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“Oh God, oh God! Oh M, M, M, M!” Jane’s legs squeezed me tightly as she tried to meet me on the downstroke. Since I had her butt up in the air as well as her legs, I could tell it was hard for her. She had no leverage. That was okay, though. I was enjoying her wild wriggles and her absolute abandon as I plunged myself deep into her channel for the second time. God she was so molten-hot, her walls tight around me, and I had to hold back mindlessly fucking myself to completion. I wanted her to feel every last inch of my erection, and I was exploring her sheath to make sure I hit all her hottest spots.

“My princess,” I sighed, pushing as far back in her as I could. “I can’t believe I’m really here, inside you right now. Oh, sweetheart.”

I took my time, using my hands and my dick to explore her body. I paid close attention to her squeals and moans. When an angle was only moderately good for her, she made tiny sounds. We figured out very quickly that our girl was a very vocal partner When I hit her g-spot or found a rhythm that really worked, she howled, cursed, and cried my name. Naturally I kept doing what she liked most, and I discovered just how hard and deep I could sink inside her. I had an advantage the other two guys didn’t: because I wasn’t as large as they were, I could take Jane harder without worrying I was going to hurt her. I was never going to fuck her really brutally, but I did claim her, firm and unrestrained. Jane hung on as she cried my name, giving me everything she had.

Inside her rippling walls, I felt so at home. It still would’ve been great had she made us wear condoms, but because we were inside her completely bare, it was absolutely amazing. I felt every slide of her tight vagina against my shaft, and as I pulled out and pushed back in, the ridge of my cock-head caught the rim of her opening and made me buck each time I did it. She was better than anything I’d ever felt, clamping down on me with her Kegels, her depths slick and hot. The best blowjob I’d ever had didn’t compare to her swollen female flesh. I could even still feel the extra thick, silky wetness of my bros’ semen in her. She was so perfect and so passionate as she struggled to meet me with her hips, I increased my pace, making sure to keep the angle I was fucking her at.

“God, M! Oh M, please- more! Harder! Take me my prince, take me!” Jane’s head was thrown entirely back into Cal’s belly, and he had one hand lazily on her breasts, playing with the hard buds.

I could feel my forehead beading up with sweat as I pumped, and my hair was falling into my sight, but all I could really see was her. Everything shook and jiggled as she took my thrusts, from her abundant thighs and belly to the enormous breasts we’d all noticed immediately upon viewing her pictures. It would’ve been hard not to, really. They could’ve been the size of Randy’s head. I hoped she didn’t smother one of us in her sleep.

I shook away that cheeky little thought and sank in all the way, meeting the very back of her channel with the tip of my cock. Stirring myself a little, I paused for breath, fully possessing her body, and readjusted my grip on her legs.

“You’re so beautiful, Jane,” I breathed, surveying her form spread out before me. “I could stay just like this forever, buried inside you.” I gave a pump. “I can’t believe you’re letting us have you skin to skin, nothing at all to prevent me from giving you all my seed.”

“Please,” she begged, as I gave a couple of shallow thrusts. Her entire body was tight with the strain of defying gravity, and I jerked my head at Cal. Once I had his attention I used my chin to indicate she needed more support. He took note of what I wanted him to do, and lifted Jane to slide beneath her. It took him several seconds to maneuver, but he got himself in place so that her buttocks cradled his cock and the rest of her was resting on his chest. Our girl let out a sharp gasp as it happened, but she quickly lifted her arms to wrap them around Cal’s neck. He was positioned perfectly to bite on her neck, and Randy sat up to start sucking her nipples.

I could see the very moment she melted for us. It was there in her eyes- total surrender. The beginnings of love, pure affection, and unquestionable need. Need for us.

Once she was relaxed against my best friend- the man I loved more than anything or anyone else in the world- she took me so easy, and her responses grew. Fevered, Jane reached out to touch us all, running one hand into Randy’s hair while she held Cal’s arm, or stroking my hip as I thrusted while she cupped the big guy’s face. The only thing that could have made the moment better was if all three of us were sharing her right then. That, though, we’d agree to save for a future occasion. Probably sometime after Jane moved in.

Shaking that away for now, I sighed wistfully and reached down to drag my thumb across her clit.

