked pussy. I could feel my nipples beginning to harden and I knew that Derek would be able to see them, too.

We talked for several minutes, during which I crossed and uncrossed my legs several more times, taking a lot of time to do it. Each time Derek’s eyes devoured my pussy, which was becoming very moist. When Derek turned to get something from his credenza I quickly reached down and pulled my skirt up a little bit, completely baring my pussy. I didn’t cross my legs but rather spread them a few inches apart so Derek would be able to see my pussy lips as well as my pubic hair. When Derek glanced back at me, and then down at my crotch, his eyes almost leaped out of his head. His stare was so obvious that I couldn’t ignore it.

I glanced down and said something like, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know I was so exposed. I’m so sorry. It was just so hot I didn’t want to wear any panties.”

Derek quickly assured me that it was quite all right, that it didn’t bother him at all and that, in fact, he quite liked the view.

We talked a bit more, during which time I didn’t bother to cover up but let my pussy be exposed quite often. Then Derek excused himself, saying that he was sorry but he really had to make a call to London and better do it before it got too late because the people there wouldn’t be staying in the office all day. So, most reluctantly, I left him and made my way to the copy machine. I needed a lot of copies so I was there for quite some time. Then I felt, rather than heard, someone come up behind me. Of course it was Derek. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me toward him. I could feel his penis against my bottom. In fact, I could feel it a lot. I reached my hand around to pull Derek closer to me. When I touched his ass, it was bare! He had taken off his slacks and was pushing his naked penis against me. I was already wet but now I became dripping. I reached my hand back around to Derek’s front and took his cock in my hand. It felt wonderful to me, long and thick and smooth and getting bigger while I was holding it.

Derek said, “I hope you don’t mind, I took a chance that you didn’t let me see your pussy by accident.”

“I don’t mind at all, I really wanted kaçak iddaa you to do exactly this.”

While I was moving my hand up and down on Derek’s prick, which kept on getting bigger and firmer, he moved his hands around and reached under my blouse to my breasts. His touch on my already erect nipples was gentle, but firm. He caressed them, then began to squeeze them and roll them in his fingers. I loved it.

This felt totally wonderful, but of course I wanted even more. So I took his right hand, knowing that he was right handed, and brought it down under my skirt to my pussy. Derek didn’t need any more encouragement. His fingers, which must have done this many times before, played with my clit and then, while still playing with my clit with his thumb and index finger, Derek slid another finger into my pussy. In about thirty seconds I came, really big time. I just couldn’t help myself. Derek slowed down for a few minutes, then started in again, while I continued to caress his cock. I could feel it twitching so I said I should stop so I could have it inside me before he came. Derek said he thought that was a wonderful idea. He took his fingers out of my pussy and helped me to get out of my blouse. Then he said how much he liked the kind of bra I was wearing, one that allowed my nipples to be free to the touch. He caressed my nipples, then removed my bra. Next he took off my skirt. All this time I was still turned with my back to Derek. Now Derek turned me around and looked me up and down. And I looked rapidly down at his cock, which was standing in front of him in a very nice way. I held it in my hands and admired the lovely heft and feel of it.

“You better stop doing that or I’m going to cum all over your hands and not inside you.”

“I would much rather it be inside me,” I replied, letting go of his erection.

The carpet in the general office is fairly okay, but the carpet in my office is especially plush and soft, so we walked back to it, leaving our clothes on the floor in front of the copier. In my office we kissed for a few minutes and then got down on the floor. I told Derek that I really like to fuck doggy style and he said he liked that way, too. I helped him to put his cock inside me (he didn’t really need the help, but I liked holding his cock). He moved it back out very slowly, then back in again, and then started up a wonderful rhythm. He held my breasts and caressed my nipples while he moved his cock back and forth as I moved my ass in opposition to his movements. I won’t go into all the gory (though lovely for me) details but we did try a few different positions, all of which felt quite nice to me. I think both of us knew we might not have many or even any more opportunities to do this and wanted to make the most of it. I came several more times and we had to slow down frequently so that Derek wouldn’t come. At one stage, though, when we were really going at it, Derek said he couldn’t hold back any longer. I told him that was all right and then he exploded inside me. Except that it felt so good inside me I would have liked to have had him come in my hand so I could have watched it spurting. I’m sure it would have shot out a long way. At any rate, I was so excited I came one more time while Derek’s prick was (blessedly) only slowly growing smaller inside me.

We were still lying there on the carpet holding each other when we heard the front door open. Then one of the young guys who worked on apartment sales in the office called out asking if anyone was here. Derek and I looked at each other in complete panic. We were both totally naked and our clothes were out at the copier, a very kaçak bahis long way away from my office. Derek, who didn’t recognize the voice, asked me if I knew what part of the floor whoever he was worked on. I did. He worked at a desk just past where the copier was. I knew Derek couldn’t walk out there naked and be seen by another man, so I told him to just stay here and I would go take care of it.

Now my heart was really racing. The sales guy, John, would certainly know that I had just been fucking, though he wouldn’t know with whom I had been fucking. It had been exciting walking naked with Derek into my office. But now I had to walk naked out of it and knowing that I would be seen 100% stark naked by a co-worker, who would undoubtedly tell everybody else in the office what he had seen. And what I felt was, …total excitement!!!! I was even wetter than I had been before, though some of this was Derek’s semen. My nipples were tingling and my pussy, which had just been thoroughly pounded, felt totally alive with excitement.

So I walked out of my office and down the corridor to the copier, not knowing when I would see John, and more importantly, when he would see me. As I rounded a corner I heard him exclaim as he found our clothing on the floor. Any last tiny hopes of getting to my clothes before John did evaporated. And this made me even more excited. I took a very deep breath and then walked on, calling out as I did, “John, did you find my stuff?”

He turned and looked at me with a look of stark amazement on his face. It was one of the best moments of my entire life. The total gratitude and happiness glowing in his face as he moved his eyes from my face to my breasts to my pussy and then back and forth between my breasts and my pussy was wonderful to behold. I walked right up to him, took his hands and placed them on my breasts, and then I kissed him on the cheek.

“John, as you can see, I’ve been playing fun and games at the office. My friend is in my room. We didn’t think any one else would come in today. My friend would be extremely embarrassed to be seen. Would you please, as a huge favor to me, please, please go to the men’s room for five or ten minutes? That would give him time to get his clothes on and leave.”

I deliberately didn’t say whether I would be putting my clothes back on as well. John stammered for a minute or two so I decided to help him make the right decision. I took his hand and placed it on my pussy while telling him that I would deem it a really huge, personal, favor (with the emphasis on personal) if he would help me out. He seemed to be leaning in the right direction but didn’t want to stop looking at a naked woman. In this case, me. So I reached down and caressed his penis, which was not surprisingly very hard. I was about to unzip John and play with his naked cock when he groaned and spurted inside his trousers. I kept massaging him for a few minutes and told him lies about how big and how hard his cock had felt. Then I gave him another kiss on the cheek and again asked him to please help me out. He looked like a grateful puppy and went to the men’s room to try to clean up. Then I gathered up the clothes, scooted back to my office and gave Derek his. We kissed one more time while naked, so we could feel our bodies next to each other, then put on our clothes.

Derek and I made a hasty get away, with me calling out to John just as we went out the front door that it was okay for him to come out of the bathroom now. As far as I know, John didn’t realize that it was Derek and not my “friend” that I had been fucking. Derek went back to The Intercontinental where he was staying. Actually I did, too, because I had become so excited about being naked in front of John. We made love again, and then again. Then I went home, called Carolyn and told her all about my wonderful adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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