100 Centimetres – Experience 07


Authors Note:

My deepest love of symphonic metal and music as a whole. As always, my work is dedicated to JC. My inspiration, my friend and my confidante. For you, the Prince d’Aquitaine.

Affectionately Ice


I remember this moment really quite fondly Master. It was one we had fantasied about for many moments before we met but to actually live the desire? It was angelic fantasy, realism, seductiveness and sheer pleasure.

It was a Friday afternoon and I remember sitting by the three story bay window in your downtown apartment in Paris. The sky was being plunged into twilight and I was playing my black SA Series Ibanez guitar on the deep purple Gothic velvet window seat. Headphones on and plugged into my Series One Black Star amplifier stack with a great many effects pedals at the ready. When I play, the music just makes the world fade away. Nothing else existed. It was no surprise that I had not heard you enter the room. I’m not sure how long you stood there, by the door frame, watching your submissive play many musical pieces. Observing her play along to Cradle of Filth’s Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych. This received your acute attention as the music video included some very specific BDSM undertones with its black metal music.

I finally looked up and saw you there, you gave me quite the fright. You wore a massive grin on your face. I paused the song and removed my headphones. You insisted on myself showing you how to play the riffs from the Cradle of Filth song. I went to refuse as when it comes to music, I am a perfectionist. This annoyed you and you demanded that I strip in front of you and to now teach you wearing my bare flesh only. This was taken in my stride. If you wanted me to tease you, I was going to do it alright. I stood up and slowly started unbuttoning my black lace shirt, my eyes never leaving yours. My tank top came next, followed by my black lace bra. I shimmied out of my long navy cargo pants swaying my hips seductively and leisurely slid my black G string down my legs until it was resting at my feet on the carpeted floor. My hair was in a French braid as there is nothing worse then having your hair caught in steel guitar strings while you are sweeping.

Before you stood your slightly mischievous submissive, wearing only her pale white skin and a teasing smile on her face. I placed my beloved guitar in your hands and gestured for you to take my place on the window seat. I didn’t know at this point that you knew nothing about guitars. ısparta escort You didn’t know how to hold it properly let alone place your fingers on the correct string. This was the most frustrating task I had ever been given. No wonder I never became a music teacher. Unfortunately for me, my face is an open book and you could read my frustration. This didn’t sit well with you. You had been nothing but patient in your mentoring of me becoming your submissive and I couldn’t even have the patience to teach you to play some music. An ominous expression now shadowed your face. You told me to stand in the middle of the room with my hands behind my back, fingers entwined.

I knew I had made a grave mistake, my conscience started kicking in the moment I assumed your demanded pose. You tied my hands together with a soft rope, looping it around my torso, extending it to encase my large breasts, pinching my nipples roughly. I kept my eyes low. I knew I was in trouble and couldn’t even begin to imagine what punishment you had in mind for me. You lead me to the window seat by my head, slapping my nipples, biting them, making me cry out by your sudden savagery. You demanded I be quiet or you would give me something to cry about. You bent me over so my head rested on the seat, my hands tied tightly behind my back, my arse in the air. I was completely at your mercy.

My heart began to race, my mind was alight with all different forms of punishment that you may have had install for me. I jumped when I felt a very cool gel touch on arse and run down to my arsehole. Your warm hands came next, I felt one of your huge fingers at the entrance and my breathing started to quicken. You told me to relax, you spoke many soothing comforting words as you worked your way past my sphincter. I moaned from the pain as you stretched my tight hole. Spreading me open with one of your massive fingers. After a few minutes, you made me gasp when you tried to insert a second. I squirmed on your finger, trying to hold in a whimper. This earned your disapproval and a sharp slap to me arse cheek made me sit still once again.