“Can I get you to come for me, baby?” I asked, my voice husky with the effort of thrusting. bakırköy türbanlı escort “I want to feel your sweet snatch pulsing all over my cock, just like my brothers did…” She whimpered as I searched her tiny nub for the ‘spot’. Every clitoris had one, and I made a point of thoroughly investigating to discover them. My lovers certainly appreciated the attention, and the skills served me well now. Using the pad of my thumb, I started by running vertical strokes on the hard bud, gauging her reactions as I moved from left to right. Next were the horizontal swipes, and I listened intently while drawing the lines across her from top to bottom. Jane warbled and squirmed as I rubbed her, but she didn’t really moan until I started doing circles on her clit. From right in the middle, tight at first, then broad until she cried out when I passed over the top, right (my perspective) side of the teeny bundle of nerves. I grinned, and ran over the spot again.

Jane bucked below me, her body curling into mine. Proud of my discovery, I honed in on her spot and continued to make circles.

“Is that it, my darling?” I asked, rubbing the spot again, and she jumped, cooing in pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” she gushed. “Yesss… Right there, right on the top-left…” Not breaking stride, I used my thumb to send her spiraling higher as I drove myself in and out of her sweet pussy. The guys aided her pleasure unflappingly, teasing her with love-bites and nipple attention with abandon. Cal held her like he never wanted to let go, and my heart soared. Randy sucked her tits so devotedly it was like he was breastfeeding. I could see both of them were hard and rubbing their cocks against her body- an erotic tableau, indeed.

I felt her legs shaking hard around my ass, and she tightened up little by little, forcing me deeper into her sheath.

“Oh baby girl, I feel how hard you’re clenching down,” I sighed, overcome. “Come for me, sweetie. Let me make you come.” Working her bud, fucking her rapidly, I threw my entire focus into her orgasm. Jane’s body told me exactly what she was feeling and how close she was getting. Tits swollen, body flushed with a gorgeous pink glow, pussy sopping wet but gripping me hard, lips swollen and eyes clenched shut. She grasped at my brothers and desperately thrashed her hips against mine.

“Come for our bro, Janey,” Randy earnestly demanded. “Show him what it’s like to have that tight, tiny pussy fire all those contractions on his dick.”

“You’d better cum for him,” Cal growled harshly, his voice thick with an unhinged lust I’d never seen on him before. He took advantage of her free tit and pinched her nipple between his fingers. “If you don’t come on M’s cock, I’m going to be very displeased with you, little toy.”

“Ohhhhh!” Jane squealed, her entire body bucking. I felt a huge tremor through her pussy, and a fresh surge of juice well around me. “I will, I swear I will!” She cried out. “M, don’t stop. Harder, please! Take me, baby, fucking ride me! I want to come on your gorgeous cock!”

The compliment surprised me, and I jerked hard inside her. She groaned gutturally and pushed back against my thrusts even more. Sometimes I felt a little out-manned by my well-hung brothers, but Jane clearly didn’t begrudge my size, and it seemed my aesthetically pleasing physique went all the way down. I chuckled a bit, moaning too as I enjoyed the crushing pressure of her molten pussy. The spasms were getting stronger and more frequent, and I wasn’t going to relent until she was coming just for me. On my gorgeous 6.5 inches.

I transitioned into my finishing moves. I trapped her firm nub between my pointer and middle fingers, palm turned upward, and applied pressure while my thumb stroked her sensitive button. My cockhead targeted her g-spot, and kept driving firm, fast, right over it. Jane’s breath was coming in taut gasps, her figure intensely rigid. She was right on the edge, and I just needed something to throw her over the brink. I knew our little girl liked it rough and dirty, so how could I use that to please her without crossing my own boundaries? I grinned as a little inspiration struck.

“Mmm, pretty mate,” I purred, too playful to growl. Dogs don’t have an equivalent to purring anyway, much to my chagrin. One point for cats. “You’re so lucky we sniffed you out, baby girl. A feisty little submissive like you would have attracted a lot of… aggressive alphas.” Jane moaned, the sudden introduction of role-play surprising but arousing her.

“Y-you don’t know the half of it,” she part whimpered, part snorted. “Apparently I can’t meet a male with a shred of alpha in him without him trying to mount me.” I heard a soft chuckle rise up from Cal, and a snicker from Randy.

“And yet what happened here?” My dirty friend put in facetiously. A consummate roleplayer, he had no issue jumping right into the game. “You meet us and bam, you’re mounted and mated by a whole goddamn pack.”

