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This is a longer episode, but I feel it works better as a single video instead of being a 2-parter.

Episode 47: Who’s the Boss on Saturday?

A car pulls into a parking lot for an office building. It’s bright morning but there’s only one other car in the parking lot, near the door, because it’s a weekend. The car parks near the door., but not too near the other car An attractive woman in nylon jogging shorts and a cropped t-shirt gets out of the car. She’s in her late 20s. We see her walk to the door and open it with a key and enter inside. She takes an elevator to the top floor, the third and walks through a large room filled with desks. The place appears totally empty. At the end of the large room, she opens a private office door and walks in. The room’s dark, and she turns on the light. Sleeping on the couch is a beautiful college intern, around 20 or 21. She’s wearing a plain blouse and a short skirt. The skirt has bunched up, and we can see her thong. She’s facing the back of the couch, but the light and the sound of the door closing have wakened her. She’s a bit groggy as she rolls over. Now she’s lying on her back and she props herself up while trying to wake up. Her thong is still quite visible, and the older woman has been staring at it the whole time. The older woman finally asks “Natalie, why are you sleeping in my office?”

“Oh, good morning Mrs. Wilson. I didn’t expect anyone to be here on a Saturday.”

“I guess not, but that doesn’t explain why you’re sleeping in my office.”

“I’m sorry. I had a fight with my roommate last night, so I came back here to work and sleep here.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, my, um, roommate and I share, you know, a bedroom. And a bed. So I wasn’t comfortable sleeping there last night.” By now, Natalie’s awake. She’s sitting on the couch. She was embarrassed when she realized her thong was showing and lowered her dress.

“No, that’s all right. I didn’t mean to be nosy. I’m just glad you had a place to stay. Do you feel it’s safe for you to go back? Why don’t you let me call a policeman to escort you.”

Natalie shakes her head. “Oh no, she’s gone on a trip for the rest of the weekend. That was part of the fight.”

“Your roommate’s a girl?”

“Um … ” Natalie looks away the other woman. She didn’t mean to share that information and she’s really uncomfortable to talk about it. “Um, yes, my roommate’s a, um, girl.” She pauses. “I hope that doesn’t affect how you think of me as an employee.” Mrs. Wilson doesn’t say anything; she’s still staring at Natalie’s body and thinking. Finally, Natalie breaks the silence. “Mrs. Wilson, I mean, is everything okay.”

“Call me Charly. I’m not your boss on Saturday.” She pauses again. “I don’t know why I haven’t really noticed until now how very attractive you are. Have you had lots of girls for lovers.”

“Not a lot. Maybe five. Definitely fewer than ten.” She stands up. I think I should be going now.”

“Wait. Let’s say that I wanted to seduce you. What would I have to do?”

Natalie slowly shakes her head. “I’m sorry, Mrs. … uh, Charly, but I already have a girlfriend. Anyway, aren’t you married?” She looks over towards the desk. There’s a framed picture of a very handsome man on the desk.

“Yes, but he’s away on a 3-week assignment. That happens sometimes. And we’ll video chat on the computer and I’ll strip for him when he’s away. And I, you know, play with myself a lot but it’s not the same.” Her voice trails off then has a pleading tone to it. “My husband really loves it when I strip for him. I’ve gotten real good at it. Does your girlfriend strip for you? Would you like that?”

“She used to strip a lot for me. But it’s been a long time since that happened.”

“I know this is crazy, but when you said you had a girlfriend, I suddenly felt that maybe you would be interested in me, and then I knew that I would do anything to make it happen.” She pauses for a moment. “Sit on the couch, let me strip and see if you like it. You don’t have to decide until i’m done.”

Natalie realizes that the fastest way out is to go along with this. “Okay, I’ll watch you strip for me and then probably leave.”

Charly takes off her shoes and her socks and starts dancing slowly in front of Natalie. She pulls off her shirt, and we see a sports bra underneath. She moves in close to Natalie and takes off her bra. She leans in and lets then graze against Natalie’s cheeks. “Do you think I’m sexy?”

“Oh, yes, you’re very sexy.”

“Why doesn’t your girlfriend strip for you any more?” Natalie doesn’t answer. Charly steps away and turns her back to her. She pulls off her shorts, and she’s wearing some sheer bikini panties. “Do you like my butt?” Natalie’s staring at it and doesn’t answer. Charly steps out of the panties and continues to wave her butt in front of Natalie. “If you want, I’ll strip for you and your roommate. If you’d like that.” Charly bends over and lets Natalie watch pull open her pussy. “My husband is away and I’m so pendik escort bayan horny and you could finger me or you could watch while your roommate fingers me or you could both finger me.” Charly’s speaking fast, trying to convince Natalie before Natalie leaves and she’s fingering herself. “I know I’m being bad. Do you want to spank me? It really turns on my husband when I let him spank me.”

