Zoe Ch. 03


Leo was sat in an uncomfortable hotel room chair, his hands tied behind his back by a thin rope. He could feel the soft plush carpet on his bare feet, Zoe having earlier removed his shoes and socks. Leo had thought this was odd but did not ask for an explanation. In deciding to follow her out of the restaurant he had accepted he was too intrigued by her words to back out or resist.

Leaning towards him, Zoe brushed her cheek against his until he could feel her warm breath on his ear. He could once again smell her intoxicating scent that he’d enjoyed so much back in his office. She bit down on his ear hard enough to make Leo grimace with pain, but only for a second, before pulling away and planting a delicate kiss on his cheek.

Leo turned towards her to try and start a kiss but she brought her index finger to his chin to hold him still. She repeated the kissing of his cheek, lingering longer this time. He reveled in the softness of her skin up against him. Her scent and the tickling of her long lashes against his face causing his cock to stiffen and push against his boxers.

Zoe’s small hands ran down his chest and stomach before resting them, along with her light body weight, against the top of his thighs. She pulled away from him as her eyes stared at him. With a smile she told him “you stink of my pussy!” She giggled as she grasped for his belt discarding it in an instant. Leo stared at her in arousal. He watched her tongue run across her top teeth as she ripped his trousers open, not stopping to undo any of the buttons. Leo instinctively lifted his ass off the chair to allow Zoe pull his trousers down to his thighs. His black boxers strained to contain his excitement.

Kneeling at his feet Zoe placed her fingers in the waistband of his boxer shorts before pausing and staring up at him with a smile. He smiled back at her as she teased him with her inaction. Looking down he could see her piercing eyes locked on his. She blinked as he let his eyes wander to the partially zipped down dress. As she knelt with her arms outstretched her small but firm breasts were thrust towards him. Leo pulled against his bonds as she pulled his boxers to his thighs. The cooler air caused his cock to twitch as the pre-cum reflected the harsh ceiling light above them.

Zoe traced her index finger up through the middle of his balls. Leo’s breathing became shorter and his face contorted. His pleasure only intensified as Zoe moved her face closer to his cock, her eyes still on his as always. She stopped about an inch and a half away; close enough for Leo to feel her warm breath against his shaft. “You want me take this in my mouth don’t you sir?” she said mocking him and again reminding him of his false position of authority over her.

“Yes.” Leo whispered whilst nodding his head. This caused more hysterics from Zoe who could not get enough of her power over her once teacher. After composing herself she guided her index finger up the Leo’s shaft. She edged it upwards, moving back and forth before finally meeting the slick tip. She teased his cock with a delicate circular motion causing more pre-cum to leak from his aching member. Groaning in pleasure Leo fought harder against the ropes behind his back. His legs pushed forward against the ropes that bound his shins to the chair legs. Zoe, unimpressed, brought her hand away from his crotch. She struck down hard against Leo’s bare thigh causing him to grimace and halt his wriggling.

“Sit fucking still!” All playfulness gone from her tone, she scolded him. With his breathing still sharp she brought down another hard slap against his thighs. This slap also catching his balls, intentionally or not this brought a load gasp from her captive. After allowing him a few seconds to recover she returned her finger to the tip of his cock. This time running it across the wet tip before applying more pressure, bringing Leo closer to orgasm. Leaning in even closer, so her breath met his cock, she lifted her eyes upwards. Peeking up at him “You want to shoot your cum all over my little lips don’t you sir?”

“Yes!” Leo replied again, desperate to show her how much he meant it. Nodding her at again his eyes pleaded with her to make him cum. Zoe flashed Leo an evil smile. Zoe placed the rest of her fingers atop his penis and squeezed, causing Leo to close his eyes before returning them to the object of his lust. Zoe inched her fingers down his shaft, applying pressure through the wetness of his arousal. The tip hit her palm, she twisted down until she gripped him before pumping his cock back and forth. Leo was in ecstasy and he moaned and panted. She giggled whilst increasing her pace, her hand running over the slick cock with ease.

Leo could feel himself getting closer to cumming, he stared at her. He fantasized of his seed trickling down her pretty face as it had done when she knelt on the hardwood floor of his apartment. Leo wanted to thrust his hips into her hand to speed up the arrival of his orgasm but he remembered how she reacted to his movement earlier. He strained video porno to keep his squirming to a minimum. Zoe slowed her pace before tracing her fingers to the top of his cock before releasing it leaving him panting and staring.

