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Big Tits

My boyfriend and I have been having some fun for awhile between each other and decided to expand our horizons and include another man…He is a little leery at the idea and is wondering how we can find someone….someone we can trust….

I have a lot of friends and ask the few I know who are ..well ….the girls who are BI..and they remind me about a mutual friend I haven’t seen in awhile who I forgot enjoyed sucking, and word had it that he hadn’t actually been with a man fully….yet!

I finally track him down , who likes the idea of meeting with both of us…

It’s decided that we will head over to the hotel that has the fantasy rooms…he will meet us there…

We arrive and the room is everything we want…hot tub….extra large king size bed (if that’s possible!) and they have even provided some gels, lotions and bubble bath for the spa ….I start the spa going, nice and hot ….I have a few toys in my bag and I know by the look on your face that you cant wait….I lay my bag aside and we embrace kissing passionately ..I have been aching for you all day..I suck on your tongue and tease you a bit with mine…when there is a knock on the door…..

‘You want to answer that?’ I ask.. ‘Sure baby…’

You walk over and answer the door to see a guy about 6’2 standing there brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee similar to yours..he doesn’t look half bad and I hope you agree. You shake hands and you shut the door behind him avcılar üniversiteli escort turn around and wink at me . I get the message and walk over and turn off the spigots and the mirrors are steamed up from the heat…I look back to see you two have already started kissing..I can see the tongue play and bulges in both your pants! I cant believe how hot and wet I am getting…I pull my skirt up and put my hand into my freshly shaved pussy( no panties under that skirt!) leaning against the spa I play with myself as I watch you and he explore each other over your clothes…..

‘You might find it easier going without the clothes….’

Both of you are startled and grin as you are reminded I am there also…

We all quickly shed our clothing and by silent consent go to the spa….you go inside as he sits on the side of the tub and you both begin to kiss deeply again…I am mesmerized by the scene..his hard cock standing out straight while you start to play with it gently with your hand as you kiss him…you kneel in the tub….kissing his body as you work your way down….you take the tip of his fully erect 8 inches and begin to play with it with your tongue…teasing him with your stud….oh my god, I think as I am so turned on by you and he..his head thrown back and his moans making me wetter as you take him inside your mouth…starting to suck deeply of him, I am amazed by you as always…you avrupa yakası escort are enjoying him so much…playing with his shaved balls (YAY, cant stand hair! ) your hands on his ass, rubbing as he is making sure his cock doesn’t fall out of your mouth, while you begin to deep throat him and he is gasping at the pleasure he is feeling….my fingers are deep inside me and I pause to climb shakily into the tub..moving over to you..kissing your body that is above water while one hand is on your cock and the other deep in my pussy , rubbing my clit…..

He pulls you off of his cock and draws you upwards to his mouth again…I watch again mesmerized by the sensuality of your kissing….the deepness of the tongue play…he places you on the tub next to him..his hand all over your balls and stroking your shaft…your moans are driving us both suck on his tongue..he pulls away and kisses your chest sucking on your nipples flicking his tongue on them …you are stroking his cock gently, slowly just absorbing the feelings and sensations of his tongue….when he slips into the water and between your legs…taking your cock into his mouth for the first time…not wasting any time he deep throats you immediately and you gasp at the way he pulls and sucks on your head..your hand in his hair…he glances up at you watching your face as you enjoy all that he is doing…of course I am busily sliding my hand bağdat caddesi escort along the shaft of his cock and playing with my pussy all the while….

I step out of the tub and get some towels for us…its time to move to the bed…he reluctantly stops his sucking and you both look a little dazed….I hand you both a towel and you lead each other to the bed, drying off here and there..we all sit down and begin to kiss each other all over…my hands on both your cocks while we kiss and let our tongues explore whoever we want…now you and I have him laying down and are both teasing and sucking and licking his cock…when I wet my finger …and slip it between his cheeks and slide my finger in….you do the same and now both of our fingers are in his ass at the same time we are sucking on him…your sucking on his shaft while I am sucking on his balls.. he is writhing around trying to hold back…now is not the time to cum…he is pushing against our fingers…moaning….clutching the bedsheets….begging us to do more ..begging us to stop….

‘GOD… please….oh GOD….stop…Oh my god ..yes …this is soo good…DON’T stop’

his hips are moving wildly….when I move away and you move into a sixty nine position with him…he begins to suck on you and sticks a finger in your ass…moving it around and sucking like mad….I have 2 fingers inside me and am rubbing on my clit while I watch you both together …the moaning is louder and we are all about to cum together…I am calling your name as I orgasm and you both shoot cum inside each others mouth…dripping on your chins…sucking as much as you can down…panting and sweaty all of us….we lay there for a little bit…slowly moving together….laying next to each other, resting a bit so we can continue…we have the whole night ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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