“No, that’s okay.”

Charly spanks herself four times. “Then I’ll do it. I can be as bad as you want me to be. I’ll so anything to turn you on.” She steps backwards until she’s dancing between Natalie’s legs.

There’s a bit of surprise in Natalie’s voice. “You’re kind of a slut, aren’t you?”

“You’re right, I am a slut. Would you like to have a slut?”

Natalie puts her hands on Charly’s hips and is tracing her figure with her hands.. “I find sluts so irresistible.” Charly turns around with Natalie’s hands still on her. Charly faces Natalie, and Natalie continues to move her hands up and down Charly’s sides. “My girlfriend used to be a slut. Then she moved in with me, and now she wants to be bossy.”

“You’re the boss today. Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do anything for you.”

“How many women have you had sex with.”

“None. I’ve never even kissed a woman. But I’m so horny, and I’m so turned on thinking about sex with you.”

Natalie stands up and pulls Charly close to her and wraps her arms around her. Charly has lifted Natalie’s dress from the back so she can caress her butt. The two women kiss deeply for a long. time. When they finally part lips, Charly smothers Natalie’s face with kisses. “Did you like that,” Natalie asks.

“Uh-huh. Let’s do it again. Please do it again.”

“You’re going to like this next part even better.” Natalie pushes Charly back a step, kneels in front of her, and licks Charly to an orgasm. When Charly cums, she lets out a large scream. Natalie continues licking her.

Suddenly the door opens and another attractive woman rushes in saying “What’s wrong? I heard a scream.” She’s around 23 or 24. She’s wearing very sexy, ripped up skinny jeans and a tight T-shirt that’s tucked into the jeans. It’s evident that she’s braless. She stops in shock when she sees what’s happening. Her mouth is hanging open, and she can’t help staring at Charly. “Mrs. Wilson …” she doesn’t know what to say.

Charly shouts “shit!” She bends down low to cover herself some. She gets down on her hands and knees and crawls to collect her clothes. When she has them all, she stands up with the clothes in her left hand in front of her crotch and her right arm covering her breasts. “Taylor, I’m really, really sorry. This is so inappropriate. I’m sorry. I never treat my employees this way. This is a mistake.” She doesn’t really know what to say. She moves behind her desk to get dressed. The desk obstructs some of Taylor’s view but from the camera’s angle, we get a clear picture of her dressing and Taylor continuing to stare. Charly puts on the bra and t-shirt and then the panties and shorts.

While Charly dresses, Natalie starts to explain. “Taylor, this isn’t what you think.” She pauses. “Okay, it probably is what you think, but what I mean is that you know Charly has a husband, and I have a girlfriend, so this is an accident that just kind of happened. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Charly is dressed now and walks around the desk. Taylor hasn’t stopped staring at Charly, even when Natalie was talking to her. “I’m sorry, Taylor, I didn’t know you were here. Are you going to say anything?”

“Mrs. Wilson, you are so sexy! I never knew you were so sexy. I can’t think. I can’t stop thinking of how sexy your body is. And I heard Natalie make you cum. I would do anything, anything at all to have her do that to me next.”

Natalie objects “no, that was an accident, I already have a girlfriend.”

Taylor continues to stare at Charly, even when she talks to Natalie. “Natalie, I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago, and I haven’t had any sex since then. But I never had a reaction like I heard from Mrs. Wilson just now. Can you give me an orgasm like that? I know how to turn on any man, but what do I need to do to turn you on? What did Mrs. Wilson do to convince you to have sex with her?”

Charly asks her “how do you usually seduce men? And call me Charly while we aren’t working.”

“I invite them to my apartment and meet them at the door nude. Or I go to their apartment and take off my clothes and then knock on their door. Or I’ll take them off after they let me in. And I’ll let them watch me masturbate or even fist myself. Sometimes I send naked texts to them. I’ll do just about anything to turn them on.”

Natalie says “Good God, you’re a slut.”

“I am! I want sex every day, lots of times every day,” she finally looks at Natalie “and I’ll do anything to get it now.”

“I totally can’t resist sluts. I’m turned on already just thinking about you. How many girls have you fucked?”

“None. But maltepe escort I want an orgasm like Charly got.”