“He-he… not yet sir! I’m gonna take a shower.”

Leo exhaled, his head lolling forward as Zoe stood up in front of him. With a dull click Zoe removed the gold belt around her waist and she threw it behind her. The gentle whir of zip prompting Leo to look back up at her as more of her flesh excited his gaze. She pulled the dress from her shoulders and removed her arms from the sleeves. She let the dress hang at her waist for a moment, showing her breasts encased in a white bra with small purple flowers on the cups.

Her slim arms framing her pale torso in the bright light of the hotel room created delicate shadows on the wall behind. No more than a foot in front of Leo, she finally pushed the dress down to the floor. Leo stared at her sex, seeing it for the first time in real light he noted the curls of pubic hair atop her excited pussy. Looking back to her face he saw her beaming smile pointed at him, her blonde hair framing her face and casting a slight shadow across it. She looked beautiful.

Zoe knelt before him and unfastened his legs from the chair. As the climbing rope fell away Leo circled his toes and stretched his calves. Leo’s wrists were next and Zoe stood behind him she gently and quickly kissed his neck, Leo remained still despite his new found freedom. “Grab yourself a drink!” she said smiling as she walked toward the bathroom. She nodded gesturing towards the mini bar forcing his eyes away her white and perfect ass.

Groaning as he stood, Leo tucked his still solid cock back into his trousers. He twisted the cap of the Bud he’d pulled from the mini bar and slumped on the bed, gulping from the cold beer as he realized how hot he felt. He could hear the sound of the powerful water against the porcelain of the bath tub. He stood and walked toward the other side of the room. Glancing through the ajar door he could see Zoe’s skin blurred by the shower glass through the mirror.

He stared for a while, taking deliberate breaths whilst dragging his hand through his hair. He turned the other way to look at the other door in the room, the door out the hotel corridor. He stared at it, the ‘do not disturb’ sign still hung around the polished brass door knob on this side of the door. The door loomed large and white and Leo was stood frozen in front of it.

Music filled the room. Leo glanced back toward the bathroom from where Leo assumed it had come from. A grin, growing to a genuine smile appeared on Leo’s face as he heard Zoe start to sing along to the upbeat pop song.

“I could stroll beaches with you, baby

But you’re not a walk in the park, baby

It’s like you’re with me inside my head

Whenever alone, I start to see you there

In my life, you’re along with me

Don’t go now”

Leo felt a sense of endearment towards Zoe as his smile grew to gentle laughter, “She has a nice voice.”

“You, you look at me, I look at you

Your mouth says the words, but I can’t hear

You take my hand, don’t show the fear…”

Leo’s giggling continued as moved back to the bed and laid back upon it swigging his beer. He allowed himself to close his eyes for a second and shield them from the light on the ceiling. Tilting his said to the side he re-opened them to view the cushioned wooden vanity chair. He wondered how he had not broken it struggling against his ropes. “She’s playing.” The music played on through the speakers but Zoe’s singing had stopped and the sound of the water followed.

Leo sat up on the bed as Zoe entered the room cloaked in a large fluffy white towel and strode towards Leo with a warm smile. “Let’s have a sip” said Zoe as she grasped his beer and drinking a good portion of it. Handing back the beer she climbed upon his lap facing him with each knee against the bed. Her warm and damp crotch pressed against Leo’s, causing his cock to grow back to its previously engorged state.

She wrapped both her hands around his neck and pulled his lips towards hers and kissed him. Leo moaned as he felt her soft lips against him and her tongue encircled his in his mouth. Leo began to grind himself with her as his hands gripped her ass through the towel.

Just as suddenly as it began Zoe gripped the back of his hair and pulled him away from her. He stared into her eyes, trance-like and excited and she smiled back at him. “Go grab a shower, we’re going out. Oh and don’t play with that” She said glancing towards his cock “That’s mine and I’ll know if you do!”

After showering Leo came out wrapped in a matching towel and saw Zoe was already dressed, smoking one of his cigarettes next to the window. Once again she wore white, but this time it was a cute tennis dress that that fell less than half way down her thighs. The dress clung to her petite frame showing sex izle every curve, his view of her white legs uninterrupted by tights or stockings. His eyes traced up and down her body as he drunk in the sight of her. She wore a thin gold necklace with a tiny red cross at the bottom which fell above her breasts. Her lips were candy pink and her ruffled.