As I sat there, completely defenseless, you poured more gel on your fingers and this time successfully inserted both fingers. I felt so full and was stretched more than I thought I could handle. But you my Master, you were never one to be predictable. A third finger was yet to come. I started to protest, wiggling my arse as I felt the third at my hole entrance, pleading with you, kars escort telling you no. I was being such a disobedient submissive that afternoon. This made you really angry and you stop to spank my exposed arse cheeks over and over. I pushed my face deep into the seat cushions to muffle my cries, tears staining my pale face. After quite sometime, you stopped and your hand gentle soothed my red, raw cheeks. I felt your gentle kisses as your murmured soft, gentle words. I felt something icy cold touch my hole and push in. I knew what it was. The glass butt plug you liked to tease me with.It was now sitting snugly and securely in my arse.

You pulled me up by my restrained arms so that I was now standing. You kissed the sweet spot below my left ear that sent rivers of shivers through my body, making my nipples stand tall with just the touch of your breath. Your kissing on my neck grew more intense and I couldn’t help but let out a moan of absolute pleasure when you bit into my shoulder. Marking me, tagging me, making me yours. You went over to the window situated right next to the window seat and opened it, sliding it up so that it was half open. I remember looking at your very confused as it was now very near nighttime and you could feel the chill of the air outside. You returned to me and whispered in my ear that you were going to fuck me and that all of Paris was going to be our witness to the fucking a disobedient submissive deserved.

By the time those words had registered to me in my mind, you already had me on the window seat, my head and breasts out the window and closed the window so it was sitting on top of my bound arms. We were four stories up and there were many people walking on the sparsely lit pavement below, enjoying the Parisian nightlife. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest, my nipples were erect from the cold night air and my heavy breasts hung outside the window sill for any or all to see. My face burned with the embarrassment of what I was currently being subjected to. I felt your hot, hard cock at my dripping wet pussy. My heart rate sped up as I realised that you intended to fuck me out the window where I could be seen and watched by anyone at anytime.

You thrusted into the pussy that you just owned, all the way so that your balls were resting against my clit. I struggled to hold in my gasp of a minute of acute pain and pleasure at the sudden intrusion. The feeling of being completely and utterly stuffed. A glass butt plug claimed kastamonu escort by arse but you my Master, my pussy was yours for the taking. You moved your cock slowly inside me, rubbing up against my G spot, making me moan quietly. This drew the attention of some passerby’s. They looked up and pointed, laughing at me, mocking me, teasing me and saying that they wish they were fucking me.

My face burned red with embarrassment and I started to squirm. You could see outside the window, the crowd that we were drawing and it excited you. You started pounding into me. I was your defenceless prey and you were making me yours. My breasts swayed freely hanging over the edge, nipples tight from the cold night air. I was mostly silent until you decided to start spanking me. Over and over, my arse becoming red raw. Each slap earned a moan or a cry from me. There was a crowd of at least fifty people standing directly belong me, watching and filming my humiliation and punishment.

They start cheering as you sped up and I stared crying out for you to punish your disobedient sub. Take the pussy that is owned by you. I could feel my juices trickling down my thighs, the excitement of being on public display like this was very exhilarating. You pressed a vibrator on a very high setting against my swollen clit and started ramming your hot cock deeper and deeper into my wet chamber. I could feel my orgasm building and I started mentally pleading for your permission to cum. I knew what you wanted though, you wanted me to beg out loud as these people watched on, for you to allow your submissive to cum. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I had to swallow my pride and plead, beg, cry for you to make me cum. My whole body was alive with fire and I could feel that deep build up of pleasure from within start to surface. My pleads became more frantic as your thrusting became more rough, urgent as though you were trying to get into the deepest place of pussy.

You gave permission your permission and I felt the wave come crashing down. I cried out your name Master as my body shook with the pleasure you had bestowed upon me. Your cock pumped it’s hot, white cum deep into my pussy, costing my womb where you would one day leave a child. The crowd below cheered, applauding and wolf whistling from below. My brain was foggy and I was dizzy from the intensity of the orgasm I had just experienced. I barely felt you lift the window and pull me back inside. I was on a high of sexual pleasure. You cut my binds and gently cradled me in your arms, kissing my forehead and stroking my hair. Allowing me to recover from the humiliation, the punishment and high I was enduring. Our mixed juices running out of me and staining the window seat, a clear reminder of what occurred this night.

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