You’ve Seen Her


You’ve seen her. There is no doubt in my mind.

She has that smile. She radiates love into you. She lights up the room all around you. You can stare at her for hours, days, weeks, the rest of your life.

The best part is you can be a man or woman. There exists that one woman who just does it for you. You know it; I know it. And, this is the story about that woman.

The fate of Samy met my fate one evening in Columbia. Bogota to be precise, or at least as precise as I can be. I say this because what happened next definitely should not have. As we left together, our fates would become the others.

I wrangled the hiking adventure of a lifetime. With it came a lot of work. It’s not the hardest work when I get to hike great distances, but there is an air of danger when one starts in Columbia to hike northward. My assignment is follow as many asylum seekers as I can find. This means coyotes and drug runners, families and desperation.

But back to Samy. We met one night in a nondescript club. But, as I said before, she lit the room up. Her beautiful face captured me immediately, and I knew I had to talk to her.

I felt like I was floating in her direction. And then, the look. You know the one where your eyes meet. You can almost see each other no matter the distance. Her eyes welcomed me and I moved effortlessly in Samy’s direction. As I neared, her hands moved to her hips, but I kept my eyes intently upon hers.

“Hello.” I said, maintaining a respectful distance.

“Hello.” She replied, still moving to the beat.

“I am Zoo. Do you believe in fate?” I asked.

“Let’s talk sivas escort later. Now, let us dance.” Samy said, smiling.

And dance we did. I’m guessing we danced from anywhere between 6 and 10 songs, but this club music blends seamlessly, and quite frankly I would have danced twice that long.

We slowed, and some friends came over. They all smiled and talked Spanish, too quickly for me. I just smiled back as they huddled together.

Samy kept looking at me while her friends kept talking. Finally, she pulled me next to her.

“They want to make sure you are okay, and not some deranged manic.” Samy told me.

“No, I’m not a maniac. I’ll even leave if you vote me off the island.” I answered.

“We might vote, but I have the last vote that matters.” Samy said, laughing.

I take that as a good sign. We all huddle together, and then the girls walk off, leaving me arm in arm with Samy. She feels heavenly. Her broad shoulders are slightly muscular. The length of her thin, dark hair just barely touches my arm. She has a sweet, slightly sweaty smell, and totally sexy as hell. As we circle into each other’s arms, I stare deeply into her eyes, not needing to say a word.

Samy must have really strong legs because her lower body keeps moving, seemingly never tired of dancing.

“I would like to buy you a drink, and sit down for a few minutes.” I request.

I gather our drinks in my hands, and follow Samy to a tall table off the dance floor. There are tables all around, and yet I feel like we have just stepped onto our own island. We sit close together, and tip our glasses to each other.

“I have one small test.” Samy says. “Let’s see your intentions.”

“Well…”. I am interrupted by Samy as she moves her face close to mine. In my peripheral vision, I can see her drink set upon on the table. I stare into her eyes and feel that same hand on my right knee. I decide upon silence.

“Why do you have such a tight ass?” Samy inquires as she moves her hand to the side of my ass. Her fingers linger, and then grasps the beginnings of my ass.

“Thank you.” I respond. “I do a lot of hiking. In fact, I am about to leave on a very long hike.”

“You will leave Bogota?” Samy, asks, removing her smile.

“Well, my job involves a hike from Columbia to document migrants. It’s a humanitarian piece, and I often travel by foot to tell stories about people in harsh situations.” I tell her.

“I get the feeling I am not going to like the next part. But, I need to know. How long is this hike? And, will you return?” Samy looks concerned.

“I limit my assignments to 6 weeks. Now that I have met you, I will definitely be back. I don’t usually return to the same place very often because I try to move onto different assignments to ensure my work is unique and fresh.” I explain.

“I have a question now.” I state.

“Okay.” Comes the reply.

“May I kiss you?” I ask quickly.

Without answering, Samy moves quickly to my face. Her lips encase me in their softness. I feel her tongue, and I respond, just not too quickly. I don’t want this moment to end. Her breathing is smooth and controlled. Her mouth tastes like my drink. Before I can order another, she pulls away.

“Let’s dance more.” She tells me, smiling.

I pull Samy to the dance floor, as tightly as possible. We move, face to face, never losing sight of each other’s eyes. I sure hope we don’t get kicked out as we begin moving together.

I move my hands all over Samy as much as possible. I need to feel her. I need to know her entire body. The music gives me license to explore. From the back of her head, down her back, my hand traces her backside. As I reach her ass, Samy grabs my hand and plants it firmly on her ass. She then lets go of my hand, and grabs my ass just as tightly. We begin grinding together. I stare into her eyes, and she leans her head back allowing her hair to flow freely behind her.

With my other hand, I pull the top of her shorts, and run a finger up her stomach and between her breasts. I stop at her mouth, reach for her hair, and bring Samy’s head toward me. Moving my hand to the side of her face, we meet and kiss again. With my arm between us, I can distinctly feel her tits and then catch the sight of her hardening nipples through her shirt. The camisole under her shirt, now soaked in sweat, is unable to hide Samy’s delicious curves.

Unable to control myself, I move my hand from Samy’s face to her shoulder. With my palm flat against her skin, I move my hand south against her chest, stopping to grasp her right breast. She fits perfectly in my hand. A slight smile comes across Samy’s face. I continue moving my hand to her back, and we embrace in another long kiss.

“So, do you have any plans for the next 6 weeks?” I ask, as I pull Samy off the dance floor.

“Well, I think I may quit my job tomorrow.” Samy replies with a smile.

I like where this is going…

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