“And bakırköy ucuz escort we’re not done claiming you yet,” Cal hissed wickedly at her throat. God I love my bros. “I’ve got to mark you again with my seed, little bitch.” He meant it in the ‘female breeding dog’ way, and not the mean way, but I still had to suppress a wince. “And what else is missing, mate? What else do we need to make our bond permanent, hmm?” Kinda brilliant on Cal’s part. He’s never read any kind of romance to my knowledge, so he was fishing her for information while keeping in character. Whip-smart fucker, my best friend.

“The mating mark!” She yelped as I speared her. “All of you need to… to put the mark on my skin still.” I knew what she meant. So I quickly changed positions, letting go of her ass and dropping to my left elbow, not letting up in her pussy. I kept stroking her clit, too.

“That’s right, sweet girl,” I whispered loudly enough for the guys to hear. “You want us to mark you all at once, mate? Or while each of us mounts you?” Jane moaned, and her pussy fluttered again, harder. The pulses kept getting faster.

“Mm, all together!” She panted, so taut I could hear the strain in her voice. “Our mating bond will be stronger if you do it at once. Please!”

“Where do you want my bite, little mate?” I immediately asked, raspy with need. “Pick for us.” Cal gave a groan, like he hadn’t wanted anything more in his life.

“Put your mark on my shoulder, M!” Jane gasped. “Randy, my breasts- Cal, my alpha- put yours on my neck!”

“Oh, darling.” I bent to give her my teeth, and my friends eagerly positioned themselves. Randy clasped her right globe tight in his hand and squeezed; Cal gently nudged her head forward and aimed for the very back of her neck, right at the top of her shoulders. I gave Randy some room and aimed for her left shoulder- so he was on my left. “We claim you for our mate, pretty girl. Three, two, one.” The countdown made it easy to coordinate, and just as I was plunging into her pussy, I bit. From the sound of her wail, the effect was tremendous. I didn’t have to wait long for the next sign of my success, either. My bite was firm but not forceful, and Cal was still holding fast when I lifted my head and began pumping with renewed vigor. Randy remained sucking and man-handling her tits, and Jane was lost.

When the first spasms struck, I stopped holding back. The dance of ripples up and down my shaft, squeezing me furiously, was absolutely divine. I kept my dedicated rhythm on her clit and took her like an animal, letting myself fuck when before I’d only ‘made love’. Tapping into my inner werewolf seemed to free me of my inhibitions. I was still riding the high from knowing Cal liked me, too, so my endorphins were running wild and I admit it made me a little unhinged.

As Jane continued to come on me, my brothers torturing her with their hands and mouths, I pounded her. God, it was nice to be able to slam myself deep into her body knowing I wasn’t bruising her insides. Getting a little rougher than normal (for me) was clearly a big hit with Jane. She howled loud enough that Cal clamped his hand on her mouth, just in case. Her pussy gripped me even tighter, and I felt every ridge of muscle drag against my shaft, so goddamn exquisite I got shivers up and down my back. When the last of her aftershocks died and she went limp in my best friend’s arms, I switched my hands, grabbing her by the hips so I could change the angle I met her pelvis just slightly. The adjustment let me slip even half an inch deeper into her vagina, and Jane sobbed my name as I kept fucking her.

“Look at him,” I heard Randy marvel distantly. “He’s taking her harder than he’s ever had a female before.”

“He doesn’t have to hold back anymore,” Cal answered him as I plunged my cock into the iron grip of my ‘mate’s’ velvety sheath. So swollen with arousal, so drenched for me and my brothers. I’d never had a woman this tight and hot. “Apparently finding your mate can unleash your hidden inner nature. Our sweet, princely Omega is still a wolf inside, after all.”

I grunted, giving in to something inside me maybe I never knew was there. Something greedy and wicked. I was deliriously high, drunk on the pleasure of having the woman of my dreams under me as I shared her with the men I loved. Watching Cal stroke her body and tease between her legs again made me even hotter and thicker. I wondered what it would be like to fuck him- and for him to fuck me- while Jane watched or sucked or took the cock of whoever wasn’t inside the other one. At that moment I wanted Cal’s dick in her ass against mine, separated only by a thin barrier of her flesh. I wanted Randy between her lips, and her screaming on someone’s tongue. I wanted to be a tangle of legs with all three of them where everyone was fucking or being fucked, or both. My madness overwhelmed me and I went blank.

