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Big Tits

…”So she heard us last night,” I said, my face suddenly flushed. “What did she say?”

Jessica was all shy smiles. “Nothing, she just had a huge grin on her face and was like ‘Sounds like you had a good time last night.'” She then told me that Ashley had asked and she confirmed that we had sex the night before. I didn’t really know how to respond to that. I wasn’t embarrassed, but I wasn’t about to go around beating my chest about it either. So, I decided just to go about my day and if Ashley asked, she asked.

Ashley, despite getting shit-faced the night before, seemed to be recovering quickly; the power of being nineteen. We all went out and got some breakfast sandwiches and the color seemed to return to the girls faces. I really didn’t know what their plan was since I had completely forgotten that Jessica was showing up.

“So what are you guys doing today?” I inquired.

“Don’t know. We were going to hit up Newbury St. and get some things. Ashley is working on getting us into some club tonight. Is it cool if we stay here tonight?”

“Yes. Yes, two hot 19-year-old girls, you can stay here,” is what my brain said. “Yeah, cool” is what I actually said while some fantastical situations were causing my eyes to dilate. Sure, low probability, but oh the possibilities.

“…and you’re coming with us!” Jessica finished. I don’t know whether it was the more intimate connection we now had or pity for a guy who got dumped, but Jessica was determined to make me feel better. The girls cleaned up and got changed and headed out to go shopping. They asked if I wanted to come, but I said I would take a rain check. Burberry and hipster t-shirts weren’t really my thing. While they were out Jessica texted me.

We’re all set for tonight, Club Rana

-OK, have to dig out my club gear

do it haha

I honestly hadn’t been to a club in 7 or 8 years. It wasn’t the vibe I was drawn to and really how did someone in their early twenties afford bottle service. The girls came back late in the afternoon and both fell asleep on the air mattress. After their power nap, they got up and started what would be hours – plural – of prepping for the night out. Showers, hair, makeup, outfit, it all was quite the scene. It was all worth it. I thought the girls looked hot last night, but Jessica and Ashley were about to set my apartment ablaze. Apparently, bras aren’t a thing anymore. The plunging necklines of the too tight club dresses and the curled hair, dark makeup and red lipstick made me suddenly feel like I had he flu. Wow, just wow.

I jumped in the shower, threw on some boots and dark clothes and called up an Uber. We got out and felt like I had the look every guy there was aspiring to; two hotties who walked me right past the line into the place. The hostess greeted us and brought us over to a table that already had bottle service waiting. What the fu-? I couldn’t process this. My mood had really turned around in 48 hours. I had no idea how two underage girls had such a hookup at a place like this.

“How is this-, who got this-, is…this…ours?”

Jessica laughed at me and Ashley just had a look of disdain.

“The guy who owns this place – THE creepiest dude in the world – güvenilir bahis Ashley, uh, knows his son.”


Jessica looked at Ashley trying to hold it together. Ashley looked away slightly embarrassed and pissed since she knew what was coming next.

“She used to suck his dick in high school.”

Ah, to be a young hot chick, nothing more powerful. We poured some drinks for ourselves and settled in to the energy of the place. House music, but all in all, not bad. The scenery not even including the two I showed up with was on point. We made conversation and I was about to see if Jessica wanted to dance.

“Sean and Dom are coming!” Ashley said excitedly in her first real emotional statement of the day.

Who. the fuck. are Sean and Dom? Dreams dashed, I was hoping to get a round two out of Jessica, but who knew now. I poured myself another drink. Sean and Dom showed up and ended up not being bad dudes. They of course desperately wanted to fuck the girls I was with, but I couldn’t really blame them for that. Dom scooped up Ashley and they went to dance. Sean grabbed Jessica and was leading her away as she was looking back at me. She wasn’t asking permission, but she wanted to make sure I was cool. I nodded and played it off, but it did suck sitting there by myself. I was contemplating whether it would be quicker to get home by either Uber or sprinting when Jessica and Sean came back. They sat down and we starting talking. It became apparent from her body language and word choice that her and Sean were just friends. Sean wanted more because, well, who wouldn’t, but it wasn’t happening. I chimed in with a joke or two and then Jessica let me in on some background about the guys who had shown up.

“You know the owner’s son I talked about before? That’s Dom.”

And it all snapped into focus. I scanned the crowd and found them on the dance floor. It looked like Ashley was trying to use the friction from Dom’s jeans to burn off her dress so they could just start fucking on the dance floor. God damn that girl was a freak, happily writhing into Mike and occasionally bending over just to tease him. It was about that time Sean assessed the situation and decided to go look for some new targets. Jessica and I were shout-talking to each other as we got closer and didn’t break eye contact. I leaned in and so did she and we started making out. It was a quick session and then the song changed. She immediately grabbed me and said, “c’mon!”. We hit the dance floor and she instantaneously pressed her body into mine. That was followed very shortly by my instantaneous erection. She felt it, she must have, and just kept grinding into it with her ass. God she looked hot. We danced for a few more songs until we decided to take a breather. When we got back, Ashley was sitting by herself. She looked upset.

Jessica and Ashley went to the bathroom together as I poured myself another drink. I knew something was up when they returned. I couldn’t her their conversation over the bass, but it was apparent Mike had fucked up. I let them talk for a little bit before I chimed in.

“Hey, are you OK?”

Ashley upset and angry answered, “fucking Dom was making out with that fucking skank he fucks türkçe bahis with when I got out of the bathroom.”