“There’s clothes for you on the bed.” Diverting his attention he saw Zoe had laid out a complete outfit for him. Black Ralph Lauren Jeans and black T-shirt that looked quite tight fitting to Leo. Even boxer shorts and socks were prepared for him.

“Do you normally carry sets of men’s clothes around with you?” He asked.

“Quite often” she replied with a matter of fact tone whilst offering Leo the cigarette. Leo smiled, inwardly hurt that he may not be the first guy to get this treatment from Zoe. He inhaled on the cigarette which helped him to compose himself before handing it back.

“They fit well, thanks.” Upon hearing this Zoe closed the window and approached him, inspecting him all around. She brushed the tight t-shirt down smoothing it out. Feeling the firmness of his stomach she allowed herself a little smirk.

“Sit” Zoe ordered whilst gesturing to the vanity chair. Leo’s eyes narrowed at Zoe as he edged in to the seat that she had teased him in earlier. His cock still ebbed and flowed between fully and semi-erect states, the shower had helped but his cock still urged for release. As he sat Zoe picked up a pot from the dresser and straddled his lap, her perfume filling Leo’s senses as he stared into her eyes.

Taking his hands and placing them on her bare thighs a little smile formed on his lips. His eyes met Zoe’s for a moment before returning to her flesh. He allowed his thumbs to caress her inner thighs, with each rotation he eked upwards. “That’s nice” she whispered as her chest rose in front of him and she ran her right hand through his hair. She undid the pot and began to apply the wax. He continued to fondle her legs. “Don’t worry, you won’t put me off” she said and continued to sculpt him. She grabbed his face and looked at him in silence as Leo’s thumbs began to graze the edge of her knickers. “Let’s go.”

Within moments Leo was in the back of Zoe’s car once more. He watched as the yellow lights of the street blurred past, along with the grey tower blocks and bustling London streets. Glancing between Zoe and the view from the window Leo hoped that she would provide some insight to where they were going. Zoe smiled to herself as the car rolled on. He did not have too much time to fidget and worry as the car soon pulled in to a large tunnel and stopped by the side of the road to let them out.

The old red brick tunnel was large and dirty with a vicious through wind. The wind forced Zoe’s hair across her face and rippled her short dress as she began to stride along the pavement. Leo followed. Leo lingered on several day-glow posters advertising parties in abandoned warehouses. They came to a small tunneled alley and Zoe lead the way in.

The wind struck Leo’s bare skin, his hairs stood on end and his heart began to race. Leo turned his head side to side at the corrugated iron cladding over the damp brick walls illuminated by a coarse yellow light from the bulbs above. Quiet echoed voices were in the distance, Zoe strode on a pace or two ahead of Leo all the time. Leo eyes fell down Zoe’s back to her ass as she walked, his pace quickened to bring himself closer to her.

The voices grew louder until they came to a courtyard, still enclosed by the iron sheets. Leo and Zoe walled in on all sides bar the small entrance to the ally beneath the tunnel. The voices were those of about forty young men and women queuing outside a steel door. Three large men in black bomber jackets occasionally allowed people to enter. Granting escape from the smoke and stale alcohol tarnished courtyard. Upon seeing the crowd and the more familiar surroundings Leo’s heart rate settled.

He smiled as the large steel door reverberated the sound of thumping bass. Zoe grabbed Leo’s hand and approached, paying no mind to the queue. Upon seeing Zoe the largest man tipped his shaved head towards her and swung on the door wide open for them. As they strode in they felt the warmth and sweaty air on their faces.

“Well this is a little more run of the mill than I expected.” Leo teased Zoe as they paced through the ever more raucous corridor.

“Don’t be so sure!”

Zoe pushed open the heavy door to the club main room with ease. Leo squinted as the bright flashes in the dark room surprised him. The bass kicked into his chest as the smell of smoke and sweat was imposing. Gesturing to a bar on the left Zoe released his hand, scraping her nails across his palm and smiling. “Get some shots as well!” Zoe walked off into the cavernous space towards the source of the bright lights. Stepping toward the bar Leo felt the metal floor rattle beneath him.