All I knew was the volcanic pressure başakşehir escort and heat inside me, the incredible clench of her cunt on my dick. Without thinking, I slicked my right hand in Jane’s pussy-juices, slathering myself from the spill down her thighs, and reached for Cal’s protruding cock. Though I rode her in a fever, it was him I stared at. When my hand made contact he choked, returning my stare with a look of awe. It quickly faded into intense desire, and he clasped his hand around mine, guiding my palm up and down his shaft. I moaned harder as he directed me, showing me how to please him, and I grew impossibly more aroused than I already was. Throwing Jane’s right leg over my left shoulder with a burst of strength, I pistoned faster and harder than I’d ever fucked before. It was… almost violent. Jane burst into tears, clawing Cal’s thigh next to my hand. But she pumped back against me so desperately I knew these tears were good.

Randy climbed up the bed and shoved his cock in her mouth, forcing her to sob more silently on it, and my orgy dreams took form before me. Cal groaned and pumped himself into my hand, still holding me, and I saw the lithe shape of Randy’s body contorted as he gripped Jane by the back of the head and thrust easily into her throat. She was taking it like a champ. The picture and the sensations building in my groin finally overwhelmed me.

I pumped Jane hard a few more times, and felt my balls give it up. The pressure boiled over and loaded my shaft with the first shot of cum. I hissed a little as my next drive inward emptied me. Liquid spurted out of my dick and Jane’s pussy caught it, taking my seed just where it belonged. I filled her in several jerks of pleasure, making sure every last shot was right into the heart of her cunt, as deep as I could physically go. Right up to the balls that slapped against her with every thrust.

Cal and Randy relaxed, pulling back from what they were doing so they could preserve their cum for her too.

When I finally gave her everything I had, I groaned and slumped over her body, letting her relax. After riding out my orgasm, Jane opened her eyes again, breathing hard, and she looked up at me. I found pure wonder in her gaze, and a love so deep and instantaneous it shook me to the core. Instead of pulling out, I perched on my hands between her legs, still inside her though I was getting soft, and she was dripping back over me. My own cum glistened on my cock when I actually did pull out, and her body was sloppy, fragrant, and still tempting. I wished I could get hard again in a second so I could have her again.

“Watching that was a treat, and so was your touch, omega,” Cal rumbled, snapping my attention back to him. I saw a feral look on his face. He wanted his turn, and he wanted me, too. He sat up, taking Jane with him, making me rise to my knees. My cock popped out of her then. The big man pressed our princess- our mate- into Randy’s arms and turned toward me, crawling until he was close enough to kneel upright and pull me down. When my back hit the bed, he fulfilled his promise. I felt his lips and mouth close around my cock, sucking me clean, and I moaned throatily.

“C-Cal…” I stammered, watching as he finished taking the fluids off my skin. He then moved up my body to give me a deep, bitter, salty, tangy kiss. I almost died, wrapping him in my arms and throwing all caution to the wind. The gorgeous hunk covered me fully, embracing me around the back. His hard dick pressed my thigh, and I whined, feeling him grind against me, liquid seeping from his cockhead.

“Look at this, sexy little bitch,” Randy cackled from our side. “Look at our mates, playing with each other. Does that make you want to fuck?” We rolled so that we could see them, without breaking our make-out. Both of us played it up for the audience. Our hands roved each other’s bodies, and my inner wolf was howling. I rubbed my soft but re-thickening cock against my Dominant male mate’s belly. Every single part of me felt more alive and joyous than I had in years, and I felt the tears come to my eyes, too.

“God they’re so gorgeous together!” Jane yelped, as Randy started working her over so he could take her again. He rolled her onto her side, facing us, and worked his arms around her body. His left hand snaked up from underneath her tits, and he was using it to molest her nipples. I could still see his bite-mark on her breast, right around her dusky areola. The red, broken ring of his teeth was red and puffy. My mark was still there, but less intense. Still made me throb to see our brands on her skin. “Is it your turn now, Randy? Are you going to take your next mating?”

“Damn right I am,” he uttered, his voice rough. “Just like this, so we can watch our mates explore.” Jane seethed as my little bro positioned himself behind her (on their sides), not hesitating at all to spear her. She lurched forward as the full length of his dick landed in her sweet sheath.

Though inverted, we mirrored them. Cal and I lay together so that he faced our girl and our friend, and I looked at them over my shoulder. Randy began fucking her in the spoon position, and Jane’s face was prettily red as she watched us kiss and touch. Everything felt so complete, so perfect. My fairy tale was finally in full swing. I had everything I’d ever wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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