Natalie sits on the couch and looks at the women. “Okay, I can’t resist sluts.” She reaches next to the couch and opens her purse. “Come here, slut.” Both of the other women approach her. “No, not you Charly. You can be Slut One. Taylor, you’re Slut Two, and I want you to come here and take off your clothes.” Taylor quickly undresses while Natalie gets a dollar out of her purse. Natalie is biting her lower lip and turned on by the two women. She hands the dollar to Taylor. “Let’s see how slutty you can be. Hurry and run to the vending machine and bring me back a bottle of water.”

Taylor doesn’t even give her a look of argument. She grabs the bill and dashes out the door. The camera watches her run across the large room, down a hall, and into a lunchroom with a vending machine. The machine rejects the bill when she inserts it as she nervously keeps shifting her weight from one leg to another.. She straightens the bill out and inserts it again and gets a bottle of water. She sprints back to the room where the other women are waiting. She opens the door and closes it behind her and Natalie grabs her and gives her a long kiss. “Taylor, I never dreamed you were such a slut. I love it and it turns me on so much! Did running around the office naked turn you on?” She feels between Taylor’s legs. “I knew you’d be wet.” She puts one of Taylor’s breasts in her mouth and sucks the nipple. “Do you like being kissed by a girl?”

“Oh, yes, I like it when you kiss me. Don’t stop.”

“You’ll get your turn.” She stops and looks at Charly. “Do you want to play with us some more this morning? Do you want more orgasms?”

Charly nods her head and pleads “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Take off your bra and your shorts and come here.”

Natalie drinks half the bottle of water while Charly takes off her bra from under her shirt and takes off her shorts. Then Natalie pours water into her cupped hand and soaks Charly’s t-shirt until it’s plastered on her body, but she’s trying not to make a mess on the floor. Then she puts the bottle down Charly’s panties and pours out enough to soak the panties and just start to drip out the bottom. “You look so sexy all wet like this. How do you feel?”

Charly’s rubbing her breasts through the wet shirt. “Cold. But feel so turned on. I feel so slutty.”

“Okay slut, take this bottle and put it into the recycling bin by the vending machine. Then take off these wet clothes and throw them out and hurry back. I’m going to lock the door behind you so slut 2 and I won’t be interrupted while we kiss, and if you take too long to get back, we won’t be at a point where we can stop and let you back in. Will you do that?”

Charly nervously reaches for the bottle and nods slowly. She takes the bottle and opens the door a little to stick her head out and look to see if the big room is still empty. Natalie shoves her out the door. “Get moving. I’ve got to grab my other slut.” We see the door close behind Charly, and we hear it lock. The scene changes back to the office. Natalie caresses Taylor’s breasts. “I love your tits, slut.” She moves close to Taylor so they can kiss.

The scene shifts to the lunchroom where Charly runs in. She quietly throw away the bottle. She pauses to listen for other people and then takes off her clothes and puts them into the trash. Covering her breasts, she listens at the doorway before running back to the office. When she arrives at the office, she grabs the doorknob, but it’s locked. Frantically, she pounds the door with her palm but doesn’t want to knock loudly enough to get anyone else’s attention. Taylor opens the door and she runs in where Natalie hugs her. “Did that turn you on, slut?”

“It did! I’m so hot! Fuck me again! Put your tongue in me! Put your fingers in me! Just fuck me!”

“I will, but first I’m going to let my other slut undress me and fuck me. Slut 2, undress me while I kiss Slut 1.” Charly and Natalie kiss while Taylor undresses Natalie. “Now, I’m going to lie on this couch. Slut 2, I want you to lick my pussy. Slut 1, you can kneel next to me so we can kiss.”

Taylor says “How do I lick your pussy? I haven’t done this before?”

“Figure it out. You know what you’d like. And give me a wonderful orgasm if you want us to give one to you.” Natalie lies down and Taylor licks her as sensually as she can. Natalie and Charly kiss while Charly is also playing with herself. Eventually, Natalie tells Charly “if you can get your pussy over my mouth, I’ll lick you again.” Charly stretches one of her legs over Natalie’s head and kneels on that leg while the other leg stands on the floor. She lowers herself onto Natalie who uses her hands to steady her and then licks her. Natalie pauses her licking while she has her own orgasm and Charly begs her to keep going. “Okay, but we’re going to do something for Taylor too. You two stand up so you can kiss.” We hear Taylor cheer. kartal escort “And I’ll be fingering you both and kissing your legs.”

