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One night, a young but lustless couple decided to make an attempt at reigniting the spark in their relationship. They organised a caregiver for their child and were getting ready for a long night of intimacy. 6pm came with a loud knock on the front door, the babysitter was here. The two parents rushed out the door and as they did, the babysitter caught the husband’s eye, and he caught hers, a strange powerlessness came over her in that brief moment and she lost herself in it. The couple continued out the door, a child stood before her, tired, and with an expectant look on his face. She wondered for a moment what to do with the child, but then went on to quickly shuffle him into bed and tuck him in for the night.

She went downstairs to watch a movie, however as she walked through the house she couldn’t help but notice the photos everywhere. Photos of the husband and his wife, out of which there was one photo in particular that caught her eye – taken on a tropic holiday where the husband was shirtless. She picked up the photo and looked closer at him, a surge of energy ran through her body when she thought about him and the eye contact they had made just moments before… She made herself comfortable on the couch, feeling naughty for having such sexual and lustful feelings for a married man.

This feeling she was overcome with took full control and fantasies of her with this man began running through her mind. She picked up her laptop in her right hand and placed it on the coffee table in front of her. Leaving her hand resting on the lid of the laptop she turned her head to see if anyone was near. No one, nothing. She slowly started drifting her left hand up her leg with but only one finger running along the smooth soft skin and opened her laptop with the other. Before long, an island resort scene was playing out in front of her and her hand found itself gliding indecisively up and around her inner thigh. From there, past her hips and left circling just beneath her belly button. Time passed quickly as her thoughts were consumed by this man, she realised the parents would both be home soon… She was so horny and didn’t know how she would be able to look him in the eyes… She composed herself just in time for someone to walk through the door.

It was the husband, alone. “Hey there!” he said, she tried to act normal as he explained how his wife decided to stay out drinking with her friends, the result which came from a small row the couple had during dinner. A civil and somewhat awkward conversation followed, lasting a few minutes, and it was clear they both felt something after that initial eye lock… The babysitter was longing for him to make a move on her…

A curious silence overcame the room, but only briefly as she excused herself to the bathroom. Feeling a little short of breath, she needed a moment to talk herself straight and realise that he is a married man. But she was drawn to him. An inner turmoil unfolded, her body moving one way and her mind moving another. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, forgetting the circumstances of this fateful evening and succumbing to her body’s desires…

While she was out of the room he noticed her laptop on the coffee table and decided to see what she was doing to pass the time. He couldn’t help but feel drawn to her now, as what he found there he had thought only pervacious older men gazed upon, it excited him as he was impressed by her audacity. He looked up to the hallway and now saw the bathroom door, slightly ajar. A white silk dress that fell ever so softly over the curves of this young lady captivated his mind, she was teasing him, flirtatiously yet subtly moving in a way he could not ignore. At that moment he knew what she wanted from him, and him from her. He stood up slowly, took a half step towards the hallway and stopped. He drew in a breath as the bathroom door opened fully agape, it happened again.

Their eyes locked. It felt like an eternity to her, as she once more felt keçiören escort powerless under his gaze. Only a few seconds passed but, they were free to look upon one another in privacy now, any doubts she had about his marital status she forgot, her lower lip slowly curled and she grazed it with her upper teeth. He couldn’t take it any longer, he started towards her slowly but definitely with a confidence about him. Her heart skipped as he took her by the hip and pressed his forehead against her own, stopping only a soft breath away from her curled lip. He pulled her hip towards him even firmer, she took in a rush of air as he raised her up softly off the ground with his forearm wrapped around her waist and walked her back into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

His hands back at her hips, lowered, and caressed the firm yet supple curvature of her buttock, and was drawn under the soft crease before slightly lowering himself and lifting her while spreading her legs wide open, placing her so gently on the edge of the basin. Her body arched back, while her legs squeezed over his hips and crossed behind him. From this position she felt completely vulnerable, but he was gentle as he sweetly placed his left hand under and behind her jaw, pushing down and towards him with his index finger to arch her face upward towards his. Without hesitation he locked his lips onto hers while grasping her chin with his thumb and forefinger.