Oh Dom, you stupid, stupid man. Jessica and Ashley had a little bitchfest about the whole thing before I decided to change the vibe. They hit a pause in their conversation and I interjected, “hey, listen, that guy is a fucking idiot. You look smoking tonight.” That seemed to snap her out of it since she gave me a half smile. I couldn’t get a read on Ashley, she seemed to have no interest in my presence, but I wanted us to have a fun night. “Let’s go dance,” I finally said. The girls felt the same.

We hit the dance floor and their attitudes and my erection rebounded fairly quickly. I was sandwiched in between two girls who wanted to tear up the place. We danced for what felt like an eternity. I fought past my hatred of techno and kept dancing because the ladies did not seem like they wanted to stop. Finally, we went back to the booth – thank you – but the bottle service was gone. Figuring Dom was being a dick and having our fill of the evening, I floated the idea of leaving and Jessica and Ashley agreed.

The Uber dropped us off and we made our way to my door. The girls seemed spent, but still energized by being out with friends and the alcohol. We sat for a few minutes before I started to lose steam.

“I’m going to take a shower and then go to bed,” I announced.

“Good idea,” Ashley fired back. That was weird.

I washed off my club musk and dried off. I walked out of the bathroom in my towel and back to my room thinking the girls were still on the couch. I opened the door to my bedroom to Jessica and Ashley making out on my bed. I froze with my mouth open, my brain seizing up. They didn’t break from each other as Jessica grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the bed. She started kissing me and then Ashley grabbed my face and aggressively massaged her soft lips into mine. My hands instinctively went to that tight body she had. I didn’t want to ruin the mood by tearing of her dress, but she didn’t resist when I started to take it off. Jessica put on hand on my chest before I could finish and pushed me down to the bed. The girls went back to making out this time like it was tongue wrestling match. Jessica finished what I started and took Ashley’s dress off to reveal a thin, fit frame with perfect nineteen-year-old tits and a shaved pussy. Ashley returned the favor and took off Jessica’s clothes returning the view of that great naked body I had seen last night.

“You guys seem to know what you’re doing,” I said unbelievably.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve done this,” Ashley said just leaving it out there.

I didn’t want to ruin my shot so I stopped talking. Watching these two gorgeous naked young women kiss each other got me rock hard. The broke apart as Jessica went to the end of the bed and Ashley went towards my face. Jessica climbed in between my legs and started giving me the same incredible blow job she had the night before. Ashley propped herself next to me on her side and resumed making out with me while rubbing my chest. The only thought I had was I have to send Dom a fruit basket, nothing fuels like jealousy.

It was a good thing I had whiskey güvenilir bahis siteleri because Jessica had me near explosion quickly. Ashley stopped kissing me and shifted around so she was straddling my face. I grabbed her ass and started to lick her clit and pussy lips as she moaned softly. We continued this way until Ashley was nice and wet and Jessica had had enough of bobbing on my cock. The girls switched and I took my time with slow and fast licks on Jessica’s pussy until it was nice and slick. I tapped both of them on the shoulder indicating to switch positions. They had warmed me up so well, I decided to try and pull a move off I had seen in porn. I laid both of them down on their backs next to each other across my bed. I knelt down in front of Ashley glistening pussy and went back to moving my tongue around wherever she responded with excitement. I started fingering and rubbing Jessica’s clit while she laid next to Ashley. I did this for a while and switched girls all while their moans were making it hard to keep blood in my head. I heard Jessica start to get close so I focused on her. She started to quicken her gaspy moans.

“Unh-uh, unh-uh, unh-uh”

I tried to keep my tongue going until I finally felt her thighs twitch and her abs tighten. Her eyes fluttered as she came with my tongue in her pussy. As Jessica recovered, I switched back to Ashley and went back down to her pussy, but she pulled my head up and grabbed my ass. “Give me that dick.”

I plunged my cock into her wet pussy without hesitation driven purely on lust and adrenaline. She immediately started moaning and squirming. We built up a hard and fast rhythm as I could hear my pelvis slamming against hers. Jessica got back into the action and starting deeply kissing Ashley and pinching her nipples. Ashley was so skinny and tight that it was easy for me to lift her ass up and pound her. The added stimulation from Jessica is all it took for Ashley to go over the edge.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she said as her body tensed and eyes rolled.

Jessica grasped my wrist and backed me up as if to say not yet. She got up on her knees on the bed and put her hands on my chest. She said, “take a breath,” and then turned to get on all fours. I planted my feet behind her and guided my cock into her. The doggystyle was even better than before. Overdosing on the eroticism of the experience, fireworks were going off in my brain. I slapped Jessica’s ass playfully and first, but then with more spirit after she yelled “harder”. I gave each cheek a hard slap before she said, “I’m going to cum.”

“Harder, harder, fuck me, fuck me.”

I honestly don’t know how I was lasting this long. Ashley returned the favor to Jessica and started sucking her tits. Jessica immediately started to buck as she came all over my dick. It wasn’t long for me either. “I’m gonna cum,” I said with a few strokes left.

“Pull out this time,” Jessica said out of breath. It was only a few more pumps until I announced, “I’m cumming” and pulled my dick out of Jessica’s pussy. Jessica spun on her back and Ashley started jerking me off with practiced precision. I shot my load onto Jessica’s tits and Ashley’s face and she tried to catch it with her mouth. I thought I was going to pass out.

We laid together out of breath for a while before we took turns going to the bathroom. When it was Jessica’s turn, Ashley leaned next to my ear and said, “next time I want it in my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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