The two sluts stand and kiss while Natalie kneels next to them and caresses their asses and then fingers them. First, Natalie cums, and then Charly cums with another loud scream.

Taylor asks “Do you always scream when you cum?”

“Yes. It’s a habit. My husband likes it so I always do that for him.”

Natalie tells them “I think we’re going to move this party to my apartment, anyway. Do you both want to keep playing?” They nod their heads. “Slut 2, put that shirt and thong back on. Leave the pants. We can wipe up on them before we go and just leave them here in Slut 1’s office. Slut 1, you can put on your bra and shorts.” The three girls put on the clothes they have. “Give me a slutty kiss and thank me, and we’ll go.” They both give Natalie a long kiss and tell her how grateful they are for her attention.

The next scene is at the front door to the building. Natalie scans and sees that no one’s around. She leads the other women to her car. They get in the back, and she gets in to drive. As they leave the parking lot, Natalie tells them that it’s a 5 minute drive to her house and they can continue kissing in the back. Charly’s nervous to be seen but Taylor reaches a hand under Charly’s panties and excites her so she’ll want to kiss. Charly does the same thing to Taylor, and they kiss and finger while Natalie drives.

At Natalie’s apartment, she parks next to her apartment. “Hurry and follow me. She goes to the closest apartment and stands in front of the door. The other two nervously follow. This is a bottom floor apartment with another one above it. The stairs and little fence around the front porch give some privacy. “Show me how slutty you are. Leave your clothes out here.” Taylor strips but Charly hesitates. “If you don’t want to get undressed, you can wait out here for us. But we may be inside playing a long time.” Charly nervously undresses and is covering herself as best she can. Natalie unlocks the door. “Taylor, you go first, but I want another kiss before you enter.” They kiss while Charly watches uncomfortably and nervously,. Then Taylor crosses the threshold. “Wait. You have such a sexy ass.” Natalie grabs it from behind and squeezes it for a little while they gives her a playful swat and pushes her forward. “Your turn.” Charly walks to the door, and Natalie stops her to kiss. As Charly crosses the threshold, then Natalie tells her to stop “Are you turned on?” Charly says “you know I am.” Natalie squeezes her ass and then puts a finger in her pussy. Charly still looks nervous but as Natalie moves the finger in and out, she relaxes. “That’s what I thought.” Natalie gives her a little push inside and follows her and closes the door.

The living room is a mess with magazines and some boxes and other items all over and shirts on the floor. “I’m sorry for the mess. I can’t get my roommate to put away any of her stuff. But I know you didn’t come to see the apartment.” She stands between the other girls. “Undress me and smother me with kisses. ” The two girls undress Natalie and kiss and lick all of her body — but they’re avoiding her pussy as if they’re waiting for her to command them to lick her there. As Charly is licking inside Natalie’s thighs, Natalie tells her “lick my pussy! Make me cum!” Natalie holds Charly’s head while Charly licks her. Taylor is behind Natalie and reaches around her to play with her breasts and kisses and licks her neck and ears and cheek. As Natalie gets closer to cumming, she turns her head and vigorously tongues Taylor until she cums. At that point, she lifts up Charly. They wrap their arms around each other share a very deep kiss.

“Follow me,” Natalie tells the sluts. They walk through a bedroom with a large unmade bed in it. Clothes are scattered throughout the room, especially lingerie. “I think my roommate leaves her clothes everywhere just to piss me off.” She leads them to the bathroom where there’s a large shower. While Natalie is turning it on and adjusting it to just spray, the other two are kissing. “Did I say you could kiss each other?” They look down guiltily. Get in the shower with me and wash my body. Charly and Taylor get in with Natalie. They put shower gel on their hands to soap her up and wash her off.

Taylor is behind Natalie and reaches between her legs with a handful of lather and is rubbing Natalie’s pussy. “Can I wash this part?” She keeps rubbing until Natalie has an orgasm, and Charly is fingering herself while she watches them.

Natalie turns off the shower. “I have to go find some clean towels. You can kiss while I’m gone.” Natalie leaves the room while the others kiss in the shower. Natalie returns wrapped in a towel and gives them each one. We watch them dry off, and she leads them to the bedroom. She shoves all of the clothes to the floor and lies on the bed on her back and the other two kiss and lick her. Natalie shows Taylor how to trib while Charly continues kissing and caressing them both.

After they cum, Taylor says “You deserve a better roommate. If I were your roommate, I’d clean everything every day just the way you like it. I’d only wear what you tell me to wear and I’d be your sex slave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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