Electric, she thought. Powerful. An overwhelming sensation of lust spreading to every corner of her body, and the obsessive attention to the now, her mind was entirely fixated on this man’s touch, his kiss, and his grasp of her. Unexpectedly and suddenly, he retreated a step back from her, and the feeling was gone. “I shouldn’t”, he said. Both theirs heart racing, and breathing heavily now. Her mind was confused, and there was nothing she could say for this change of heart. Not more than a minute passed before she struck up the nerve… “But I want you to”, she whispered, sensually. Staring into his eyes, she knew he couldn’t withstand her charm. He did not say a word, just stood there for a moment, present, and quiet. Staring right back into her gaze he felt enthralled, almost challenged. Was she questioning his confidence, his desires? Or was he made, just waiting for his body to pass through a moral doorway, the first step into infidelity.

He did not say anything.

She did not expect him to.

He succumbed towards her slowly, but with certainty. He made his decision, one which required no deliberation unlike his movement. He put an arm under her now hanging legs, moved them in an outward direction away from the basin as his other arm fell into the small of her back, and lifted her up.


He threw her down on the bed, now without hesitation he began kissing her neck and face with a gushing lustful intent she did not expect. She couldn’t believe what was happening, her fantasy was about to come true. She grasped his hair between her fingers and pulled him closer to her. His hands are all up and down her body, and it made her feel as sexy as ever. She was shaking with excitement when his hand made its way down over her stomach atop underwear. He could feel it, and it only drew him in more. They locked eyes and both shared the same devious expression… They continued passionately kissing and -*rrrip*! Her underwear was clean off without a trace. She was in a state of shock – but with an exciting energy, and loved every second… Somehow the fact he was married, and a child being in the next room, made this embrace even more satiating and exciting… He slowly began to take his boxers off…

She now became overwhelmed with excitement, but still nervous for what was to come next, as she couldn’t help but be submissive to his lustful intent. Her fantasy consumed her conscious mind as it unfolded in front of her and, in disbelief was compelled to arch her neck upwards toward the ceiling. kızılay escort His hand moved slowly and directly from under her thigh, around her cheek, alongside the place she wanted it most. For a short while he teased her, moving his fingers around and across but not within… Until his hand came away altogether. He withdrew his other hand from her neck and for a moment she thought it was going to end… Before she gazed down at him and for one last time they shared a moment of pure passionate desire.

Her bottom lip curled up again and that’s when she felt it, more than she could have ever expected. This time her neck arched upward not in anticipation, but in sheer sweeping pleasure she could not lay calm. He slowly moved closer, and the more he moved closer so too her feelings became more immense. His lips touched her vulnerable neck and lingered, with a soft pressure that only momentarily distracted her from what could only be described as the most full sexual experience she’s ever had. She let out a slight moan and he quickly moved upward to engage her lips with a most demanding kiss. “Shhh” he whispered, as he withdrew just as slowly as he entered. She was able to catch a breath, but only for a moment, as he now took full control and this time entering deeper than before. She focused all that she could on keeping quiet, but it would not last… so he put his finger in her mouth, as to try stop her from moaning, she couldn’t help herself.

He was thrusting into her with such force, she had never experienced anything like it. She was digging her nails into his back, she couldn’t handle the pleasure… She pulled him closer to her and again moaned… He put his hand over her mouth and moved even closer, nearing his face to her ear. He was getting faster, and faster still. He shot up, grabbed her arms and put them both over her head, placing them under his palm – the other back over her mouth. She pushed her hips downward and he looked up as he too, had ecstasy overcome him. His thirst grew stronger, sitting up and placing both hands around her hips, each thrust harder and faster than the last. He didn’t mind her moaning any more, as now he felt more alive as he has before.

He tried again to arrest her hands, but she wouldn’t surrender to him just yet. She wriggled her hands out from under his grip, sat up, and pushed his chest down onto to the bed. She quickly straddled him and began to grind slowly on top of him. He was taken back by her confidence but now was incredibly attracted to her, even more so than before. He felt so good inside her, he was overcome by pleasure as was she.