Pushing his way through the busy dance floor Leo felt bedava porno the clammy skin of the women dancing and jostling to get by. Bare thighs and stomachs whizzed past his glances left and right as ample cleavage pushed up in leather and lace completed his view. He could see faces of men looking down at their dates and friends laughing and shouting over the techno dominating the atmosphere. Towards the front of the rave Leo observed the packed dance floor that narrowed the closer to the stage it got. On each side of the floor were two large raised platforms about ten feet above the crowd. The platforms suspended on thick steel trussing, were vacant bar the swirling beams of light that reflected against the metal.

“Two beers and two tequilas please!” Leo shouted at the pretty barmaid as he sensed his opportunity at the packed bar. Whilst he went to fetch the drinks Leo cast his eyes over the crowd of bobbing heads around him looking for Zoe. The beers landed on the bar in front of him at the same moment he spotted her blonde hair flicking away from her face. He watched her in a fit of giggles about twenty feet away from the bar. The source of her hysteria seemed to be a young brunette woman speaking into her ear whilst grasping Zoe by the forearms. Her face was obscured yet she was a good bit taller than Zoe with a fuller build. As the shots arrived Leo grasped the beer bottle shafts between his fingers and carried the small shot glasses in his clenched fists. Leo waddled through the crowd. Taking short and often sideways steps he headed toward Zoe. The knock of a girls forearm into him made him pause for a moment, but his eyes remained on Zoe and her friend.

With the crowd thinning out he made eye contact with her and she smiled at him for a moment. The look out of the corner of her eyes ended and she returned her gaze and sexy smile to her friend. Leo was about ten feet away when Zoe gripped the girl in black’s shoulders and pulled her closer. Leo could now make out her previously obscured face and see she was pretty with dark skin and large brown eyes. Some of her hair gripped to the rave induced sweat on her neck. Zoe’s lips pressed half-open mouthed against the tanned girls’ lips as they met for a delicate kiss. They smiled at each other as they pulled away. By the time Leo had reached them the tanned girl smiled one last time at Zoe and turned to head back to the dance floor, ignoring Leo completely.

“Thanks!” Zoe shouted as she grabbed a beer from Leo’s outstretched hands before clasping the shot with the other. Raising her shot bearing hand aloft, inviting Leo to mimic her, they clinked glasses over the music. They both dispatched them without even a grimace.

“That was a light round of shots Leo! – wait here!” In an instant Zoe sipped her beer, handed it to Leo and planted a quick kiss upon his neck and disappeared toward the bar. Leo stared at the flickering lights as the tempo increased and the bass grew louder. The silhouette of hundreds of arms flailing in the air against the bright backdrop of the stage mesmerized him. Leo jolted and turned quickly as he felt a hand squeeze his ass. “Careful Sir! Don’t spill the drinks!” Zoe shouted over the bass whilst carrying a tray of assorted drinks.

The heat of the alcohol soon filled Leo. Turning his head to take in the sights and sounds he always came back to Zoe’s eyes and pink lips. Leo felt nails tickle his wrist before her little fingers grasped it and pulled him further in the crowd.

Leo squinted in the bright lights. He watched as Zoe started to move in front of him, staring as always, and throwing her hair back in time to beat. The flickering of the lights afforded Leo snippets of her movement. Zoe bent her knees, raising her hands above her head causing her short white dress to ride up to the top of her bare thighs. Every now and then the light caught the moisture of the sweat across her chest or legs. Leo’s chest heaved slowly and his heart raced as he did his best to dance alongside her. All else around Leo was blurry mesh of colored lights and skin. People bumping and knocking him from side to side did not shake his focus from the show his student was putting on for him. The little red cross around her neck swayed left and right across her breasts. Zoe ground her hips towards him.

They continued to dance as Zoe gripped her hands behind his neck cantilevering her light weight as she kissed him. Leo drifted his hands down her slim waist. Zoe could no doubt feel him pressing against her crotch as they gyrated together. Leo continued to explore until he felt the flesh of her thighs, his index fingers resting just above the hem of her panties. Zoe paused her kissing to flutter her eyes. Grasping the fabric of his shirt she pulled him closer. The motion allowed his right index finger slip into her panties towards her warm sex. As he finally felt the softness of her lips on his fingers Zoe buried her face in his neck.

Groaning, Leo grabbed Zoe’s ass, thrusting his body weight towards her. His cock straining to be closer to her. She rested her hands on his chest as she pulled back a step, a little smile on her lips. All thoughts of the fear Leo had felt meeting Zoe had vanished. As they broke their embrace they giggled together. Leo’s smile beamed as they arrived at the front.

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