He relaxed now, letting her take full control as he had done before. Looking up at this young beauty, where did she come from? How did this start happening? It did not matter now, as in this moment he knew she wanted to pleasure him, and he her. She leant back and grabbed his shins, allowing her to raise herself up, and back down again. She was truly in control now, taking advantage of the position she was in and allowing herself to explore pleasure in what ways she could. He continued to look up at her, her supple breasts, her narrow jawline, full lips, and closed eyes. He could see she was really taking advantage of this moment. Her eyes opened and gaped wide at the ceiling, an expression of how she felt on top of him. The feeling rose up through her, and the elevated sensation overcame her totally. She slowed as the intensity rose, focussing in on the pulsating energy, she closed her eyes again and took full bite of her lower lip.

She shuddered over him, and stopped for a moment to appreciate the euphoria. He was in awe at how she expressed herself over him, the glow she exuberated. Again he wanted her to feel the full wave of his desire… He took her by the arms and pulled her towards him, and thrust upwards. Her eyes fully open now and bearing down on him, she caressed his jaw with her soft hands and he thrust upward once more, forcing ankara escort her to drape over him like throw over sofa. He wrapped both arms around her waist and thrust again, moving her further upward so she was now crawling… Now he was able to give himself to her freely, again pushing himself inside her faster and faster, harder and harder, his face buried in her breasts.

She could tell he was enjoying the press of her breasts against his face, and so she pulled her arms down, her elbows by his shoulders, squeezing her breasts together firmer over his face. He let out a grizzled moan and moved one arm away from behind her waist and raised it up to grab her throat, squeezing his fingers over the sides of her neck… She gasped, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head before crashing down, peering over his face. She could see the pleasure in his eyes, his mouth, he was gushing over her and she wanted him more. She brought her hand to his face, and let out a gaping moan as she looked up at the ceiling, hand slipping off his face and into the bed sheets.

She was getting close.

He brought his hand off her throat and onto the side of her ribcage, pushing her to the side and sitting up to get around behind her. He positioned his legs inside and under hers, stretching her wider before kneeling up and allowing himself to come from a slightly higher and smooth angle. She let out a long, gentle moan and shudder, as he moved slowly but surely deeply inside of her, this time sliding into her G spot. Again and again he pressed against it, amplifying the sensation by swinging his hand down onto her exposed cheek, again and again she shuddered and moaned. A warmth overcame her, it was unlike any other she’d felt before, a warmth that became more intense and electric the closer to him she was. Again and again and again he continued to slap and thrust against her, before grabbing her hair and pulling it back. Up her head tilted, again she gasped toward the ceiling and outburst a gushing of air and audible moan.

He was getting closer.

Down her hair his hand grasped, until he unleashed it and grasped at her neck before giving her a thrust and pushing it into the bed sheets. Her head tilted slightly to the left, and gently yet firmly he pressed and pressed into her neck, further keeping it subdued between him and the bedding. Just slightly he adjusted his hand, now pressing across her neck and jaw. She could not move, forced into her invigorating and freeing feeling of vulnerability, complete and total vulnerability to him and his bidding… So he grabbed a tie hanging off the bed post, all the while thrusting and keeping her peaking and approaching climax. Around her wrists he tied the tie, then raising them above her head so she had an inverted arch in her upper back, pressing her neck and face further into the bed with no balance or control. That all belonged to him now.

He pulled her legs out from under her, she brought her arms down to her head, hands still bound at the top. Her legs came together and he pulled on her hips up towards him, she was forced back into the bedding and he reinserted himself while bringing himself up over her. Both he and she now letting out elongated moans of pleasure, hers more audible than his, but his with a sense of rugged desire. He felt in absolute control of her, however vulnerable to her he now was.

“Cum with me”, he instructed her, “I must feel all of you”… and with that a deep burst came from within her, the pressure building up around him and the sensation finding itself firing through her body like an explosion. She clutched the bedsheets with her bound hands and all moaning stopped, she couldn’t make a sound, air seemingly vacant from her lungs…


To her it seemed to last for hours, a timeless energy she’s never felt before. She knew this is what awaited her in the arms of an older man, and she got what she dreamt for.

To him it was over before he knew it, but the experience would live on in his memory forever. Would he see her again, or would he see the brief time they had recalled to him on the sombre nights to follow?

It did not matter now, as the echo of twisting key in lock filled the halls and drowned the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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